Skyrim: Top 10 Immersion Mods

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#10 - Open Cities

#9 - OBIS

#8 - Immersive Patrols

#7 - Pumping Iron

#6 - Sounds of Skyrim Series

#5 - Immersive Armours and Weapons

#4 - Hunterborn

#3 - Wet and Cold

#2 - Realistic Needs and Diseases

#1 - Frostfall

Honourable Mentions:
iHUD -
Wet and Cold Ashes -
Guard Dialogue Overhaul -
Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Gopher

    Am I sad for immediately scanning down the description to see if I made the cut? :)

  • Lord Doggo

    It's creepy when you've killed everyone in a village and you still hear children playing

  • Swithun

    My godI've spent more time modding my game than actually playing it

  • Glureol

    The bad thing about modding skyrim is, once you have started you can't stop and keep modding it until you break the game, and then rollback your game removing most of the mods. And then you start it again :D

  • Bryan Allard

    Frostfall - You'll die more from hypothermia than any dragon or creature.

  • blackbook668

    Sounds of Skyrim sounds (ignore the pun) really great but there's nothing more jarring than being in an inn with one or two characters and hearing this crowded room in the background.

  • Overwatch

    Saying that open cities "removes the loading screens" is a terrible way to describe it...Yes, a proper description requires getting a LITTLE technical, but you should NOT be installing that mod without having a solid understanding of the changes it is going to have.Normally, entering a city moves you from the "World Space" to a separate zone for each city. This lets Skyrim unload all the stuff from outside the city when you enter, saving your system from having to run everything at once. It also keeps your system from having to load all the NPCs in a city just because you run by it.Open Cities takes the entire city and pastes it into the normal world space. This has the benefit of letting you just walk right in (which is fantastic) but has some downsides. It has the potential to break lots of things (Since technically the city zone does not exist anymore) and it is almost SURE to cause crashing issues when you hit the 3.1Gb memory limit if you are using any taxing texture mods.This is one of those fantastic mods that really enhances immersion, but has so many downsides that it is totally impractical to actually play with.

  • Big Seltzer

    Number ten : say goodbye to your frame-rate mod

  • prinxcipe

    I hope that when they make ES6 they take hints from the most popular Skyrim mods and include these features... I would love all of these. Modders sometimes seem to be better at making Skyrim that the actual creators. They add so many amazing things and features that the developers never thought of.

  • Houndz

    is there a mod where you get to fight/hunt down other people who made a name for themselves. because its a little weird that you are the only unique character in skyrim.

  • Jackalofdeath

    nah sorry but frostfall freaking KILLED the immersion for me when i first tried it outno enemies suffer from the effects of the cold.,  you are the only cannot go under shelter, rain just falls right through cannot sleep because you end up starving every 5 minutes and will die in your sleep from starvation , it asks you to eat 500 pounds of food and other unnecessary crap like that just to stop starving to deaththeres something always lacking from these "realism" mods, common sense. youre not going to starve to death after 1 day, but in this game you will. you arent going to freeze to death because you were out in the rain for an hour, but in this game you will.also another point that completely breaks the immersion is that there is a ticker- text based, and you are forced to stare at it the entire time you are playing, for updates on your heatlh. and status. completely ruins the immersion

  • octapusxft

    Frostfall is immersive until you encounter enemy NPCs who do not give a damn about the weather and move around in those half haked studded armors.Such a mod is incomplete when the NPCs are not equally affected.Of course if your frostfall playthrough only involves roleplaying a hunter who goes for wild animals and avoids fighting any people then you are fine...

  • Arthur Fields

    These are amazing but I seriously don't get one thing: Why are these awesome additions MODS instead of being basic things that could've been integrated into vanilla? TES' modding community is absolutely the best out there. Kudos to every contributor. 

  • Conor735

    i now wish i was part of the pc master race

  • D.A. La Ghetto

    There are so many Mods out there. Ill just download the world market mod, build a house, regulate my expenses, play according to my financial status, and marry a rich mistress that in seven to eight years might elevate me to a higher position in my job.

  • Black Cobra

    The bad thing about having 176 mods is that if the game crashes, you have to find which one is the fail mod.

  • Tabbarn

    Do you guys remember that incredibly scary sheep noise from Morrowind? You are just walking the wastes, minding your own business when suddenly you hear a loud sheep in the distance. No mod or anything, its vanilla.

  • DoTz

    Lets be honest , You know how womens are so desperate for shopping , this is the same , but for mens , it takes hours to decide which mod we install or not .

  • Blizzic

    Why do you sound different in every video...?Edit: Oh, it's two brothers? I didn't know that!

  • thatsmyrail

    All I can think of is... Please Bethesda, try to include this stuff in your next vanilla game.. Some things are just so obvious.

  • StarlightSong22

    Too bad Open Cities is incompatible with more things than it's compatible with...

  • darrar90

    0:01 Lol "for this special 50,000 subscriber special"It's not just any 50,000 subscriber special, folks! xd

  • rat

    You missed immersive immersion.

  • darrar90

    Can I install this on my Donkey Kong Gameboy?

  • Dethilion

    I don't recommend the sounds of skyrim mod - civilisation. Cities sound too crowded and there are sounds which won't fit in.

  • Lio INDEX

    Brodual, its been 3 years since this video why not make another top 10 immersion mods #2 with more recent mods?

  • iloveorangechicken

    the modding community is brilliant

  • Francis Clifford, 4th Earl of Cumberland

    On the sounds of skyrim one, what if i slaughter an entire city and everyone in it. Will the same sounds of children playing and people talking be there?

  • aaron

    open cities sounds like a good way to destroy frame rate when looking toward the city from a distance 

  • Dialectical Materialism

    I played with Frostfall back when it first came out. It was fun for awhile, but increasingly became annoying as it was always this thing preventing me from going north and just exploring for an extended amount of time. Also, if I did want to explore, I had to carry a bunch of extra junk with me just to keep the exposure meter in check. It definitely should be on the list, but I actually found it somewhat immersion-breaking at times because I was always getting annoyed by it.Organized bandits is probably the best single immersive mod, tbh.

  • Enclave Trooper

    Frostborn - weaknesses: Nords. What the...

  • foogi

    My favorite immersion mod is Cory in the house

  • MrBlueSnowman

    If I have the immersive patrols mod installed and I eradicate all the imperials by completing the stormcloak quest line will there still be imperial patrols through out skyrim?

  • MarkS

    Okay with the Open Cities mod HERE'S A BIG WARNING!!!!!!This mod was buggy with me, and do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to uninstall this on a save that had Open Cities on it. It will delete many NPCs in cities that were affected by the mod, i.e: Brynjolf disappeared for me after activating, then deactivating the mod, making it so I couldn't start the Thieves guild quests. Very dangerous.ADDITIONALLY: IF YOU GET WET AND COLD, YOU SHOULD GET FROSTFALL AS WELL. I had a few errors when I had only wet and cold.

  • Luke Stefan

    still crying on my console.... :'(

  • Charlotte Kelso

    i personally think that iNeed is much better than Realistic Needs and Diseases, it's more simplistic and compatible with nearly everything whereas with realistic needs you'll sometimes have to download and update or patch

  • Mox Fulder

    Your voice is so soothing

  • SGT Morningwood

    Frostfall seems tedious

  • Kevin Walter

    Sounds of Skyrim is my favorite. It really adds a lot to the game... and it literally does nothing gameplay-wise.

  • Andrew Bowers

    I think this guy deserves more subs than he has.

  • Brian M

    I'm surprised that sounds of skyrim is only number 6 to be honest.Immersive armor and weapons don't seem too special to me, and hunterborn, was ok. Just my opinion.

  • JLove

    Open Cities constantly gave me crashes, and I needed to start a new character to uninstall it. It's a good idea, but the execution isn't so good. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Akilroth234

    When I saw the open cities mod, I wet myself a little.

  • Slowhiteguy

    skyrim is such a great game omg

  • Shadow111111

    The first mod creates ALOT problems when using with other mods

  • Rodolfo Alvim

    frostfall is nice, very realistic environment but none of NPC neither the followers ones are immerse within this environment, and sometime you play the mod using that winter is coming cloaks or skoal outfit to get you warm and you friends and enemies use that scale armor or that thin robes from the college, you start to ask "am I the only who is freezing to death in this god forsaken place?"

  • Paul Gaither

    I dont understand why they would add cat sounds when therearen't any cats (other than the cat poeple) in skyrim. If you add a mod that has cats, then that's one thing. Maybe if they had made it barking, that would have been better as there are dogs in towns.

  • Jacob the Funk ✌️

    Skyrim heart rate, splash of rain, touring carrages, immersive hud (Ihud), Skyrim redone (skyre), convenient horses, immersive beds, climates of tamriel (CoT), realistic lightning overhaul (RLO), a quality map, footsteps, dynavision, a matter of time, ugridstoload, audio overhaul and deadly dragons. (Cant think of anymore right now)

  • Max Power

    0:01 - 0:04 Am I the only one who had to think about that one?

  • JC Wright

    For those who don't know about Automatic Variants- I think AV is an underrated mod. It's not usually on folks' "must have" lists but it's on mine. For me, it is very immersion-breaking to have only 1 or 2 variants for every critter and foe in the game. While there are a lot of great re-textures out there, they'll affect every object which uses that texture file. AV lets you combine them and creates a mechanism where a random texture is chosen from a pool. No more identical chickens, skeevers, atronachs, hagravens, etc. It's a bloody great mod.

  • FrostyGhost 3

    What is the name of the armor he used in the hunterborn clip ?

  • Fur A

    OMFG thank you so much man, got all the mods (except open cities)... skyrim is now so much fun lol!! First I was playing skyrim at ps3 but now at pc with all the cool mods... and a last message for all console players -> u jelly kids can suck my balls :D

  • petgj eughog

    Lol ! I was just thinking that Is there a mod that makes loading screens when entering cities go away and BAM!!!!!! i saw YOUr Vid BTW Nice Top 10

  • Ben Harbaugh

    what armor are you wearing for hunterborn?

  • UntrainableWizard

    I am loving my play through of the game that has been modified. I have a little camp set up where I live. I live near a stream, and a load of Elk. It's great fun.

  • Arsène Lupin

    dont get open city, open city = massive lag. and removing it causes some characters in city to disappear. its fixable but slight pain in the ass

  • D.Sé'astiapo Sçalia

    how expensive would a PC be to use these mods at that speed and all of them at once?

  • Andy T

    8:30 Now that's what I'd like to call an immersion mod. Times are tough in Skyrim, gotta get down on it once in a while

  • luca the best

    whats the clothing your using during the hunt in #4?? plzz

  • Alex Lee

    Is Warzone compatible with OBIS?

  • SaneNoMore

    Deadly Dragons.. .make Dragons the bad ass's they should be.

  • Katherine Weber

    I think that if someone with a female character would want to use the mod Pumping Iron, they'd have to make a body mod that has it so the lowest weight would be heavier(fat-wise) and more boobage, and the highest would have to be more muscular and have less boobs... I wonder if you could do it with CBBE Bodyslide...

  • Areo Hotah

    Gotta disagree with this list. Enhanced camera is the best immersion mod out there. Being able to stay in first person for the entire game does a lot to increase immersion. It is especially good with a mod which hides the compass. Other than that, requiem overhaul de-levels the game and removes the ability to exploit potions.

  • King Arcane

    note: open cities freeze the game from time to time. I removed it

  • red raven

    you should make a top ten clothing mods. no armor and lore friendly. no slutty armor or clothing either.

  • Lars Arlander

    7/pumping iron do you lose musclels if you dont exercise 

  • D O N L A D

    Immersive Patrols is great. I ran into some Blood Horkers once....

  • Cruiser

    Put at 0.5 speed, thank me later

  • Mo Barker

    Taming the Beasts of Skyrim is a great mod, because you can change horses' saddles, have pets that level, etc. And I think the Sounds of Skyrim also have a Dwemer sound file now!

  • Talapino

    crazy how good the graphics were for this game on Xbox 360 7 years ago.....just think the time from oblivian to skyrim was 5 years....Imagine if they spent 2 more years on better it would be....but to be fair...they were pushing the limits for the lack of certain things is understand

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