Skyrim: Farkas and Vilkas fear Aela

Apparently, Aela has a bit of a temper, enough for the twins to steer clear of her.

Uploaded because it's funny and I don't believe anyone had uploaded it before.
Skyrim, Farkas, Vilkas, Aela and all video content are (c) Bethesda Studios.
  • Hikmet

    resolution doesn't matter skyrim is love,skyrim is life !

  • Mr Pool

    Like Vilkas would dare say anything else.Aela was walking right next to him

  • ROGUE X94

    Haha I remember this, I kept asking either way just for the bragging rights. "Aela said you were hers.." yes gentlemen keep that in mind ;D

  • Ema Abukara 2003

    “Aela says you’re hers... And I wasn’t supposed to interfere.” says the most badass person in Skyrim.“ShE ScArEs mE” says the most badass person in Skyrim, who could end her in one sword blow...“Aela’s laid claim to your services. And I’ve learned the hard way not to upset her!” Says the 2nd most badass person in Skyrim.“BeSt yOu sTiCk tO HeR FoR NoW” also says the 2nd most badass person in Skyrim.“heeeey :)” says Aela“AAHHHHHHHH” says Dovahkiin“ ;)” Aela smiles“ T^T Please, Mara, divines... help me...” cries DovahkiinEdit; Hey thanks for the highlight :D

  • Mae Anderson

    Farkas :cool deep voice. Vilkas : common nord voice Hehehe

  • Draugen

    Talk about a possessive woman.

  • Delta star

    Gonna be honest I thought they ment "hers" in a totally sexual way

  • Flamey Bree

    I accidentally got Aela killed by an axe trap on a family heirloom quest so when I got the vampire curse, I couldn't turn into a werewolf so I had to get rid of the curse the difficult way. Moral of story, never take helpful characters on quests because apparently they can legit die (did not know this at the time)

  • Hypnotically Chaotic

    Never piss a shield maiden off

  • Zarris 238

    aela is my characters​ wife I just can't choose anyone else she's​ strict but means well

  • ben fuller

    i love aela i alway pick her

  • OnyxDemon

    dare i ask what she means by her's?

  • moo moo

    Aela is alpha wolf (pun intended)

  • Goof

    lol can see your rdeflection

  • James Roper

    I gathered from the first time I met Aela, that she wasn't one to mess with.

  • Kevin Meza

    O so it was after skjors death and she wanted revenge

  • ItzyoboiKappa

    This is why I married her.

  • Kevin Meza

    Was this after you marry alea?

  • TheDarkSeraph

    here's what happens you dont have hundreds of dollars to buy a capture card

  • MaeDay

    As far as I'm aware, every spouse has dialogue about the kids, though I suspect characters that share voice actors say the same things (not tried this yet so I'm not sure).

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