Skyrim Secrets - WTF Really Happened Here?

►Skyrim Secrets - WTF Really Happened Here? (Lore Location)
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  • cody aldi

    okay, listen to this conspiracy:so,Narfi's sister is dead. in a river. who killed her? i think it was Wilhelm. you have another quest where a dark elf has you bring black briar mead to wilhelm illegally. i think Narfi's sister Reyda found out about wilhelm's smuggling deals while out to get plants, so he had to silence her. he then went to kill narfi, and hit him on the head. it didnt kill him, but fucked up his head. the first thing Narfi said after being hit was "Wheres Reyda?" so Wilhelm had to tell him she would be back soon. was good enough for him. thats why when you talk to Wilhelm, he notices Reyda's, when the dragon born comes along asking questions, he sends you to Giermands Hall hoping you would go inside and get yourself killed. thats why he also said the thing about the barrow. he see's you asking questions and is trying to indirectly silence you as well.

  • Sophia Johnson

    Interesting, I never even thought to investigate the victims prior, it was just a silent assassination with an arrow. Wish I had thought to do this

  • Cipher 58

    Here's what I think:Narfi is indeed a werewolf. He can't get a good night sleep, and when Reyda, his sister, and the only safeport he has, is gone for more than usual, he gets nervous and sometimes he even turns into the beast form.Now, when the Dragonborn turns into a werewolf, he/she "wakes up" in the middle of nowhere, without knowing what happened during the tranformation. Knowing this, it is quite possible that the same happened to Narfi when he transformed. He couldn't control himself, and as you said, he didn't see the difference between friend and foe, and he unconsciously went on a rampage to where he knew his sister went to get alchemy ingredients, in a sense of loyalty and protection.Meanwhile, Wilhelm was hunting some wild animals, rabbits and pheasants, when he noticed a big creature running nearby. He saw Reyda going to the small island earlier and not coming back yet, and the fact that the creature was going in that direction, made him fear for Reyda's life. So he chased the creature to the river, but it was dark and suddently there were two silhouettes near each other. At this time of the night, he assumes that one of the silhouettes is Reyda returning.He unseathes his bow, takes an iron arrow of it's quiver, aims at the bigger silhouette and shoots. A roar is heard. Wilhelm hit the creature.But the creature didn't die, so Wilhem prepares a second iron arrow and aims, but right when he lets the arrow go to meet the target, the creature roars again, which makes Wilhelm shake a bit. The arrow misses it's target for milimeters, and hits the smaller silhouette. A pain scream is heard, then silence.The creature gets on it's knees near the now dead body and holds it in it's big paws. Wilhelm doesn't see any movement, except the head of the creature facing the moon, and then he hears a sad and deep howl. He prepares another arrow, ready to shot the creature in the head, but the creature starts to shrink and he sees a human shapped silhouette. With an arrow still ready to shoot, he gets closer to whatever that is, and when he gets close enough, he notices that it's Narfi, holding Reyda's corpse is his now normal sized arms! He thought about what just happened and when he realized he killed Reyda because Narfi was a werewolf, he panicked and hit Narfi's head with the bow he was holding. Narfi then blacked out.He left Reyda there, not before saying they'd meet again in Sovngarde, and took Narfi back to his home, hoping he wouldn't remember anything from that night, and right after that he sold the bow to Zenithar-knows-who, alongside with the arrows he had left, so he wouldn't be framed for Reyda's disappearance or her murder.Narfi woke up the next morning, not remembering having turned into a werewolf, just like the Dragonborn on his/her first turn, and when he sees Wilhelm, he asks him if he knows where's Reyda, because she hasn't come back home yet. Wilhelm loses the fear of being found out by Narfi, and tells him she'll be home soon. Narfi believes and goes back home.But now Wilhelm, who has a deep sense of duty for Ivarstead, remembers there's a werewolf in the village, and because he's afraid Narfi kills anyone, or even start to ask some questions about some weird memory fragments he could have of that night, he performs the Black Sacrament, and just like that, there's a contract on Narfi.But actually, that's not Wilhelm's only problem. The Dragonborn appears and starts to ask the questions Wilhelm didn't want answered. Hoping Reyda's body didn't stay on the same place for the past year, Wilhelm tells the Dragonborn she was last seen going to the small island to gather alchemy ingredients, and never came back. And in fear that the Dragonborn would answer the questions taht shouldn't be answered, he also tells about a cave there, Geirmund's Hall, a dangerous place Reyda could have got into and died there.The Dragonborn proceeds to discovering what happened to Reyda, and as he/she crosses the river two iron arrows are spotted floating in the river. These are the two arrows Wilhelm shot that night. After closer observation, the Dragonborn notices something under the arrows, on the bottom of the river. A skeleton with an apothecary's satchel identified as Reyda's satchel. More specifically Reyda's skeleton, that stayed half buried for the past year.Once the Dragonborn takes the necklace of the satchel, and shows it to Wilhelm, he panics, and starts to talk nonsense, so the Dragonborn thinks he was unaware of Reyda's death.I'm pretty sure this wraps it all up. ESO please let me know if this theory sounds believable.I love watching your videos, dude, you rock! ;)By the way, sorry for the super long comment lol

  • Earl Settle

    In norse mythology, Narfi was one of the two sons of Loki. He was killed when his brother, Váli, was turned into a wolf and Narfi's intestines were used to bind Loki. Could be an indication that the werewolf theory has some weight to it.

  • QuantumTap

    and people keep saying skyrim has no story

  • Emily

    Your character is female and is actually wearing clothes...? Respect for that.

  • Muhummad Smith

    It was the deer in the river that killer Narfi!!! 13:55

  • Abisnail

    Who else had no idea about Narfi's mission?

  • Aeris

    I killed Narfi. Then I broke down and revived him with console commands.

  • Alexandra

    Okay, but I see something a lot more, I dunno, Lovecraftian here. The way nobody else even acknowledges Narfi's existence, Narfi's lunacy, and especially the way that Narfi and Wilhelm say the exact same thing upon hearing that the dragonborn found Reyda. It's so unnerving to me that they would say the exact same thing, it has to be connected somehow, I just don't know how.

  • Dominic Blondeau

    Maybe a mudcrab killed her.

  • Gerbil13

    There is a body behind Narfies house.

  • CinemaNintendo

    I don't know why but I feel really bad for narfi it just made me upset 😭

  • Alex Rohmat

    I reckon Wihelm performed the black sacrament... using Reydas body. Then dumped her body in the river. Used it as a contract to kill Narfi who as a werewolf killed his mother and father, and it's him whos the reason people leave town because he's a werewolf

  • Arcaithe

    Well we know that Narfi is a target for someone using the Dark Brotherhood. Maybe Reyda was a previous Dark Brotherhood target and a year later they have come to clean up the family? I dunno but those arrows in the river have to mean something and my first thought is assassination.

  • Glooze

    Could it be that the unique bow in the cave is the bow used to kill Reyda?

  • John Forni

    that river is broken AF. on one side of the bridge, it flows out towards the island. on the other side, it turns into rapids that flow through the village. there's nowhere for water to come in. THIS is the REAL mystery!

  • Dr jimmy the swagmyster

    Stop pretending like you found the corpse there's a quest marker for it

  • Elswares Props

    One of my theories:Reyda came back late one night and saw Wilhelm's smuggling partner(s) (evidenced by the dark elf delivery quest involving Black Briar Mead), who murdered her and sank her body near the bridge. Wilhelm has a strong suspicion about what happened, but can't prove it, and isn't about to start an investigation as it would reveal his own illegal dealings and cause suspicion to turn on him. He is torn apart by the guilt, and tries to be kind to Narfi, but can't do too much without raising eyebrows.This explains why her body is close to the bridge, is partially buried and not floating down the current, was killed by iron arrows (but no one in town has a bow, i.e. the smuggling partner did it), and could explain Wilhelm's panic upon seeing her necklace, as it could mean you found evidence and he might be incriminated.How this ties to the DB contract? Not sure. If you complete the Narfi quest first, it may suggest that either Wilhelm or his smuggling partners panic because of possible resurfaced evidence and decide to take out any possible witness ties by killing Narfi through the DB so they can't be tied to it. If you take the DB contract first, you will never complete the Narfi quest, so it's a complete mystery then...I do really want to know how and why both Reyda and Narfi have Daedra hearts on them though..........

  • Bailey Jinx

    Rayda is searching for a cure for his werewolf form... she has a Deadra heart and plenty of things that down your stamina ... the rueful axe downs stamina as well and was used to kill a werewolf. she brought Narfi with her one day ... to do the ritual or whatever she thinks will cure him ... Narfi already killed someone because of his form and in turn the villagers thought his dad was a wolf and burned the house down... his dad said goodbye and so did his mom because they both wanted to see him and his sister live... when Narfi and Rayda were seen many times going to the barrow the barkeep got suspicious of one of them being the wolf and then he tracked them down and tried to kill Narfi... Narfi being "sick" from when he was born was saved by Rayda... Rayda took the Arrows and when the barkeep saw that Narfi in his wolf form was so hurt and sad... he spared him ... the barkeep also feels guilt and now just wants to help Narfi... the SILVER NECLACE was made by Rayda to keep Narfi from turning into a wolf... they went to the barrow to get the blessing of the priest who protects the 3 Brothers tomb. the neclace never got blessed ... and when you give it to Narfi he thinks its okay to sleep again... (cause im not gonna tell him his only sister is gone) and when he sleeps he turns back into a wolf... and then the barkeep does the black sacrament to end Narfi's curse... but Narfi thinks his sister is still alive... so he doesnt want to die or to fight you... so he runs im sad...

  • jacob hall

    I remember doing this quest about narfi and never thought twice about it as I was replaying there is a guy just outside of ivardstead on the way up the 10,000 steps....with a bow and a tonne of iron of arrows....coincidence??

  • Mexa

    Good to see the skyrim videos back again

  • Gannon

    I can't quite piece it all together, and these suggestions about werewolves and narfi killing her is bit mad.. BUT if anyone looks deeper, you should check: any possible relation to the mysterious black sacrament found in Black Briar home in Riften (seeing as that is a sacrament no one knows who for, and also given that there is a quest about black briar mead related to Wilhelm) what if Narfi or Reyda were aware of this, and any informer could of messed up Black Briar business? They are a powerful family..Or check links to: Rorikstead, we all know the mystery of that place, and how it's farm is the best in Skyrim, despite it's geological place in the land, with no mountains next to the village, tundra winds should destroy it.. Narfis family was a farming family, and Ivarstead makes 100% a better location for a farm, due to the amount of nutrients around there, natural wind break from High Hrothgar, lush soil and a body water nearby.. Maybe the farmers of Rorikstead were aware of the competition, and have killed Narfis family over the years, since they were the farmers and had an alchemist in the family.. I mean, the healer of Rorikstead has ties to the daedra as we've found out...I have no evidence backing either of these two claims, but they could be linked without a doubt. I think this mystery is something that spreads out further than just Ivarstead, I believe if you guys search other towns or villages that might have logical ties to this (like I said, maybe Riften or Rorikstead) I think you'll edge closer..

  • nerdsRus

    There is a hunter in Ivarstead named Barknor that says to watch out for wolves. But there are bears around Ivarstead, not wolves. And those spots are really easy to get to. So maybe he shot an arrow at a werewolf, and accidentally hit Reyda. And Barknor always has his bow equipped at all times. So Wilhelm is either innocent or he really saw it. But ultimately, the werewolf theory makes sense and this is just a theory on what happened.

  • tony weir

    good theory but what if nafi's sister reyda was the werewolf and thats why she goes out away from village so she doesn't kill anybody and its reyda as a werewolf that destroyed the trees and not a bear then one night wilhelm went out to hunt and saw the werewolf and killed it with iron arrows then seeing reyda was the werewolf he panicked and buried her body half in the mud at bottom of river so her body wouldn't float to top and he forgets to pick up all of the arrows leaving two behind..

  • greenbeagle13

    I have been through this city and cave before and NEVER would have found her body... How cool was this...!

  • Dana Ripley

    Wilhelm killed Reyda by accident while out hunting one day, probably mistook her for a quail or rabbit. I imagine killing anyone in cold blood or by accident follows a strict capital punishment in Skyrim, and executioners do love lopping off heads. What Wilhelm was afraid of, so he covered his mistake up. Thanks ESO.

  • Koushiishin Butler

    We are all wrong..... No werewolf... If he was a werewolf with all the werewolf content the dev.s would have nodded at it at least. I have solved the mystery. This was all caused by Maven Black-Briar at night where the moons are out. She would be the one to pay for both contracts... and not give a crap at all... business is business... ain't nothing personal. Maven Black Briar connects the dots is my conclusion... the final piece now stand back at the whole picture.

  • Mr Hyypebeast

    This is my theory Narfi is a indeed a wear wolf and couldn’t sleep at night so he would stare at the moon from the huge hole in his house. Then wilhelm went out one day to get ingredients for his inn but did not know where to get ingredients from so he simply followed Reyda out one day, he continued this for weeks until Reyda noticed him. Reyda would soon follow Wilhelm back to the his inn after Wilhem was done “gathering recourses” reyda walks in the inn to see you ‘dragonborn’ dealing wilhelm illegal blackbriar mead. Wilhelm sees ryeda but you dont you then leave. later on he would soon hire a dark brotherhood assassin to kill reyda she is soon killed and the dark brotherhood assassin makes it look like she drowned but he left 2 iron arrows behind because he was shit at his job. Now Nefi notices reyda doesn’t return home wilhelm doesn’t want any more people in his way of his illegal works so he hires you another dark brotherhood assassin to kill Nefi.

  • Hayden Beranek

    Honestly,this makes sense.... The theory that Narfi is a werewolf would be reasonable. Why would he have a contract on him? He could’ve become a werewolf and killed... His sister? Werewolves usually don’t remember what happened to them while in their ‘beast form’. While his sister was gathering her items on the island,he may have killed her while a werewolf. But that doesn’t explain the arrows... Though,Wilhelm could’ve tried shooting Narfi while watching him maybe kill her. Maybe Wilhelm loved Narfi’s sister,wanting to protect a love interest. The arrows might’ve just stayed afloat in the water as Narfi the werewolf ran away. Reyda could’ve been killed in the water while trying to escape the wrath of her brother,resulting in her body and two arrows being found in the water. Also,the unexplained reason of why both Wilhelm and Narfi had the same dialogue when showed Reyda’s necklace is,well,suspicious. The why they were both very distressed about it,which is not unusual for Narfi,but Wilhelm..?.. Not something you’d expect that man to say,since he seems so sane.... Also,Narfi may not be getting much sleep because of being a werewolf and that he knows his sister is dead,just doesn’t want to admit it. Five stages of grief,just stuck in the same stage. Doesn’t want to let go of his sister’s demise. But that brings me back to my theory that Wilhelm may have had an affair with Reyda.. He seemed close to the girl,knowing a lot about her. Maybe wanting to save her from her brother’s sharp claws,resulting in the arrows... Or I’m just creating a dumb theory that makes no sense.

  • Haridio Putra

    how the hell skyrim could be this complex. I though this DB contract on him is just a potato lazy quest from dev. I am shocked that it actually has a back story.

  • Generic Skyrim Youtuber

    I... I killed Narfi... Sorry!!

  • Carlos Daniel

    Mane what the fuq?! 11:45 - 14:00

  • Shelby ramin

    My theory is whoever killed reyda also put the hit out on narfi and killed his parents.... no real evidence, other than the fact that you are contracted to kill him, but it fits and makes for a cool conspiracy theory.

  • Anh Laituan

    I will talk to narfi ,wait i have just kill him for the dark brotherhood mission:(

  • Luk3xx

    Okay this is a theory but I think that the villages may be vampires. Look at their eyes, all yellow expect Wilhelm and Narfys. I think the villagers killed Reyda because she found out and Whilhelm was still in the dark. Also the contact must be the villagers knowing that Narfy is on to them!

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    WTF in the title? Demonetized.

  • Can't Swim

    They all have vampire eyes wth

  • vincent143

    plants incriminating letter on Wilhelm

  • Well-baked Jews

    I thought that, when Wilhelm acts like that when you show him Reyda's necklace, it was a glitch and that Narfi's dialogue got mixed up with him.I guess not... strange.

  • Fernando Mateo

    Is he a werewolf? I thought you were going to investigate that. Nice vid btw

  • Rhyzan 04

    Bruh narfi even looks like a werewolf have you seen those sideburns?!?!

  • Jory Abelman

    Okay so here's my story about it. Wilhelm is actually a werewolf as well, in fact everyone in the town is a werewolf, that is why everyone tells you not to stay in town and you should get out as soon as possible, except for Raeda and Narfi, they lived on the other side of the river by themselves and never became werewolves. One day Raeda was out getting ingredients on the island when she came across the cave for her first time and decided to look around it for ingredients. She stayed out a little too late and Narfi gets worried so he leaves the house to come and look for her. That night Wilhelm was out preparing to hunt small game and such around the village like he normally does when Narfi shows up and sees him turn. Wilhelm attacks Narfi biting him and about to kill him when his sister shows up and starts shooting what few arrows she has at him. Wilhelm then turned on to her and attacked her. After she was killed the night had almost run out and Wilhelm turned back into a human and saw what he had done. Raeda was dead and Narfi was still alive and was turned into a werewolf. Afraid of what Narfi would do if he found out he killed his sister Wilhelm threw her corpse into the river along with all her belongings, her satchel and a few arrows. He then took Narfi back to the inn to treat his wounds before he woke up. The shock of the incident left Narfis mind shattered and broken. He didn't remember anything but Wilhelm was still uneasy about having Narfi be a werewolf so he hired the brotherhood to kill him before Narfi hurt someone in the village or remembered about the attack and enacted his revenge.

  • Sneaky Kid 21

    Can I do something like this? Solving mysteries? I need permission because i don’t want to copyright

  • Linda Cantu

    Best game ever stay cool

  • Oliver Hughes

    Whoever initiated the black sacrament against Narfi surely knows Reyda is already dead. If you were acting out of pity, you wouldn't put the man out of his misery if you thought there is a chance Reyda might one day return.Maybe he saw something, or you don't want him around reminding everyone of Reyda's disappearance. You want him dead with out incriminating yourself, so you pay the coin and hire the DB in secret.My money would be on Wilhelm, killing her out of lust or she got too close with his illegal dealings. Of course if he killed her with his bow, you wouldn't just leave it lying around; you'd hide your bow. I find it suspicious that he has all that game hanging around, and DOESN'T have a bow anywhere to be seen.Narfi then goes crazy, and of course he tells him that he's sure she'll be back soon (he's not going to say he killed her is he!). But now a year later and he's still obsessed talking about Reyda, he needs him silenced and also to be put out of his misery. Maybe he now feels remorse for what he has done, and it is a small mercy to have him assassinated quickly. Also goes some way to explain why Wilhelm panics and breaks out of character when you reveal the necklace to him.Or maybe... if Narfi is a werewolf, it could be likely that Reyda was also a werewolf and killed by hunters with the arrows found close by while she was in her beast form. Maybe the same person knows Narfi is a werewolf too, so they pay the coin for the DB to assassinate him, because you are too scared to kill the defenceless old man yourself incase he takes on his beast form...

  • Vanessa J

    Haha I love these kind of videos

  • alin carabet

    here is my theory:if you kill a chicken the guards try to arrest you becousethe chicken secretly rule the entire tamriel

  • Hamik 62

    She was be assasinated by Dark Brotherhood like Narfi. You can searching aboat anybody from Brotherhood whos have bow or these arrows in inventory.

  • Pierce Rojas

    I think narfi killed reada as a werewolf willhelm was hunting at night and saw narfi and thought he was a wolf instead of a werewolf and shot him with his arrows that’s why the arrows are there

  • Albino Deathclaw

    I think norfi did it because he seams he talk vary suspicis sorry I am only 8

  • Troy aj 4 life

    May be narfi turned in to a werewolf and attacked his sister on the bridge as willhelm walked out and saw this happen on the bridge trying to shoot narfi with his metal arrows but he escaped by diving in the water with her sister dropping in the water with him how ever it was to dark to see who got killed?...😁😂😐😮😮

  • Carbon

    It would be so cool if they introduced a new guild in the new Elder Scrolls VI game that let u attempt to solve mysteries like this one, really enjoyed this video Danny, gj man!

  • TheFriendlyPolarBear Gaming

    My theory, Narfi turned into a werewolf and killed Reyda in the river and whilst he was doing this a guard or another villager noticed the werewolf and started shooting arrows, hence the arrows in the water. Wilhelm recognized her necklace because they were secretly in a relationship. The werewolf theory also kinda explains why the villagers wants you to get out of town asap.

  • Garrett Wilson

    Hey eso, look around the body of the sister and you'll find a nest of slaughterfish eggs.

  • The Hawk Hole

    To be fair, the theory is sweet... But it have some holes.1: The two arrows... If Reyda goes to an island that hold no danger in order to pick herbs, she most definatly did not have reason to bring a bow or arrows of any sort. Furthermore, we see no quiver, no weapons with her. Two arrows suddenly popping to the surface? Suggests they been lodged in the body and presumedly they been picked loose by the current2: LocationThe body is placed in the stream OPPOSIT of the house. If Narfi had indeed been a werewolf and killed her, why would he go across the stream at their house, dump her MID STREAM along the village, where there is plenty of chance to be spotted, without anyone mentioning it? The fact that Reyda's skeleton is covered in some sediment and did not blow to the surface suggests that by the time the corpse is dumped, she'd have been dead for a while as a corpse will normally otherwise bloat due to internal gasses and be pulled to the surface, which would then have dragged her corpses BACK to the herb isles and further out into sea if it did not wash up underway3: Her itemsThere is herbs in her satchel. She was clearly headed back from the Island. Wilhelm knows of her schedule but there does not seem to be any greater cause for him to kill her. The village is far away from anything and there is nothing that suggests she would give him trouble, even if she knew he smuggeled stuff. Reyda have spent time gathering materials to sustain them both. Perhaps Narfi were an alcoholic BEFORE her death as well? We previously seen siblings care for another that drank away all the cash4: BehaviourWillhelms answer to the necklace is not "Oh no, you found her". It actually suggests he might have known their parents and knows Narfi in a different manner. The fact he directly quotes Narfi's "Never got to say goodbye" suggest that Narfi might actually be mentally challenged rather than anything else. It would also explain why Willhelm cannot bare to tell him the truth. And if that is the case, Narfi is unable to take care of himself, yet he got all he needs. Perhaps our dear innkeeper actually brings him food and drink to sustain him, feeling sorry that his sister left?Theorem:Reyda is extremely close to the village, yet her skeleton seem to have no clothes and is located with two arrows floating to the surface (I presume in some instances, they will be lodged in the ground underwater, explaining why you ain't seen them before) proving that she was murdered. A bow is not a close-up weapon and considering how close she is to the shore, it is quite possible she been shot from the other side, OUTSIDE of town and have dropped into the water whilst weighted down by equipment. As her body have decomposed, clothes have slowly vanished yet more sturdy items, such as her leather satchel, the wood of the arrows and the arrow heads (The arrows as a whole) have remained there. Sediment have layered atop of her and local wildlife have eaten away at the corpse slowly, explaining why she have not surfaced or been taken by the stream.Considering she is just a herb picker and her brother is a target for the Brotherhood, perhaps she have been a previous target of another aspirant? Such would explain why she been killed from a distance outside of eyeshot, still have her most valueable belongings (Necklace and herbs) and nobody have heard or seen her. Same as with Narfi. An easy and seemingly random target to prove yourself.Frankly, I think we need to look at a bigger picture. We see the black sacrement and know that the Dark Brotherhood been pushed back over several turns.. A year ago, we are talking the start of the civil war, the Brotherhood still having some leeway. And we also know as a fact that after the main questline, you are often sent to far-flung towns to take care of seemingly useless targets. I think Reyda been just that.. A more or less random target for an initiate.What further debunks the werewolf theory is that any place where werewolves have been sighted, they are either feral or very well aware of the fact that they are werewolves.. And the citizens know too.. A small village like this, you would notice if people were killed by a werewolf, if such a creature was lurking nearby and so forth. Narfi do not seem to have a greater intellect that would make him capable of hiding this...Conclussion:The evidence do not, at any point, point towards a werewolf attack. No matter what angle we take this from, it do not explain the two arrows. Willhelm might have a motive, but that is vague and it is based on a lot of hunting goods... But while there are no hunters in direct proximity to High Hrothgar, we do actually see them around in the terrain.. Suggesting that they sell it. Alternatively, pilgrims bring it to town to cover costs. The fact that Willhelm does not immediatly own a bow, nobody mentions that he vanish to hunt (Yet knows the coming and going of most) there is no real evidence connecting him to any of this. The two arrows is our only clue to a genuine crime. Werewolves do not use bows, Not Narfi nor Willhelm seemingly owns a bow, nothing was taken from the corpse yet she was killed, seemingly within city perimeter.. But at a distance... On a route she travels often... In a region scarce on bandits or indeed any real dangers..The two arrows are the key...

  • LordPhoenix98

    Narfi is not a werewolf. He is a werebear! Think about it: why would there be no bears encroaching upon the village? The bears are literally on Ivarstead's border and could make their way over and pilfer through the farms and have a wholesome chicken meal before all of Skyrim rushes in and kills them because you know how Nords feel about their chickens. There are bears near the bridge of Ivarstead, the river falls north or Ivarstead and right on the 210 the and higher steps on the throat of the world, yet no encroachment... Bears tend to steer clear of rouge male bears that seem stronger and more aggressive, and what is more aggressive than a male Werebear?

  • Gaming Gorilla

    If Narfi killed her as a werewolf, the arrows wouldnt have been there.

  • Justin Brown

    Why was Narfi and Wilhelm's response verbatim when her necklace was presented? "Reyda! You saw Reyda? Did you tell her Narfi cries? Did you tell her Narfi never said goodbye like mother and father?" (11:46 & 14:04) . Are Reyda, Narfi, and Wilhelm related? Did a similar misfortune occur to their parents, only before Narfi was aware of what was soon to happen, and able to say his goodbyes (3:19)??

  • Nuclear Chair

    How would those arrows be there? Wilhelm says that she went missing over a year before, and I don't think those arrows would be there after a year.

  • Gaetir Mountainkeeper

    Староват я для этого (im too old for this) (C) Geralt of Rivia.

  • Ammon Kempton

    What if Narfi is a wherewolf, killed Reyda, and Wilhelm saw this happen and tried shooting Narfi, who was a wherewolf at the time. Then when he realized later that the werewolf he saw kill Reyda was in fact Narfi, he called upon the dark brotherhood to kill Narfi before Narfi killed again.

  • Iconic Comic

    cody aldi what is also weird is that Wilhelm said the exact same thing Narfi did when you showed him the necklace. Verbatim. Same tone. Maybe the two are under some kind of trance? I don’t know. It seems fishy. Too many in answered questions... the contract could’ve been for both Reyda and Narfi by a someone. A mage of some sort. Maybe the arrows are from the assassin that tried to kill them but Narfi ate the assassin. The mage that took the contract then came back and cursed Wilhelm and Narfi and basically when asked about it, it triggers the same response.

  • Majin

    HOW DO YOU STILL PLAY THIS!!! Its great but i cant play it anymore its just overdone imo

  • OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l

    Wilhelm liked the sister she didnt like him he killed her narfi went insane and was bringing attention to the missing sister wilhelm got the dark brotherhood to kill him, all suspicion of him is gone as people wpuld assume the one killed by the brotherhood commited the crime. done sealed and over

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