Skyrim: Dawnguard Walkthrough in 1080p, Part 3: Sneaking into Dimhollow Crypt (in 1080p HD)

Part 3: Improving My Crossbow and Traveling too Dimhollow Crypt (Quest: Awakening)

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Isran of the Dawnguard wants me to visit Dimhollow Crypt and investigate what the vampires are looking for. Before I head over there, I hop over to Windhelm to improve my crossbow, enchant it, and level up! I fast travel then find my way up the mountain near the Great Lift at Mzinchaleft. At the top I find... Dimhollow Crypt (dreadful music)... I enter, kill a few vampires and a vampire dog, then move further into the crypt and start killing skellingtons.

Greetings, all people that in Tamriel do dwell... We now find ourselves in the province of Skyrim! This is a full walkthrough of the entire game, covering every main quest, side quest, and primary location in Skyrim. Subscribe to follow along as I uncover the best secrets in all nine Holds, andO watch all 400 videos in dazzling 1080p HD, recorded on my PC.

Quests started in this video:

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  • May Bukid

    Thanks for the walkthroughs, it's obvious you put a lot of effort in them. 

  • Alireza AKA Jiraiyah

    lol Jizargo has a bug on his ass :D

  • QueenHippolyta OfTheShadowRealm

    Watching this to educate myself

  • Snufflumpagus

    lol random black boxes :p


    Great videos, you clearly put alot of effort into this, very well done cutting out the boring stuff and so on.. Your game looks really good, do you have a list of your mods somewhere? I would like to see what you are using, thanks :)

  • Culveyhouse

    Nope, the Dawnguard... Remember that Glorn is quite chivalric, so he always tries to pick the "good" side, which sometimes doesn't always work out that way.

  • Culveyhouse

    Nope, the ambient occlusion stays. It's one of the best enhancements. Thanks anyway for the compliment!

  • Culveyhouse

    Yup, I watched the live stream!

  • Culveyhouse

    lol thanks, and glad you're a part of the chat room!

  • Culveyhouse

    Currently GTX 570 SC, but upgrading again soon .

  • Culveyhouse

    @Snufflumpagus naked person. :D

  • Culveyhouse

    Ha, yup I'll be watching too!

  • Culveyhouse

    I know right? It's gonna take Skyrim years to get boring. ;)

  • Lizzy

    Why were there black squares on the screen at some points

  • mikes5637

    5:40 'That comes much later in the game... a few months away...' Seriously, how many games can you say that about? Awesome stuff.

  • Mikekxs

    Nice, i hope to get dawnguard soon. And by the way Curiosity a mars robotic rover succesfully landed on mars.

  • Masento

    I wish Bethesda could figure out a way to release the DLC on PS3 :( I've been wanting to play the expansions so bad Dx

  • NinjaVicar

    why do you keep picking up torches?

  • Ectoblaster

    Crossbows are really powerful, they have similar or more base damage than a daedric bow!(although the new dragonbone bows are the most powerful)

  • GooserFive

    words dont describe the AWESOMENESS!!!

  • Umar Sharif

    Excellent Video Culvey!! Thanks!!

  • crispycris

    Crossbow rules! One of my fave vids so far.

  • DCMihatepie

    hey culvey, what kind of graphics card do you have?

  • Joshua McGinty

    WTF Culvey xD Why are you using the nude Mod :O

  • FqllenOut

    0:32 You said eposode 2 :P lol.

  • darepsy

    Sorry, I didn't mean to insult. That was an misunderstanding. I likend and watched all of your videos, and I'm a BIG fan. Hello from Serbia.

  • darepsy

    I didn't mean to insult. I am a big fan of yours! Hello from Serbia.

  • Patrick

    why not just tone down Graphic settings to help the Stuttering and FPS tanks? Disabling Ambient Occlusion helped me a lot, now I can run 2K HD Full Pack w/ Bethesda Pack on Ultra with lots of Graphic Enhancing MOD's too. Maybe only when you record? Your the best Culvey! :)

  • Vincent H

    Everytime i watch any of your skyrim videos it makes me want to follow your footsteps! keep up the amazing video quatlity and gameplay!

  • Charles Patrick Sr.

    Best game ever!!! Dawnguard !

  • 564Monster

    master difficulty and ur one shoting master vampires... pro culveyhouse...just pro

  • Johnny Drama

    Sneaky vampire hunter. That crossbow is lookin' good. How do you know when to end the video? I'm guessing you don't want to put out like 60 min videos so you time it? Wondering because you cut some pieces out of course :) Enjoyable video as always.

  • R F

    I've just been following it on twitter, the rover seems pretty hip with the kids...

  • Patrick

    wow you caught a Torchbug and shoved it inside a Jar and then made J'zargho wear it thats so cool! ;) When's the last time you visited Kharjo's grave btw, those flowers probably need replacing! :)

  • darepsy

    I hate Windhelm textures. :(

  • astros2021

    best videos ever culveyhouse thanks

  • unfunny meme

    Ok..ill remember that:)

  • Quackers

    Culver use lightning bolt not thunder

  • TheDrifterDanny

    I like watching your walkthroughs culvey and that crossbow does loads on master! 1 hits everything so far ;)

  • zombiebombersXD

    Agh Culvey I bought the game because you make it do cool c: I'm looking forward to getting this expansion pack

  • flametower014

    does anybody see those black boxes on the screen near the end of the video?

  • M M

    "Get outta my face Niiiiranya!"

  • Wulable

    :D Awesome! I would love it if you would return to 1 Skyrim vid per day, I know its a lot to ask, but they are just SO awesome culvey! Man you rock! Do you play an hour and split it into 4 videos ever? I usually play for at least 3 hours when I do play... I don't know how you can restrain yourself to 15 minutes per 3 days :B

  • Enrique Jimenez

    this is why i got the xbox360.....we get expansion packs(dlc's) first haha

  • Johnny Bravo

    i gotta work on my smithing -.-

  • Fin Romano

    Hey, Culvey! I'm definitely late to the Skyrim party, but I've beaten the main questline for Skyrim, and the main quest for Dragonborn. I'm going to be purchasing and starting on Dawnguard this weekend. Your videos are amazing -- keep up the great work.

  • Ankinton TheSkinet

    Bro <3 Please Change that Bad Armor ..

  • UltimateDouche Gaming

    why was the vigilant of stendarr naked?

  • Moonsie Poonsie

    Some really great vids Culveyhouse. Keep up the good work :D

  • Comp Engineering Is My Life

    LOL...I used to watch your skyrim episodes I stop at around episode 18 and then years later I needed this walkthrough and taa daa Culveyhouse is here for the rescue :)

  • Sinnstudios

    still got the male nude mod lol culvey your so bad.

  • Kyser

    why the censor box culvey? new mod that makes targets naked when you loot their armor?

  • Culveyhouse

    Don't ask about Fallout on my Skyrim videos.

  • Chris

    yea culvey tell them haters to GTFO

  • David Droogs

    Big Fan, Watched al;l the Skyrim vids, and most of the fallout new vegas, Ugh, Kinda wish the come out with ES:Elseweyr >.<

  • Optimum Operations

    why do u do that sound when you travel?

  • Dustin

    I wish these videos were an hour long :(. nevertheless keep up the good work

  • Hoxson1

    I went up that path last night heading up to Mehrunes Dagon's temple and there were no steps at all. PS3 version. Wonder if the add-on added them or if the PC version is just different.

  • xxtheeglovexx

    You should put a list of mods in the description.

  • Fibroman50

    Well I finally caught up on the Skyrim videos now I am on your Dawnguard series woo hoo so far the same high quality( what else would I expect?) I liked every video so far cause you deserve it. What more can you ask for Information, humor, new vocabulary slanmoosh schlong scrap to name a few words to use when swinging your war hammer and bam bing bong for lightening attacks lmao and Those unusual weapon names and great inuendos plus great video quality perfect walkthrough series thanks Culvey

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