5 Worst Combat Roles From History

My choices for the 5 worst combat roles of all time.

5. The Tunnel Rats
4. Galley Rower
3. Flamethrower Operator
2. U-boat Crewman
1. Punishment Battalion

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  • Skippy19812

    Being an infantryman during the Battle of the Somme would probably be the worst job military in history. You were subjected to months of waiting in freezing conditions, up to your ankles in icy water, under constant shelling, amid the stench of rotting corpses, all in a bleak and hellish wasteland. If you weren't sniped, shelled, gassed or crushed by a tank, you could look forward to literally drowning in mud or being torn apart by barbed wire.Brutal doesn't even come close to describing it.

  • Get Cake Die Young

    Im glad I grew up in peace, so that I can waste my life with YouTube and not with war

  • StopFear

    French Judge: send him to the galleys!Prisoner: Galleys!! Please, gallows! Not galleys!

  • billiondollardan

    I know a guy who was special forces in Vietnam. He wasn't a dedicated tunnel rat, but he went down in several of them. He still has PTSD and just spent the last year unable to be around people

  • Fiasco

    I think Ball Turret Gunner from WW2 deserves an honorable mention. Suspended from the bottom of a bomber in a glass bubble manning a machine gun. Practically no protection from flak or enemy fighters. Extremely high mortality rate. It was considered by many to be the worst possible occupation in WW2.

  • Click Bait

    My grandpa died in a concentration camp, poor fella fell out of the guard tower.

  • DaLagga

    Don't forget guys, it's women who have historically been the most oppressed. Even today, they have to deal with the horrors of slightly chilly office buildings as a result of patriarchal temperature norms!

  • Dovahsaurus PaleoKnight

    0:50 well people who say that the US was pathetic for not winning the war against Vietcong have never heard of these tunnels

  • SantaMuerte livE

    I couldn't have been a tunnel rat. Hell naw. Salute to them though. I'm surprised they could crawl through them tunnels with them big ass balls they had

  • WV Redneck

    I knew an old man named Max that was a tunnel rat in Vietnam.He used to tell some pretty crazy stories.He had a rifle sling made from the ears of the Vietcong he had killed.

  • Marlon Compass

    This dude could make my little pony sound terrifying

  • Michael Ledford

    I was USMC 1965 - 1969 2/1 MOS 5812 Scout Tracker so I had alot of encounters with spider holes , I refused to send my K 9 and instead we called in for Foo Gas , a highly successful weapon , we poured 40 gallon drums of Foo Gas into every rabbit hole after securing the area and light em up , within 90 seconds many more undiscovered spider holes would start blowing smoke , durring our 6 days of round the clock fighting with the NVA 2nd DIV we cooked an entire tunnel network with Foo Gas and the results became my nightmare , after dumping 300 gallons of Foo Gas into the spider holes and lighting it up we had 3 flaming NVA leap out of a spider hole covered in flames from head to toe , after a week of non stop artillery ringing in our ears we we're numb and several Marines argued to allow the flaming NVA to burn to death ,so we watched them collapse and die , I hadn't noticed with all the commotion that my K 9 had alerted on a spider hole we hadn't discovered so I approached the hole and was going to toss my Willie Pete in until i peered inside ,there was an NVA covered in thick black soot so badly his face looked like Al Joleson black face make up with his arms outstretched asking for help ,I slung my weapon and yanked his ass out of the hole and into a clearing ,his legs were smoking so bad we thought he was still covered in Foo Gas and burning making popping sounds ,after the smoke cleared we could see the cooked meat on his legs bursting out streams of bright yellow fat , he kept saying " Oh Me Now " over and over again ,nobody knew wtf he was saying until it hit me he was in severe shock and pleading for me to Kill Me Now , I flipped the toggle on my weapon and put a burst into his chest at point blank but he had so much adrenaline pumping he didn't die ,I flipped the toggle back and put a single round thru his head and gave him peace ,afterwards an ARVN officer came and pissed on the burned up VC I had killed , everybody looked at each other and silently agreed that ARVN bastard had crossed a line and wasn't making it back to camp , he didn't make it back to camp either .

  • TinnedTommy

    Russian Infantry - Every war

  • Can't See Me.

    Pfft. This is nothing. I saw my wife get shot in a frozen pod and get my baby ripped from her literal cold dead hands. Not to mention tracking across a radiated wasteland and killing radiated moles with nothing but my bare hands.

  • Evan Dotterer

    Honestly just being a Japanese soldier during WW2 should be on the list... If you look at the mortality rate of the island defenders during the Pacific campaign it was a literal death sentence.

  • Kevin Johnson

    A suppressed revolver huh?? I bet that gun would be super collectable

  • Sweetlemonade97

    War is worse than hell. Everyone in hell deserves to be there. Not everyone in war is able to choose wether they’ll end up in it, or not.

  • Gary Grandy

    #1 latrine cleaner at a battleship after Mexican food buffet

  • AtomicSpoon

    The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, "You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done." - George Carlin

  • JayBaddAssCutler

    What about the poor bastsrd who's job is to lay on the barbed wire while his comrades run over him

  • Alexander Wilhelm Benedictus

    There's a rather long movie Das Boot, which not only has an amazing soundtrack, but also tells a story of one german submarine and it's crew near the end of WW2. I recommend that movie to anyone interested.

  • Penitten

    3:26 "usually with his fleshlight off"

  • Video Ninja

    Grandpa was a tunnel rat. Great man. Not so thin anymore hahaha but he's got some crazy stories.

  • John Doe

    If you were a tunnel rat that 1911 was your best friend.

  • Rod Doney

    Surprised they didn't eat the dogs when they were sent in to the tunnels.

  • Danny Heywood

    'The Enemy might not take to kindly to the fact you just tried to set him on fire'haha!''Can you please stop that?! It's very uncomfortable and frankly I find it to be bad manners''

  • OnceIWasYou

    Russian during Stalingrad? The whole "When he dies you get a rifle" tale always sounds grim...

  • Beerus

    i just got an idea for a horror movie about the Tunnel Rats!A Group of battle hardened Tunnel Rats who had success in every mission they took find a large series of Tunnels. they explore the tunnel and find many booby-traps....traps that would not only kill a human but completely destroy it,soon after they encounter some Vietnamese who seem to be hiding and scared shitless but they still fought them anyway. they won the battle and suffered some injuries... Now after fulfilling their mission it is time to find a way out...as they are about to do a dying Vietnamese soldier mumble something and blow up the small room causing the group to run and the tunnel to crumble as they fell down even further...as they gain their senses they realize they fell under another series of tunnels...but these tunnels are not like the rest...they are not man made but rather dug by an animal or something...as a growl echos further...the group is left in battle position wondering what the fuck was that.in the end only one left....will he/she survive or will they suffer the same fate as his/her comrades.

  • Anthony Abraham

    how did kamikaze pilots not make this list?

  • Zaween Exists

    What if you would scream in tunnels "FREE RICE"

  • Hamburglar v1

    My uncle was a tunnel rat, and a sole survivor of his platoon. Terrible war

  • Robert Weatherby

    the "not one step back" order did not ban retreating. it was targeted at officers that would call for a retreat with out being given orders to do so. an army could still retreat but had to be given orders from higher to do so.

  • Chris Long

    My father-in-law was a TC on a Sherman tank in Guam with the Marines. He used to tell me about the nutjobs driving the flamethrower tanks! He said they were absolute lunatics, with napalm or whatever leaking all over the vehicle! You could smell them, he'd say!It always interested me that he never talked details of his wartime experience to anyone but me. Not even his wife or kids... I think it irritates them a bit but oh well. They did get to go with him for the 60th(?) anniversary of the Guam invasion and he showed them where he remembered landing etc, but never the combat details! I met my wife, his daughter, right after I got out of the Army, and I think that might be why.What he told me, were the gruesome first-hand details, and boy, you better believe they were frightening! Coming from one who never exaggerated a thing in his life! He was the most composed person I ever met and I'm beyond sad that he's checked out now! Sah-lute!!He was cool, man... just cool. I miss you, George!

  • Cortarna

    U-boats were more boat than submarine. Although they were capable of diving, they spent most of their time on the water surface, access to the outside world/air. Crampt, yes, though they didn't go "weeks without capturing a glimpse of the sky."

  • Benjamin Timms

    why does his voice sound a bit like male Siri, its actually triggering.

  • Vlad Tairov

    For the record, the US hasn't used traditional flamethrowers since 1978 because something better came along, the M202 FLASH incendiary rocket launcher. More effective, safer for the operator, greater range, and easier to transport ammo for. We still maintain a stockpile of them, although to my knowledge they aren't actively trained on anymore due to the realities of low-intensity conflicts that we've been involved in lately.

  • paulsdrc

    Door gunner in Vietnam, life expectancy 3 missions.

  • patrick thomas

    10 years Canadian army. 8 years SSF. All soldiers are expendable to politicians.

  • Thomas Huayra

    - 1st century AD - Byzantinesmate...?

  • Sergey Berezin

    I’ve heard stories of Red Army penal company officer. And although there was a bad attitude of some soviet generals to the “shtrafniki” (that’s russian name of penal battallion soldiers), mostly the last ones were just used on the edge of the attack, first men in battle. And as far, as members of those units were experienced soldiers, no commander wanted to sacrifice such a valuable unit in a suicidal attack due to the total lack of forces after the disasters of 1941-1942. I mean that yeah, of course, some generals were (are) morons, but they were so to mostly all of the troops, not just the penal ones.Soviet penal batallions were organized in a way, that after 6 months of serving there soldiers were deployed back to there original units and returned their ranks, cause they were military proffecionals (very valuable). About 50-60% of penal batallions members were given back their posts after 6 months of service in a penal batallion. That might seem not much for a person not knowing average death percentage on eastern frontiere in Red Army. And NKVD officer were not put in charge of such units. Such officers were doing the papework of such units, controlling the situation about rotating the troops, mb. But commanding officers were from army. NKVD was a commissariat of “inner cases”, somehow like ministry of justice, so their officers just did not know some basic army officer staff. So NKVD leutenant commanding a penal platoon during attack, let’s say, operation “Bagration”, would be a mess similar to the one if you imagine an FBI agent commanding a marine unit in the first wave on Peleliu (nonsense). So the field commanders of such penal units were ordinar Red Army officers. Good voice though))

  • deliciousmorton

    The NVA and the Vietcong were courageous. They drove out not one, but two occupations in less than two decades.

  • Wuanslm

    I find it funny how after trying to, flood, bomb and gas the vietcong tunnels in the end the best solution the entire military might of the US could muster was just to send in a bunch of half naked dudes with pistols to clear them out one by one.

  • Bob Saget

    They used to transport Mercury up to 100 tons in the U boats as it was an important expensive and rare commodity back then. Which largely contributed to the oceans poisoning.

  • Daniel Lewis

    The dogs ended up as soup.

  • Stephen Miloscia

    #1 US Navy WWII Torpedo Bomber Pilot. When these pilots went on their missions, on average they where shot down 98% of the time. This is because they had to fly their planes in the daytime, slowly and low to the water in order to accurately drop their unguided torpedo, making themselves very easy targets for the gunners on the ships they where trying to sink. Most of the time the torpedo would miss the target, even if the torpedo hit and sunk the ship, the pilot would still be killed because he could not gain enough speed or altitude after he dropped his torpedo in order to get away from the enemy's anti aircraft cannons.I watched an interview with one of these pilots. He was asked why would they accept such a mission when they knew they had almost no chance of survival. He replied because back then they believed it was doing your duty for your country, and they honestly believed that the mission was more important than their own lives. Unlike the Punishment Battalion who where forced to do a dangerous job, these Pilots where Officers and volunteers. Very brave men indeed.

  • Razvratnik

    Penal battalion: If you're not dying, you're not trying.

  • T Ritchie

    I'm kinda surprised that the field Radio operator wasn't on this.If memory serves during Vietnam and WW2 they were targeted alot by the enemy.After all you don't want them to Radio in the bombers or reinforcements.

  • Sin City Slugger

    Galley Rower was extremely interesting. Pretty awesome that they were very well respected for their duties.

  • payson terhune

    You forgot the ball turret gunner

  • Christopher Kavanaugh

    Vietnam minority or working class draftees while trump, cheney, limbaugh,romney and a lengthy list of bloody gutless wonder future republican politicians and pundits avoided service only to become bellicose warmongers from a safe distance proving how big their manhood is.

  • Kamehamehino

    This made me feel uncomfortable because in the next life just imagine having to be these people

  • gamerfallout

    Order 227 was directed at officers, not regular soldiers......

  • AGENT Spider

    Kamikaze pilot in japanese army?

  • Twelve BangBang

    Shooting a flame thrower did not cause it to burst into flames. typically, you'd just leak fluid all over the place. God how the movie industry has bastardized history.

  • Geviper

    My grandpa was a first infantry soilder for the US in WW2, he did a couple battles but his main battle was the battle of anzio.

  • Ken Nagle

    Is it just me or should Hollywood make a movie about tunnel rats??! Like that would be a great movie

  • Straight White Guy

    My uncle had to sneek in behind enemy lines by himself and set up com links and then call in bombings and napalm strikes in Vietnam

  • Kevin Johnson

    Didn't Hillary Clinton say women have always been the primary victims of war?

  • Nathanowitz Peterstein Cuomoberg

    There’s the Ball Turrent Gunners of WW2 Bombers. In fact, I think that Charles Bronson was a part of a bomber that ran 26 missions, a position with a 21% survival rate.

  • steve thomas

    Years ago I had the privilege of meeting Col Buddy Edens, father in law of a friend. He flew Thunderbolts in WW2. Freed from a POW camp by the Russians  he was given command of a group of criminal soldiers going into Berlin. Their job was to clear out buildings.  Col Edens is quite a story. Out of ammo he throttled up his P47 to chew of the tail of a German plane who was on the tail of another US plane.

  • Andy Dudley

    i like to be in barracks when sandhurst rtu iain cunting smithy that would of been a fun day for all

  • anthony dinota

    Glad we have ground penetration radar and bunker busters.

  • Earl of Wickshire

    I'm a penile soldier veteran. Most of my fighting was in the bush country. Combat got bloody, especially when in very tight quarters, or once a month when the moon was full. I always wore my helmet for protection; it saved my life. Wish I could fight these days, but I can hardly stand up.


    please use a de - esser on your audio. everytime you use the letter S its like a thousands snakes hissing in my ear at once

  • nathan smiddy

    U boats had to be one of the only types I think was the worst in both wars.

  • Bill The Bull Gates

    War really brings the best qualities of humanity out <3

  • plumbherhub

    You see me now a veteran, of a thousand phycic wars.

  • Victor Waddell

    There was a saying " It takes a brave man to be a coward in the Red Army " .

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