Skyrim Boethiah's Calling Walkthrough - Oblivion Walker Ebony Mail - Daedric Artifact # 12


This video walks you through how to complete "Boethiah's Calling", one of the quests to get a Daedric Artifact required to complete the "Oblivion Walker" achievement / trophy. The reward is the Ebony Mail, which has an innate poison aura and muffle effect.

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14. A Night to Remember ( Sanguine Rose )

15. Ill Met By Moonlight ( Ring of Hircine & Savior's Hide )

Thank you for watching! Please leave a like if this video helped you. I have covered all of the Daedric Artifact quests, but I will continue to post new quests and tradeskill information soon, so subscribe for more!
  • Hellyeah935

    If only I could get Nazeem as a follower to take him to the pillar...

  • Al Creed

    5/7 most broken quest I've chosen to complete.

  • Hjkim HjOsn

    i need help :(there's a bug where my followers didn't respond to touch the arch...they only said "okay,got it" and stand there...boethiah have speak to me when i kill all the cult but the part where my companion didn't respond is stuck...

  • Darth Nisa

    Most annoying quest in the world... tried it with Cosnach and then Mercurio and didn't work with either. So I'm giving up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Drew Pyrc

    mercurio is the best mage in the game and you just kill him...... lol

  • shae clark

    Mine is broken none of my sacrifices summon boethia... :/

  • Rawkwilder

    "this person is busy" Yep... right now he got other problems. :D

  • clowns of gotham

    lmao I'm doing the quest right now ima sacrifice Lydia XD

  • Luciano Boniface

    My vision is all messed up from that quest

  • Rita

    I don't get why anybody would want to do this.    Don't you feel the tiniest bit bad?   I always rid Skyrim of these crazies and my follower is happy to help.     No sacrifice needed.  (Better armor is easy to come by as well.)

  • Mr.kittycat

    I cant get my companion to use the pillar, he just says "okay got it" and stands there like an idiot.

  • YenneferTNS

    You said that this quest has bugs. I would say that the entire game has a lot of bugs, and Bethesda will never fix them because Bethesda is shit :D

  • FimbuIvinter

    I've killed 3 followers and nothing happened. I had to kill the cult just for her to give me the mission, but she doesn't appear again . I've killed 3 people I hired. nothing..lame

  • Vladeta Ivanović

    When i found Boethian Shrine I killed the cultists xDDD

  • Sanna Anna

    I killed all the cultists, but then Boethiah asked me to instruct someone to touch the pillar, then kill them. Basically the same exact quest as before, so I did that and the big was still there. The companion didn't touch the pillar! I'm angry and confused

  • Derek

    I sacrificed Iona and kept Marcurio

  • The Supreme Xtream

    Great way to kill Lydia

  • Richard, a Watterson

    I know nobody cares but who used the priestess of azura because I did

  • Max Snodgrass

    Marcurio is one of the best followers, I would do it on Belrand in solitude because he sucks

  • CipherPeon001

    She sounds like Mallory Archer :v

  • Serkan Kabatas

    Dude i killed all the boethiahs cultists. Lol. And then she appeared in one of the cultists body

  • Blueleopardz

    Guys you do know that you can get full ebony armor from this right? Heck, to be honest killing Serana is worth every piece of ebony armor. But I killed some random follower I got at Whiterun.. She looks like some girl... She been hittin' the skooma it looks like.....

  • flameing king videos

    i no this is late and i dont no if you will see this i but thank you i tryed to do this so memy time at level 19 thx for helpimg me

  • bounty1402

    I won't kill Lydia for a quest. There are many other things to do in Skyrim.

  • Michael Noel

    everyone attacked me when i did this >.<

  • Umut Dönmez

    ty for this video . i have answer for ur video :D

  • Lovorka B.

    Ebony Mail is the best...I only use this since I got it.

  • Vivian

    thank you for this.. i got the uncommon bug...

  • Things Yell When I Cum

    theres Error...i killed Champion took everything Ebony from him and Ebony Bow and it still says to do same instead of complete, do i miss something more? or is this an Bug...there might be Problem with fact that i entered Cave, killed bandits in it and Champion and then later killed Remaining Bandits outside?

  • Thamer Aldawood

    everytime i tell him to do it he says "ok, got it" but he doesn't do anything.

  • James Fawbush

    I did the quest and got the mail but when I check my quest it says for me to investigate the cult does anyone know why

  • Deb C

    If your screen stays all shifty god talk mode try to save right after you first talk to the deadra before you kill the cult people, if it stays just reload and try again. I had to do this 3 times before it finaly it disappeared

  • Pokemerx 1

    When i kill someone at the shrine nothing happens

  • Alvin Kertanegara

    I gave her the mercanery in Windhelm, whatever, he's the closest.

  • Uncouth Behavior

    This ain't working for me. Stenvar just stands there.

  • SSJ Gaming

    Tried it once with Lydia and she refused to touch the pillar, tried it again with that dark elf lady in the drunken huntsman and it glitches so boethia wouldn't speak to me, tried it again with Marcurio and it worked until the point when boethia starts speaking to everyone and she just froze. At this point I went on a murderous rampage against her followers and that fixed the quest although Marcurio is now for some reason permanently stuck to the pillar of sacrifice 😂

  • isidroundercover

    Poor Mercurio he is the best haha

  • Drunk Grandpa

    What weapons are you usin

  • Jack Ieong

    So the reward is an armour?


    Sven or Roggi Knot Beard are the best sacrifices as they cap at 20

  • Made to Watch 18 videos

    I’m at 14/15 for the achievement and the quest keeps glitching

  • KSI Vancouver

    i have Cicero, two Dark Brotherhood Initiates, and Derkeethus (they all cant die), so i had to have them all unfollow me and get faendal, and take FOREVER to get them back with me

  • Fross Fairy

    What I do:I travel to Riverwood and bring Sven on the idea to make the fake letter about Faendal.As I have to give it to Camilla, instead I show the letter to Faendal which in return I have to deliver his fake letter to Camilla.After given the fake letter, Faendal is happy to travel with me to the shrine!Before I ask him to do it, I "borrow" his steel arrows then tell him to use the shrine.Then he'll be killed and used as vessel, sacriced at the shrine with Mehrunes' razor.This is te story of the one male follower on my Skyrim army.

  • quit my chanel 1

    After did it it didn't show up

  • Young Noah

    Can someone help me it tells me to kill the rest of the cultist but the quest marker isn't by where it is on here and it's outside of the map and I tried going to both locations but the mine is closed off and I couldn't at the other spot

  • Firez00

    Macuiro is my follower so i sacrifired lydia

  • Max TimberWolf

    when i attach the guy to the pole and i hit him it doesnt insta kill it just attacks then when he dies the bubble is still there and it wont complete the quest? im on xbox 360 btw.

  • daniel39698

    I killed all the cults, so now I have a quest to speak to one of the Boethiah`s calling, which I just killed too before the quest appeared. I just go to the quest point and there is a dead cult which I must speak to, but nothing happens. After this I ignored this quest and did other things and saved the game. And now I cannot do this mission again, because I have none saved files that is saved before the Boethiahs Calling quest mistake. Is it any way I can complete this quest?

  • Serris

    I need help. There is a glitch or a bug that when I killed all the cultist there was still another marker telling me to kill this cultist but there is no cultist left.

  • Adrian Lopez

    It didn't work for me the first time so I killed all the cultists and boethiah appeared and told me that I need to trap another follower and slay them. I did it again twice and nothing has happened!!! Please help!!! (Xbox360)

  • Ofek Mammon

    I sacrificed Faendal, I really liked him as a follower and didn't know where this quest was going until it was too late. And when I sacrificed him I cried.

  • Fritigern

    I sacrificed Stenvar from Windehelm's Inn. Felt a bit bad.

  • Väiski Vemmelsääri

    Did the entrance collapse for anyone else? When I equipped ebonymail the second part of the cave become inaccissible since the entrance had collapsed. First time it trapped me inside so I reloaded and walked next to exit before equipping it. Cave still collapsed, but I was able to leave.

  • pesoen

    odd. as soon as i got near them i was attacked, and therefore unable to talk to the priestess.. i was looking for a walkthrough as i had killed all of them, and needed to know how to get someone to sacrifice themselves. i also dont really like followers, and prefer summoned creatures who go away after a while, but i dislike killing them. so thanks for telling me i can hire someone to do it :)


    If only I could sacrifice Delphine

  • Hannah Gonzalez

    Yo i killed him by accident is there anyone else?

  • Special Fex

    thats weird, whenever i try to get my guy to touch the pillar, he just says got it and does nothing. The pillar activates, but nothing happens.

  • Rippin Tisdale

    why when I go into the cave there are a bunch of rocks blocking the entrance to get the armor

  • Spunty _

    I killed everyone, killed the bandits etc, Got the Ebony Mail, And found an ebony shield on the Previous Champion. Now I can use the shield, but can't see it :I

  • Vcvcvcvcvccvcvv Vcv

    Guys please help! My follower Marcurio didnt do anything after i press “i need you to do something”...all the folleers

  • Jwatts

    I told my follower to part ways and I sacrificed the mage, I've killed all cultist but my follower won't follow me again.

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