Skyrim: How To Become A Dragon Priest

This mod allows you to play as a fully functional draugr by adding 6 spells - Which are now unlimited and you can jump in-and-out of transformations when you want.

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  • GhostVaperYT

    I used to be  a dragon priest like you, then I took an arrow in the knee

  • Math Dealer

    How to become a dragon priestWork at a dragon's church and preach

  • Donle J

    say drawg one more time

  • Anders Lindberg

    I used to think ESO was a master of Skyrim, but then i heard him pronounce things...

  • Knox

    Is there a mod that lets you pronounce words correctly?

  • Cherry Dragon

    can you please include it in the title if something is a mod 😦 im getting confused since i cant use mods as console player.

  • mahkookie

    take a shot everytime he says draugr

  • kendric crosby

    Why are you guys making fun of how he talks, he's one of the best youtubers in my opinion. He's the reason we find a lot of things in Skyrim. He actually takes time out of his life to help us in Skyrim, and to entertain us. So their is no reason you guys should be making fun of him and how he sounds when he talks.

  • Matthew Price

    take a drink every time he mispronounces something. 3 minutes later tha room ish shpining

  • Legendary Super saiyan Johan

    I was hoping for this to be on Xbox

  • Maggie Fox

    The click bait is strong with this one

  • Shaded Wyvern

    The amount of people who don't realise it's a mod is astonishing...

  • Vault Boy

    Draug-ar. Not Draug.. Stahp.. My ears.. t.t

  • Purple Meerkat68

    I have some constrictive criticism: say that you need the beast blood at the start of the video so people don't waste their time. But anyway I really liked this video good job!

  • Stoned like Jesus was at my funeral.

    Is there a mod to become a lich? I mean a good mod, i like the idea of this one to became a "skyrim lich" (which the Dragon Priest is), but all you have to do is open a chest and read a book.Take a look at how to become a lich in the D&D boardgame, that's cool, and more "realistic", cause in the fantasy standard a lich is a powerful warlock that binded his soul in a filattery with a special ritual, in order to become an immortal undead.Also, in the D&D canon rules, the lich can be much more powerful, evolving into the Demi-Lich, a creature that can walk trough planes, making himself kind of a immortal aetherial soul.Cool, don't you think?

  • Little Spac

    "Draug" "Black Fall Barrows"

  • Shruk Pls

    Undeath lich mode is better.

  • Loyale Pandemonium

    Hi guys,If you don't want to download that mod, use this command:player.setrace dragonpriestrace this will turn you into a dragon priest. Now, if you have a Xbox controller connected to the pc,disconnect it, for now. Then, with your mouse, scroll up with the thing that makes the screen go up and down. Adjust it so it doesn't give you that funny under ground view. Connect your controller and play.player.setrace draugrdeathoverlordrace It lets you play as a draugr deathoverlord. If it gives you that funny under ground view,do the same thing as i wrote in the become dragon priest. If that command doesn't work, type:player.setrace draugrrace.And, it only works on PC with the console commands.Have fun!

  • The Introvert

    You didn't disclaim that this feature was a mod in the title

  • thaGreenestleaf 04

    uhhh.... dude this mod doesn't even exist anymore.

  • Atomic Megalodon

    the r is pronounced it is even said with the r in the game

  • Rain

    anyone want to port this over to Xbox one?

  • Red&black Cape

    Wtf 666 comments i'll comment so it was 667

  • Moraktion Gaming

    Currently, I am a High Elf and I have that Mauricio guy following me along with Delphine and Esbern (or whatever his name is) and we are just going all over Skyrim goofing around and slaying dragons and finding weapons and stuff. If this can be done and I become a Dragon Priest, how does this affect the other characters who are following me? Do they suddenly start trying to kill me?

  • Dovahgamer

    The undeath mod also lets you become a dragon priest as an questline reward

  • bullet x


  • Arno Hugo

    You didn't say it was mod in name ashole well wat Did I aspek I m a sistim user we have bad luk because of has racking every thing


    We cant tell what mod that is idiot

  • Jata nory


  • Pugweed

    >Black Falls Barrowswhat?

  • Volvirth

    Draugr.Prenounced: Draugar.

  • Siwmaes

    this guy really pisses me offA. the fact he says DRAUG B. His name is ESO

  • Epicus

    it's pronounced "dror/gr just saying

  • Shaun

    i used to be an eso like you. then i took an arrow to the meme

  • One_And_Only

    Did he just say black instead of bleak or is it just me?


    The closest i can be to a dragon priest is to use the dragon priest dagger and staff, or powerful spell. : (

  • Chanler Alpha Wolf

    How do I become a dragon Dragon priest on ps3


    I cant find the chest in riverwood, do you have to be on special edition, or can you be on normal xbox 360 skyrim?

  • CJ Freeman

    I'm entirely against modding the game, especially a game this great. No wonder I hate pc gamers...

  • Michael Cardona

    The chest and table ain't even their

  • Sol

    Is this lore-friendly tho?

  • Nightmare Goji

    I wish this mod was for Xbox mods

  • LyricalToxin2k18

    I swear ESO is my favorite person to watch for anything related to The Elder Scrolls you've helped me with alot throughout time keep up the good work :)

  • Jonathon Visone

    I used to be the tallest tower until I took an Arab to the knee 😎

  • Plasma Lockx

    BLEAK falls barrow, not black falls barrow

  • Felicia Barnes

    Drawg? Bruv it's (dro-ger)

  • CyberSamuraiX

    It would've been much more into character for the staff to summon a baby dragon?I do hope Bethesda will do something with more fluid animations in the next TES, because the modder community will do the creative and awesome alternative playthrough options.

  • Black Monkey

    they don't have this mod on steam so the link won't work.

  • Assassins gaming

    Yo ESO, I love your vids bro. But I tried to get that mod and it's not there any more.

  • punkboy2272

    How did you find that chest I looked into Bleak Falls Barrow on I couldn't find it

  • Shannon Hodgkinson

    Do u have to do it on the start of the game because I'm on XBOX360 a d I'm on lvl 60 I did the dragon preist thing and it did not work plz respond

  • MaroonBugUK

    People! STFU about his pronunciation! It's Old Norse anyway so its pronounced Draug (drog) -r(rolled r) without any 'a' sound in between. Also the rolled R is faint, but is often over-pronounced. However, because the plural is pronounced different, most youtubers get it wrong in fact; Draug (drog) -ar(rolled R with an a before) The R is faint again, but the a is very prominent.

  • Alvin Amana

    lol so about that thief just sittin at the door in riverwood

  • Casey Rules 117

    I don't understand why he can't pronounce anything right, even though NPC's pronounce it correctly all the time.

  • Evan Herr

    Any mods ? Dlc? Cuz I have a crappy like 8 7 year old crappy xbox360(Edit) never mind I just realize its a mod

  • drøymyth.

    Draug is a correct way to say it, people.

  • niels immens

    Sees somthing i nefer heard of in skyrim watches it then sees its mod plz put mod in the video tekst for no confusion

  • Dr jimmy the swagmyster

    Omfg I can become a drarg -_-

  • Derek Cisneros

    I've always wanted to go to black falls barrow to become a drog

  • Sahibpreet Singh

    There is no chest at the riverwood trader😒😒

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