Skyrim - Modded Misadventures

Alternate title: Inigo Unchained (Part 2). Mod list and songs are below! After returning to Riften to pick up Samuel, the group hits the road again with our newest member, Inigo. Hilarity and horribleness ensues!

Songs: "Immortal" by Two Steps From Hell (briefly at the beginning), "Chacarron Macarron" and Skyrim main theme.



Touring Carriages

Project Flintlock

Seadog Pirate Armor


Heavenly She-Wolf

Blaze Of Eventide (fire horse)

Horse Armors for Skyrim

Thanatos dragon (and Medusa Drakul armors, not in video)

Command Dragon - Ultimate Dragon Riding

Luminescent Luna Moths

Realistic Water Two (from Steam Workshop)

Realistic Water Two - Legendary (from Steam Workshop)

Real Ice


A Quality World Map

Interesting NPCs

Make Nearly Anyone Your Follower-Marriagable

Amazing Follower Tweaks (from Steam Workshop)

Armor for Children Followers

Enhanced Lights and FX

Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD

Dread Knight Weapon Set

Killable Children

SkyMoMod (Skyrim Monster Mod)

Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement (I'm just using the armor)

A Daedric Weapons Retexture - Flame Blades

Tamriel Reloaded - Textures and Parallax

Climates Of Tamriel

Lightning during Thunder Storms
CoT patch...

Deadly Spell Impacts

Skyrim HD

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Improved NPC Clothing - High Res

No More Blocky Faces


Enhanced Blood Textures

Realistic Smoke and Embers

Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul

Wet and Cold

Shooting Stars (from Steam Workshop)

Splash of Rain (from Steam Workshop)

Rainbows (from Steam Workshop)

and so many more I'm probably forgetting about, but will try to post eventually!
  • Dush Dj

    ahh skyrims so beautiful!...."I SMELL CHEESE"

  • Abby Smith

    And this is why you never give a cat a gun  |\    /|  | ヽー-く |  |      |  |  O  O|  ヽ_"  r ノ  /    i⌒ヽグッ(\| i  |_ノ`\ヽ_ノ  |  ノノ  `ー/  / |  |  /  |  ヽ_人_ノ∧__∧ ( •_• ) (っ▄︻▇▄︻┻┳═ /  ) / \( / ̄∪ / \sigh (一_一) it never ends well.

  • UncleHooston

    Don't you know anything about Skyrim lore?!Triceratops are at LEAST 2x bigger than that! 

  • KatozRippla

    "Guys... I think we are being followed.."(In the background) "Stop in the name of the jarl!"Ah that never gets old XD

  • Some Dog

    "we could get warm next to that fire" he says was standing next to a fire horse.

  • Valorene

    4:43 Follower: Sniffs air "I smell cheese."Scatsbury's reaction is just so priceless. XD

  • Pluto the Insomniac

    6:38 "Why do I give you anything?" It could've been worse, you could've given it to Kharjo...

  • mr_dino42

    that deer was one of the most magical things i've ever seen in skyrim.....

  • trashy trinity

    I guess you can say he can BEARLY keep his game normal

  • Kory Ladd

    Samual: "I used to abuse my father until I took an arrow in the face".

  • Zilith Basham

    7:01 Anyone else notice the half naked dead female khajit among the werewolves dead bodies?

  • Polyblium

    Scatsbury: Best comedic Skyrim youtuber :D

  • SIlver Saxxy

    0:53 Kharjo is having none of your shit today Samuel!

  • Vanessa DeJesus

    A Dragon? No, my imagination. I smell cheese...

  • Lores

    3:25Just a random deer passing through.

  • Virde Somnio

    That deer song just...I'm done.I'm so done. XD

  • dragonmcmx

    Once again an amazingly hilarious vid from Scatsbury.

  • Phoenix

    "Hey Pa, wanna play a game with us?"NNNnnOOoo!

  • TheScatsbury

    Some mods in this video were missing from the description.  I just fixed that.  Those aren't all the mods I have, but that should be all the ones you see in this video (and a few more I threw in anyway).

  • warriorxp7

    Sorry but that last joke was un-bear-able

  • DireShire

    3:35 I want that song to play whenever I see a deer/mammoth now.

  • John Stamos

    You are the funniest youtuber I've ever seen. Keep it up Scats! You just made my day once more.

  • Lillian2167

    You should adopt a second child XD

  • Autumnfox_pixel ;-;

    Kharjo:*sniff sniff* I smell cheese >:3

  • CraftWurst

    You finally broke this game, it's about time.

  • promed12

    Scats is love, Bury is life

  • TheMaidHatter

    Your mods grew cyber shrooms, and your computer got high off them. BTW You know you can adopt two children, right? You were just complaining about adopting the wrong son lol.

  • Andreas Rask

    How many mods do you have? I bet it's over 9000!!!

  • Wololo Man

    Broken Wildlife, Grenade Launchers, Interrupting Cats. What Next?! Flying Trains or Probably a Flying Inigo?! The Possibilities are endless in the Realm of Randomness! (With a little bit of "skyrim" on the side.)

  • Sixtynine

    This must be one of your best episodes so far! I laughed my ass off! Great job Scats, keep it up! But as always, dont pressure yourself.

  • Bush Boys

    I can't wait for the remaster

  • The Armoured Alchemist

    sniff sniff I smell Cheese....

  • Canafa

    That Carriage glitch could, in theory, be solved by using the console to take manual control of the horse and moving it past the "hiccup" in it's pathing.

  • DreadKing972

    9:20 Is that a TRUE Pedobear ?

  • Gia D

    Dont you know anything about skyrim lore? Its a triceratops!

  • Aku2Dimensional

    10:08 the draugr in the middle of the screen.

  • Sheila Jenkins

    Go home, Skyrim, you're drunk!

  • DaSheepKiller

    When I look at my fire horse, and dead triceratops, and head over to my pirate cat with a grenade launcher, I can't help but be glad I play vanilla Skyrim.LOL

  • The Seal

    Ahh... so beautiful..."I SMELL CHEESE"

  • Gravestone ForU

    Dude, just install FNIS and get this over with.

  • Proud2game

    kharjo was actually competent in battle...scats,what the hell has happened

  • Adolfo Jimenez

    These videos never disappoint

  • Michael Bartolazzi

    I finally found a mission to get Kahrjo

  • iWip

    Omg I love you so much. Every time I watch your videos I am pissing myself because I'm laughing so hard!I got a question, because it might actually be fun to watch: Have you planed to play any horror related games in the future? Because I think it would be hilarious because of the way you react to things!Anyway, keep up the good work, Scat!

  • Tom De Tiger

    I smell cheese.... ITS THE MOON

  • Sandy Milburn

    we can mention cheese whiel starin at the the sunset LOL

  • Ravenous

    Dude, that bear sexually assaulted your horse at the end

  • Timon K

    What's the handicap deer/bear song called? This one's so fucking epic :DD Greetings from Germany (:

  • EdgyAnimeKid

    I was drinking tea while watching this rip old keyboard and my tea :( cures you scat curse uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for being so funny

  • The Avenger at Ilipa

    What is the name of that deer song? I'm so annoyed that idk it!

  • Espy101z

    Really am glad I found scats. Makes me laugh with each vid. to bad they take so long to come out.

  • KainusGulch

    i finally broke this game. Then Samuel starts singing in the background. humming, same dif..

  • Ultradoom333

    Do you play Fallout at all?

  • DOY Rogers

    0:50 I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to THE FRIKIN EYE

  • Infected AJ

    4:20 thats what happens when you do 420. you don't know where you are.

  • Albu Andrey

    what's the name of the song at 3:25 ?

  • Jacob I

    where do you get those mods they are great

  • dragon21516

    This video is the peak point of anyone's life. It's all downhill from here.I'm going skiing, anyone wanna come?

  • UnderLust_Sins

    i m loving the guns~ Inigo is trigger happy, yes~?

  • Ben Sexton

    scatsbury you should play horror games

  • iAmDaos

    don't do mods, stay clean kids

  • TacDyne

    Ah, the ubiquitous tricorne... the most popular hat on the net. Makes me glad I made it lol. :DEDIT: "Don't you know anything about Skyrim lore? It's called a triceratops, stupid!"LOL! Funniest thing I think I've ever heard in a Skyrim video! Awesome!

  • Master Inferno

    A day in the life of a modder

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