Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 16)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is quite the huge game, filled with a plethora of easter eggs, hidden references and secret facts across its vast open world. However, even after six years some of Skyrim's "tiny details" may still have alluded some of us. So with that in mind, today we take yet another look at 10 tiny details you may still have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5.

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  • Filip Borgarlíð

    Hey Nate, pin please??

  • Zach Meinecke

    We had murdered to death, now for...EXECUTED TO DEATH

  • Dakota Bird

    I hate being executed to death

  • Zander Koch

    the writing on the armbands of dragonbone armour is actually dragon runes and not daedric.

  • Raghd Zahr Official

    There are two things I am certain about in this universe;Our deaths, and that as the heat death of our universe approaches, you'll somehow still find another 10 tiny details of skyrim to share.

  • ward kerr

    For all these tiny details, I wish Bethesda had thought to change some Farengar's dialogue after the player becomes the Archmage.

  • vannah !

    16 episodes? did I even play the game?

  • Zero Todona

    The snow elves attacked the humans first, and the humans attacked in return. If anything, the dwemer more or less killed off the snow elves, not humans. The snow elves are fully not dead, but are in hiding, which is hinted in the dlc.

  • Tarlo The Boar

    Actually Namira is The Daedric Prince of Disgust and Repulsiveness not just Cannibalism

  • Olivia Beakman

    Regarding the Unbound quest, whoever you go with lives. As you come around the corner right before the room with the potions, rocks come crashing down, blocking the other hallway.If you look carefully, you can see a group of people being crushed.

  • Jack Mihoff

    WHEN you have to enter helgen keep with ralof or hadvar, dont go in yet, abd alduin will start speaking and will eventually land next to you and kill you

  • Johnathan

    So... I was exploring Skyrim, after a long break. (I have around 480 hours, 99% of which are on the same character)When I found a bandit camp called "Liar's Retreat"Ok, I'll check it out...And I walk into a small war between Falmers and Bandits.Now after all the bandits are dead, I sneaked around and killed the rest of the Falmer, easy peasy... However, there was a locked door, with a Falmer screeching at it, and opening it lead to an orc bandit, who had hid himself in the sleeping quarter.None of that is important. No, because It's the Falmer tunnel that leads to a table, with the corpse of Rahd, (who had most likely been tortured, as you can find a weapon stuck in his chest, falmer ears on each side of his head, and his hammer; "The long hammer" next to him.)Now, I hadn't seen anyone talking about him, so I popped into the Elder scrolls wiki, to try to get some info, and they claim that a character name "Rahd Longhammer" was in "Penny Arcade/PvP/Wil Wheaton D&D game at PAX 2010"If that isn't a tiny detail you migth have missed, idk what is

  • Maunster

    5:14 those aren't daedric letters ;)

  • Foxfire Inferno

    I can usually keep Malborn alive out of the embassy, but he usually gets really stupid in the Reeking Cave, and charges the Troll in there.

  • Ahmed Falahy

    Durnehvirr's quote when talking to the Dragonborn in the Soul Cairn may differ depending on if the player has already discovered about their Dovahkiin origins from the Greybeards first

  • Colby Verrill

    Hey Nate, just found your channel a couple days agao and i have watched almost every video! I love it!! Keep making videos and I will watch nonstop!

  • Butterscotch

    Hey Nate... is Skyrim a huge game?

  • Schles Boy

    you should make a video on all the people who go to sovarngard when you complete certain quests.

  • Ribas

    A E LA, not Alea, why do you always mispronounce mai waifu name, man?

  • The SkyWarg

    I know this sounds far fetched but oblivion tutorial - giant rats. Skyrim tutorial - giant spiders. Elder scrolls 6 - giant snakes? Probably not idk

  • Stewart Bates

    Svaknir wasn't executed (to death), he died exploring Olaf's tomb trying to get his revenge. Once you help him fulfil that is when he is free to goto Sovngard. Think about it - why execute (to death) your enemy then have him buried in your own tomb?

  • Justin Stimson

    Those low shelves are just bookcases sticking 2/3 into the ground

  • Thomas M

    Remember that time the Indians sacked the first European city in North America because they had found a powerful artifact and the Indians wanted it for themselves?Me neither.

  • Mohenjo Daro

    Falmer are Snow Elves ;) they were what happened to the Snow Elves when the Dwemer enslaved them

  • Dr. Virus 129

    I'm calling it: there's gonna be 1000 of these.

  • bink bonk

    I didn't know Harry Potter fought off frostbite spiders

  • Anirudh Sivakumar

    Harry does not exacty fight a snake, he fights a basilisk

  • Skrrt Ronalds

    Did you know that Argonians and Kahjiit are native to Tamriel

  • NButler1993

    Hey Nate, you should do a "Best Of 10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed" video. Also, on my most recent play through, when I escaped with Malborn, he was almost immediately landed upon and eaten by a dragon.

  • TheSkullface95

    A "Tiny Detail You May Still Have Missed" The Ancinet Nord Helmet in not the only one that have a different appearance on male and female, the default Iron helmet also does it, the helmet on a male character will have horns akin to a cow or bull while on a female it will have cruved horns more akin to a goat. And while other armour sets also have different appearances on male or female characters, the Iron helemt is one of the more over looked or not noticed ones.

  • joshua kim

    Here's another tiny detail:-If you fight Alduin while wearing Dragonplate armor, he'll remark on how the dragons you killed to make said armor were weak.

  • ShadowDragun

    Just acouple of weeks ago I found a random unnamed Npc near White run (think it was a bosmer) offering to sell me "special" things. When I denied him he attacked me and after looting his corpse I found that those "special" things were skooma and sleeping tree sap, among other things. Could you try searching for it? (P.S. I know I said near white fun but I don't remember exactly where or why he attacked me so don't necessarily focis on those things)

  • Daniel V.

    Yet Another 10 Tiny Details You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 2,957,368)

  • Mânzoliu

    I never knew that you can meet Olaf One-Eye in Sovngarde, i mean i got to Sovngarde but i never did a full explore on every people there.

  • The Destroyer

    That last one blew my mind.

  • Marcus Nicholsen

    Not sure if you take info from comments, but if you're going to do another, you might be interested to know that Olava the Feeble (rumored to be a past assassin for the Dark Brotherhood) has differing lines of dialogue when starting her quest to find the assassin of old. If done before the fall of the brotherhood, she hints that dark times are coming, but if done after its resurgence, she remarks that you have found a new family. This clashes with some people's opinions that she is a scam artist who happens to know the location of the armor and just wants the gem from you as payment, as its clear in these differing lines that she actually is capable of reading the future.Edit: as an aside, this theory of her being a scam artist is in part from general superstition regarding many chars in Skyrim and also because of the "Smuggler's Note," which indicates that a "Seer" in Whiterun is in league with the caravans as a cover in some skooma operation. She is the only seer in whiterun that fits the description.

  • Ridley

    Not sure if you’ve included this in one of your other videos, but I wanted to suggest an entry. In the quest “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine”, you’re supposed to either team up with or kill the King in Rags, Madonach. If you team up with him, he gives you the armor of the Old Gods set. If you kill him, Thonar Silver Blood will award you with the Silver Blood family ring. However, if you team up with Madonach right up to when you’re given the Old Gods armor, it’s completely possible to kill him right then and there. Once you do, Thonar will award you with the Silver Blood ring, giving you the rewards for both endings to the quest

  • CheeseMaster27

    You’re by far the best Skyrim youtuber. Forget ESO

  • Elena Michaels

    WHEN WILL THUS END ...I NEVER WANT IT TOO. LOL I LOVE these vids but really HOW many tiny details are there.

  • Dan Marsh

    I always kill Malborn if he survives the fight because he tells me the Thalmor will hunt him the rest of his life. It's sort of a mercy Killing.

  • SR Gamer

    YASSSSSSSSSSSS Make a part 17!!!!!!!!!! Great vid Nate!!!!!

  • P6T

    Nice learned some new stuff thanks.(Edit: Thanks for the heart.)

  • TheDarkSeraph

    It's official. Skyrim is going to out live Bethesda

  • Jad Arsenal

    Still going strong #respect

  • Schles Boy

    you should make a video on all the people who go to sovarngard when you complete certain quests.

  • Isaac Connor

    I would like a full video on people in sovengardePlease

  • Jens Jakob Linneberg Stubkjær


  • Schles Boy

    you should make a video on all the people who go to sovarngard when you complete certain quests.

  • Texas Gun

    Stormcloak crew checkin in

  • Hare deLune

    You didn't mention that in the 'Taste of Death' quest, when Namira awards you the ring, you have the option to say "Seems like a lot of work for such a little thing." At which Namira will threaten you.Another Lord of the Rings reference, citing Boromir.

  • Apex1230

    Wow I was wondering where Malborn went after the Diplomatic Immunity Quest,thanks to you I finally know :)

  • Arch_Saltsworn

    Namira isn't just the god of cannabalism. She is vaguely described as the patron deity of "anything festering, decaying, or viscerally disgusting." Cannabalisim Just happens to be her specialty, same way how it is Lycans for Hircine and Vampires for Molag Bal despite the two having other associations beyond.

  • eaglet snupper

    THIS IS IMPORTANT!!At 6:40 The rock formation in the right half of the screen look like a smiling Bob Ross

  • Zack Smith

    Well. Damn Nate all ur other tiny details were alot better these are pretty well known what about that the troll , deer and human skull stacked ok top of each other north east of markarth ?

  • FoxOwl

    "Executed to death" Speech: 100

  • Noremak 96

    I found a massive hollowed out mudcrab in the whiterun plains

  • thelikesuff

    fun facts: there are in total 160 facts when i comment this

  • SoWhatUp

    Skyrim is too big for the mind to comprehend

  • Black suit spidey

    When I was looking at my mannequin in my house and Skyrim I found out he was wearing underwear let's do it legs like you said no it is program as an award not that I didn't believe you that I just found it hysterical that he walking around naked

  • Unlucky Valentine

    For 4 years I've been playing Skyrim, I already knew these things except Svaknir. Gonna check it out later.

  • Bryan Jake Atienza

    EpicNate just loves to find 10 tiny detail you may still have missed in Elder Scrolls 5.

  • Ilmārs Strazds

    if for you "Murdered to death" is logical maybe "Resurrected to live" is too?

  • Sencilia

    Well, I always want to befriend the people who I executed to death too.

  • Elusive Gam3

    Why not killed to death?

  • Seeker 227

    8:30 "Executed to DEATH"-Epic Nate, 2018

  • Vladimir K.

    "Harry Potter" reference is super poorly executed. Everybody knows that spiders flee from that particular giant snake. So if you encountered spiders you won't encounter that giant snake any time soon.

  • Kay

    Namira is the daedric prince of decay not cannibalism, good vid tho

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