Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 16)

Skyrim takes players to a vast frozen world wherein anything from defeating Dragons to saving an empire is a possibility. However, with The Elder Scrolls 5 being over seven years old now, many players may finally be beginning to question if they’ve tackled everything Skyrim has to offer. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    I'm slammed at work so I don't have time to make a fun/witty message. So murdered to death

  • roee longo

    Nate I have one for tot next tiny details video: when first approaching the jarl of whiterun you can avoid irelith and talk to the jarl which will unlock hidden dialogue

  • Bradley Dragon

    Guard : City’s off limits due to the dragon attackNate : I have secrets you probably didn’t know about Skyrim Guard : The Jarl will definitely want to talk to you

  • Jordan Tennent

    Last time I was this early, dragons were worshipped as gods.

  • Lachloni Pepperoni

    Did you know that you can start a THIEVES GUILD AND RIFTEN GUARD WAR! Once you join the thieves guild you have to attack a guard inside Riften, then you have to run around inside Riften and get as many guards to chase you as possible. After that, you must run to the ragged flagon through the graveyard entrance. From there you can merely observe the ensuing battle, or choose to help your guild friends. It is really fun, and it unlocks some unique dialog from the survivors (they get get really pissed at you.)

  • californication101

    Hey! How's it going Nate, it's guys here

  • Ian Southerland

    There's another way into Whiterun. Punch the guard at the gate and get arrested. Apparently criminals get special treatment over traders and travellers.

  • iiAmFrosty

    TES 6 Should have the phrase "Murdered to death" Engraved in a wall or should be in a book.Someone make a petition and make it a thing!

  • Whiterun Guard

    Hey guys,Heard they're reforming the DOWNGUARD. VAMPIRAH hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. IS IT TRUE?

  • Alan2022

    With Louis Letrush. If he survives the mercenary attack (which can only happen if you intervene in time or use console commands to kill the mercenary) then he will then attack you saying, "It's your fault!"

  • 47most SOON

    “Miraak? It sounds familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.”

  • Random Cat

    Me: I already know everything I can do in skyrimTheEpicNate315: hold my beer

  • Cole Pratt

    Isn’t it cool how Dragons we’re always a part of the lore but instead of just throwing them in the earlier games so they could advertise dragons in the game, they took their time to tell a story and create interesting lore?

  • DarkRavenWolf50

    Umm Nate? I think your repeating some old facts. I believe you have already discussed in a previous video that you can kill Grelod the Kind early and unlock special dialogue from Aventus

  • Carl

    You should do what you didn’t know you could do in Oblivion

  • Wolf Warrior

    I actually killed Grelod before even before going to Windhelm. I was just passing by ane thought might aswell kill Grelod. But anyway if the Dark brotherhood really cares about that contrack they should have taken care of the in the last 4 months I was ignoring it. Not to mentions how easy it is and there isnt even a bounty for doing it. They really bad at their profession

  • king marshmallow 2.0

    Nate you're my favourite YouTuber never ever stop posting please

  • Alex Dearmond

    I feel like you dance to the skyrim main theme song for three hours a day.

  • Metal Memes for Naked Reptilians

    Those Dunmer women and their Morag Thongs- by Ysmir, shout them down to their ankles!

  • Rami Slicer

    I used to be an adventurer, but then i took an arrow to the knee. Then i got back up and killed an evil dragon. Then i fell off a cliff. Then ate some netch jelly and lived. THEN i typed "` tcl" and went through a wall. Then the game crashed because i had a crazy graphics mod on.

  • Voltaic Fire

    Ah back when Bethesda still cared about their games or customers.

  • Weston Roesel

    Who else wants to kill maven???

  • The Daddyland

    Skyrim is a scrumdidlyuptiously falbuloisly big game

  • LegendDeur

    Nate the Skyrim sage, passing on his ancient wisdom onto us apprentices.

  • DemonDragon000

    You got a thumbs up for the dig at 76

  • Tim Ferguson

    Murdered to DEATH!? damn that's a harsh punishment! Usually just murdered to submission will do. Damn, Maven is not someone to mess with.

  • uikoru

    finally my life has purpose again

  • Chris Hartman

    7:45 you may have covered it but you don’t even have to kill Grelod by your own hand (for those really good players). You can do this by getting Edda the female beggar in Riften to attack Grelod. Apparently there is some lore to this where Edda has ill intentions against Grelod but I have yet to find it in game. The only time I’ve managed to get this unique event is when I cast a fear spell on Grelod, causing her to run outside in which Edda ran up and killed her. This can either happen in the backyard of the orphanage or out in the marketplace.

  • sherrif Dan

    I just survived a 7.2 earthquake. Can i PLEASE get a pin?

  • Wecoc1

    I killed Camilla Valerius right in front of her brother, and funny enough we are still friends because I gave him the Golden Claw. Damn priorities.

  • RGentleman 1

    Honestly if you started doing this series for Oblivion my life would be complete..

  • Ya boi MiahTRT

    This is the content i subscribed for.skyrim is a big game

  • roee longo

    Lol I was never this earlier to watch a video

  • Skyantha Bladedancer

    Use the Unrelenting Force shout on butterflies to rip them apart and collect their wings far easier. c:

  • SylentEulogy

    It would be cool if Aventius Arretino is in the next Elder Scrolls game as a badass assassin...

  • domesticgull51

    Bro did you know argonians are actually really hot

  • tattooedguy666

    Nate, 2 questions. If Letrush dies at the hands of Mavens henchmen, can you acquire Frost? And 2, if you let Bujold get thrown out in the wild... Where does the go?

  • Rasari Soare

    Why you always post when im drunk!!!

  • Jesse James

    Argonian on the front picture. Representing us lizards! Been playing as one since Oblivion. Never felt right to play as any other race.

  • Korean That

    Hey nate, I don't think you've covered this one yet. When you go to kill the previous champion of boethia to retrieve the ebony mail, when you use emperor's call or pacify spell, the previous champion will have a unique dialogue. Try it out

  • Masculan dw

    Last time I was this early, Skyrim was monumental.

  • TheRedGriffin

    Hey Nate! You need to throw some merch out soon so I can rep

  • W-RäZ.

    Funny thing. I thought i had done a perfect Skyrim run and done everything, but when i started a new game, i found an inn i had never seen or heard before. Soon i was doing a small sidequest to get an ghost his friends sword. I was so hyped to find something completyle new to after 3 years.

  • Mindy Auron

    If you’re reading this then you’re just in time for the murdering to deaths

  • Ginger Kubicz

    I didnt know you could be honest and not kill her. I like that option.

  • Regulus Black

    They are not Goblins, they are Smurfs.

  • EPIC GAMER 666

    Time for me to restart Skyrim again

  • Daniel Leal

    Fallout seventaaaaw yeah):

  • Swift016


  • sw gs

    When I left Thrisk after killing Bujold and then returned after few days. I was attacked by everyone. I don't know if my disposition was so low with NPCs or what but when I was trying to tolk to anyone sudden everyone turned hostile.

  • UK-Tranquillity

    Why do you speak in a really fake voice the whole video?Its really distracting.. The video was very good but this extremely obvious put on overplaying voice was really cringey and distracting me from the content.Just my opinion but maybe just speak normally?

  • Hurr Durr

    You know in fallout 4 you don't actually need power armor to pick up that minigun? You need str 8 tho. Thought it interested

  • Emma

    Murdered to d...!.. Damnit, someone beat me to it.

  • Bacconius Ursus

    Man, you really need to stop saying "Thirskmead Hall". That's not what it's called. It's "Thirsk Mead Hall". As in a hall in which people drink mead named Thirsk.

  • GoalieGussy

    Drink Redwater skooma in Redwater den for a hidden quest

  • Jackson M

    Man I really want this game now but I’m broke as shit

  • Martin Crafford

    lol fallout 76...oh yeah xD that part was spot on

  • survival gaming

    How much more is there

  • Fraxom fire

    I just started playing skyrim again and now I have new things to do! Thanks nate 😝🙏

  • Meatwad Ezekiel

    I'm sick and tired of some people trying to get me to play a certain way based on the race of my character in Skyrim . The lore says if your a wood elve you have to eat what you kill, whatever happened to just enjoying the game itself or allowing the person who created the character a chance to have fun or be able to make my own decisions.

  • Hamo Newto

    still haven't milked this game more than Todd Howard

  • Aify

    I have a question.If were on the Stormcloak side and get involve in the civil war early in the game to the point that Vignar is the Jarl of Whiterun, does it mean that Mephala quest will never be activated?

  • Toastedflare :P

    I love how even in 2018 there’s still content makers making videos about Skyrim.

  • Michael Scerri

    so i didn't even know i could choose between humanity and goblins - i just heard the lead goblin saying that the nords are evil at the end of the questline so I was like "okay lets go kill some humans yes"

  • Evil GM

    Actually, the latest ES release from Bethesda is ES Online.

  • Fox Scar

    Just watching daily skyrim stuff

  • William Hughes

    Nate: did you know you can kill almost everyone that is required for the Dark brotherhood. There are a few in whom you can't, but getting more respect and gold is worth it.Also, with the Whiterun missions. If you commit a crime in the hold, wait two days, the guards will then come at you and see if you want to pay the fine or go to jail. If you do either if these, you'll be able to go in and leave Whiterun whenever you want.

  • Mr. Blutarsky

    I like Skyrim. But the buildup to the main quest goals was much more dramatic than beginning to achieve them. The MQ fell flat. In Morrowind I was less than motivated to see the MQ through which was fine and all, and in Oblivion there really seemed like an urgency existed and it got bigger and bigger and more impressive. Skyrim sort of plateaued early.

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