9 of Skyrim's Craziest Mods

IGN takes a look at some of our favorite wacky mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Kanzu

    you call this crazy, I call this an average visit to the nexus

  • Ayden Crocker

    I was literally crying of laughter when Thomas the train came down as Alduin, and the guard was shouting "What in Oblivion is that!?" ..............TOOT TOOT

  • Hugo :D

    WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THAT?!?!?!Toot-toot!

  • Robson Matheus

    As a arachnophobic i can say that the Peter Parker Spider is far more terrifying than original spiders, phew

  • Daybreak Blue

    Mod it. Mod it until it crashes.

  • Alex Manolache

    3:20 I almost died of laughter

  • Niklas Freericks

    Tourette crabs are hilarious :'D

  • Harry van de Sunweb

    For some reason when i installed the train mod it replaced alduins shouts by train noises and that was it. I eventually forgot i even had it installed so when i fought alduin, he made train noises...

  • King Jay

    Without mods when I was playing Skyrim on console I already knew it was one of my favorite games to ever be released. That being said, after starting to play the game on PC with mods, I now know for sure that this is the greatest game ever made. The modding community helped take Skyrim to another level and now whenever big name companies release a game I'm so shocked that they don't allow for it to be modded. The modding community can not only increase a game's lifespan exponentially(look at how well Skyrim still sells on Steam, especially when on sale) but attract tons of new fans as well.

  • Valeri Tua'one

    i got an ad before this that said " Hey are you really watching people play video games? why don't you just go get a girlfriend"...thanks

  • benster358

    You can tell that a game's good if people are still modding for a very active community years after release

  • Efren Arevalo

    >Looks at all of my realistic modsI knew I'm playing Skyrim wrong

  • SkyliteDestiny

    Half of these mods have gotten me crying from laughter

  • Mano

    5:14 Chickenborn and his army will stop Alduin

  • Nicolas Gomez

    That spider mod made the frostbite spiders more terrifying

  • musicboyjake88

    If I was a bandit in the world of skyrim and I seen a giant chicken man with supernatural powers riding a giant chicken into battle, id quit bandit life and be a farmer.

  • Bruhama

    Skyrim is the best game to come out in the past decade.

  • Michael Clavelli

    Was there ever a mod that turned the bears into Care Bears?

  • Zeemanhuismerk

    Very lore friendly. I guaruntee it!!

  • apa123APA

    Like 70% of these were pure nightmare fuel.

  • Triforce Hero

    I would throw my money at Bethesda if they released skyrim remastered on ps4 and xbox one

  • EGB_ 469

    0:58 The only reason to watch this video.

  • JPCB

    and yet, we get no download links to any of these mods, really guys?!

  • jose santos arita flores


  • SuplexMachine_

    We need more games like Skyrim and Fallout

  • sickofitall89

    Barely scratching the surface ... there are millions of mods for Skyrim probbly , Nexus has the biggest part but damn , China and Japan have a large variety of mods too.

  • Moss

    Man I do wish I had a gaming PC sometimes...Some day, it will happen.

  • AGlover90291

    3:06 i'm dying of laughter

  • MultiRv90

    Is it weird that I want a powerful gaming PC just to play Skyrim with mods?

  • Uroš Grandovec

    I think that Peter Griffin has something to say about the chickens!!

  • AssEater75

    why not 10 mods, oh because you cant count to ten and go to eleven like you do with all your ratingsBest graphics 11/10 -ign

  • g33k_ d4sh

    My favorite Skyrim Mod?The Crab People playable race mod. You can play as a giant crab on two legs. 

  • Miasimon

    If you can still get 10fps, or play for 30 minutes at a time, you didn't mod it enough.

  • socks

    you cant spell ignorance without ign

  • Panduka Kariyawasam

    Man I couldnt stop laughing at the heart rippin mod...

  • VelvetKevorkian429

    Watch GameSpot's Top 10 Skyrim Mods Weekly show for better coverage on these mods.

  • yung plum

    Alduin the Tank Engine wins in my book

  • Nachtmahr Mond

    Posh Mudcrabs combined with Samuel L Jackson Mudcrabs is great.

  • Henry Hein

    I lost it at the thomas the tank engine mod

  • SparksFly2323

    why in the hell did they not put crimes against nature on here?

  • MasterCat

    0:58 I just lost it XD.

  • Nathan Baldassero

    "I'm gonna getcchaaaaa!" lmao

  • Amy 14444

    Lol the Thomas the tank engine one

  • The Salt Miner

    Brronies ruin anything they so much as look at, they're worse than weabs.

  • MikeHype

    am i the only one who doesn't know who macho man is

  • Dog of Wisdom

    The dark side of PC gaming, sigh. It's stuff like this that makes me wish I was narrow minded enough to become a console gamer...

  • Nick H

    I like the mod where the game doesn't fucking freeze during a loading screen after you haven't saved for like a half an hour.

  • Radinyn Gameplay

    Without Heart Breaker mod:-I joined stormcloaks!-Oh we have to get that castle!- another castle- another- another- another- Oh hi general I dont have strength to kill you With Heart Breaker mod:-I joined stormcloaks!-Oh hi general!GENERAL: ghlgahofagjaoghaofghfado


    Seems like a random time to post this one

  • DruidsCalling

    WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THATLOL Thomas the tank engine xD

  • Prozto CheLoVeK

    Skyrim chickenborn... -COC-CO-CO!!!!!

  • tindus123

    atleast link the mods in the description!!

  • uberandy666

    The spider-man mod is waaaay creepier than regular spiders O.o

  • ZephrimZantosa

    Soon you all will be paying for these Mods. Mark my words, these are the last days of Free modding.

  • Joe Wuh-Puh

    I love skyrim I just wish I had a gaming PC to experience the modding side of it

  • Rinus Steynberg

    Hater:Skyrim sucksMe:No It doesn't.Hater: Yes it does.The next dayHater at his house: Who... Who are you?Me: You said skyrim sucks... *STAB*

  • dvdfan100


  • Super Cat

    As a professional aracnophobe, I can agree that the Spider-Man spider is more terrifying than regular frostbite spiders.

  • Watts

    MACHO MAN!!!! OHHH YEA!!!!!

  • SuddenBoom


  • kristin daykin

    I wish they were available to purchase as dlc's like we did for hearthfire, dawnguard and dragonborn dlc's. It would be so much easier to download and install that way, to download it straight from the xbox 360

  • Corno Van der lnde

    BEST.GAME.EVER! i need a ps4 version of skyrim !!

  • Jose Cardenas

    Are these mods still here in 2017-18

  • DankFlab •

    The lack of Lute Bear makes me question the validity of this list

  • Nicolton

    I'm so happy with the new NMM update that allows you to have different sets. I like to have my serious and immersive playthroughs, but now I can switch to the Chickenborn and Train dragons.

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