Skyrim Dawnguard - Vampire Ending & Final boss HD walkthrough Part 26 + sun block ability

Skyrim Dawnguard Vampire Ending & Final boss plus how to block the sun Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough Part 26 full skyrim dawnguard walkthrough playlist

    Viligants of Stendarr: Seen any vampires or daedras? Me: *Wears ring of Hircine, Deadric armor. Wields sanguine rose and mace of molag bal. Is a vampire. Equips bloodcursed deadric arrows.* No, nothing. Viligants of Stendarr: Lol ok. *Walks away*

  • Ola Glætpækk

    wow you can't aim fo shizz

  • Obsidian Frost

    (Fighting Harkon as a Werewolf)Harkon: "YOU DEFILED MY DAUGHTER!"DRAGONBORN: "I LOVE HER!"Epic fight ensues as I proceed to feast on his heart.


    when I saw the Dawnguard trailer, I wanted to see what caused the red sky. Why are the bad guys always badass?!

  • Forcedminer

    I really have to stop playing skyrim at 90 fov....

  • Shadows82

    It is a shame you could not make Serana your wife, she would have made a good Vampire Queen.

  • Gex9z

    @marythezz29 The "good guys" turn out to be whoever you side with - after you side with them you can technically choose to make them "good" or "bad" depending on what you choose to do, lol. That's the beauty of this game. I played through the entire Dawnguard-side before I realized that I could've had Castle Volkihar as a HOME (big fan of the Underworld movies etc) if I had sided with the vampires, so I did an entire playthrough of the other side and never looked back xD. F*** the dawnguard and the vigilants and their zealotry - being a heroic version of the Prince of Darkness is too badass. With the EPIC "Better Vampires" mod, my Dragonborn happens to be a the Lord of Volkihar who's a Blade-style half-vamp, vampire hunter :P (all of their strengths... none of their weaknesses XD).

  • Li Cheng

    Can I become vampire lord and still join the Dawnguard?

  • Reed Haddad

    Make the video again exept give him the bow

  • Tiny Roman

    Really wish I could kill serana

  • Antonio Hardin

    This video should not be so long you had so many chances to kill Harkon

  • A

    You need dawnguard but does that sunblock stay for ever ???

  • XxxFunnyKiss xxX

    Do the vampire cult become your followers if they do 😎

  • nintendoboy17

    Garan Marethi: We shall follow you and spread your influence across Skyrim. Me (as my Imperial): Okay, I say... pray on all three factions of the Civil War. Let's troll Tullius, Ulfric, and Elenwen. ;)

  • The Furious High Bishop

    they should have made it that the vampire ending was destroying the dawnguard and lord Harkon making you a master vampire with the cape and stuff and the sun was permanently blocked but Sarana still lived, that would have made a more satisfying vampire story line. and when you became a master vampire with the cape, crown and chest plate you also should get the same perks as the mod royal bloodline for pc making you able to fly and get all the new spells look it up to see what im talking about

  • synchronous

    it's funny how harkon thinks he is stronger than the dragonborn who killed alduin who is feared by malog bal who is the god of vampires in skyrim :D

  • Cody Kabala

    will the castle be hostile to u if u kill him

  • A main Dwight

    How you can make the sun get back to normal again

  • Edgar Velaman

    I'm stuck doing jobs for the vampires at the castle and its getting annoying help

  • Stacey Jariett

    Omg I just found the border it's by riften and it leads to the impirial city in moruwind

  • Snipzyz

    I'm starting a new character what side should I choose

  • Mordekai Quill

    Serana: You're insane Harkon! I'll never let you block out the sunDragonborn: I want to block out the sunSerana: K :D

  • HassanAlHajry

    Yes and it's already being uploaded.

  • HassanAlHajry

    It's 1 day per arrow.... you can have as much arrows as you want, basically buy/craft Elven arrows and Serana can convert the elven arrows into sun-blocking arrows :)

  • HassanAlHajry

    The sun blocking effect last a day only so it's temporary, and no guys if you give him the bow nothing changes at at all, he would still fight you and the rest is identical to what you just saw

  • bradhuygens

    i got the music when you fight a dragon in this battle. When it came in i thought it was the greatest game ever.

  • The Brilliant And Amazing Gamer

    give harkon the bow, see if he realizes he's actually fighting the last dragonborn. it's even funnier when you win.

  • Chandler Vannoy

    Good point but think about it, vampires are immortal. So any other spouse you can take would die eventually

  • Chandler Vannoy

    Is She a marriage candidate?

  • Radionatix

    Game will be all the time dark without the sun :(

  • Riggy1991

    i aim to kill him in exactly that way :)

  • inyango1

    I loved that scene, everyone in the theaters just busted out it was so hilarious! =)

  • Bastion

    it may LOOK crap but believe me it's AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • dethcon5002

    8:29 Dammit HH, you killed the sun! D:

  • Twebet

    Can you let Harkon live by giving him the bow?

  • Garlicjr Made

    a month off work, half pound of weed, 230 dollars on my foodstamp card, SKYRIM, that was one hell of a month.

  • arendfieldx

    Vampires eat people so their good, easy logic

  • Eli8581

    Top comment YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway's what happend's after you finish the vampire story do you get like a new weapon or ability or what ?

  • 원소캣

    you still need to feed every time, or you'll get weaker just like any other vampires. :)

  • Akuma Hanya

    that darkness thing in the end was epic

  • Adam Tetlow

    this video specifically reminds me of the original underworld movie, even harkon sounds like bill nighy (the guy who played Viktor in that movie)

  • LucinaFan

    I kill vampires.... I am Blade! XD

  • AJ Bradley

    2 More Questions 1) Does Anything happen when u tell her hes dead does she give u stuff do u c her in the castle Etc 2) Where is she D:

  • AJ Bradley

    Can u go back n save her mother or something?

  • Luke Middleton

    Takes one to know one.

  • Unholyheaven

    So th vampire questline doesn't require you to go to the dwemer ruins for the other elderscrolls? Also weren't you supposed to destroy fortdawnguard?

  • Brandon Roland

    can u be at any level to be a vampire lord

  • LABlack

    i was'nt trying to type it

  • Moltake CCXXVI

    Lord Harkon disliked this video

  • satntiago bechara y rosales

    This mision is in The Elder Scrolls V ?

  • Tomaswmo

    i've ended the quest and the scrolls still are with me what may i do with them?

  • Peter

    So how do you get Auriel's bow after you hand it over to Harkon? Can you loot it off his corpse after you fight him? And also, how do you break his protection spell during the fight when he floats over the blood fountain to regain health if you don't have the bow?

  • Peter

    I know how you feel, :'( it's been over six or seven months now and all Bethesda has to say is "Were working on it to fix the problem". Looks like we might aswell move on.

  • TheWolfreaver

    @HunterOHatfield You get two special rings and two special amulets to "enhance" your vamp abilities. Also, you turn others into vampires too

  • Markoni11oo

    Now other walkthrough!

  • ultimatekotorfan

    So do NPCs react to the sun being blocked, or do they just act like nothing happened?

  • Doctor Fate

    i bet ill get all the vamp's thumbs up for this(THUMBS UP FOR VAMPS)

  • Trolls Bane

    She will just go back to the castle. She is in Soul Cairn.

  • Trolls Bane

    Why you came is still a mystery......

  • AzureDragoonGX

    Since You have a very limited amount of these arrows, I think I will fight Harkon with melee first

  • MiracleBuffalo

    YOU also have dragon blood. So you would be a Dragpirewolf.

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