Skyrim: What Fus Ro Dah is really for

This is how to properly use Fus Ro Dah in Skyrim, seriously thats what Bethesda said.
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  • okrajoe

    The Unrelenting Force is strong with this one.

  • Sander Halvorsen

    Actually fus ro dah means: Dammit lydia move!

  • Cheesus Crust

    Why didn't you FUS RO DAH Nazeem to the Cloud District?

  • goodperson656

    I'm going to need you to stop shouting like that. Its making some people uncomfortable

  • par4noidxbandss

    Well now I know what to do when there's a long line at Mc Donalds.

  • the wee splif

    that's why skyrim is offline

  • Benji


  • King Arthur

    “I got my eye on you”immediately turns the other way

  • Biscuitchris7again

    All the time I spent jumping around trying to catch stupid butterflies in my stupid greenhouse. Then I realized I could just Fus Ro Dah them all to death and pick their stupid bodies up off the stupid floor.

  • GravityZero

    honestly the first time i heard that song i thought it was like this RAISEE THE SWORDD HIT THE LORD.....DORITO

  • Brad Buttowski

    Who needs a sword when you can shout at people to death

  • RenegadeSamurai

    An NPC was stuck between some rocks....I helped him out...guess how :D

  • Lockz1111

    Fus Ro Dah is really for terrorizing the innocent... and... apparently chickens? 

  • Zwick Flix Productions

    In other games this is the job of a shotgun.

  • Vengeance of Eternal Darkness

    You got it all wrong, Fus Ro Dah is for sending Nazeem to the cloud district

  • Alexei Abdrafikov

    My mum doesn't even need to be dragonborn to shout that loud

  • vmdraco

    I love when you didn't have music playing in the background but once you did Unrelenting Force the music came back on.  That had me in stitches.

  • Slender Koo

    I was drinking water when it made me laugh, the water came out from my nose...

  • theos

    It's funny how the chicken is least susceptible to the shout while giants go flying.

  • Beary Boy

    Tbh I killed a lot of bosses just by Fus ro Dahing them off a cliff or building

  • Ty - Loovoo

    What do you have against Lydia

  • Tanall

    Then there is that moment when you realize that Fus Ro Dah can be combined with silent casting...

  • Scourage ofcourage

    My counselor told me words can't hurt you. She was lying

  • Khorps

    I'v shouted bears off the peaks of mountains. I even shouted one off the top of the throat of the world and found its body near the ruins of a house in ivarstead

  • Mike Tyson

    Thanks to giant i become part of the nordic space program

  • Geo Tash

    Well, I tried it on the village children O.o

  • MakinMcMakin

    What do you mean "is really for". This is what its always been for, duh.

  • Cody Hoffman

    From 00:50 to 1:00, I was like, No not Lydia!

  • Fireblade


  • Hot& SpicyGaming

    Guard: I've got my eye on you Also gaurd: turns around

  • Friedrich Faustus

    0:40 that horse is Chuck Norris!

  • Hentai Lord ✅

    I regret making a female khajiit character. The fus ro dah sounds like it was said by a teletubbie.

  • DpmProductionsMY

    imagine skyrim without quicksave..

  • Leo Huynh

    0:30 THIS... IS... FUS RO DAH

  • Super Clean

    Rip Lydia 1 like =1 pray (she had enough)

  • jackson lee

    In other words, what we were all doing anyways.

  • Tdawg034

    Like to stop Lydia abuse

  • Kindroth/MyC0Okie

    Many lidia's were harmed in this film

  • darlene wagner


  • A Canadian Ginger

    "I got my eye on you" Turns around

  • Ryan Mittelstadt

    I remember when I shouted Lydia off Dragonbridge...I haven't seen her since

  • Korbinian Bäßler

    This dude has really bad breath

  • Anna K

    Something tells me you dont like Lydia much...

  • Sercil

    I wonder what is the most fus ro dah'd npc of skyrim. My money is on Lydia

  • Frank Howell

    That guard at 1:48 is like oh shit, i know where this is going.

  • ChistoBot 9000

    he was an andventure like you,then he get an FusRoDah on his knee :v

  • DrakeClawfang

    To paraphrase Michael Keaton - I've seen this about 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it.

  • Nina Infantado

    butt, there is one they feer. in there town he is toe walking, dragonball; MUSTARD JAR. praise the loord, foe fling drool, oh my god, me gusta, its so gay yeah, hes the cooooooorrd, watch the tie, rectal maple my hard, to the floor, dovahkiin dovahkiin not a single sardine for the knight for the wolf or the god of the sky.for all of my god please dont eat those socks , dovahkiin dovahkiin , eating harlem tonight

  • James Hubbell

    Who else thinks that there should be a Thu'um skill tree to upgrade things like a Shout's effectiveness, cooldown, and range?

  • Jack Remington offical

    fus roh dah actually translates to 40 bounty added

  • Th3DeathDog

    how else would you use it? I don't get the point of this video.

  • Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man

    Timeline of annoying, doorway obstructing followers:The Adoring Fan > Veronica > Lydia > Paladin Danse Danse Revolution

  • Fuxxx

    Why is this in my suggestions, this came out in 2011 (6 yrs ago)

  • TheWhiteDragon Warfare

    I killed Parrthanaxx...... I'm suffering the concequences the Grey beards say nothing to me, everytime I try to talk to them they freeze me and I get thrown off a cliff in an ice cube I'm a Kajjit

  • filqpy

    guard:give me back that sweet rollplayer: noguard:FUS RO DAH

  • OxbowZeus21678 Oxb8wZeus21678

    my lydia.0 got hit by I giant like two years ago I never have found the body

  • PrimalForlorn

    When Lydia keeps walking on the pressure plate that slam a far at her face, I help her get over it


    poor person:hi :me FUS RO DAH!!!! NO MONEY FOR YOU

  • Monkey Blaze-15

    Plz tell me somebody else noticed that the giants were thrown farther than the chicken

  • Jakiś Krasnolud

    1:12 even the horse tries to hill you for hurting the chicken

  • Shazz Gaming

    Lydia finally gets what she deserves!😁

  • Jafran Blyat

    to remove NPCs for door flames xdxdxd

  • Vladimir

    ДЖИ-ГУР-ДА!Здеьс народ, кофейку он нальёт. Ведь устал от победаа на грууууз, пусть скайрим нас услышит войнааа здесь идёёт. ДОВАКИН! ДОВАКИН! НА ТРУСЫ ПОСМОТРИ! ВОТ ОПЯТЬ ГОЛОВУ ПОТЕРЯЛА МОСКВАААА!

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