Top 5 Superhero Mods In Skyrim

We go over 5 of our favorite mods featuring superheroes from various media that you can play as in Skyrim!
See the list here!
  • Max Lastname

    Skyrim never gets old.

  • Tyen Lazer

    Master chief? A superhero?

  • Gam3rnathan

    You can't use mods on consoles, one of many reasons why PC is better than console.

  • Stranno

    This looks like the Asylum version of Seb and Cam.

  • Tristan Hagerman

    It's amazing to me that skyrim is still relevant in gaming what 2 years later? Aren't many games that do that.

  • Dej Yohan

    Get Iron man and with all his abilities!!!

  • SilverStrumer

    Nice video. I actually loved this game and bought it earlier this year but got bored eventually after using cheats. Now I feel like playing it again but without cheats :D

  • Noah x3

    Didn't this game come out like 2 years ago?

  • Sahil Pethe

    Lord of the rings mod. Legolas, Frodo, Gandolf etc as followers mod. It's there. And it's awesome

  • Charles Harris

    I just got my new rig I'm going to buy this game and try this lol (Yea yea yea I'm late leave me alone)

  • Potential Legend

    They forgot Deadpool :(

  • King Jon Targaryen I

    Which is funny cause everyone is obsessed with Batman and I find it kind of interesting that in video games they love using him in Mods A LOT!!!!! Even in batman own game  Arkham Series you find some video of a dude trying to pull a superman glitch or Mod if they have a PC.  Goes to tell you the video game community really really want's a Superman game for once that's great. It's coming guys its coming just wait. While you guys wait though keep doing his Mods or Kryptonian mods 

  • Patrick Kara

    Just felt like clicking on this and laughed so hard when I saw 4 ninja turtles kicking the shit out of that guy

  • thebigbadone1234

    is master chief really a super hero?

  • Money Meng

    Cant do that on a console...LMAO

  • The Little Pasty

    Master chief shouldn't be here

  • Aaron K

    What about the flash mod??

  • The Daddyland

    no no no why didn't you have flash he is literally invincible with his power come on am I the only one who thinks this

  • Helix 1

    Master chef isn't a superhero. Guys with power suits and guns isn't superhero, only Batman can be a superhero with no powers, BECAUSE HE IS BATMAN!!!

  • Saboteur4

    I'm confused on why they didn't show any other versions of Batman armor or Captain American armors/mods there are around two batcave mods and maybe two lore friendly mods not including this atrocity. Or even the Avengers mod which is such a better version of Captain America rather than the nightingale re-textured ugliness that is mod number 4.

  • Reno Denton

    Master Chief mod looks the best!

  • Mike Brow

    PC master race all peasants shall bow, before its greatness.

  • subject_17

    master chief's is pretty great. the others look so gay in skyrim:(

  • Cyle Kling

    I'm pretty sure master chief isn't a super hero he should have replaced him with deadpool


    omg ninja turtles that is soo great!!

  • saimond hacker

    really? ninja turtles? im out

  • Mustafa F

    Sixth omg I'm. A boss

  • Luis Rodriguez

    What about the goku mods

  • Jason Li

    is there a tutorial on how to get all the superman mod working, pc

  • Sergey Shevchuk

    And where Green Arrow?

  • l

    What kind of creatively challenged goober would design this kind of bullshit.. Not only is it out of place, it completely destroys the role-developing element which makes these games worth playing to begin with.Burn in hellfire.

  • pumpedupchips

    But master chief and the ninja turtles are not superheros

  • Keenan Bartlome

    what about the iron man mod, i think that looks cooler than masterchief who isnt actually a super hero

  • Weaksauceization

    The best Skyrim mod ever made: Falskaar. Go play it, you WILL NOT be disappointed. Some people believe it was better then the official DLC. 

  • Pyro Maniac

    Unless you consider rich as a superpower, this list needs renamed to "Top 5 Hero Mods in Skyrim"

  • NeonTime

    What about the Flash Mod. The Flash Reaction Time is pretty cool.

  • Aaron Timothy

    superman in Skyrim like a supernordman lol

  • KujiWoo

    Knock Knock.Who's there?JUSTICE!!


    Wow, screw you console Skyrim...I need to get the PC version.

  • PhantomArtist

    personally i wouldve like the green arrow instead of captain america, and CAN I GET A NIGHTWING mod with acrobatics mod doin flips 

  • DeathSerpent

    They better have a metroid mod...


    what kill mod is that when he kill the dragon, first scene...

  • Sun Conscious

    hope i can locate an online video game dictionary, lol!..i'm not a gamer but i'm kind of obsessed with virtual world environments. i like to hang out in them, just exploring, i enjoy visiting websites dedicated to the topic. i also watch docos about them & their communities re: the fun or the social issues, relationships, etc. but somehow i've never heard the word, "mod," in this context. anyone who can refer me to their favorite gaming dictionary (if they exist), please let me know, thanks! in the meantime i'll google around for whatever i can find.  :o)

  • Baby Miku

    How is The Flash mod not number 1 FOR PETE SAKE YOU CAN SLOW DOWN TIME


    We know who made the mods but what is the mods name for superman. How did you get those gloves!?!?

  • SumDude __

    I think chief is a superhero because of all the other reasons people have mentioned like heroic feats and genetic advancements giving him superhuman abilities of strength and stamina. People are forgetting that dc or marvel (cant remember which) published a graphic novel for halo if not more than one. Not a huge reason for chief being a superhero but just another reason to add to the pile...

  • TheChrisrex10

    Your link to the master chief armour is the wrong one. It's the shitty one that, fair enough at least it's been made, but isn't the high res halo 4 one you showed in your video. Please fix or upload the armour yourself to nexus or steam :)

  • Builder Army

    I want that batman one but I have skyrim on Xbox

  • Red J

    I would say the flash mod should be put in there because it rides right alongside Superman considering you could run at Super speeds and see time very slowly so it's pretty cool

  • Connor Wayne

    Does this mod apply to Playstation 4??

  • On Ly

    there is a much better batman mod out now. takes from batman arkham asylum but it is amazing

  • CheekymonkeyGaming

    That Superman mod is just pure awesome! :D

  • Solo Rogue

    I made my own hero via racemenu. Xena Warrior Princess makes a perfect Dragonborn. No better superhero imo ;)

  • brucenatelee

    The Superman one looks lame, but the powers were needed, Batman's cowl doesn't have the flesh shown (might as well be the Beyond version), and a Wonderwoman mod would be kinda obvious to me. If only there was a way to test this game out for free on PC. Do they have demos or something?

  • TheSneezingMonkey

    To all game publishers: Always make sure your games are locked down and not mod-able! Because look what happens! People keep re-inventing your games and might actually still play them im 20 years from now! And who wants that right??

  • Javaid Ahmed

    Captain America is essentially the same thing though, both of chiefs and caps powers came out of test tubes. Their morals are both the same: defend humanity at all costs. So yeah chief is a hero, just not a comic book one.

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