Skyrim How to Get Secret Power You Never Heard of…

Skyrim Secret Power ( skyrim Dead Men's Respite Walkthrough)
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  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    I now always finish Thieves Guild's quests and get Amulet of Articulation first. Talking Viarmo into writing in all the BS is quite funny.

  • wajih hassan

    i would like to see skyrim from lydia's point of view. like if someone could get into her mind frame or space or whatever and try to explain her thoughts about what the dragonborne does and how she's made to carry all their stuff and always being pushed off the cliffs with the voice. and how as revenge she always blocks doorways just to spite the dragonborne.

  • Wirr Ling

    When you meet Olaf in Sovngarde he actualy hopes for the Bard to escape Alduin and welcome him in friendship.

  • dan pritchett

    no secret power, just a normal bard quest line -,-

  • Julian Lopez

    i don’t wanna be that guy, but how is the beginning quest of the bards college a secret. sorrrrtta clickbait

  • Michael Moore

    "Super secret"? I am disappointed in you.

  • Whit DoesStuff

    I wanted to watch the video, but I couldn't stop staring at his luscious hair :(

  • HypedCat

    21:23 a new hand touches the beacon...

  • NoNoh Bye

    Skyrim is life but I actually hate the bard’s college. They didn’t let me sing :(

  • Uncultured Swine

    You should do a compare and contrast of the books "Biography of Barenziah" and "The Real Barenziah". The differences in the stories are really interesting.

  • Johnny Domino

    so if i do this but don't have the unofficial patch, does it still work?

  • SoMeWhAt _ NoRmAL

    Its not necessarily click bait think of all the subscribers new to the game. I bet u thoght of yourself discovering it and not some new player.😁

  • Charlie Sefton

    Make A compilation Of you killing Nazeem Is different stupid ways


    8:00 ESO doesn't break a lockpick!?!

  • Logan Gallagher

    Kingdom come deliverance is coming soon!

  • Lonely Miffle

    I'm such a coward I clear the olaf's tomb sneakily and shoot all the draugr from the door way before they even get up 😅

  • Starr Nico

    Just as an FYI, but that bridge with the swinging axes has a trip wire on the door, if you unlock it, they won't swing.

  • Micheala Poppell

    I know a lot of people are saying that everyone knows about this power, but i have literally put so many hours into skyrim and I had no idea this was a reward. Sure it's a bit click-baity but nobody cares about the bard's college so honestly I can imagine not a lot of people hearing about this

  • BJ Maguire

    Green eggs and ham:) Excellent video as usual, thank you so much. Please keep up the good work.

  • JessicaRabbit324

    Your commentary while playing makes every video so great, too funny. Great video! You're fueling the urge to want to play Skyrim again, which is daunting because there's so damn much to do!

  • Edoardo Aprá

    I'm from Italy so forgive my English, but I really love your channel, and this video was really really good so congratulations to you ESO

  • Scott Haynes

    You could just join the collage of Winterhold and talk to the guy at the library

  • xXx_Pokemaster Cyro_xXx

    Please do a video on all mods you have

  • Joseph Porterfield

    Green eggs and ham. I plan to start this quest tonight. Now I'm just waiting for "ESO Reads The Lusty Argonian Maid" to debut.

  • AndasFS

    Green eggs and ham? Lol awesome vid man


    Such a toxic relationship, I'm sick of the misogynistic and abusive behavior between you and Lydia. Why does she even stay with you? Lydia you don't have to be afraid anymore, I can help you. If you're in trouble, just say the phrase "I got a bad feeling about this"

  • VannTheMan 24

    Im so surprised that is e s oh is still finding all these things about Skyrim when they game is like 6 years old or something

  • Glenn K Allen IV

    If you return the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller back to his tomb in ustengrav after giving it to the greybeards you'll get a dragon soul

  • DragonbornLink 128

    His voice.... So...... SEXY (if he's a guy and I'm a guy is his voice a guy then I'm voice gay and I don't care)

  • Zach Stevens

    I just skipped to the end to see the secret power perk... lol green eggs and ham bro. good work. keep it up. try voice acting as a job somewhere ;)

  • humanity

    I would looove a book reading series! Thanks ESO :)

  • Mjk Cook

    Your videos are the reason I went back and started Skyrim again! You also helped me convince my hubby to start playing and he is loving it! Thank you!

  • Tiago Barroso

    wow. i always though this was some useless quest. I think if have more secret power that not appears in the game without theses paches

  • Ava Gentry

    I find your lack of sneak disturbing.

  • Vini Boo

    Awesome video! Tiny tip, maybe make the face cam a tad bit smaller

  • Code Name Teddy

    Eso without even watching the video ik ur click bait has stepped up there’s nothing i dont know about skyrim

  • joshua marrero

    How did you get your map to look like that mines just covered with snow

  • Craig 1208

    Jeeze does he always ask people that try to join the collage to go into an ancient and dangerous burial ground. I don't think that's a good way to get people to join

  • Funnelweb 1709

    Eso .do you know da way?

  • Richard s

    Also, I'm in the process of building my enchanting skill(I'm not wanting to use cheat codes so I'm leveling up legit)... I took my soul trap bow into the Olav quest...Lots of souls to catch in there.. Make sure you search all those dragr warriors that were in those chairs.

  • Ruby Visuals l 芸術

    Yo! Who's this sexy beast in the corner of my screen??

  • Tom Daguenet

    8:58 books like the lusty argonian maid ?

  • Michael Douglas

    Eso my sse has this weird bug It happened after I got a mod I think but I can't figure out which one but my bow is offset in first person and I can't aim with it?? How do I fix?

  • LiamTheBearOfFire

    Yeah, send an aspiring "BARD" to a life-threatening dungeon go retrieve something.That is what Bards totally do.

  • Lysol and bananas

    it makes me feel better knowing that skyrim even crashes for eso

  • LoneWolf

    i knew about it not lying i have been playing since 2011

  • Callum Bolger

    this good for me as i'm playing skyrim as im a noob

  • Vini Boo

    You should do that book reading series, I’m too lazy to read books myself

  • cheeselord sheogorath

    Leave it to lydia to defy physics and come to eso aid now that is a truly devoted housecarl

  • MrBoriqua2000

    I can't see the screen because your head is in the way. Please move

  • Gabriel Kendrick

    Um... ok... I am a supporter and a fan of this channel but this is something very old for the internet, and I slayed Olaf One Eye years ago. He was one of my first (and favorite) Nordic Dungeon QuestsHint: Check The UESP To See If A Discovery Of Yours Is New Or Not

  • Justin Chapman

    Just noticed at the end you are a kahjiit

  • Flyingeagle 9056

    Says it is dead end then jumps in it

  • Averygold

    I love your videos and personality you can make anything worth watching! Thank you for all the AMAZING videos dan, I've been watching for years and still do even though I'm not playing slyrim right now! :)

  • spartan 21

    Eso love that u went into master I did at level 10. I'm a late have not died once. Even to karstagg. Could u leave a like on this comment.

  • Dan The man

    book reading seared!!!!

  • Joshua Franco

    Green eggs and ham. And a book reading would be good.

  • Jordan Ailes

    My Lidia died in one of my missions

  • Ethanop 100

    what do you need meet?... xD


    Green eggs and ham. LOL this video only took, an hour, but it was sooooo treasureful. Thank you, awesome video, bye


    At end before he exited dungeon i missed the same exact coin purse :) LOL

  • the crossroads of no where and gone

    I got telekinesis spell from the chest while watching this and following along, eyyy

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