Skyrim For Pimps - Huge Vampire Donk (S3E02) Dawnguard Walkthrough

Fün travels to castle Volkihar where she meets Serana's father, Lord Hardon. Err, I mean Lord HARKon. He offers Fün the ultimate gift - the chance to be a powerful Vampire Lord! For her first mission with her new powers, Fün travels to a skooma den where she kills all sorts of losers, and finds a couple bad buckets!

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This video will show you;

How to Play Skyrim
How to Skyrim Dawnguard
How to Bloodline

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  • Doofus Inc.

    Oh, i see how this series goes, it goes through each character

  • Vicky Li

    "Are you reading... a script?"Dead.

  • Rose D

    "Go away!!" LOL he knew who was at the gates. He knew exactly what was coming to him.

  • Rick LilShore

    My name is Stalf and I'm super offended by this.

  • MaskedWolfDragoness

    The plastic surgeon is a woman, and she can't do work on the undead. Also, the vampire's noses are warped to look kind of like bat noses. Informational websites ftw.

  • Antone Alpha

    Dude, Serana's voice actor is totally the person who voiced Vera Keyes in Dead Money.

  • T15 Adventures

    You can get a side quest where they tell you to go to fort Dawnguard and kill them all!!! I used the bend will shout from the Dragon born DLC to control Isran and forced his own team to kill him. It desturbed me how much fun I had killing them all.

  • Bruno Pádua

    that twilight referente

  • tas4435

    I want to see a trombone with a blade on dat.

  • czernodog

    My name is Stalf.This video offended me.

  • Kirokill

    4:08 Not many can say the same.

  • The Badass Kitten

    i was eating and drinking mountain dew and dirotos

  • VictorTruchev

    Vampires are just Cannabilistic Foodies. Can you blame them for their Ghoulish hobby?

  • Michael Plekhanov

    yeah, i wanna be a trombone

  • WiggaMachiavelli

    My dude made a point of swimming to and all the way around the island because of that boat remark. Of course, Serana and Lydia had to tag along.

  • MickMaan

    Yeah, Serana isn't just one of those 'sit in a castle waiting to be rescued all day' kind of women. She's the 'sleep in a coffin in some cave waiting to be dug up for thousands of years' kind of women. Huge difference.

  • Naru

    So... she wear a hood outside to protect herself from the sunlight but her clothes doesn't cover her cleavage... OMG she is the first vampite with sun-proof boobs!!!

  • Game Society Pimps

    In our story yes, in the game story, no.


    its not twilight..its based on underworld

  • Charles White

    the fat ones taste like cheatos

  • Mercenary Mulluns

    You guys inspired me to go back to Skyrim and play as my Argonian Vampire Lord. Thanks!

  • TheKanonHara

    "Are you reading a script?" Lmfao.

  • DatsRandom

    That's funny since apparently everyone took that offensively and down-voted you. Why? I don't know...

  • Damn Son

    I was eating friggin' meat when I saw the vampie's dining hall !!!

  • GK Translation

    I don't like that man's nose.

  • Miss Minka

    Wait.. are you playing on xbox??

  • Miss Minka

    ooohh, okay. I was going to say I'm pretty sure you used mods in later episodes so I was thinking: 'whattttt.' xD

  • Queen of Snek

    Can someone please tell me where the temple of Mara is

  • Manduder Young

    thumbs up if your name is stalf

  • Master Builder Faber

    love the vids guys!!! shit is hilarious

  • CHGaming214

    s'oggyballs should go to the redwater den for skooma.

  • Eva Beals

    Never stop please! (Or at least until you die)

  • Jakirão

    Dracula hummmmm...... he is like Morgan Freeman but vampire

  • Bryce Romero

    Hey guys according to the lore true vampires get raped so harkon raped u

  • J.M

    Orcish Testicle Crusher (Fine). That's pretty cool.

  • Fuke Gewgelplus

    6:57 Heh Shrek reference

  • ThePhilipus

    Traumbone xDDsorry if i spelled wrong

  • jnik

    this has became my new fav series

  • Doub_S

    That intro doe so awesome

  • HeyItsGranny

    I'm going through all of the pimps series I'm up to date with fallout but Skyrim has got a bit to go, Just wanted to know that I liked season 1 and 4 the best (I'm re watching 4 as I did it out of order)

  • KingofBlackholes

    I play the trombone at school!!!!


    These videos need more views !

  • kalab00kas

    1:45 is such a wrong caption lol

  • Mr Good

    There should be a character who is just so derpy

  • mattthemech1

    There is a mod that makes your Vampire Lord/Lady form look more human.

  • Insaniac

    No joke I just screamed ITS TIME TO STOP

  • Dennis

    This reminded me of the college of winter hold. Maybe these vampires are wizards for fün tïts!

  • Matthew Waghorn

    You where standing in the moon light

  • austvuolo

    its says college of winterhold in the title

  • Meowthfan6

    Do GameSociety Pimps play on Xbox 360 or Pc just wondering because they have Xbox action controls but have Mods

  • Jack Tricker

    Im stalf and i HATE moths

  • Griff48432

    2:16 Professor Layton moment!

  • Kenneth G

    :c I wished you guys would have joined The Dawnguard.. :/

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