Skyrim Secret POWER –BEST Weapons & Armor Smithing (Unfathomable Depths Walkthrough)

Skyrim Secret POWER –BEST Weapons & Armor Smithing (Unfathomable Depths Walkthrough - Avanchnzel Location)
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  • Hashtagnolivesmatter

    a skeleton head is called a skull

  • The Real Clifford

    if I get lost in the sea of comments remember meeeeeeee

  • ColbyUchiha

    What I If Told You...You Read That Wrong.

  • brett jacobs

    why is ESO using forsworn arrows (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯

  • xFaDeD_VeNoMx

    I love these type ove vids any one else agree

  • Jake Johnson


  • Bear Suit

    is this fate? i start playin skyrim again and want to get mt smithing up, and i look in to the lexicon and just u put a vid up on how to get it, i love u dude

  • Kevin Carlow

    Leaves grand soul gem, takes butter XD

  • Leanne Glennon

    Does anyone else notice that he tries to explain something, sees an enemy, takes his time killing it and somehow doesn't forget what he was saying even 10 minutes later. That's so cool.🤣

  • Ty Lacey

    I... Uh... I stole it first, then got the quest. Pickpocket for the win...?

  • Ramuk

    Wait Shadowmere respawns?!

  • VultureCat337

    My theory is that the lexicon holds the memory of what happened with this group, and you are seeing the aspects through the lexicon

  • Sirajus Salekin

    Your archery skill is sooo bad that I had to hit subscribe.

  • Draaxus

    You could've just used Become Ethereal and jumped off the bridge XD

  • Gino Norual

    it's like we are in a bloody zoo or something LMAO

  • Joe Ekins

    Hey Eso can you do an entire game walkthrough like do all the campaigns and just explore skyrim and keep going until everything is max level like if u think this is a good idea and If u want to c this👍

  • The Rook

    Glad to see content like this is still being uploaded over 5 years after the games release.

  • Swords & Spells

    anyone remember walking thru walls in oblivion.also does anyone remember super jumping in morrowind?

  • Kaathai -

    When he came out it was foggy, but for some odd reason the fog makes me feel at home and in my bed while playing skyrim but it just makes me feel like I ate some hot soup and I'm about to fall asleep, anyone else?

  • Ashy125

    His bow was on some mad drugs in this vid

  • dhodge 042

    just saying but I'm pretty sure they're not ghostly Spirits they're the memories from the Lexicon I'm a stickler now aren't I

  • one departed

    sigh this video popped up literally 5 minutes after I completed this quest.

  • xFaDeD_VeNoMx

    I love these type ove vids

  • Swanzilla1297

    I'm think that maybe the souls of the dwarves when into the soul gems of the dwemer enemies. That's why you find filled soul gems in all the dwemer body's. And also why the machines are still working after all these years because of the power of the souls inside the dwemer enemies.

  • Cake Mix

    uses a a good-ish bow.. uses forsworn

  • Groover

    i spent 5 mins trying to say unfathomable

  • AA Sharp

    From my testing, Dragonbone Arrows have a bug and miss the target.

  • Frankie

    ESO Whats your mod list?

  • Stevens Shield

    My Shadowmere never responded when he died🙁

  • A mouse Plotting world domination

    I hope the dialogue line "Nobody seems to know... Perhaps the return of the Dwemer or the end of the world." Will be foreshadowing for TES 6 and that like part way through you'll be thinking the Aldmeri Dominion is the enemy and you'll be fighting them and the Plot Twist a huge Dwemer army comes through a rift in the space time continuum and they become the main enemy.

  • - Jettinski -

    Let me guess someone stole your sweet roll

  • zVI PaLaDiN IVz

    Is this a mod? Or a real original secret?

  • Bennyboy Vlogs

    why is he using forsworn arrows???

  • XxGamerboy328xX 328

    I have a question what is horchary lmao

  • Jman52

    Does the armor boost affect light armor

  • edgar allan flora

    How to upgrade the ebony blade?

  • Stern

    Thank you so much ESO for helping me in my adventures in Skyrim. I am not talking about this video (it was really helpful tough, thank you) but I am talking about all your Skyrim videos! They are awesome! Keep it up!

  • super koksu

    what happened to live stream ?

  • tompppa

    I feel like your channel had died for a while, but got resurrected when skyrim se came out haha

  • Delve

    4:49I believe the proper name is "Kyudo".

  • GDC Studios

    I got a crossbow which one hits dragons: -55% shock resistance, 30 lightning damage, and does 30 damage normally. In total, 76 damage give or take, minus level bonuses and bolt damage

  • Phil Price

    Thanks for the video on my birthday ESO :)

  • ProSharkey

    Nice video ESO! Don't worry about the technical difficulties you may have ran into during the stream. Keep up the great content!

  • Harrowed One

    31:52 nice WOODEN door barImmersion Levels have fallen to 0%

  • AcedDeadshot758 `

    Arvark is better than shadowmere

  • obese geese

    Any more builds coming? How about a deathbrand pirate or thalmor agent

  • Jack Stoutamore

    Is it me, or does fighting Dwemer like a stealth archer feel like shooting flood with a sniper rifle, straight down to the enemy types!

  • Thomas Keesmaat

    Hè ESO did you now you can you can get miraak as a follower bij using the bend will shout on him during the battle and can you make a video on it i have only sene one of them on YouTube

  • Zachary Morris

    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Skyrim mods but how do you make your map look like that?

  • Zach McNabb

    do you have an artifact explorer build? that could be cool to rp as someone who just wants to collect valuables and doesnt care much about anything else.

  • Lololol Zero

    Hello you can also get a full set of dwemer armor on the dwemer museum

  • Tristan van Zyl


  • istarianjinsama

    Drennen's body is surrounded by rubble. Even though there is no anamatics of rubble falling or cave-ins, I think it's implied the roof collapsed on him. This might be implied for other unexplained corpses as well. Merely a thought

  • Black Heart99

    Having the same problem with bow .

  • nobile 6 gamer

    At levels around 49+ they big dwarven robots drop daedric arrows

  • Loren Garms

    It's really nice just to watch him play

  • Mystogan .Ravenheart

    lol " Dwemer guyro" XD 8:19

  • Cancer

    4:46Mongolian horse-back archers fighting Rus' forces1238 AD modern recreation

  • Phanbot01

    I think Gopher did a video that debunked this perk and showed that it's broken and doesn't work. I'll have to try it out and see if it does or doesn't work.

  • Grim The BeastTM

    when you get the unbreakable perk but you still miss breaking those little lockpicks on a novice lock

  • Tetrahydrocannibinol

    It's better without the patch.

  • David Cada

    is this quest without the dlc's?

  • xeryan

    Ebony blade upgradable?

  • luckiest eight

    what appened to da stream?

  • Marios Vathrakokilis

    Dwarven oil + taproot.Try it out😜

  • Vahlok

    Because of this video my armor set is in 3100

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