Skyrim: Unused Dialogue Almost Every Innkeeper Has

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  • Publick Gamer

    The reason all these voice actors recorded this line is simple. The file name for this is 'witavern__000552bb'. All other generic tavern dialogue uses the prefix of 'witavern', so Bethesda, accidentally placing this line with the generic dialogue, recorded it for the other voices, without realising they weren't meant to.

  • Thicc Alit

    Saadia: Saadia! Wake up, dear!

  • Jonathon starkgaryen

    must be a heavy sleeper

  • wayne king

    plot twist saadia is in a coma

  • Aulus Augustus

    wish Saadia was a companion so people around Skyrim would say that catchphrase like a bloody sitcom

  • malfuresz

    Players: Why?Bethesda: Yes.

  • Arekusu Nintendor

    "Todd, why?""It just works."

  • Elliott Barth

    0:55 That awkward moment when Saadia tells herself to wake up, dear

  • Jillian Harte

    Most likely Saadia's connected quest was intended to be radiant and she could of appeared in any of the inns around Skyrim, then for whatever reason they scrapped that plan and just placed her in Whiterun. Probably because it was easier overall than all the other stuff they had to add to other towns and VAs to make it fully radiant.

  • Max Richards

    my favorite is mercers because hes just screaming the ehole time. would like to imagine afterwards starts going super sayian

  • Jake Branthe


  • Joel Claesson

    She seems to be sleeping with a lot of people

  • Dominic Tremblay

    What if this whole time we're playing as Saadia who's in a coma and this whole thing is her dream. Only some times our character hears her real friends telling her to wake up and she merges these voices with her fantasy.

  • Scheneighnay

    Words of power unlocked: Saadia, wake up dear

  • kingkong381

    Saadia: Saadia, wake up dear.I'm dying.

  • OmegaMercenary

    Say to ya, wake up deer!

  • GyROsc0peD

    Say Die Ah, Waek uhp Deer

  • VulpesRose

    "Saadia wake up, dear" no longer sounds like a phrase

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    This should've been a Shout.

  • KFBEL Beats

    This is like a sitcom of Skyrim's running gag where Saadia is just a girl that dozes off at any and every job she has but she recovers by making a joke right after she apologizes: "Saadia, wake up dear!" "Sorry, I must've read the spell book for narcolepsy!""Oh Saadia" plays Seinfeld theme

  • Mikazita

    2020 Bethesda releases Skyrim for the iPhone

  • Themaxwellminer

    May your tavern lead you to warm wakings

  • ThisGuy

    (Ignore the fact that I'm commenting on a year old video) What if Skyrim was going to be more randomized where everything was not 100% the same, like the innkeepers were different races n' stuff when you make a new game...

  • o o

    they probably said the sadia wake up dear as a test for the recording.

  • Whiterun Guard

    she's so sleepy it takes all of Skyrim to wake her up

  • Gabriel the Red Lion

    Saadia, wake cup deer.

  • shelana vance

    i think saadia was supposed to be at a random tavern

  • Steven Joe

    well I can understand why Ysolda has it, if you kill Hulda, Ysolda will start working at the bannered mare

  • Hyrule and Beyond

    I love how angry Mercer said the word dear

  • aTROLLwithBlades

    lol alot of them were really bad at that line

  • Kianna Davis

    M-mommy... why isn't Saadia waking up?

  • Jayz grouse

    So... Saadia has a line where she tells herself to wake up, damn Bethesda was high off their ass on this one, maybe this is why they couldn't finish up the civil war questline lmao.

  • Kelemen Yeti

    Oh it's Saydia Wakupdir, the legendary necromancer!

  • Noah R

    S A A D I A W A K E U P D E A R

  • Fartsparkle

    Why would they need this They're all lizards and saida is a member of the illuminati lBut that doesn't make sense argonians are already lizard and the illuminati isn't in the elder scrolls universeTodd Howard and friends are all lizards and members of the illuminati they are trying to brainwash us through video games.Remember to wear your tinfoil hats kids!

  • This is ̶ ̶a̶l̶3̶6̶9̶9̶..GOOGLE'S CHANNEL

    someone should say this to Saadia after she gets paralysed by Kematu

  • Rogue Freeman 2

    Oh lordie, you could replace sadia with a random npc and the make a mod where you get to raise sadia with a spouse, briliant.

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Saadia the Purple Wiggle

  • Harrison Wall

    this is my ringtone for waking up now

  • Mike

    Poor gal, can't get sleep because she's chased by Alikr. When she finally feels safe, she can't even get sleep in a place she could call home. And then you sell her out, because you already like Ysolda. Poor Saadia. And then everyone yells at her for living a dream... Now i finally understand her character development T.T

  • Derpy Herpy

    Saadia, SaadiaYes papa?Are you sleeping?No papaTelling lies?No papaSaadia, wake up dear.

  • Jacob Caudill

    I think personally, the lines could've been for if, you fail to get Saadia to the alikr, she goes into hiding, and could've appeared in any inn or town. She probably would've been through a couple name changes too.

  • ZuulDovah

    I just imagine Saadia sitting in a dark room, hands on her head as all these voices sound around her over and over and over.

  • eldospinks

    I don't think she's waking up.

  • sendit

    Saadia, we got deer. Dfuq

  • Doug Bairead

    Wow some of these are so forced and well... bad

  • Sacredgeometry

    Redguards get woke REEEEEEEEEEEE

  • William Rhodes

    Say-dee-uh, wayke uhp deer

  • Preston Dixon

    This could have been just as popular and annoying as the "arrow to the knee" thing.

  • Lucia Luppi

    Someone should create a mod that adds a pet follower named Saadia or something.

  • Tillie

    Saadia is a 10 year old girl who got into a bad accident and is in a coma. Sometimes, her friends come by, sad about their friend.They hug her, and quietly whisper ''Saadia, wake up, dear..''

  • Marcus Reineck

    This could also be a recording quality check as sometimes when you have to put the same kind of audio tinkering on mutliple different sources you can have a stock line to more easily check that your effects sound the same on different voices. But I don't know, it's such a specific line. Seems weird.

  • finn !

    0:32 cedille, wake up dear! circonflex, wake up dear! accent aigu, wake up dear!

  • Kill All Reptiles

    Wonder if Saadia ever woke up.

  • Filip Petrovic

    "Sadia, wake up dear!""Sadia, wake up dear!""Sadia... we're kept here..."

  • Marcell2aG

    Legend has it that she's still sleeping to this day.

  • Psycho567

    Saadia: Saadia wake up dearWait

  • Victor

    i relate to saadia 2bh

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