Fallout vs Skyrim

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Yet another two video-game legends battle head-to-head: Fallout's Vault Boy versus Skyrim's Dovahkiin. Let the bloodshed begin!

Behind the Scenes/VFX Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorN8...

Director/VFX - Andrew McMurry
Vault Boy - Seth McMurry
Dovahkiin - Joe Ochterbeck (http://www.joeochterbeck.com/)

Opening jingle from Kevin MacLeod
Additional sound samples courtesy of http://www.freesound.org/ and users jorickhoofd, benboncan, cmusounddesign, klankbeeld, and aboe
  • Tessa Jalloh

    ha, the food bit got me. so very true. 'health is low, better eat EVERYTHING'.

  • That one guy

    0:27 when she says her parents aren’t home

  • Mr. Mysterious

    Skyrim could've won easily if he just used Slow Time or Mark of Death

  • Maiquel Carrasco

    They predicted fallout76.

  • Léo le boss

    Skyrim vs Fallout , the bug win

  • SirWrender

    Dude this video blew my mind!! That FusRoDa that blocked the grenade explosion was one of the coolest effects I've ever seen. Great work all around!!!

  • Carlton Banks

    He isn’t a sneaky archer this is unrealistic

  • Carlos Velasquez


  • Caboose Calixte

    Would have been funny if the dragonborn summoned a Daedra Lord to kik his butt or lydia

  • Bean :P

    Skyrim is T H E B E S T!

  • Wokejev

    Nobody's talking about daedric artifacts? The ebony mail could really do a lot of damage. Mehrunes razor has the ability to INSTAKILL ANYTHING. The wabbajack could deadass transform the sole survivor into a piece of bread.

  • Aditya Mohapatra

    Less people have played Fallout that is why they are supporting Skyrim

  • Weight Overload

    Yeah I'm pretty sure if the dovahkiin used more shouts the vault dweller would be dead

  • Dragon ball Kid

    Top 5 ways Skyrim wins.Now I like both games a lot and I watched this a year ago to do research. 5: dragon born has the shout that can literally freeze people and I abuse the hell out of it in the game. 4: sneaking is very OP and literally can be invisible to enemies even right infront of them.3: spells in Skyrim are amazing and the most over powered one is of course it’s any of the assistant spell which would instantly make a 2 v 1.2: werewolf/ vampire blood is something that makes dragon born a nightmare to fight dragon born would literally bite off fallout guys arms.1: potions I’m very salty I didn’t see any potions in this video and this is a good video and all but anyway where is the invisibility potion in there I didn’t see that anywhere.And that is my 5 reasons Skyrim wins.

  • Strîkêr Gâmêr

    Skyrim is for men's Fallout is for kids

  • foma vasil'ich

    Ой да ничего страшного , ща восьмизарядный "Толстяк" возьмет и все будет хорошо

  • darealdudeyolo99 YT

    Also, emperor palpatine 0:48

  • Cosmic Knight

    See the junk jet isn’t completely useless

  • MrTLexify

    When you think the arrow at 2:26 should've gone in the knee :P

  • Vault Dweller Carmelo Johnson

    Its The Same Universe.

  • ADILON 3

    Блять я хочу реванш довакина но в этот раз что бы он был прокачаным и в даэдрической броне но сделано все равно пиздато мне понравилось а как вы думаете?

  • wolf heard

    Amazing spezial Effects Fallout is my favorite Game and skyrim is one of my favorite Games dat is Amazing

  • DeltaWarrior

    Lol I think the ending was perfect. They both ended up fcked.

  • MIMCK Media

    No arrow to the knee 😔

  • Krystal Kat

    How tf was the Dragonborn beat like come on

  • Farren Amarah

    My two strongest builds to see them face off in battle would be pretty damn epic though my lvl 180 fallout 4 character wouldn't last long going up against my lvl 550 skyrim character because he is OP asf, but it would be interesting....

  • darealdudeyolo99 YT

    Dovahkiin does not stand a chance against the vault boy

  • The Cronkadile

    Who else is still playing skyrim?

  • Holtye Hogs

    The dovakhin would have won he is literally half dragon, can shout people to death, has magic, can summon DEMONS to murder his enimies.Nate has boomboom guns.

  • jpguitaristcomposer

    "I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an arrow in the knee" Lol sorry i'm Skyrim all the way.

  • Robert Diulgerov

    When you realise that you're late for school 0:26.

  • DragonSlayerCDN

    The dragon born died to the lone wanderer because he was an Imperial. Were he a Stormcloak, he would've won. Easily.

  • Selin Dikeç

    Vault dweller: " Omg. its a flying deathclaw"

  • matthew byrom

    I would have use ice form to freeze the fallout guy solid and then shattering like glass

  • J C

    If this had been an op battle Skyrim would’ve won ez

  • Jean Baptiste

    Fallout is a great game.Skyrim is a great game.Neither one is superior.Happy comment section?

  • Acadiax

    Hmmm... a lot of arguments that the Fallout character would win by a Fat Man Launcher to the Dragonborn's face... I think I'll simply use Whirlwind Sprint to move out of the way, use Disarm to knock that launcher out of the guy's hands, and then proceed to use Ice Form and then just clobber him with a warhammer.

  • The Duchy Of Milanball

    why did the dragonborn lose?Because he wasn't S.P.E.C.I.A.L

  • Catch Your Breath

    Dragon born would’ve won if he had his dragon scale armor

  • Imperial Cub

    the dragonborn would have been flawless lol.

  • Speedx77x2

    Skyrim character really would have won.

  • shy guy

    I think skyrim would actually win

  • Lemobarbecuen :v

    bueno no se su hay alguien que hable español pero dare mi opinionfallout era lo unico que le dieron impirtancia ahi utilizaba diferentes armas y skyrim tiene mas que una simple espada y una simple armadura en skyrim hay magia,pudo haber invocado un atronch de las llamas, o de escarcha o de la tormenta, pudo haber utilizado algun echizo de destruccion o el arco o utilizar otro grito en fallout bueno se centraron mas y se nota que no saben nada pero absolutamente nada de skyrim, y esos echizos son solo un ejemplo osea se pudo haber comvertido en hombre lobo, o tranaformado en vampiro

  • Gavin’s Friend

    Am I the only one who expected the arrow that he shot at dragonborn would land in his knee?

  • BoaR

    Now we know why the strongest enemy in Fallout 76 is a DRAGON

  • wolf heard

    Ah Jeah and the commentary from Crypraith is correct schoot hin with Fat man and wen the Dragon is falling down schoot him Dead with Gatling Laser

  • Blayne Stein

    Funny enough theres a theory skyrim is supposed to be a game franchise IN the world of fallout

  • FlaredCell

    The arrow shot out from the junk jet should have hit Dovahkin in the knee.

  • Alex Rizzo De Los Santos

    Fallout Fan Right Here

  • Tac ZeSlime

    Damn it Bethesda even in the parodies there are glitches

  • stizan24

    I have logged 20 hours on fallout. I logged 7 years worth of days upon days of skyrim. Dozens of characters. I like it so much I bought it twice. I'm wearing a skyrim hoody right now!

  • Janglesthemonke

    The dovakiin could easily tank a nuke with no difficulty, if he can survive hits from Alduin who is gonna destroy the universe, and Miraak(Who literally separated countries with his power.) No damn nuke is gonna do shit, the dragonborn fus ro dahs him out of existing.

  • Banna Mana

    In the real Skyrim he would use ice form and then stab him 16 thousand times and then drag his body up a mountain to fus ro duh it off

  • Juan Jons

    Se rifaron con los gráficos y lo real de cada característica de los juegos

  • StimpyPvP

    Oh how I miss fallout T_T

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