Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 9)

Skyrim is a title with a plethora of activities to partake in. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim simply has no shortage of things to keep the player’s mind busy, and nearly seven years later that remains just as true. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you probably didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • J3ST3R

    LIST OF SKYRIM ADJECTIVES:bigvasthugelargeginormousenormousexpansivemassivegreatimmensegianttoweringmonstrouscolossalmonumentalsubstantialsizablegiganticgargantuanreally any of these could fit in an EpicNate vid :D

  • Asher McLaughlin

    Ive started using "murdered to death" in real life because of your videos 😂❤️

  • サ イ レ ン トS I L E N T

    I dropped all my gems and mjoll killed a beggar for them, not as noble as she may come off as.

  • Jeremy Landon

    Valuables? Nah, you don't even have to drop a valuable item in Riften to start a brawl. Heck I watched a bunch of shop keepers and beggars fight to the death and absolutely slaughter each other over a wooden spoon. Not even joking, it was hilarious watching people go, "MY LIFE FOR THAT SPOON!"

  • fleshlight that cries

    "most skilled of archers"proceeds to miss by 15 feet

  • Zeldagigafan

    The prohibition on magic when sparring with Vilkas even extends into use of enchanted weapons.

  • Dave Two

    Everyone's out here waiting for TES VI and what do I get? Guard Duty


    4:55 Nate boo, boo Nate booo

  • Crystal Owens

    Actually the decoy IS a somebody, one of the last relatives of the emperor. His death after the death of Vittoria leaves the emperor with no heirs.... leaving room for the Dragonborn to claim her rightful place on the emperor's throne hehehe.Also, one thing people probably don't know: if you're over encumbered, pulling an arrow onto your bow will allow you to move faster. There is only one movement value for a loaded bow, and that value is a touch faster than being over encumbered.

  • Grace I Guess

    Murdered to death! (Did I do it right?)

  • Dragon born

    If you have the Hearthfire DLC you can plant the jarrin root and have your own supply

  • Alton Rodgers

    I went from taking an Arrow to the knee to enjoying a sweet roll in the trees

  • roee longo

    Theepicnate by the time TES 6 comes outFive things you probably didn’t know you can do in Skyrim:1. Walking

  • Damian

    Drop your spare cabbages in Riften and watch as NPCs fight to the death.

  • Edgaras Beržanskas

    Nate I have a fun fact for you. You mention in this video that if the dragonborn uses magic against vilkas he will stop fighting but did u know that if you are fast enough to knock vilkas down he will say the following "now that's impressive". I only found this out when replaying the companions quest line. I hope you are reading these coms, btw keep up great work love ur vids.

  • jp5ftw

    Now I'm gonna try and 1 shot Alduin with the root

  • CelticDragon0

    How to make the best poison in-game: Jarrin Root, Blisterwort, and a Human Heart will make the ONLY 5-effect poison in the game-the effects will be: Damage Health, Damage Magicka, Damage Magicka Regen, Damage Stamina, and Frenzy. And you can get multiple of these with the perk gained from the quest 'A Return to your Roots'

  • cookiesw

    Bought skyrim a few moth ago worth every second you spent the game actually made me take guitar lessons

  • Curious Wind

    you can use the Fury spell rather than courage. its cheaper and easier to get

  • General Tullius

    Without us to keep order, the provinces would fall into barbarism and lawlessness.

  • namikejohnson

    It's too bad you can't Smith weapons for the guards when they ask if you can.

  • Secret Spice

    Horn of Jurgen wind caller return it to Ustengrav you'll get a unique interaction I'm surprised no one is talking about it

  • Sage Carter

    M u r d e r e d t o d e a t h

  • TheDarkSeraph

    "Skyrim is a title with a plethora of activities to partake in"? Do you even know what a "plethora" is?!Please get what this reference is

  • CaughtHerEyes

    Nate, I swear to God one more bee pun, I'm going to beeat you with a broom

  • Michael Bell

    Here is a tiny detail for you, Mr. Nate315.Brunwulf Free Winter, he is an equal rights petitioner in Windhelm, and an anti war activist. Well, there is a reason he is an anti war activist. His brother, father or perhaps uncle, Skarden Free Winter, wrote "A Dream of Sovngarde", in which he describes how he will likely die in an assault on the Imperial City and dreams of Sovngarde. Evidently, he died and left Brunwulf with a sour taste for warfare. One we see in Windhelm.

  • Tsundere_Gaming

    I'll be honest, that beehive fact is new to me. About time there was something I didn't know or knew very little about.


    Anyone made a murdered to death mod yet?

  • Redoran

    Hey Nate, did you know that if you have a Reikling as a follower you can give it a greatsword, and like the arrows it will actually use the greatsword as a weapon and hold it like a spear.

  • Cipher Strife

    I don't know if alot of people talk about this but if you join the vampires, dawnguards will attack the castle randomly. If you use vampire seduction to subdue one you get unique dialogue were they are trying to pose as wandering bards. You can make a request were they forgot their instrument. But yeah please let me know if anyone as figured this out


    Notificationed to death

  • 47most SOON

    Hey you mix details right? Can you brew me a video?

  • Justin Egts

    Bee hives can also be shot down with magic as well

  • Erick Lalande

    RIP Bambi’s parents: murdered to death by legendary dragon god man

  • aysseralwan

    It's insane. I never heard of some of those and this game is almost a decade old

  • Nick G.

    I thought everyone knew the beehive one. I mean, I learned it by randomly running around shouting at the top of my lungs. :)

  • Talon24

    "It seems nearby Riften's marketplace is the best place to begin dropping your valuables"The Thieves Guild ghostwrote this

  • Daniel Nemésio

    The first time assassinating the emperor's decoy I jinxed him with fury and his own guards putted him down. I also did the same thing with Victoria Vicci, who was slayed by her husband

  • PFP

    "As he's not ACTUALLY interested in hurting you."Gets executed by Vilkas during the beginning test-fight.Alright, then...(This actually happened to me, by the way.)

  • BunchofRichards

    Holy crap. Ive seen countless videos about "things you didnt know in skyrim" but iv known them all, until now. You showed me something i actually didnt already know about this masterpiece! Kudos!

  • Jesse James

    murderererered to deth

  • Honest M'aiq

    Hi NaTeS iT's GuY hErE

  • FlyingChipmunk15

    1Edit:YES!!!Im first2nd edit:Nobody cares?Okay😢

  • Bejeezus

    That decoy had a family :(

  • Fancy Dawg

    This channel finna be LIT when tes6 comes out!

  • KainaX122

    So do you think you'd be interested in doing videos like this for other Bethesda games like New Vegas and Oblivion?

  • Zarathos

    I knew about the root one. I accidentally consumed it while mass consuming ingredients and wondered why I just took a huge hit only to realize I consumed the root. Oops.

  • Abdiel Echeverria

    Congrats on 200k love the videos

  • Eris

    I have actually done #5 on accident. I dropped a flawless gem next to Edda to see if I could get her to pick it up. Marise Aravel and Brand-Shei/Madesi(I don't remember which one of them it was) started to fight over it. I ended up using a calm spell before the actual fight broke out but weapons were drawn.

  • Kuba Mierzwa

    So I've come across the Vilkas-does-not-like-people-using-magic-on-him just recently. Destruction magic was my character's main way of fighting, so that's what I did. Needless to say, I ditched the Puppy Warriors immediately. Screw your Lycantropy, I'll take the Vampire Lord, thank you

  • Alex Dearmond

    Once upon a time in the land of YouTube there is a waterfall. and the wave of time that crashes into the rocks that are skyrim channel's. but one very VERY stubborn "rock" that "stands the test of time" that rock is the only thing that's stopping the vast land of skyrim from falling into the mountain of forgotten games and for that we thank that rock for holding the line. #DefendSkyrim

  • King Crab

    videos like this makes me say "h u h" a lot.

  • Dionte Avant

    Did you know that if you wait a few IRL days, TheEpicNate will upload a Skyrim video?5 things you probably didn’t know you could do - Real Life: Secrets

  • SimsDiva24

    So I got the Jarrin Root from Astrid then proceeded to do other quests. I later decided to do some alchemy and quickly ate all my ingredients I didn't know the first effect of. When I exited the menu I was very confused on how I died, until my sister asked me if I had ate the plant that Astrid gave me... So that's how I found out Jarrin Root wasn't a quest item.

  • DjMillaz

    I've had a bug happen twice (on Legendary difficulty) where Vilkas actually kills you because your character cannot take more than 3-4 blows.

  • Liam Leggitt

    Stop making these videos XD they make me want to play skyrim again and I don't want to dive into that rabbit hole again. I'm being sarcastic don't stop making these, I enjoy them very well.

  • Chad Myers

    so bunnies have an attack animation ?

  • The Nerevarine

    What about Ahzidal? He was the wizard of the Companions and fought the Snow Elves with Ysgramor so Vilkas saying its not allowed is stupid because magic has been in the Companions from the start

  • Gavin Savage

    That jarin root poison is awesome! You could one shot alduin. Not even a dragon God is immune to poison

  • Grand General Chaotik

    this is something for your next things you probably didn't notice video; Cicero and Tuillius are named after the same guy, Marcus Tuillius Cicero, who was a roman statesman (Try 2)

  • SEAL

    I used to be an adventurer like you, then I got attacked by a courageous bunny

  • TheDarkSan666

    Ok, burning a whole city to the ground and reloading was yesterday... Let the people murder eacht other over some Dragonborn gems. That's the new shit. Skyrim never gets boring :D

  • Peregrination

    I dropped a fork in Riften market once. They no longer have a grocer thanks to Brand-Shei.

  • Blaze Osirus

    Everyone is waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 and what do I get? A job guarding towns from dragons that are too easy to kill and no one thanks me

  • Edgy Nightmeme

    Thanks for using my suggestion Nate!(It was the one about starting fights by dropping things)

  • Vereginny

    This is why skyrim is still the bestbgame out there!! Thx nate keep up the good job <3

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