Skyrim - Dragon Priest Mask Vokun

How to get the Dragon Priest Mask Vokun on Skyrim.

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Nahkriin -
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Rahgot -
Vokun -
Volsung -
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  • Raffi Ka

    also magier mit kompletter daedra rüstung is eigenartig. bin auch hauptsache magier hab erzmagierrobbe und daedra schuhe + handschuhe. dan noch den richtige mage schmuck dazu und du hast gute deff und gute mag werte.

  • RightWingKing

    Wtf she 8s there but she won't talk to me....

  • DarthCipient

    I just beat Vokun. Here's how I did it.1- Recruit one of the Companions. Virkas, or whatever his name is.2- Battle my way down the dungeons3- Reach Vokun's lair. Call for the Spectral Assasin4- Let my minions fight him for a little while5- Confront Vokun and give him an epic bumming.

  • SocialRebels-Blurzy

    I beat him with an axe

  • jacob kulczar

    why doesn't an American ever make a skyrim walk through video? SPEAK MORE CLEARLY PLEASE. but, thank you for the video it did help.

  • dudeofwar3

    Why do you use lightning bolt when there are stronger spells like fireball

  • garrett1433

    i have a problem i was doing the quest and my partner killed her can i still get the mask?

  • Maccy

    I do! It's your trademark man! People will think that it is weird that you drop an intro that you used in ALL YOUR VIDEOS. But that is my opinion; if you don't wanna do it anymore, it's fine with me ;)

  • TheMildaman

    Jordan im gonna be honest here, i fucking love you as a guya dn your a true hero. Your videos are fucking quality and what makes them that extra special is your epic intros! facebook, twitter and your website! i thought it was ok that you left out the website at first but those intros are epic dude!

  • NTC Nerd

    Hope your tooth gets better too, I just got 4 pulled today.

  • NTC Nerd

    I remember the first video I watched. One of the Dark Brotherhood quests.... The one before Hail Sithis

  • TheJordanJames

    Haha, can't believe you noticed! True fan right here. I decided to drop it from this video, and the next. Not filmed the others yet. I thought about dropping it just incase Facebook & Twitter suddenly go dead, or something along those lines, so im not linking to a website not in existence. You think i should keep it?

  • TheMildaman

    JORDAN you didnt do your intro!

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