DRAGONBORN - TES V: Skyrim Main Theme (Piano Cover) + sheets

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Here it is, my interpretation of the full main theme of Bethesda's epic 5th installment of the Elder Scrolls series: SKYRIM.

Music composed by Jeremy Soule
Arranged for piano by Taioo and AtinPiano
Transcribed by AtinPiano
The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim © Copyright: 2011 Bethesda/Zenimax Inc
  • AtinPiano

    Chat with me: https://discord.gg/gTcFqym

  • Nathan Blades

    Two-Handed increased to 100

  • A Lonely Rider

    How many fingers on each hand do you have to play the piano?four fingers and A Thu'um

  • Philip D.

    Played the piano for a girl... She expected sad emotional music.... She got Dragons and war instead.

  • Cringetality

    I used to be a pianist like you, then I took an arrow to the finger.

  • Isac 0090

    My cat listened to this and became a tiger

  • Bob The Tomato

    Who else still plays skyrim?

  • Heisenberg

    my cousin is off playing the elder scrolls theme on his piano, me? I get guard duty.

  • SeanG

    Godamnit, now i want to learn how to play a piano just so i could do this.

  • Jake Lajoie

    0:39I can do this, this is easy0:40JESUS CHRIST OH SHIT

  • Proper Drashig

    Two handed leveled up to 98

  • PhilT618

    True story, I played this for a recital in 2012. My piano teacher used to put together a concert every year for all the students in the program. Everyone else played classical music and the audience was basically half asleep after two hours of it. And then I walk up and play this arrangement, as loud as possible. I got a standing ovation I remember lasting forever. I genuinely count it as one of the top 5 best moments of my life still. Next year, suddenly half the pieces were video game and movie scores.I know this is years late, but thank you

  • arnoldingo01

    "Piano Skill 100"

  • shkalkalkabombom

    I hope I speak English to express to you the extent of my admiration for your musicTranslated by Google

  • mzuvin

    Dovahkiin would be pleased

  • Ninjas Chips

    Watch the skies, traveler.

  • Eve

    This is AMAZING!!!!!! But I think I heard ONE bad chord at 2:28! Played an F instead of that E! I saw you fix yourself, Lmao. granted I could NEVER do this XD

  • Blixen

    This makes it way more peaceful, lol.

  • Talon Massakir

    I know this video is old now, BUT! It's beautiful :D I love it. <3 The Dragonborn theme is so good :) Btw, maybe do question as I haven't checked out the rest of your videos, but are you a Star Wars fan? Atin means stubborn in Mando'a so jw ^.^"

  • Swift Hailer

    I cannot stop watching this video

  • Michael Kwon

    FUS RO DA (All the strings in the piano snaps)

  • Sarah Gabel

    I hate being trained by ear on piano each mistake feels like a knife stabbed my brain but the rest of the song is so good that i have to listen

  • Andrew Walle Johansen

    there is a few misses you had in this video but you did a great job

  • Ghostlyshell 617

    By the Eight! This is amazing.

  • dan woody

    Still coming back to this cause I love it so much

  • Alex Van De Sande


  • Thorson48

    I used to be able to play like this, then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Gh0stcandy

    Gives me chills. This is too good.

  • Dimplex223

    In our tongue hes called atinkiin, PIANOBORN!!!

  • Bing

    As a massive fan of skyrim, I loved this! Keep uploading this amazing content, deffo subbing.

  • Sick Fish

    This was uploaded on my birthday :D

  • Will

    I love skyrim and this is amazing!!!!!!!

  • Weiser Adler

    I used to be a pianist like you but then i took a key in the finger

  • Luka Tomko

    Does the piano remind anyone of tom&jerry?

  • Gameking 002

    could it possibly be that you hit a wrong key around 2:28???

  • David Setiawan

    i disliked because no " FUS RO DAH"its a joke lul

  • One Man

    7 years later still listeningᴬⁿᵈ ˢᵗᶦˡˡ ʰᵃˢⁿ'ᵗ ᵖˡᵃʸᵉᵈ ˢᵏʸʳᶦᵐ

  • McShorg

    dovahkiin, dovahkiin, not a single sardine

  • mordicus11

    5 dec 2011!!! not even 1 month after the game release he already mastered this epic song!!!

  • uhsasin4hyer

    omg one of the keys are out of tune and its tilting me so hard\

  • Judah Bateman

    For some reason, I read 'DRAGONBORN' as 'DRAGONBALL' and, as someone who hasn't seen any of the Dragon Ball franchise, I was like "Wait, holy shit! Skyrim sounds a hell of a lot like Dragon Ball."

  • Chayton Dellinger

    Awesome piani cover i felt like there were some off notes here and there, but otherwise awesome cover! thumbs up in my book!!

  • Buppi337

    Guy- "Hey girl, I play the piano"Girl- "OMG, really? Play something"Guy- *pulls out smule on iPhone"

  • Artur Enikeev

    is the best game in the RPG genre, played fantastic, continue in the same spirit

  • Nick

    I wish I could play piano

  • gorillahips

    OMG This cover is actually so amazing! Love it!

  • Hans Peter

    Daaaamn he goes Super-Sonic speed 😂😂😂

  • D4nni

     3 Step Plan to Success in life."Step One: Download this song.Step Two: Practise for so long that Half Life 3 comes out.Step Three: Realise you did the entire piece's rhythm incorrectly.True, inspirational stuff.

  • Kadz23

    I used to be able to play like this, then someone stole my sweet roll and leave an arrow to my knee

  • Tim van Ingen

    You really should remake this video with your new setup!

  • Pyscho

    I play this to my Komodo dragon and he is now a blood dragon

  • TacticalEdward

    i was a great piano player... but i took an arrow to the knee

  • Doctor Koktor

    Hey the piano is good and all but,HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE HIGH ELVES

  • Samuel Olsen

    i love the tone of your piano

  • Ascendens


  • MystiFay

    My favorite part 0:39 💕😍 For the king, Dovahkiin,For the sake of Skyrim!For our land, for our home,For the High Hrothgar's blood!For the Nords, for the Gods,For the sole single son!Dovahkiin, our king,Who will dawn with fire!I know that's not the actual lyrics ^^

  • callsign Prevolut

    how can someone give this video a thumbs down

  • Juici Loosi

    M'aiq met the dragonborn once. He might again...

  • Troudbalus27

    The young people dont know this beautiful game who are skyrim

  • Jin9 Kang

    disrespect this video, and you disrespect me

  • Rizal Faizin

    Holy talos, because this theme you got 3 million view

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    man which piano u use?

  • Jannes Scheltinga

    i hear some pirates of the carribean to....

  • Oliver Nixon

    This is music to my helmet horns :')

  • Pionierbrüder

    watch on 1.5 - AWESOME

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