Here's Something You Probably Didn't Notice In Skyrim Special Edition - Skyrim Mods - Week 247

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Stay At The System Page - Updated
Feminine Jarl Sitting Animation
Zenithar Workshop
Lucien - Fully Voiced Follower

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Albert Caliyo
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Patrick Toro
Edwin S Taylor
Hellsfire Frankenstein

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  • Alpesh Abhijt Chowdhury

    I'm a simple man, I see Skyrim in the title, I click

  • Sanguine Dream

    Yes, DOOM is a horror game...for the poor demons in the room with Doom Guy.

  • Izzy

    7:20HO BOI. Jeannie’s gonna put you in the doghouse.

  • Quickkiller2880

    The only problem with Skyrim is the thalmor

  • AnarchyRipper

    Ohh MXR throwing Shade at his own girlfriends mod. Jeanie gonna kill you

  • Dream Killr

    Human connection? What are you human?

  • demandred1957

    Henry, despite the cussing and everything else there were definitely adds on this video. So if it was demonetized and you didn't get it YouTube is scamming you. Everybody up vote this so he can see it please

  • SnjperWulf

    Lucien temps me to have a follower again. That's some really good voice-acting! Props

  • Kolefish

    You and Jeannie both need to post more so I can indulge in the masterminds of immersiveness real time

  • Lord Psyk0pIt

    Lucien make me think of Inigo. A smart character who's gonna whisper when you're trying to sneak and with a background story and which is pleasant to play with

  • killer moth

    Its actually incredibly balanced almost weak.... X to Doubt

  • Chrisrules25


  • Pabasara Kandabada

    4:29 Holy Shit Giant Dad's in Skyrim

  • Darkmist102

    I like how i've been following him from the beginning yet he still doesn't follow me back

  • Akumu Ryuu

    I believe the reason Elisif sits differently is because she lacks confidence to do that jarl sitting pose.

  • Icabod337

    I say let that sloppy taco breathe!

  • TehObLiVioUs

    System page vs quest journal... That's because Skyrim special edition was a console port LOL

  • Jack1775 Gaming

    There's a lot of dark souls content in that shop. That's awesome.

  • TheFinalBlood

    Triggered feminists are triggered

  • The Ascending Apothicon

    The Crucible is just Satan's Lightsaber

  • Marcel Schulz

    post some skyrim sloots on instagram and i will follow

  • Todd Howard

    Was that a dark souls reference

  • High Impact Sexual Violence

    I came because of the thumbnail.Twice

  • Sir Kibble

    Oldrim is still superior.

  • Bibo

    I followed you since you started Instagram but you never followed back :c

  • GodDamn Arshia

    >Henry talks about his Instagram>fans find new place to ask for jeannie to wear recorder's outfit

  • Zan Wanted

    hmm Lucien may be the only male follower that i will add to party :I

  • Willow Prescott

    Lucien sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for pointing him out.

  • Endless Paradox

    Can someone make the Lucien follower mod, but instead of Him being Lucien he is a she... and also a sloot? K thanks

  • Emmanuel Rayas

    you gotta make a tumblr acount were the real skyrim sluttyness masters are

  • JnaeFront

    I really enjoy your videos and am still actively modding Skyrim. I would appreciate it if you could specify if each mod you are talking about is compatible with SE, Oldrim, or both. I see in the description it's just sort of a mix. A simple visual tag on editing would be a nice touch if it's not too much work. For anyone wondering I did do the research: Start at System Page = SEFeminine Jarl = BothCross Crucible = BothZenithar Workshop = BothLucien follower = SE

  • The Anime Box

    MxR's mod videos are always so fun to watch. even though i personally have the legendary edition and not the special edition (i mean come on my legendary edition is way too modded for me to just delete it all and get a different version), it's still cool to see what's being made for the special edition.

  • Todd Howard

    Yes and the problem,Is not enough tiddyWe need more tiddy

  • ItsAvalon

    What’s the armor mod he’s using throughout the video?

  • _ STOP _

    you are completetly dry

  • Smellacath

    MXR, I can not believe that after so many hours clocked into Skyrim that you can't even pronouncethe name Mehrunes Dagon? C'mon mayne, you even played Oblivion

  • FrozenTiger 21

    4:40 Lol... chest helmet. That's the Symbol of Avarice from the Dark Souls series. It's a dead mimic

  • Fe Jung

    I play skyrim on ps3... crying because I'd really love a follower love Lucien

  • Carter Childers

    Your lack of Dark Souls 1 playing is showing

  • Charles Crawford

    I love you and Jeannie, like I said you were the first channel I ever subscribed to. Thank you and I love the MXR Plays channel also.

  • S8 the Ninja Warrior

    Damn, Lucien seems really nice !! Sadly… I only have Skyrim on Xbox 360... lol

  • matheus machado silveira

    im disappointed that mxr dont know dark souls references ;-; PepeHands

  • Warrior1405

    I just started modding with the nod organizer today, I thought I might as well because I completely broke my game trying to do it manually; I spent 3 hours trying to get the realistic animation project mods to work, I had everything set up perfectly but it still wasn't working. I then realized that the mod was only for Oldrim, and that I'll have to use the creation kit to alter it. At least I got everything else working, even if I did create the brown face big again, which I think I know why. I should have it all up and running tomorrow, but now it's 3am and I'm getting yelled at to go to bed because my Skyrim modding is "obsessive" or whatever, pfft.

  • logan mott

    make skyrim weekly again

  • leVinchy

    4:30 Dad... Is that you?Legend: Yes, yes it is me.

  • Sergeant Gutter

    MXR I hope you got Maybelline to sponsor you XD.

  • Anita Brand

    0:33 armor???????????????????CBBE OR NOT

  • Darkran Nexus

    Skyrim has a lot of problems.....

  • VaduSoft

    Thanc u four posting MxR!. Many cheers frum Amrica! (Sorry for bad English)

  • [OriginalUsername]

    Why does zenithar workshop remind me of spirited away

  • trickster peddler

    The 4:40 rose on the eye reminds me of zeros rose from drakengard 3

  • angry pepe cancer

    So thats recorder... jenie will cosplay that. Noice :o

  • Cesar Flores

    Love how you played Zelda music in the background 😆😆😆

  • The Veteran

    what is the weapon mod that he is using in 9:21 ?

  • Mihael Čudak

    OMG please play Doom(2016)

  • Ruby Rose

    MXRGet a life, stop beginning for instagramsI don't have it

  • Icy Knightmare

    That original Guild Wars music makes me wish I could load an old save...

  • Okami

    Wow, Lucien looks really cool. I think I might need to install Skyrim.

  • MrChase115

    3:19 🤣 LMAO!!! Adoring fan paraphernalia !!! Get the fuck out !!! That’s just too much !!! Even for me !!! I love it !!!

  • Riaz The Nerd

    MXR you are the one that make sure i still play Skyrim and Fallout never quit man XD

  • pupinator98

    4:28 eyyyy mask of the father... right?

  • OverDose

    Dude can u tell me all the mods u are using to make this video?

  • Kyler Ball

    That looks like an updated mad masker

  • Josh

    I wonder what will happen if Lucien and Inigo meet each other...

  • Aodhan Raith

    Mask of the Father from Dark Souls 1 at 4:31. G i a n t D a d

  • shinister shin

    I want to marry Lucian now...

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