Skyrim Dawnguard - Vampire Ending & Final boss HD walkthrough Part 26 + sun block ability

Skyrim Dawnguard Vampire Ending & Final boss plus how to block the sun Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough Part 26 full skyrim dawnguard walkthrough playlist
  • Mordekai Quill

    Serana: You're insane Harkon! I'll never let you block out the sunDragonborn: I want to block out the sunSerana: K :D

  • Obsidian Frost

    (Fighting Harkon as a Werewolf)Harkon: "YOU DEFILED MY DAUGHTER!"DRAGONBORN: "I LOVE HER!"Epic fight ensues as I proceed to feast on his heart.


    when I saw the Dawnguard trailer, I wanted to see what caused the red sky. Why are the bad guys always badass?!

  • Ola Glætpækk

    wow you can't aim fo shizz

  • Li Cheng

    Can I become vampire lord and still join the Dawnguard?

  • Antonio Hardin

    This video should not be so long you had so many chances to kill Harkon

  • Gex9z

    @marythezz29 The "good guys" turn out to be whoever you side with - after you side with them you can technically choose to make them "good" or "bad" depending on what you choose to do, lol. That's the beauty of this game. I played through the entire Dawnguard-side before I realized that I could've had Castle Volkihar as a HOME (big fan of the Underworld movies etc) if I had sided with the vampires, so I did an entire playthrough of the other side and never looked back xD. F*** the dawnguard and the vigilants and their zealotry - being a heroic version of the Prince of Darkness is too badass. With the EPIC "Better Vampires" mod, my Dragonborn happens to be a the Lord of Volkihar who's a Blade-style half-vamp, vampire hunter :P (all of their strengths... none of their weaknesses XD).

  • Reed Haddad

    Make the video again exept give him the bow

  • A main Dwight

    How you can make the sun get back to normal again

  • XxxFunnyKiss xxX

    Do the vampire cult become your followers if they do 😎

  • Forcedminer

    I really have to stop playing skyrim at 90 fov....

  • Dick Francesco

    Lord Harmon says "A small price to pay for the betterment of our kind," and immediately after says, "spare me your notions of kinship." Which is it man.

  • Tiny Roman

    Really wish I could kill serana

  • Stacey Jariett

    Omg I just found the border it's by riften and it leads to the impirial city in moruwind

  • Anw_Mn

    You need dawnguard but does that sunblock stay for ever ???

  • Snipzyz

    I'm starting a new character what side should I choose

  • Edgar Velaman

    I'm stuck doing jobs for the vampires at the castle and its getting annoying help

  • Dragon Angel

    if you were to cure yourself of being a vampire, could you still ask serana to turn back you again?

  • Radionatix

    Game will be all the time dark without the sun :(

  • David Cassity

    .........and so it begins.........

  • CowMan Freeman

    he was out of controll garen it had to be done i was like DIMACEA

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    Does anyone know the CORRECT way to help cure Serana of her vampirism (without messing up !!!) ? I've only been able to do that ONCE - and that was on my first-ever play-through of the Dawnguard storyline. After that when I'd do the same storyline, I'd fail every single time and I'm not sure where I'd go wrong.

  • Terezi Pyrope

    Why does Harkon remind me of Malthazar from Arthur and the invisibles

  • Freddeboy28

    is there any mod that add the same block sun effect through some spell or something? im a mage and a vampire and i really dont wanna run around with a useless bow and some arrows just to block the sun every other minute, any ideas?

  • NBK

    For ps3 lag fix I've found saving then restarting the system stops the lag I have 115 hours in and had one real bad lag problem and this fixed it just restarting the system

  • XBL Major

    H- he darkened the sun? Dafaq?

  • Marini Pachuau

    how am i going to upgrade any vampire perk in the perk tree.? i dont know which button i must press. i play on pc

  • Godric Thorn

    Uggh... Everyone says that you have to complete the DLC if you want to be a vampire on the Dawnguard side. That is false. You have a chance to become one before you enter the Soul Cairn. Yes, you can be on the Dawnguard side and be a vampire, without going through so much trouble, I might add.

  • Dämonischer Böser Wal [Demonic Vicious Whale]

    What happens if you give it to him

  • Mohamed Nagi

    i became a Vampire in the elder scrolls v skyrim but there is no transformation anyone know how to transform ???

  • Alexandru Dobrin

     The Harkon's Sword have only 9 damage for me, and the same value. Dafaq?!PS: I play on PC

  • Sir Kibble

    question. if I join the vampire side do I still get to slaughter the snow elves?

  • Alphadawg34

    wait so this happens when u sode with vampires?

  • BR Chief RDB KcK

    can u be at any level to be a vampire lord

  • Tekunin Megpoid

    This question may be a long time coming, but I have to ask: Once you shoot the bloodcursed arrows at the sun, is the effect on the sun permanent?

  • Cody Kabala

    will the castle be hostile to u if u kill him


    Viligants of Stendarr: Seen any vampires or daedras? Me: *Wears ring of Hircine, Deadric armor. Wields sanguine rose and mace of molag bal. Is a vampire. Equips bloodcursed deadric arrows.* No, nothing. Viligants of Stendarr: Lol ok. *Walks away*

  • kek master

    I just realize that every boss in skyrim is a douche....Him,Alduin,and ofcourse Miraak fuckface

  • nintendoboy17

    Garan Marethi: We shall follow you and spread your influence across Skyrim. Me (as my Imperial): Okay, I say... pray on all three factions of the Civil War. Let's troll Tullius, Ulfric, and Elenwen. ;)

  • Alvin Lee

    Play on Master/Legendary.

  • Luke211992

    playing with the stats glitch i see no wonder your helth was never damaged cause you have the glitch on

  • nick v

    you fight him without it

  • Onedreh Walkthrough

    play on legendary mode :)

  • George Mathers

    what happens if you gave the bow to him ?

  • Filip Petrovic

    this as I see you don't know is dawnguard the first skyrim DLC

  • satntiago bechara y rosales

    This mision is in The Elder Scrolls V ?

  • arendfieldx

    Vampires eat people so their good, easy logic

  • FARQ3X

    DawnGuard cuz they kill vampires not People

  • MinecraftMasterMav

    If you block the sun can yo bring it back

  • Oatmeal Biscuit

    Um in skyrim there is no good side! Both sides are good!

  • SaggyGaming

    But she comes back to life after killing Harkon

  • crittenhouse8270

    I think if you give him the bow he kills Sorana

  • Joshua Kinnaird

    the battle will take longer ( I try that )

  • KidfromPITT

    what happens if you give him the bow?

  • zenguy222

    I'm no badass, but if he's complaining about it being easy then up the difficulty when it becomes hard.

  • Rekso_

    Oh look out we got a badass over here!

  • deadlyPANCAKZZ8

    At some point in the DLC, as a vampire, do you kill Isran?

  • Lone Wanderer

    That's were Bethesda got this vampire model from.

  • Godzilla82000

    Why are they playing dragon muisc?

  • meyham987

    Anyone else see the spinning leg bone around 6:30-640

  • Matthew James

    Ya if u glitch or cheat

  • Ryan Blanchette

    81 is pretty easy to get to

  • Vaipre dz

    wow you must worked a lot to up lvl 81 :)

  • abc4781

    Why do I keep getting these old skyrim videos popping up

  • runefire296

    So you have to fight him either way on dawnguard and vampire? Well screw it then, im gonna be dawnguard

  • synchronous

    it's funny how harkon thinks he is stronger than the dragonborn who killed alduin who is feared by malog bal who is the god of vampires in skyrim :D

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