If overwatch characters had theme songs

✿ Hi, this is my first video on youtube I hope you enjoyed it.❤
✿ All the songs are in the video
✿ my twitter: @Mickynicorn
  • Micky

    I'm not racist, I did not know what song mixes with Symmetra, this song popped into my head and I decided to put it on. I apologize to anyone who thought I was racist because I did not want to offend any religion or race

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    Let's admit it. We were all waiting for our main's songs.

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Junkrat’s song sounds like himself

  • Neko

    Mercy's should be angel with a shotgun.

  • Ryan Gosling BLITZ

    Eveyone should know that Hanzo "Radioactive" is the most accurate since he gives cancer to us all...

  • weegingercooper

    Roadhog was...Questionable

  • Usoa

    When "TNT" came on, I legit thought Junkrat was singing.

  • aloha mary

    Tracer would be better with "Lone Digger" from Cavaran Place

  • Onward's Crappy Channel


  • Amy Dragonheart

    2:52 This song is good for Reinhardt

  • Tauã Gamer

    2:50 Best music timing

  • Controller Rex

    Just think if your born before 2010s then your older the reinheart (60) the oldest character in overwacth

  • Not Okay

    i like my own comments because no one will ;-;

  • Mati N

    I think DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya would fit better with Doomfist. But it's ok anyway... Doomfist had not even been out by the time this video was made.

  • Liam TSF

    I Dont Get How Choosing An Indian Song For An Indian Character Is Racist


    Reaper when someone is hacking on a game

  • Shiloh Blake

    Check the English translation to Tanuk Tanuk Tun. You will find that I works fairly well with Sym.

  • Salty Snail

    Radioactive For Hanzo? That doesn't fit right.

  • Sleepy

    i think that "i need a doctor" is better with Genji

  • oh no

    Reaper's is on point tho

  • Mrlegendarynoob

    Symmetra song is just too perfect

  • Shinobi_

    Heres my listMercy - Evil angel - breaking benjaminReaper - Nightmare - Avenged sevenfoldJunkrat - the good life - Three days graceTracer - Misery buisness - ParamoreLucio - I write sins not tragedies- Panic! At the discoMei - World so cold - Three days grace Roadhog - Bat country - Avenged sevenfoldBastion/Torbjorn - I am Machine - Three days graceAna - Painkiller - Three days gracePharah - Fallen Angel - Three days graceSoldier 76 - Unknown soldier - Breaking BenjaminWidowmaker - Everybodys fool - EvanescenceSombra - Outsider- Three days graceGenji - Polyamorous - Breaking BenjaminHanzo - Break - Three days grace D.va - Flesh and metal - DoomReinhardt - Time of dying - three days graceZenyatta - Light em up - Fallout boyWinston - The Animal i have become - Three days graceMcree - Gunslinger - Avenged sevenfold

  • A Buzzed Whaler

    That song doesn't fit Sombra...


    Nice!Junkrat Looks Like Joker!!Also You Made A Small Mistake,It's Winston 😂(The Songs Fits The Characters...ESPECIALLY MCCREE,MERCY AND MEI)

  • Jessii Shiba

    Road Hog's thoooo 😂😂😂

  • dab avery

    I'm in the video! Cheers love 💛

  • Lady Panda

    Mercy, Junkrat, mccree and meis songs fit so well 😂👌


    reaper kill everybody skrillex

  • That one Dva Main

    A lot of these fit, and a lot of these don'tthat's just my opinion lol

  • Domagoj Ivanišević

    Mercy : "Angel with a shotgun" Maybe

  • GachaWatermelon39 - I don’t do gacha stories

    Mercy’s should be I’m an angel with a shotgun

  • Andrey Yakzhik

    Music for Mei(devil) is ramstein

  • Givewn name Vadl

    "hey" "what" "what song do you think i should put for zarya?" "idk, something like putin, russia, vodka." "well youre racist much" "well, youre the one who said 'you know stingy from lazy town? Yeah hes like a jew" "r o a s t e d" "shut up, aesthetic guy" "s o r r y m a n , i d r a n k a l o t o f 🅱️ e a n j u i c e m y m a n s ." "its alright man" "instead of zarya, what about bastion?" "something taunting, agressive." "ok thx bye lol xd" (2 hours later)ringing"🅱️onjurno""Sorry i dont speak italics""well, how can i get your order""lemme get uhhhh, 🅱️oneless 🅱️izza, wit uh 2 liter of coke""fuck kinda pizza? And 2 liter machine 🅱️roke, we got 1L tho" "Fuck you mean, 🅱️. Ight, look lemme get that pizza B O N E L E S S""uh pizza dont got bone on it""tf did i just say then""you said 'Lemme get it BONELESS' like pizza got a damn bone in it""Yall got bones in ya shit den""Nah""So whats the problem"to be written

  • Maks Kuskovski

    I think x gon giv it to ya fits more with roadhog

  • Heccing Hecc

    Widowmaker should have Black Widow by Iggy Azaelia as her theme song.

  • The Average Gmod Player

    my favorite would have to be roadhog OR winston

  • JayRonin

    "Reapers theme song @2:35"😂😂💀👌👌👌👌

  • Nand Noel

    No, Micky, Symmetra's song would have been a math song.


    Please have mercyFor Mercy.

  • Wolffox172 AJ

    Tracer yep!!! I'm from the UK just saying and I think that runnnin Inthe 90s fits so wellAlso junkrats theme sounds like him

  • Gacha Potato

    Comment your overwatch character : D. va

  • Rage_Quit Gaming

    Mercy - Angel with a shotgun

  • Mia OMG

    2:17 very understandable

  • kitzune 101


  • certified bts army

    Tracer- I WAaNa bE TraCeR

  • oh no oh yes

    Reaper is too accurate

  • Minicookieradio

    Why did no mercy upload like 10 days after this it would have been perfectAnd even though bubble d.va uploaded way later it would have also been perfect

  • _ ZEN_

    I mean sorry but all other youtubers used more originals songs that describe the character a bit more this is okay but could be better

  • A L E X 2008

    Junkrat reminds me of that dude for hunterxhunter

  • This is Argus

    I really like the Lucio one. It was spot on and synced well!

  • Chris Ward

    Mei's was my last braincellIm not sad actually

  • Sparkle Pastel Princess


  • 00f thankyou ?

    I think genji Really needs the doctor..

  • Bri Brantley

    Genji should be I need a docter😂😂😂😂get it(this was a edit)how the heck did I get so many likes

  • girlbart

    Love junk rats muisic I listen to it all the time

  • Violet Bates Almond

    Ok roadhog didn't need that heyeyayayayayaya but solider 79's was SO ACCURATE 😂😂

  • jordan kkk

    I like genji and his brother hanzo

  • Phuzzy

    omg reapers theme song fits SOOOOO well with it xD

  • Marco Leona

    X gone give it to ya is doom

  • oh no

    Tracers should have bin dejavu (sorry I didn't spell I right)

  • jared thompson

    Genji's doesn't make sense

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