*NEW* HEAVY SNIPER RIFLE Gameplay In Fortnite Battle Royale

Today we see the arrival of the New Heavy Sniper Rifle in Fortnite!
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  • AtoMic_JaykeFN

    LACHLAN CONGRATS ON 7MIL!!!!! I’ve been watching since your minecraft days and I love to see u come this far

  • PeegDaPeeg

    Who’s here when semi-autos got vaulted 😭

  • Benjamin TOWNSEND

    0:50 did vending machine bottom right change from blue to green?

  • ItzMeArchie

    Can we get a counter on how many times Lachlan says “you’d hate to see it” 😂😂And “you’d love to see it” 😂😂

  • Julian Daniele

    They should make a SMG only game mode. wait... that's what solo is

  • InfinityDrag

    Wow 7mil I've been watching you when u were still uploading minecraft (Thanks lol)

  • RockyRiley 21

    1.I woke up2.I went to school 3.I saw a girl4.I hugged her5.I kissed herDid u know the order is 23451

  • Assassin454

    When are you gonna do the drift thing

  • Tilr Heemerson

    2:43 look in the chat 😂

  • Yoshi 127

    This is such a weird update time for a new gun.

  • Louise Mchardy

    you and lazer beam are my favorite youtubers

  • Markus Fyhn

    One like=one wote for lachy to stop saying heavy bolt

  • TheRealNate

    I wonder if he really does love to see it

  • Tate Smith 2964

    Is your middle name has because your last is power

  • helloitsZizi

    Hello there person have a great day ❤️😘👌🏽

  • ZAQGOZ Snowboarding

    Lachlan went off this game

  • Joseph Mason

    Lachlan you’re knowledge of bullet travel is amazing, you’re a great sniper

  • ZXE Family

    You have the exact same tittle as lazarbeam

  • Gavin Rafael Jacutin

    This 375 gold headshots are dirty

  • The Queen Of D.I.Y

    Brooo lachy congrats 7 million subs ❤️❤️

  • ZWoodhouseGamer

    Lachlan I’ve found something in playground that ur gonna want to see. DM me if u see this @ZWoodhouseyt

  • ghost rider

    I won’t be shocked if it get nerfed

  • Dziugas Pukas

    1. woke up 2. went to school 3. Saw a girl 4. Hugged her 5. Kissed her Real order is 2 3 4 5 1

  • Oscar Warburtono

    Delete all the trees) in playground

  • Wyxxoz

    The heavy sniper is insane!

  • Nyagoa Tongyik

    Your health is not going down when you where in the storm at 11 people


    What's the best sniper in fortnite

  • Maxyboy0810

    Omg lol how many times did he say “u love to see it” or “u don’t love to see it” lmao

  • Cael Brunton

    is it February for anyone???

  • Turner Hudson

    congrats on 7 mil! you really deserve it :)



  • Craig Peel

    He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  • Isuckatthisgame Santioque

    heavy guns are taking over what's next?? heavy rifles

  • minergold playz

    Oi Lachlan do a donkey kong in playground using shopping trolleys as Barrels.Play with lazerbeam and call him oldmate the entire time

  • Australia isn't real

    1. I woke up2. I went to school 3. I saw a girl4. I hugged her5. I kissed herSadly the order is actually 2-3-4-5-1Alexa play Despacito 2

  • Bill Spiegel

    Who is here when bolt actions got vaulted and the suppressed sniper is in the game

  • The Channel Craft

    congrats on 7 mil i love your vids :D

  • Moik Myers

    Congrats on 7 mil Lachy ur my fav youtuber

  • SolarPlayz

    Why does that sniper remind me of the snipers from Halo

  • Markha Dolaeva

    See ur making the drift cosplay hair

  • Panda Playz

    Well done for 7 mill subs Lachy!🎉🎉

  • Royal Timmy

    The anti building sniper

  • yaєιi

    I'm glad to see your channel thriving again I remember the old days

  • Razz

    Congratulations on 7 million subscribers

  • Deacon Clogg

    love the hair cut lachy

  • Chris Wasiak

    The only reason lachlan shows a game where he gets into top ten is because hes either salty, he wins, or its the game he wins.

  • Fraser Gaming Tv

    I don’t have They Update

  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    Congrats on 7mil P.S I’m subscribed

  • Qecs

    I wish I had 15-20 ping consistently

  • Frankie Cocchini

    Coming back in 2019 when he has 10 million subs just goes to show how much his channel has grown. 3 mil in under 6 months. Awesome for a great content creator

  • BBQcorn 26

    1 I have a big brick You read that incorrectly You read that incorrectly

  • Robert Dagur

    Did you get a hair cut

  • Magical Tunes

    Lachlans new favourite phrase- you love to see it

  • Caterina Lungu

    It’s not heavy bolt action sniper

  • Spare time G

    Hey Lach, I have made Heavy sniper clay model (a.k.a. Barret 50Cal sniper rifle) 1;10 scale and would loove your opinion there!

  • Rukhsana Abubakar


  • C B

    Best vid ever congrats on 7 million

  • Kyah27

    Congratulations on 7million subs Lachlan!!

  • Meme Boi 102364469

    Man Lachy Has 7 Mill Now Congrats Man I Was Here on 2 Mill When You Where Still Making Minecraft Videos But Minecraft Started To Die So Good Thing You Changed Content And Decided To Become A Fortnite Channel Lav ya lachlan Keep Up The Good Work :D

  • Rob Bob

    When the music gets to the end when he’s flying I think he gon get mid air sniped. Nope. He turned around and BAPPPPPP!

  • Amy Is Here!!

    Shout out to lachlans drift hair!😉

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