Fallout vs Skyrim

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Yet another two video-game legends battle head-to-head: Fallout's Vault Boy versus Skyrim's Dovahkiin. Let the bloodshed begin!

Behind the Scenes/VFX Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorN8...

Director/VFX - Andrew McMurry
Vault Boy - Seth McMurry
Dovahkiin - Joe Ochterbeck (http://www.joeochterbeck.com/)

Opening jingle from Kevin MacLeod
Additional sound samples courtesy of http://www.freesound.org/ and users jorickhoofd, benboncan, cmusounddesign, klankbeeld, and aboe
  • Tessa Jalloh

    ha, the food bit got me. so very true. 'health is low, better eat EVERYTHING'.

  • Thelatvian Gamer

    I hope, dragonborn quicksaved.


    Skyrim. Dovahkiin has shouts and magic. Fallout is really just a normal guy with tech

  • Dajjal

    Skyrim fans: skyrim wins Fallout fans: lol a mininuke will kill the dragon Skyrim fans: only the dragonborn can kill the dragon Fallout fans: well he can get liberty prime to kill it Skyrim fans: well you can't summon him without mods and only the dragonborn can kill the dragons This is pretty much all of the comments

  • universe is expanding

    No matter who dies they will respawn right

  • SirWrender

    Dude this video blew my mind!! That FusRoDa that blocked the grenade explosion was one of the coolest effects I've ever seen. Great work all around!!!

  • Ultra J

    Skyrim would always win!!!

  • NOVA

    Comment on this video. 50%skyrim fanboys 40% fallout fanboys 9% This is a really good video! 1% Why compare the two games their both made by bethesda so can't we just like bo..NOOO SKYRIM WON! NO FALLOUT WON! And so they argued for no reason till they died.

  • GrimDeath 8

    Now try that with ebony armor

  • PerkStealer 52

    It would have been funny if a Deathclaw came out of nowhere and killed him.

  • Melissa Roncoolio

    It was a fair fight overall both were using base armor and weapons from the games. To be honest I'm still torn from who would actually win. It's not like dragonborn was using all of his shouts and didn't have any daedric and dragonbone armor, plus he wasn't even using daedric weapons or any enchanted ones and did not use any potions or scrolls, spells XD. The lone wanderer wasn't using power armor, energy weapons, stimpacks. Plus the dragonborn can enchant all his armor unlike the wanderer. However in fallout 4 you can buff your armor and have legendary armor with special perks. I honestly think the dragonborn should have won against the Lone wanderer. Now if it was the vault dweller against the dragonborn than it would difficult to determine who would win. The courier can also fight dragonborn as well. How about a rematch with the lone wanderer, courier, and vault dweller vs dragonborn. XDdddddd

  • Atticus Kite

    AFTER YOU MASTERS EVERYTHING IN SKYRIM<calls for odahviing><gets alduin>Badass level increased 100

  • Aditya Mohapatra

    Less people have played Fallout that is why they are supporting Skyrim

  • MrTLexify

    When you think the arrow at 2:26 should've gone in the knee :P

  • TheLionGamer 650

    Everything about this video was amazing except the fact that I feel like dovahkiin could have killed vault boy. Although the food part was amazing.

  • Wokejev

    Nobody's talking about daedric artifacts? The ebony mail could really do a lot of damage. Mehrunes razor has the ability to INSTAKILL ANYTHING. The wabbajack could deadass transform the sole survivor into a piece of bread.

  • Mr. MemeLover


  • master Vader

    I love fallout but I personal like skyrim better

  • Maiquel Carrasco

    They predicted fallout76.

  • Lord Humungus

    Everybody forgets Time Skip Shout but okay .. as if that Fallout dude could really win, riiiiiiiiight. ^^

  • Speedx77x2

    Skyrim character really would have won.

  • Krystal Kat

    How tf was the Dragonborn beat like come on

  • Scott Wells

    I think they both died



  • DeltaWarrior

    Lol I think the ending was perfect. They both ended up fcked.

  • That one guy

    0:27 when she says her parents aren’t home

  • Vault Dweller Carmelo Johnson

    Its The Same Universe.

  • Weight Overload

    Yeah I'm pretty sure if the dovahkiin used more shouts the vault dweller would be dead

  • Selin Dikeç

    Vault dweller: " Omg. its a flying deathclaw"

  • ADILON 3

    Блять я хочу реванш довакина но в этот раз что бы он был прокачаным и в даэдрической броне но сделано все равно пиздато мне понравилось а как вы думаете?

  • Natalio. gold

    Ste men de fallout es un master

  • darealdudeyolo99 YT2

    Dovahkiin does not stand a chance against the vault boy

  • Juan Jons

    Se rifaron con los gráficos y lo real de cada característica de los juegos

  • Léo le boss

    Skyrim vs Fallout , the bug win

  • Carlton Banks

    He isn’t a sneaky archer this is unrealistic

  • The Duchy Of Milanball

    why did the dragonborn lose?Because he wasn't S.P.E.C.I.A.L

  • Solar _

    I would’ve opened with summoning Durnehviir or Odahviing

  • The Blue Derp 12

    Dragon born said odaving but alduin showed up

  • Christian Mathias

    give him a fat boy, this would have been over in seconds

  • wolf heard

    Ah Jeah and the commentary from Crypraith is correct schoot hin with Fat man and wen the Dragon is falling down schoot him Dead with Gatling Laser

  • Ya Boi

    Am I the only one who expected the arrow that he shot at dragonborn would land in his knee?

  • NC Stoner

    Skyrim is better only with mods in my opinion. I just love the fallout ascetic and feel more

  • wolf heard

    Amazing spezial Effects Fallout is my favorite Game and skyrim is one of my favorite Games dat is Amazing

  • Tac ZeSlime

    Damn it Bethesda even in the parodies there are glitches

  • Passion Reptile, emphibien & Insecte

    Its not falout the winner its SKYRIM !!!!!!!

  • Imperial Cub

    the dragonborn would have been flawless lol.

  • Bagas Wicaksono

    Death battle in a nutshell

  • The Cronkadile

    Who else is still playing skyrim?

  • BramBot 3.0

    i dont think he took an arrow to the knee or did he

  • J C

    Oh shit the dragón wtf nice like

  • FlaredCell

    The arrow shot out from the junk jet should have hit Dovahkin in the knee.

  • Grandmaster Dragonborn

    At his full potential, the Dragonborn could probably give the likes of Wonder Woman a lot of trouble in a fight, maybe not win but definitely give her hell, how the hell would he lose to a random guy with guns??Great video an all, but not accurate at all :)

  • General RAAM

    Skyrim would hav died bye Tommy gun the fallout would hav died bye thus ro da skyrim dude could just turn into where wolf and could hav used summon valor 2 help

  • Packie McReary

    Fun fact: In the lore, Dovahkiin can level entire mountains by yelling at them.

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