*NEW* HEAVY SNIPER RIFLE Gameplay In Fortnite Battle Royale

Today we see the arrival of the New Heavy Sniper Rifle in Fortnite!
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  • Ninja

    What do you call security at a Samsung store ? Guardian of the galaxy. Can I get a subcriber for that..

  • ItzMeArchie

    Can we get a counter on how many times Lachlan says “you’d hate to see it” 😂😂And “you’d love to see it” 😂😂

  • PeegDaPeeg

    Who’s here when semi-autos got vaulted 😭

  • Julian Daniele

    They should make a SMG only game mode. wait... that's what solo is

  • Assassin454

    When are you gonna do the drift thing

  • Jaykeb Bouvette

    LACHLAN CONGRATS ON 7MIL!!!!! I’ve been watching since your minecraft days and I love to see u come this far

  • Benjamin TOWNSEND

    0:50 did vending machine bottom right change from blue to green?

  • Liam Urbina

    Lmao 5:22 look at the kill feed someone’s name was despacito but in Chinese😂

  • Louise Mchardy

    you and lazer beam are my favorite youtubers

  • RockyRiley 21

    1.I woke up2.I went to school 3.I saw a girl4.I hugged her5.I kissed herDid u know the order is 23451

  • Yoshi

    This is such a weird update time for a new gun.

  • The Real Nate

    I wonder if he really does love to see it

  • Tate Smith 2964

    Is your middle name has because your last is power

  • Panda Playz

    Well done for 7 mill subs Lachy!🎉🎉

  • Tilr Heemerson

    2:43 look in the chat 😂

  • Ziggy

    Hello there person have a great day ❤️😘👌🏽

  • Craig Peel

    He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  • Gavin Rafael Jacutin

    This 375 gold headshots are dirty

  • Maxyboy0810

    Omg lol how many times did he say “u love to see it” or “u don’t love to see it” lmao

  • minergold playz

    Oi Lachlan do a donkey kong in playground using shopping trolleys as Barrels.Play with lazerbeam and call him oldmate the entire time

  • 2,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos

    1. I woke up2. I went to school 3. I saw a girl4. I hugged her5. I kissed herSadly the order is actually 2-3-4-5-1Alexa play Despacito 2

  • Oscar Warburtono

    Delete all the trees) in playground

  • ZWoodhouseGamer

    Lachlan I’ve found something in playground that ur gonna want to see. DM me if u see this @ZWoodhouseyt

  • ghost rider

    I won’t be shocked if it get nerfed


    What's the best sniper in fortnite

  • The Norse Sheep

    I have a new challenge idea: The assassin challenge. Here are the rules:1. Scoped and Suppressed weapons only (snipers,pistol,smg) 2. You have to set your skin to random3. You can't loot anyone unless they have the same skin as you (u can still get dem kills, though,)4. Get that dub.5. If this is too hard, then you can loot anyone you one-tap with a sniper. This is an optional rule. Try without it.

  • PUPPY Lisa


  • dj Danquah

    It's Wednesday my dudessss HWUUHOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  • Kyah27 -

    Congratulations on 7million subs Lachlan!!

  • XxAdrielxx Santioque

    heavy guns are taking over what's next?? heavy rifles

  • Nyagoa Tongyik

    Your health is not going down when you where in the storm at 11 people

  • Gamer Family

    You have the exact same tittle as lazarbeam

  • Razz

    Congratulations on 7 million subscribers

  • Moik Myers

    Congrats on 7 mil Lachy ur my fav youtuber

  • ZAQGOZ Snowboarding

    Lachlan went off this game

  • RØŸÂŁ XxTïmmÿxX

    The anti building sniper

  • InfinityDrag

    Wow 7mil I've been watching you when u were still uploading minecraft (Thanks lol)

  • Markha Dolaeva

    See ur making the drift cosplay hair

  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    Congrats on 7mil P.S I’m subscribed

  • Deacon Clogg

    love the hair cut lachy

  • yaєιi

    I'm glad to see your channel thriving again I remember the old days

  • Coolicycle12

    The heavy sniper is OP

  • The Channel Craft

    congrats on 7 mil i love your vids :D

  • TD Dilute

    I wish I had 15-20 ping consistently

  • Mursal mirza


  • Amy Is Here!!

    Shout out to lachlans drift hair!😉

  • Xkιηᴢ •

    Man Lachy Has 7 Mill Now Congrats Man I Was Here on 2 Mill When You Where Still Making Minecraft Videos But Minecraft Started To Die So Good Thing You Changed Content And Decided To Become A Fortnite Channel Lav ya lachlan Keep Up The Good Work :D

  • Rouge Nargacuga - Gaming & More!

    geez 7mil... i've been here since about 1.3 mil... Amazing to see how much this channel has grown! keep it up lachy i'll always keep watching your content!

  • Wyxxoz

    The heavy sniper is insane!

  • Joseph Mason

    Lachlan you’re knowledge of bullet travel is amazing, you’re a great sniper

  • Sams Vlogs

    Lachlan is the best youtuber ever

  • Psychotic Gamer

    lachlan you really need keybinds

  • jmgaming19

    They should stop adding gold and purple guns.they seen to be adding really good guns.they should make more blue guns!

  • Ivan Velasquez

    Good job on the 7million subs

  • Ivan De Leon

    congrats for 7million fans

  • GoldT124 R

    Congratulations Lachlan on 7M

  • Brucey

    This sniper is actually sick!!👌

  • Ruby rose

    Well done for 7million subs

  • Charlie Morse

    Lachlan playing sniper shootout, ya love to see it

  • RhinoGunner

    Most subbed Australian youtuber

  • Vito Tomas

    Anyone noticed that drift haircut🔥

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