How to get the Morokei Mask in Skyrim - [The Dragon Priests]

Here is a guide on how to get the morokei mask in skyrim. One of the eight legendary masks in the game! Please like and fav this video!
  • ivootje88

    wtf is up with the intro

  • Crow

    Every priest I fight I use the wabbajack weapon because its easier to kill them with.

  • Predator 117

    Ok so I’m not sure if it was just me. But morokei was ridiculously easy for me to kill because he used the staff of magnus which did no damage to anything I summoned and me. So I was just standing next to him and hacking him and my flame atronach just chilled next to him and burned him over time.

  • dhgodzilla1

    thanks for blowing my eardrums out lol

  • Samuel Bridges

    oh thats where he is thanks man good look with all your video's and stuff thanks anyway keep it up.

  • Tristan Scott

    thanks im gonna use marked for death on him and WRECK him

  • Ruben Gonzalez

    Your intros are cancer

  • Ashlee Jade

    I can't find my morokei mask 😕

  • TheCryptidman

    The Dragon Priests are extremely balanced compared to most other enemies in Skyrim. If they aren't hitting hard, they can take a lot of punishment. If they're slow and ranged, they have a dragon protecting them. If they, like Morokei, are specialists in magic, they usually have a weakness to heavy armor and weapons. In other words, if you want to fight a player, a Dragon Priest is so well rounded as an enemy that it's very close!

  • gameralfa095

    I beat him at level 20 and ihe was easy with the skyforge sword, healing  and fire breath, the fight was quite long though

  • Shadow Mere

    You should've at least showed us were the dam ruin was without the location the video is almost useless

  • Natan titelbaum

    my first dragon priest i ever encountered was krosis when a random guard discovered me shearpoint and i defeated him with my ancient nord bow and i had bad archery skill it was long ago

  • Natan titelbaum

    wrong the wooden mask brings you back to time and its the mask which helps you to obtain the last mask on his location

  • CrenaPT

    I defeated Morokei without losing any health, with fireballs 

  • Spring trap

    He is weak for me I have 1020 magicka and 5705 health and 12219 stamina

  • cody ritchie

    Wtf i still dont know how to het to that part

  • Super Cat

    I thought this game was for nerds but I played it for a bit and haven't played anything else for the last three weeks.

  • Kyle Mann

    i disliked for the half a minute long intro

  • TheFearRaiser

    @vKemikal yes it is, its a very awesome game!

  • TheFearRaiser

    i believe its a deadmau5 song

  • TheFearRaiser

    haha nice! and thanks :D

  • the names rick just rick

    i got it today fucking awesome have ps3?

  • Toony

    please whats the intro

  • Toony

    whats the intro song ???

  • TomSpence

    when I fought morokei he didn't even retaliate I killed him in like 30 seconds

  • FogsFles

    I killed Morokai, but he hasn't got any loot on him. Now what?

  • Dr Beast

    Oh u have grown alot on YT i watched ure vids 4 years ago when i played skyrim now i play the special edition

  • SpySappingMySandvich

    You must feel accomplished in life.

  • Alge

    reload before you got the mask :) and get it back

  • cjc3of3

    Just don't do the quest until you get a half decent weapon. I did it with the Dawnbreaker (Right) and Healing spell (Left). Beat him quite quickly too.

  • vladimir frolov

    It's the wooden mask

  • charliboy15

    @vKemikal If game of the year doest say it, let me say it. This game is epic xP

  • MysterionZ666

    hey i am level 31 and want to know what quest is that? and what is the best to use. i have fight with a dragon priest on shearpoint but didn't won:( so i am searching all over youtube to find the best way to kill a dragon priest because i want that fucking masks than i want to know where i can find the time mask or something

  • LoUgY

    I can fast travel to Labrinthian, but where's the entrance to the crypt that his video starts in??

  • The Red Gamer

    You know that map that you made to stop us from complaining? Yeah.. You made me go to Dustman's Cairn. Fairly sure that this is not where the mask is.

  • ShadowCloak43

    Do you need to be in th college?

  • Abas Said

    I killed my first dragon priest at level 6 it was vokun

  • Iliqn Presiec

    The first Dragon Priest I killed was Krosis and I was level 13-14 then lol.

  • jegolego

    I don't think that's deadmau5. deadmau5 doesn't make drum and bass

  • Bryson Chapman

    dude this mask will help me a lot cause i mainly use bows and magic

  • Brandon Sanders

    The wood mask is the one hoo brings you back in time i lost one of the marks god damn it

  • jojo nojoke

    You are the worst the vid is a crap fight and i get. nothing no location. If you think you are good explainer think again.

  • TheAlexgallardo

    my computer is working slow nooo

  • Marcus Braxton Jr.

    Keep figjting they get easier I killed 6 and im 13 All execpt morokei and otar Going for otar now

  • Marcus Braxton Jr.

    Morokei is the hardest ever

  • Brannon Conner

    LOL dude you take this long to kill em i killed him so fast bro u suck

  • FlameOfGodith

    lol i one shot him and his priests with Mehrune's razor and the shrouded gloves trollface.jpg

  • vKemikal

    @charliboy15 Well see I l didn't like the other elder scrolls but people have been telling me this is nothing like the others. I want the new game Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning That looks AMAZING

  • Dan etzioni

    do you have to do the mages guild quest line to be able to get to that dragon priest?

  • Possessed Doll

    yeah with the mask that takes you back in time is called a wooden mask I have it I didn't know what it did but all I that I knew was that I was somewhere else when I put the mask on and saw the different names for so I set out on my journey to collect the dragon priest masks I just need morokei's mask and I'll have them all.

  • vKemikal

    Hey, I never played this game yet no hate please but is it worth buying? <3

  • Brian Palmer

    I beat Morokei at level 20 thanks for ur help

  • Arne De Clerck

    do you need to compleet a quest to get dat mask

  • crossmethod23

    I dropped the mask somewhere in the world...FML

  • Wigly Sorbet

    I need help because when im going to open the door they said they object to open the door is not in your inventory help me plz !!

  • TheDoeboy5899

    Morokei+master robes =250% magicka regeneration.

  • Dasani1

    it was not actually that difficult i killed him along with the other 7 dragon priests in like 5 seconds with due wielding the nightingale blade and the blade of woe.

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