Skyrim: Top 5 Dark Brotherhood Contracts You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game with many factions, and among the most interesting is the Dark Brotherhood. A guild that allows the player to be the bad guy, Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood questline certainly is a welcome break from the generally heroic missions we’re given. The most intriguing objectives offered by the Brotherhood, send the Dragonborn to eliminate many specific targets or “contracts” as they’re called and some of these characters are extremely fascinating in their own right and worth exploring. So today we’ll be taking a look at the op five Dark Brotherhood contracts you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Mustafa Sheikh

    i wish nazeem was a brotherhood contract

  • ReZaHydra

    Needless to say that they’ll Murder to Death anyone who has a contract on their head.

  • Conor Finn

    What many of you don’t know is that the dark brotherhood is actually behind many of skyrim’s recent strands of murders

  • Dagoth Ur

    When you first meet Delphine in her secret room you have the option to say “I was expecting someone taller” (not the exact quote since I’m doing this from memory) which is an obvious star wars reference.

  • Dagoth Turd

    This is so sad, Lurbuk play Despacito

  • svyatoslav smirnov

    The year is 2025 Skyrim for the gameboy advanced is released and cars run on electricity and science is moving forward at an alarming late and suddenly Theepicnate315 uploads a video that video is titled "yet another 10 rocks you may have missed in Skyrim"

  • Honest M'aiq

    Sweet Nate , Sweet Nate , send your murders to death unto me for the tiny details of Skyrim must be baptized in your videos and facts.

  • Dagoth Ur

    During the Blood on the Ice quest in Winterhold you find out Calixto is trying to build a flesh aetronach, which is a nod to the Shivering Isles DLC in Oblivion

  • Nicolas Buie

    Whats funny Lurbuk's death was so heavily sought Astrid had to hold a raffle JUST because there were so many people wanting his death if the chief won that would be the funniest thing I heard


    They should have made Agnis level 150 NPC to really give you a challenge. No heavy hitting weapons or spells, just make her tough as all hell.

  • JustASlyMusic

    I see a video by TheEpicNate315. I check to make sure It's not a repeated one since I've been binging. It isn't. I panic. Do I have time? Can I watch it before I need to go? Screw it. I watch video. Im late to class. I do not care, Nate is worth it.Edit: OMG I GOT A HEART FROM NATE I AM SO HAPPY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEdit2: OMG 134 Likes?! Bruh I don't get this many likes on ANYTHING, Even on slime rancher my slimes hate me xD

  • Jakeoflines Piano

    Does anyone else feel compassion for Lurbuk? I hate having to do it just move on the questline. I have such a soft spot for him

  • Andromeda

    Incoming “murdered to death” comments

  • TheRedGriffin

    I got a Dark Brotherhood contract today...Target: NateObjective: Murder to Death

  • Rebekah Norwood

    I always feel bad for killing lurbuk, he just seems like a good person

  • Jan Krajnc

    Back at it again Nate?How many people will need to be murdered to death before it stops,how many?

  • Bianca

    I hate killing unique npc's that don't come back.I knew Narfi before the dark brotherhood. Saddened at the contract, returning to him. Narfi didn't want to speak to me at all where in the past he was so cheerful.I wished there was a refusal option where the player has to fight a member twice as strong as the target.Perhaps convince them to do the deaed or not at all.That is another thing. What if I wanted to be a member and not a leader? Sure the option would be great but not ideal if the quest is halting all acrivities to it once postponed.There are factions that kick you out.How about a rank system? Thethe quest can be optional to follow through to be leader yet not the case if you want to remain the lowest rank. Sure remaining an initiate has its downfalls but when a radiant npc takes you spot then you can be one up from underdog.

  • Izbiski Gaming

    0 likes, 0 dislikes, 0 views. YouTube you’re not drunk today, good on you.

  • Weazle

    Top 5 reasons you should show us your load order

  • Jari

    1: Muiri2: Muiri3: Muiri4: Muiri5: Muiri You can marry her.

  • VFsBawlS3

    Was that a.....rubber Agnis' chair when you killed her?


    Now try do Top 5 Bards College quests.

  • mars luma

    im a simple lady. i see a new nate video, i click immediatelyedit: please read the replies to this comment, it's a trip

  • Carina Apollyon

    Dark brotherhood. So much murdering to death.

  • Crescendo

    Festus Krex’s voice actor is the same as Tigger

  • jawrabbit

    Some people pay top septim to have someone murdered to death

  • Kneaslaper Ceesedude

    I don't know if you know this but if you join the Dark brotherhood there's a chance of a random guard saying, "Psst I know who you are, Hail Sithis"

  • Armando Carter

    Y o u r S k y r i m m o d l i s t p l e a s e ?

  • Nika

    Narfi’s sister makes me think of Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. If I remember correctly, Ophelia went out to pick flowers and then committed suicide by drowning herself in the river

  • Made in Oklahoma

    Dark brorherhood quests? You mean "DESTROY THE DARK BROTHERHOOD!" ?

  • Shenronshorn

    no way i missed any, i love creatively killing NPCs in skyrim way too much


    Now you're really scraping the bottom of the fish barrel. Who even misses these quests?

  • Andrew Williams

    OYFUM...oh wait, wrong channel

  • xXMoonFluffXx

    Wow Nate your videos manage to inform me despite my like 8 times playing. Thanks for the info as always!

  • tymtraveller

    I now feel bad that I just straight up killed them. no dialogue, no "sporting chance", just a quick quiet death and on to the next contract.Big fan, btw. I restarted a game a while back when the remasters came out. I'm constantly amazed the ridiculous amount of detail in this world. Your videos add much too the game. I appreciate them. Skyrim set the standard for open worlds for me. I love real day night cycles, jobs of the locals, etc. I love Dragon Age, but everyone is so static and no cycles - doesnt seem as "alive". Conversly the Witcher, which admittedly I haven't played much, has a beatutiful world but the game is Geralt's story whereas the Dragonborn is *mine*. But dont get me wrong it's a first class game on its own, these are just my preferences

  • Bradley Myhren

    Notification Brotherhood 🗡️

  • SubscribeTo PewDiePie

    I'm a simple guyNate uploads, I click.

  • Troper H'ghar

    Hey Nate I have a skyrim fact for your next videoThe dunmer student in the collage of winterhold (name escapes me) mentions that she is a telvani wizard but according to the game script mentions that she isn't from morrowwind she's from solstien and there is only one telvani wizard lives in solstien

  • Navraj Gill

    You should teach us about other ways to murder, not just you know.. death..

  • Theras__

    Some german adjectives for you:gigantisch, riesig, monumental, übergroß, enorm, gewaltig, kolossal, massiv, überdimensional, monströs.btw: "murdered to death" translates to "zu Tode ermordet".You're welcome.

  • RadmanTheWise

    Good thing you didn't do a top 10 list. There wouldn't be enough brotherhood contracts in the entire game to fill it. But seriously, Bethesda definitely had enough resources to put a small team to hand craft 30+ missions for each faction. Wouldn't need to do all of them to progress to leader but the selection on hand is pitiful. I'm hoping for non of the radiant shit like thieve's guild [interact with the ledger in this shop] or companion's [kill this specific giant] in the next game please. Give me events ffs. And if they absolutely need to include these procedurally generated quests, don't just make me go back to a cave I just cleared to kill some random bandits that spawned in and pretend it's a quest, give those bandits a theme and some items unique to their theme so I actually have incentive to do the chore.

  • lucketmi1

    i rly wanna know his mod list, wherre can i find it?

  • Zera

    I feel like the majority of Nate's comments are about murdering to death.

  • a 1

    I used to be an arrow like you, then i took an adventurer on the knee.

  • Cloudstar the Warrior Cat

    First.. Probably not lol

  • IC23

    I love the Dark Brotherhood, and it's quests, but Morag Tong > Dark BrotherhoodWhy? 1. Stupid Hood 2. Concept Art is boring3. Emporer literally lets them win4. Caught by the Emporer's guard 5. 200 years of Self Destruction6. Overly complicated ranking system, and no communication7. Members have Zero Honor8. Hideouts are in plain sight9. Finger painter10. Seriously what are those boots 11. Wears enchanted armor to compensate for their lack of skill12. Constricting pants impair proper martial movement13. Has no respect for the art of murder14. Say "We know", they don't15. Kicked out of Vvardenfell by the Morag TongNow let's compare this to the Morag Tong1. Badass deathblades in their concept art2. Considers murder a "Sacret Art" that should be respected3. Tells guards to vehk off after murdering an entire family just by presenting his legal writ of execution4. Superior Netch armor allows for fluid movement, no need for enchantments their skill is enough5. Proudly represents their culture with a glorious, and humble loincloth6. Can actually keep a secret, bound by honor7. Assassinated Reman III8. Assasinated Snake Emporer, and his entire family9. Got banned for killing to many emporers, doesn't care operates honorably in homeland10. Snuck past the flippin DragonGuard11. Multi-Vision Webspinner Series Morag Tong Helmet represents affiliation with Mephala, looks like a vehking spider.12. Worships Spider God13. Members are confident the order will rise again, even after a volcano destroyed most of their nation.14. Can still sneak up on you while wearing boots made of bug shells15. Have more skill in their pinky finger than every Dark Brotherhood member combined.

  • The Third Crusader

    10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed in my 10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim series, Part 1

  • Torra Liar

    To be honest I can never kill Agnus. It makes me so sad so I usually just cast a rune by her bed and leave.

  • AveryCF

    (Please excuse me if I butchered anyone's name, lol.) I gotta say the orc bard was a nice surprise to me. I didn't think i'd know most of these but I guess this showed me I've played a lot of Skyrim in my time, even if I don't know all the lore, lol. I knew of Agnes, Narfi (but... Not why he was crazy, that was new to me. ;3; ) and Safiyya. (...Probably because one day I realized I've been to that party so much in game plays yet I never sat down and listened to the chatter, so I took ten to fifteen minutes listening to NPC's until they started repeating dialog.) Though not of Meearil's tale or Lurbuk whatsoever (Must of forgot about him? Shame on me.)Always love your videos, even if I haven't played Skyrim in a bit. It's always nice to realize you actually knew something when watching them, and if not, you learn a thing or two. ;3;

  • Wenger Out

    Hoping for those cringy tiktok ads to be murdered to death

  • Nikki Lynn

    you saying murdered to death makes me want to murder myself to death

  • xXMoonFluffXx

    Guess you could say this is a top ten list of people you didn’t know you could “murder to death”

  • Annie Leonhart

    Aside from the Emperor and the orphanage lady I don't remember even a single contract. And I played the Brotherhood questline 3 times.But the guy you had to murder by dropping a chandelier on him? That trash talking guy in the dungeons? That retired guard captain guy? The fancy folks at that party? My poor brothers and sisters, GODDAMMIT LUCIEN WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THAT?! It's 2k18 and my heart is still bleeding! Hell, I even remember that drug addict in the capital!

  • Satanic Sponge

    I swear to God, Lurbuk is the lankiest Orc I have ever seen

  • Joe Nesvick

    Funny thing if the bandits did the Black sacrament, they’ll still attack you when you go there. Well if anyone who hired the assassin ends up killed by the assassin, not much of a benefit to them initFirst time I played Skyrim, I never knew about Nafi’s sister. That can happen if you accept the contract before meeting him

  • Caleb Richard

    A whole video of people getting murdered to death by the dragon born, that’s SOMETHING else

  • Greg Basore

    I like to imagine that Narfi developed a split personality, killed his sister and in his madness put out a contract on himself as a means of ending his grief and guilt.

  • Cameron Bailey

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird when people use fishes instead of just fish as a plural? I mean, technically they’re both correct, maybe it’s just a dialect thing.. 🤔

  • Razar Campbell

    The fact that you would consider raising arms against the Emperor tells me that while you might be a Skyrim fan, you're clearly NOT an Elder Scrolls fan (with a long and close history of supporting the Empire and the Emperor). This makes it fair game for any dedicated fan to Murder your face off!!(Murder reference goes to Final Space, instead of the common as muck 'murder to death' trope).

  • EdwormN7

    I was wondering if you'd deliberately not use "murdered to death" in a video about the assassin's guild. That would have been a great subtle joke.

  • Ragnurhelgon

    So are you gonna do skyrim till the sun burns out?

  • Chelsea Avill

    Wooo early this time! Gotta love a good old murdered to death! Love you epicnate big fan

  • Retroambassador

    Hern is one of my favorites just due to the dialogue. "Assasin vs. Vampire. It will be a fight for the ages." "Ah the brotherhood has come for old hern now, well then, let us meet as equals."

  • Cryscorde Ultimasunt

    Hello. Just a random guy with no friends claiming the 666th comment passing by. 😇

  • JackSpad3s

    The murder to death jokes have been murdered to death guys

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