Stormcloak Commanders versus Imperial Legates ~ Skyrim Wars Ep.1

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To create an NPC war you need:

-Two different NPC's that are hostile
-A PC, sorry PS3 and Xbox gamers

1. Enter the console by pressing tilde: ~
2. Type in commands: tdetect, tai, tcai, to stop NPC movement
3. Type in player.placeatme X to spawn NPC's around, X being the base ID of desired NPC
4. Get to higher ground
5. Repeat step 2 to enable NPC movement
6. Profit?
Note: If they do not attack one another, retype tcai.
  • Capital WastelandOrc

    Long live the emperor,long live the empire

  • Grimmfxjr

    noooooooooooooo the stormclaoks pay blood for blood another fight plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Robbert Van Duuren

    No! Round 3 wasn't faire

  • Imperial Dog

    The stormcloaks just stood there doing nothing XD .  1:58 No wonder the imperials won .

  • chris suh

    To those who say it is unfair even if the stormcloaks had better equipment in here that just means they are more wealthy besides its the legates choice of wether to use helmets and shields and its the commanders choice of which weapon to use

  • chris suh

    To those who say it is unfair even if the stormcloaks had better equipment in here that just means they are more wealthy besides its the legates choice of wether to use helmets and shields and its the commanders choice of which weapon to use

  • Patriot

    stormcloaks are better but in the end there was way to many imperials.

  • TheAlphaWolf95

    Seriously, way to favor the sromcloaks. Next time if you want to do it right you need the Imperial Legates with Helmets and shields and the sormcloaks with 2 handed mainly battleaxes

  • Legate Maximus

    Ha! He spawned a total of 42 Stormcloaks, but the Imperials still won!

  • Dillon Gathright

    Why dont you just let the imperials win?

  • mac ferris

    Legates r not regularly fighting in the battles

  • max volz

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stormcloaks ftw

  • Marcus Pennington

    The only reason they were winning toward the end is because the stormcloaks weren't doing crap till they were attacked

  • Dante Gurule

    Your are deffenently a kid, you say LOL every 5 seconds, kids like you are so annoying!

  • Dante Gurule

    Its not a fair fight because Stormcloaks got two handed and shields. The imperials didn't get either. Normally Imperial armor sets have a higher armor rating but because the Stormcloaks received steal shields the Stormcloaks got a higher armor rating. Not only that the Imperials have swords (their advantage is that they swing faster), but NPC's are stupid and take their time swinging so the two handed weapons and war axes do more damage. Like if you think these battles are BS!

  • Dillon Fields

    When it comes to smacking each other with weapons the stormcloacks 9/10 always win. But when it come to archery the imperals win. But this is why the empire needs skyrim, the kick ass.

  • Haring Bisdak

    what dod you cheat pls tell me

  • HugeT96

    I'm an Argonian yet I still fought for freedom of Skyrim. Fuck the imperials.

  • Lacrisha Hamilton

    omg :O the owner of this video replyd too me! thank you Legendary Video maker man. its an honor! :')

  • RafflesWaffles Gaming

    I LOLOLOLOL myself all time.

  • Lacrisha Hamilton

    ok ima go lolololol myself now

  • RafflesWaffles Gaming

    I use FRAPS to record and by settings I'll assume Skyrim settings. I just auto detect them. This was recorded on my older computer so the quality is not as good as it can be now. I also use Sony Vegas to edit.

  • Krystalbudz

    What recorder do you use and what settings?

  • Conor Kavanagh

    stormcloaks STORMED the imperials!

  • RafflesWaffles Gaming

    Its comments like these that make my day

  • kooldragon3

    Love your skyrim videos. You should make more of them, here's an idea, giants vs frost trolls :P. and I subbed

  • chance gardner

    imperial rules stromcloak suck

  • Lacrisha Hamilton

    nope! im just laughing at how i owned you. good day man :)

  • Imperialspy227

    hahahahaha nerd LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL LOL LOL LOL give it up dork and go MAKE me a samich bitch u lov to fight dont u enjoy ur block hahaha fucker!

  • Lacrisha Hamilton

    yeeeaaa of course you did LOL and what does your life consist of ? being a imperial spy in skyrim LOL. " go me a samich bitch" aparently you have never been to school. sorry your not on my level of education. good day

  • Imperialspy227

    yea like ur name is any better bitch i made this account years ago and atleast i have a life fucker hahhahahaha go me a samich bitch!

  • Lacrisha Hamilton

    says the imperial spy LOL yea im a nerd bitch haha

  • Imperialspy227

    can som1 plz give me 4:27 of my life back.

  • Arthur Barnes

    Bro comnanders were stadin there like dumb fucks while bieng hit

  • LiefyTree

    3:55 SHIT got intense 4:04 I was like NO WAY!!! 4:07 ....

  • Gaming To The Max

    wait legates managed to beat 42 stormcloak commanders when theres only 28 of them yet when its 4v4 and 14v14 they lost wtf anyways legates are stronger

  • Gaming To The Max

    nice vid but the only reason why commanders kept on winning is because they had shields and two handed weapons legates only had one handed and no shield

  • Oliver Villamar

    What is the code that corresponds to Stormcloak 46efd where the NPC can walk around like a guard?

  • RafflesWaffles Gaming

    @itsbaconforlunch Read the description

  • John Kenney

    CHEAP! commaders on round two get battle axes and sheilds when legates dont!

  • kravencho890

    are you making more because this is beast

  • anand erdenbat

    Why some of you guus saying its not fair its a fair fight imperials have better armor and stormcloaks have better weapon besides imperials sucks and everyone who is imperial sucks too fuck imperials they are just a thalmor puppet

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