Skyrim - the 5 Types of Players

You know you're number 2 when...

Here I list "the 5 Types of Players" in Skyrim. I felt these personalities (which we've probably all been at least once) stand out the most, however in time I would love to keep this series going and eventually cover all play styles. Depending on which one you are, you may find out what you think is the most powerful build, or the most fun way to play.

I make a lot of other Skyrim Top 5 videos, like the Top 5 Hardest Decisions. There are more than enough tiny details and secrets in this game which could easily lead to secret decisions you didn't know about, or rare encounters you haven't seen before.

One of my faves is Top 5 Jailbreaks, if you haven't seen that:

And if anyone hasn't seen the teaser for TES6 yet, by all means:

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  • Jessie the book nerd

    This was the best poem I've ever heard

  • insanity unleashed

    The careful player: they never want to loose there stuff and save at any possible moment even when going into a cave you have already been in

  • Garcha Mayne

    There's the Stealth Archer. They always have a character they wanna play, like a pure mage, or a 2h warrior and they hit a certain point where they look back at themselves wondering how they got thier sneak and archery skills to 100 with everything else at 10

  • Metzli

    The cheater. Basically just that player who loves to use cheats, be it use god mode or turn off collisions or teleporting themselves into those secret rooms that weren't suposed to be reachable by players. xD

  • Evan potterme

    The completionist. Wants to get every collectible, finish one of every quest, become every guild leader, have one of each set of armor, maximal enchantments and smithing, every skill, every thaneship and everything there is to complete

  • Seraph Creed

    The (would be) alchemistLiterally does nothing but hunt plants and similar things for potions he never gets around to making.

  • The Third Crusader

    The Lore Master: This type of player has not only played Skyrim, but most likely previous entire as well. They know the weathered history of the Dunmer, The history of the Kahjiit and their connection to Azura, Nirni's jealousy and treachery, Nedic history and the creation of the first vampire, the creation of the Aedra, Daedra, Mundus, Magnus, the Oblivion planes. They know the Kalpa cycles. The story of Tiber Septim and how he transformed Cyrodiil, they know the tale of Pelinal Whitestrake and Umaril the Unfeathered, they know of the history of Frandar Hunding and the Sword-Singer who came to Tamriel from Yokuda and made Hammerfell theirs and the Dwarves who migrated there when the legendary hammer Volendrung was launched by a Dwarven King who followed it from Morrowind to what he and his people once called Volenfell or "City of the Hammer", modern day Hammerfell. These people know of the Tribunal, the living gods(Almalexia, Vivec, and Sotha Sil) , and the reclemations (Azura, Mephala, and Boethia) a true Dunmer knows that the reclemations where always the true tribunal. They remember the events of The Warp in the West, The Eruption at Red Mountain and Dagoth Ur, they remeber the Oblivion Crisis and Mankar Camoran, they know of the Civil War in Skyrim as well as the Dragon Threat. Lore masters site the UESP for info they are in need of as well as books and lore granted by NPC's. A Lore Master knows these things because they have most likely experienced them firsthand or has heard about them through other Lore Masters.

  • Donbd83

    How do you play Bethesda games without mods? They come out nearly broken the modders fix these issues and bugs that Bethesda didn't do. Try playing a mage on legendary without any balancing mods do you really want to have to chuck 50+ fireballs at a bandit just to kill it? To even be viable you would have to have 100 enchanting and that still doesn't fix the damage issue.

  • Kraggerino Kripperino

    shows a modderdoesn't have skyuiOYFUM

  • Jon plays

    Well there's The merchant, where you go around buying items in a hope to sell them later for a few extra gold pieces. The gatherer/miner, where you go to every mine in the map to mine ore as well as picking every plant you can find. You then process these items into potions and ingots. Smelting new weapons to coat in your new poisons.The completionist, someone who can't simply pass up on that radiant quest which they've already completed 4 times. They complete every faction and the main quest. They have multiple saves just so they experience all the routes you can take in the civil war.The Hunter, this keen eyed bowman slowly creeps through the undergrowth, waiting for the perfect moment to shoot down that elk. Being sure to loot their prey and sell the meat to the local vendors in return for a handsome profit.and lastlyThe truly engrossed, I am guilty of all of the above but this is the one I am guilty of most. You venture into the planes of Skyrim. You complete a quest or 2, make a few potions, go for a hunt a short while. Maybe even slay a dragon. Then you get a text or need to eat and you look at the time. 6 hours has passed and you're not entirely sure if you've made any progress or even done anything worthwhile. You've been simply sucked into the game and now it's 3 am and you have work in the morning but you just want to finish that last little thing...

  • Mojojito

    The type of guy that non-stop is doing side quests,he goes to white run first time on level 23 or sth

  • Elijah Groves

    you forgot 2 main types of people and 1 minor.first, the completeionist. the completionist is most well known for doing everything concieveable. if they find a cave, they will stop everything in their tracks to explore and clear it. if they find out about a hidden option that makes the end result even a bit better, they reload a save the accomplish that task. they are not satisfied until they have no more active quests, and even then they go out on a search for more.then, you have the console commander. I, personally, even though I also fall under the category of modder and completionist, I believe I fall the most under this category. we are categorized by our love for being a bit too overpowered. we don't use commands to get things early or anything, but if there is ever a time where we choose one power and abandon the other two (I'm talking about YOU, black books and nocturnal) we look up the console ID for those powers and add them in. whenever we create a new character, we activate our batch file that gives us every possible racial power in existence, along with the powers we can't get normally. the more extreme console commanders, like me, will even edit various actor values such as mass and weaponspeedmult to make ourselves overpowered. basically, we are the most familiar with the commands of the game.and finally, you have the mountain climbers. it's a sub class for a reason. we absolutely hate taking the trails, and will do ANYTHING in our power to directly scale the mountain, including the areas we can't climb normally because for some reason by walking into it and pressing jump a ton seems to work.if anyone actually read this whole thing, thanksoh, and the modder will almost certainly at some point end up without a head... yeah, it happened to me at one point

  • All about animation

    There’s the thief, the warrior, the mage, the hybrid, the role player, the modder, the speedrunner, the storm cloak sympathizer, the empire sympathyzer, the person who always chooses Dawnguard, the person who always chooses to be a vampire, the person who didn’t pick up the dlc, the person who didn’t get the game on every system possible, the completionist, the game breaker, the exploiter, the god who plays on legendary, the various groups of people who never pick up a certain skill, the person who only downloads lore friendly mods, the person who likes to download stupid Thomas the tank engine dragon mods or other similar mods, the collector, and the fun seeker.

  • Tarron Bate

    I have a cupboard filled with many animal hearts

  • Thanh Lai

    I'm the type of gamer who max out all of necessary skills for a certain build before going for the first quest.

  • Graenolf

    Gotta make a part two, this was too fun :') Comment the personality you think I missed and if it's good I'll feature it in the next edition.Edit: I don't know why my bit rate gets funky in places. Apologies. Think I need to replace my laptop..

  • unknown girl

    Are there oyfum sweatshirts?

  • Myuni

    I was pretty much an explorer for my first 200 hours (but really who wasn't?), and now I'm planning to restart the game as a modder and see where that takes me

  • Huffle Fluffle

    I guess I’m a hoarder cuz I also have every house and I put all the unique objects in separate houses depending what they are >D But I also completely mod the game. (Magic archer is so fun) But then I also role play in the modded world WHILE hoarding everything in the game. Get a mod that shows you EATING while you eat or drink food. Mmm~. Gotta get those mods to make enemies harder to fight while you’re at it, to balance the op mod items among those vanilla difficulties! Or better, add a whole list of new enemies! However my only method of chaos is to join the dark brotherhood and kill who you need, turn invisible and run through the crowd while everyone yells “where are you!?” Explore every inch of the world as a master treasure hunter and return to your wife at the end of the night. So why only five types of players, put them all into one ~ ~Btw hoarders usually organize every object in alphabetical order into separated organized chests so that the second they open one they know what object is inside! If it’s clothing it goes in a dresser, if it’s a weapon it goes in an armory chest, if it’s food put it in a barrel! Etc. nodding that world means you can also have your RP family live in a Mod home, and as an RP Magic Assassin, I choose to live in an underground well in the snowy mountains, decorated with potions chambers and a small assortment of dark brotherhood items. This way, when I return to my experiments, as I roleplay as a necromancer when I’m “not in a contract”, I have something to do with the leftover bodies! Raise them, study better poisons, make sure they don’t stay behind and turn to ash in the middle of my solitude home. Once in awhile if I’m going out on a long journey, I might bring a follower back and leave them there to “protect the family” while I’m gone. Never know if your wife’s gonna go outside, after all. But when it comes to matter of the warring kingdoms, I say leave that alone. Politics have nothing to do with a studious curious adventurous necromage who wants nothing more then to study magical artifacts, and make some nice coin on the side. Lol I admit, I spent five years straight playing this game just because you can change so many things about it.There was a time I set my home to black water beneath the old dwemer ruins in order complete the lost alchemist sinderions field study. My wife would greet me when I returned to the small field lab. Just use game codes to delete the corpse laying in there first.Oh but if you get bored feel free to make followers come down and live in the abandoned dwemer town nearby. You’ll want thatmod that keeps followers from dying though so they don’t keel over on you. They’ll just get VERY TIRED during a fight and sit down a moment :p

  • Lana Allen

    The perpetual sneak/coward. That's me. I literally sneak everywhere. I also once spent a solid 45 minutes trying to snipe every necromancer patrolling a fort from the safe distance of nearby mountain that I scaled. Prefers alchemy to combat.

  • Christopher White

    I'm the horder I can't let go of anything. And I will find a way to take it home

  • Fit4EPICness

    The one player that goes around naked.

  • Electron Gaming

    The huntress. The one that hunts down wild animals with wooden bows in the wild snowy mountains of Skyrim

  • Savannah Miracle

    I have a little over 40 mods, but most of them are to fix shadow stripping, change animal appearances, and things for followers so they’re less incompetent. Any mod suggestions out there?

  • Misfortune Follows

    Fuckin werevultures man.

  • blu

    I have a suggestion for Part 2!The Reader: The one that stops their jorney everytime they come across a book, a letter, a scroll, a note or a potion recipe. Their favorite place in Skyrim would probably be the College of Winterhold, right next to the Orc that possesses and guards many texts containing information about what almost every writter had to say about Nirm and its composition. Citing their favorite paragraph between the innumerable ones they read would be no hard task.

  • MidnightDoesSkyrim

    i have been all of these people xD

  • Savannah Miracle

    The player who drags corpses around and throws them off of cliffs/waterfalls or fus ro dah’s people off of the throat of the world because it’s satisfying to watch their body rag doll down in ridiculous fashion.

  • The Milky Way Child

    In a modder and i added a mod that makes Skyrim so diffent O.O its so pretty!

  • Soulfest You activated my T R A P C A R D

    The Cheater — The ones that always has their fingers ready for console command and knows the codes like the back of their hand, the ones who have infinity health, wealth, stamina and mana. The one who has completed the Stones of Barenziah quest cause let’s be real—no one has the time to search for those things.The one who has the best weapon in vanilla right at their side at level 1, and the one who crashed their game more then once trying to see wether 100 werewolves or 100 vampires would come out victorious on the battlefield that is outside of Whiterun.

  • Matthew Jeffrey

    You either die a hoarder or live long enough to see yourself become the modder

  • Luna Lacrimae


  • Rain S

    Hey... Today I went into Whiterun and was trying new spells... Subbed. Also, laughing so hard yIm half rpg (except for my enemies. I don't go easy on them, I overpower them)

  • Titanic

    I love EVERY VID YO MAKE!!:3 I XD help XD Goats somthing XD I collect every vid you make!:3

  • SNOWFlak

    i am a hoarder.modder. explorer you left out only plays as naked women


    I’m a completionist player. If there is a cave, I have to explore it. If there is a black marker, I have to find it. If there is a quest, I have to complete it. If there is a book, I have to know that I read it. If there is an npc, I have to talk to them. If there is a skill, I have to own it. I think you get the point

  • Josiah Williams

    YouTube: auto adjusts to 1080p60Me: That was very high definition of you

  • Diego2112Gaming

    You missed the Barrel Caretaker.

  • Thug Taters

    Pretty sure I'm under the modder category. Every like 20 minutes I find myself asking "WHaT THe FucK wAS THat"

  • Titanic

    There’s a flying wale XD XD HALP MAH XD

  • TheGolden Weasel

    This is the first video ive seen from you, and your my new favorite person.

  • WantedRecord Fiorello

    I've done all of them

  • Claude Alpha

    The power gamer:Combining and maxing the crafting and combat skills to make my character as op as possible.

  • Jaad Araidy

    I'm the modded player

  • bill&clara weaver

    Also plenty of cheese to make plenty of pizzas ps. I'm half explorer half killer werewolf.

  • from the 46

    Bethesda has to be grateful that we've been playing this game for so long

  • Lugia Catster

    I am the "read every book, burn every book" kinda player

  • TheJedaiHero9000

    really enjoyed watching this vid.looking forward to part 2.

  • Mediocre Indigo

    I'm probably a mix between the hoarder and the explorer.

  • Who's King Now

    How about Console commander


    NAH I ain't none of those I'm just a PIMP

  • Nathan Chassaing

    Which mod do you use for have that beautifull face ?

  • blackdeath4eternity

    i'm defiantly a mix of hoarder, modder & explorer lol.

  • ProdigalxOnion97 YAY!!!!

    The Canonical Planner.Their official playthrough of Skyrim has to be an experience so quintessential and perfect in nature that it follows a set narrative that plays out beautifully from the beginning of the game's story all the way through to the end like a fairy tale novel reaching the epitome of fantasy genre storytelling.Planners will often watch gameplay from friends, let's plays online, or read about many of the individual quest's different outcomes on wiki before deciding the ultimate way they want to tailor their character's story.They also spend hours in character creation fine detailing every custom feature of their character's face sculpt to create their ultimate character that satisfies the kind of game they want to play. Just as well, they may incorporate advanced methods for naming their character, writing lists into the hundreds of several 2 to 4 letter syllables and mix and matching them till they finally have the name that has that perfect "ring" to it, or they may even research cultural names, or even use words from the various in-game languages from the lore.If they own a PC, or use mods on console, they may also spend and/or wait years until they have found every mod to create and tailor the ultimate gaming experience for themself. Additionally, if their mods ever all become outdated, they may delete all their mods and reinstall them all one by one from scratch to have a modded installation with every mod up to date to fix compatibility issues.They may go through this process in several waves or generations, doing fresh installs multiple times.Some canonical players have yet to even beat their game to this very day, because they are still in the process of rigorous planning of their ultimate gaming experience, like myself. :)

  • Auberala

    I think my sister has a bad case of the mod player.That and the console commands. She doesn't like to work for what she gets.I would be the RPGer and the "SAFE," player.I'll take thousands of saves just to save those few arrows or potions.EVERY arrow counts.

  • 10 Legenda4L

    there's always that player that skips everything or doesn't pay attention

  • Wolfgang VonHeilman

    The sex mod simulator.

  • Clarrisani ‍

    I'm a modder, explorer and hoarder. ie I have Legacy of the Dragonborn and all supporting mods installed. :P

  • TheFireMage100

    Im absolutely 5 I used to keep that skull at the end of Bleak Falls for all my playthroughs until I forced myself to stop

  • DarkWingedViera

    The Fashion Player - I don't care if a mudcrab can kill me, but I look hot as hell! And of course there is a specific outfit for each big city in Skyrim. After all you can't wear the same clothes all the time like a common NPC. ^^

  • DutchAndreas

    CHEESE FOR EVERYONEalso a fun type of player could be the cheater. why grind for several hours to finally get those skills at max level when console commands are more fun. the probably max out all their skills before even leaving helgen.(i am guilty of this, its just so much fun)

  • Player N0ne

    The jumping off the throat of the world and picking flowers player : /

  • Anton Semenchenko

    Back when I was young and played Oblivion, I used to buy a house that had a big open barrel in it, I think it was a Leyawiin house, then gather all the lettuce I came across, harvested it, bought it, stole it, killed for it. Then I went to my house and dropped the lettuce into the barrel one by one until it was full. In every playthrough.

  • Mad Man

    The murderer assassin: After so many playthroughs I decided I'd complete all the quests I'd run across, but upon finishing kill the person who ordered it along with any killable NP I'd run into along the way.I'd kill every guard and collect their shields so that way I'd have a tally for how many I'd killed.(The only faction I would spare would be the dark brotherhood ideally.)I only did it just to see if I could completely depopulate skyrim and for the most part it worked, but only with the assistance of mods to make unkillable NPCs killable.

  • hollywood

    murdered to death oh wait wrong channel

  • pteranodon1039

    The player in doubt, who keeps starting new games.

  • Azimut

    First time I played Skyrim, I picked up every single item in Bleak Fall Barrows (or however it is called)... it was horrible

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