If Overwatch Heroes had Theme Songs

Disclaimer: The song for Bastion is called Cult To Follow - Murder Melody, this mistake was already told me when the video only had a 1k views
There was a great viewer (Shelby Morrow) who took her time to make a Spotify playlist check it out https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2S7rAoHwDzeYp1KUuUSact?si=meIqnxAvR_G8UMkzg4ye-Q and also sub to her channel. ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3K9mwY4O3QyZX70ElNnPcg )

1 million views in 3 months thank you! ^^

I won't post the link for the thumbnail cause the Artist is unknown.

All the songs belong to their own creator!
  • XXXkullWolf

    Mercy's should be "I'm an Angel With a Shotgun"

  • Mr. Mute

    5:58 when Widowmaker discovers what the male community of Overwatch do with her images...


    That's not Sakura Omen, that's Cult To Follow.

  • Crwyz Dope

    Tracer with Running in the 90s why not Deja Vu ?

  • GavinTheGunner

    I love the pharah and Sombra ones.. Like if u agree!

  • MyName's JeFf

    1:58 Am I the only one while listening on this music thinking about memes ๏_๏

  • Seby

    Genji's theme song should be I need healing 1 hourEdit: thanks for 600 likes lol

  • Binder Bro

    5:20 best thing ever made

  • Khalloodka55

    Ana- kinda creepy... but fits her skinBastion- AMAZING PERFECT!!!D.va- overused song but goodGenji- fits him but not that muchHanzo- Noice and awesome Junkrat- overused but noiceLucío- kinda cheating 😂 but noiceMcCree- 😂 😂 😂 Mei- fitting and “cool” ... i will...go...Mercy- Perfection doesn’t exis-Orisa- Fitting and amazing :)Pharah- amazing at first but then...Reaper- AMAZING!Reinhardt- Good but...Roadhog- just no but okSoldier: 76- LOLOLOL 😂 Sombra- noiceSymmetra- Racist but funny AF 😂 Torbjörn- he is definitely “hot” 😂 Tracer- My main and my fav song are AMAZING but doesn’t fit that goodWidowmaker- amazingWinston- No just noZarya- 😂 not that good 😂 Zenyatta- STEVEN UNIVERSE FOR DA WIN!!!! Also very fitting and amazingOverall- best music theme video of overwatch :)

  • Suki Lanakoro -nanbaka oc-

    DANGIT HANZO WHY U GOTTA BE IN THAT WEREWOLF SKIN ITS TO SEXY!!!!Mercy and Mei is so beautiful in those skinsReaper!!! Why u gottaBe awsome?!?!?Soldier 76 looks good a littleSOMBRA IS THE BEST!!!!!Tracer is kawaii as alwaysWidowmaker is BA as alwaysZarya defines goth!!!Zenyatta has the best theme song!!!I'm such a trash for everyone I'm sorry

  • Flower

    Why does symmetra get the meme song

  • john lemonzz

    Why do they look so different

  • Hyperlord


  • Ham San

    I love how the animations fits in well with the songs 😂👌

  • Diana_Ice

    D.va's song was really matching to her

  • Melody -chan

    D.va is my favourite and i'm D.va main

  • Connell lockie

    Roses are red, violets are blue.I'll like my own comment, cause nobody else will do.

  • McCallum2014

    The only one I disagree on is reapers, reapers theme song is Pumped Up kicks Remix, bruh

  • Tristan S

    Lucio sounds like Logan paul

  • The Unaverage Joe

    Lol what if Mercy's was "The Angel With Scabbed Wings".

  • Kayosh'

    Nope, that's not that song for Bastion, that's Cult to Follow - Murder Melody.Already 2,2k likes ? Thanks !

  • Assia C

    Genji is 100% Best 0:55

  • Vanzox 2.0

    Junkrat and Mei were the best tbh

  • still_guns

    I get the distinct feeling that no-one likes Symmetra

  • Shiny Giratina

    Wrong. 'I need a doctor' had to be genji's.

  • Marwah Jabakji

    1:58 wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa

  • Trespassing Hippy

    Solder 76 is team America I'm from canada

  • Khalloodka55

    0:14 is wrong idk what the song is but i know its wrong because I listened to the whole Sakura Omen and its nothing like this songAnd yes, its was a FINNISH band namedwhisper

  • Da Best In Da Business

    Junkrat is perfect for that song!

  • Melody -chan

    Omg running in the 90's for tracer'so gooooooood

  • 2proXscout

    Low-key Symmetra's theme is type racist

  • Melody -chan

    I liked this video, its aMEIzing

  • RIP Stefan Karl Stefansson.


  • Fresh M E M E

    When i heard 6:32 i almost choked myself.I wasnt execting this at all.Cool

  • Goldeon

    perfect timing on Hanzo

  • Bronze

    A lot of these don't fit with the character much.

  • HumansDemons

    Ana's skin is creepy

  • Overwatch Kid

    Lmao the mercy’s theme song is called mercy ;D


    Mercy should be meet me on the battlefield the song you picked doesn’t match her at all

  • Nightmare Cat 666

    1:26 XD poor Junkrat. Love the video!!!

  • Zoe Main

    Tracer should have Deja vu

  • destroyer town

    Mercys theme song is mercy..Nice thinking

  • Big Bop

    Vanilla Ice will not touch my waifu

  • Lucas Chung

    Meis theme song should be Reapers XD

  • Stef - kun

    Why u have golden guns for tracer are u a tracer main

  • lιghty Star

    Some songs does not rlly match with the hero... But nice idea dude

  • BubblesCanGame

    You realise that ‘I NEED A DOCTOR’, if you picked it because Ana came back from the dead, applied to:WidowmakerReaperSoldier: 76BastionGenjiand possibly Tracer

  • 시바견관종보면 윙크하는

    D.va(Ha na song) Forever!!!

  • TheKristybr

    SOMBRA is my favourite part of this video 👌

  • AnimeNinja Kun

    Tracer is adorable as always no matter what

  • M I N S U G A

    I love Dva's theme songCL,BOM,DARA,MINZY ARE QUEENS.

  • dingo bingo

    Awsome Skins you got there!You must be a pro in overwatch!What level are you at?

  • Olivia Colomar { Sombra }

    I loved that soldier one lmafo

  • MaddyChan

    Everyone uses the song "Mercy" for Mercy but I'll accept this one because it was a remix

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