Skyrim Boethiah's Calling Walkthrough - Oblivion Walker Ebony Mail - Daedric Artifact # 12


This video walks you through how to complete "Boethiah's Calling", one of the quests to get a Daedric Artifact required to complete the "Oblivion Walker" achievement / trophy. The reward is the Ebony Mail, which has an innate poison aura and muffle effect.

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14. A Night to Remember ( Sanguine Rose )

15. Ill Met By Moonlight ( Ring of Hircine & Savior's Hide )

Thank you for watching! Please leave a like if this video helped you. I have covered all of the Daedric Artifact quests, but I will continue to post new quests and tradeskill information soon, so subscribe for more!
  • Hellyeah935

    If only I could get Nazeem as a follower to take him to the pillar...

  • Al Creed

    5/7 most broken quest I've chosen to complete.

  • clowns of gotham

    lmao I'm doing the quest right now ima sacrifice Lydia XD

  • Luciano Boniface

    My vision is all messed up from that quest

  • do you see that?

    i need help :(there's a bug where my followers didn't respond to touch the arch...they only said "okay,got it" and stand there...boethiah have speak to me when i kill all the cult but the part where my companion didn't respond is stuck...

  • Drew Pyrc

    mercurio is the best mage in the game and you just kill him...... lol

  • David Leopold

    "this person is busy" Yep... right now he got other problems. :D

  • Caster Nitocris

    You said that this quest has bugs. I would say that the entire game has a lot of bugs, and Bethesda will never fix them because Bethesda is shit :D

  • shae clark

    Mine is broken none of my sacrifices summon boethia... :/

  • Nisa A

    Most annoying quest in the world... tried it with Cosnach and then Mercurio and didn't work with either. So I'm giving up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Max Snodgrass

    Marcurio is one of the best followers, I would do it on Belrand in solitude because he sucks

  • Vladeta Ivanović

    When i found Boethian Shrine I killed the cultists xDDD

  • The Supreme Xtream

    Great way to kill Lydia

  • Richard, a Watterson

    I know nobody cares but who used the priestess of azura because I did

  • FimbuIvinter

    I've killed 3 followers and nothing happened. I had to kill the cult just for her to give me the mission, but she doesn't appear again . I've killed 3 people I hired. nothing..lame

  • Derek

    I sacrificed Iona and kept Marcurio

  • Umut Dönmez

    ty for this video . i have answer for ur video :D

  • flameing king videos

    i no this is late and i dont no if you will see this i but thank you i tryed to do this so memy time at level 19 thx for helpimg me

  • Blueleopardz

    Guys you do know that you can get full ebony armor from this right? Heck, to be honest killing Serana is worth every piece of ebony armor. But I killed some random follower I got at Whiterun.. She looks like some girl... She been hittin' the skooma it looks like.....

  • Michael Noel

    everyone attacked me when i did this >.<

  • CipherPeon001

    She sounds like Mallory Archer :v

  • Thamer Aldawood

    everytime i tell him to do it he says "ok, got it" but he doesn't do anything.

  • James Fawbush

    I did the quest and got the mail but when I check my quest it says for me to investigate the cult does anyone know why

  • Vivian

    thank you for this.. i got the uncommon bug...

  • Things Yell When I Cum

    theres Error...i killed Champion took everything Ebony from him and Ebony Bow and it still says to do same instead of complete, do i miss something more? or is this an Bug...there might be Problem with fact that i entered Cave, killed bandits in it and Champion and then later killed Remaining Bandits outside?

  • Deb C

    If your screen stays all shifty god talk mode try to save right after you first talk to the deadra before you kill the cult people, if it stays just reload and try again. I had to do this 3 times before it finaly it disappeared

  • Sanna Anna

    I killed all the cultists, but then Boethiah asked me to instruct someone to touch the pillar, then kill them. Basically the same exact quest as before, so I did that and the big was still there. The companion didn't touch the pillar! I'm angry and confused

  • Ravenmoon Canada

    Is there something I am doing wrong?  I brought a follower, asked them to "do something" then clicked to activate the pillar.....but nothing happens.

  • Rita

    I don't get why anybody would want to do this.    Don't you feel the tiniest bit bad?   I always rid Skyrim of these crazies and my follower is happy to help.     No sacrifice needed.  (Better armor is easy to come by as well.)

  • Thejubjub40

    Trudeau help me the people keep trying to kill me

  • Mr.kittycat

    I cant get my companion to use the pillar, he just says "okay got it" and stands there like an idiot.

  • Lovorka B.

    Ebony Mail is the best...I only use this since I got it.

  • pms00

    @Capri557 - roggi or the housecarl you dislike the most, since all housecarls are the same.

  • pms00

    @isabelluvsyaxxxxxx - that is debatable since the aura effect of this item is fairly unique. either way though, you have to do all of the quests for the achievement.

  • pms00

    @Leyawiin84 - you're right on the arguably part. janessa puts marcurio to shame. that aside, sven makes a good contribution, too. "perhaps you've heard of me?" - not anymore.

  • pms00

    @EkkoBMX - are you level 30 ?

  • pms00

    @MrJdmd0 - you have to get all of the artifacts. if you mess up one quest, you have a chance to get two during ill met by moonlight to make up for it.

  • pms00

    you killed every companion in the game? essential NPC's will not do it, so you can't use most guild members.

  • pms00

    @Kontranix kill everything and then she'll ask you to kill another merc

  • pms00

    @MultiAssasinx - not at all. mage dps is not even 1/5th of a fully upgraded weapon, let alone if you choose a dual-wielder. gimping.

  • pms00

    @363lewis - the best armor in the game you make yourself. the mail is still cool, though.

  • pms00

    @DarkSydeZairus - sven.

  • pms00

    @michaelguy6800 - yes. sometimes it is glitched and you have to wipe them out before she will speak to you. when it is NOT glitched, then you wipe them out at her request.

  • pms00

    @chimichii - you do not. she says this, but it is not required for the quest. only RP purposes.

  • pms00

    essential followers won't work. use a hireling from one of the inns.

  • pms00

    Good news: Issues with this quest and clearing the camp are going to be fixed in patch 1.4 next week.

  • pms00

    @karlrokz - are you level 30? after level 30, you have a random encounter with boethiah cultist where they drop the book 'boethiah's proving' and you can read it to send you here.

  • pms00

    @ryancivil - you went too high ><

  • pms00

    @Mrinimmini - if you use a mage companion over melee with fully upgraded weapons, you are completely gimping your damage output.

  • pms00

    @Rlder199 - then you fail to understand the armor cap or what any of the armor perks do. what skill it takes to make anything means nothing. would you rather have to spend ~10 perks to get the same benefit you'd get by spending 3? sounds like government spending, not informed decision making.

  • pms00

    @evilhotice ~ enchanted daedric maces

  • pms00

    @Smells00Like00Naruto - the wearing flesh is so distasteful line is usually the glitch where you have to kill everyone to continue. did you do this: sacrifice someone, get the glitch, then clear the entire camp, then sacrifice a second person? it sucks to lose two but it should get you going again.

  • pms00

    @logamvsmetal - she says that but it is not required

  • pms00

    @BIEDninja - you can't use essential followers

  • pms00

    @RResistance - is your follower essential ? essential npc's cant die at the stake so mjoll wouldn't work here, for example.

  • pms00

    @Rene4Music - She says that but you don't have to.

  • pms00

    dismiss her, go get a different one & sacrifice, then go back to whiterun and rehire lydia

  • pms00

    @SaltShakerz93 - you can use whoever you want. i found mage followers to be quite subpar compared to melee but to each their own. the goal is to get rid of an unimportant follower and the ones you can hire are definitely good choices.

  • pms00

    @Rlder199 - If you do not plan to upgrade your armor or spend any points on perks or use fortify enchants, then you are correct that you will get higher base armor by going with a different set. However, if you do plan to do any of those things, armor caps at 567. Elven is the set that reaches that number with the least investment (perks/stone/enchant) of any others. So by "best" i am saying "most effective", not best "base strength". The L000L was not helping any, haha.

  • pms00

    @picklevai16 - when you say you need help with something, move over to the pole and activate it as if you were going to use it yourself. he'll do it instead. don't use wait here.

  • pms00

    @ChasingPigs - enchanted daedric maces

  • pms00

    @ChasingPigs - made them myself. take a look at my tradeskill videos. i have one that shows how to make those maces.

  • pms00

    @Rlder199 - ah. watch my tradeskill guides if you need help. it requires alchemy + smithing + enchanting. it isn't easy, but the payoff is huge.

  • pms00

    @Olliek94 - When I've seen that happen it was because there was still an enemy alive. did you clear out everything for sure?

  • pms00

    @RyanCooper101 - yes, you can be gay.

  • pms00

    @VideoBastard5150 - what level are you? they don't show up at low levels.

  • pms00

    ill get right on tweaking 5 month old info. sorry !

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