I found a HACKER with *UNRELEASED* Fortnite skins...

Fortnite: Battle Royale - A HACKER shows me unreleased skins! :O
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
  • Ali-A

    To see all of this in person was CRAZY...!

  • Happy Power

    Hey that's me #StayHappy

  • Ghost Banana

    Who's here when these skins are released?

  • Nicolas Gomez

    Who else thinks Ali's official intro should be the meme intro

  • bluez247

    19:10 bamboo black bling , oookayy alia . alia in drugs ;D::DD:D

  • Grandmaster Dragonmouth

    With the galaxy skin you can have it on the galaxy note9

  • JustVurb

    ali listen my guy i love you but this be lookin like my guy Landons video

  • East Div.

    Who else tried to add happy power leave a like


    19:09 - 19:13 Black Bing

  • leetle boy

    I'm just here for the meme.

  • Anjoe Estrada

    I like happy power I subscribed to him🙂

  • N L Solanki

    Roses are redVoilets are blueAli-a copied landon I cant believe if its true

  • Yo Yo

    So what i were to tell you that Asteriks don't work on Title of the video UNBELIEVABLE right ?

  • Dawood Noori

    Ali -A sv Ninja 😎😎😎😜😜🤨

  • ghostheart

    The hacker with the skins is at 14:55 and the galaxy skin is at 23:13 🤙🏽

  • Superrichharp

    That hacker has a YouTube channel

  • john carter

    You are very good at fortnight

  • ImDuckieTheDuck

    Copy of my dads video (landon’s video)

  • Exe plays

    Now a days you get tha Galaxy skin by having a Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Jrjelly135 aj

    He said the f word at 19:37-19:40

  • TheEpicGamerGuy

    For people who said it was fake 🙄🤣👍🏻😇

  • Brody Bell

    can ali-a do a all gold only challenge

  • Jay Does

    I mean no shoutouts to Landon?

  • Bernard Joseph

    cmon ali bamboo black bing is not his black bing XD I know u know u said that xDD

  • Călin Poiată

    this looks legit to me...

  • Qai

    Just copy Landon no problem

  • Thank Po

    My friend had an awesome time with you today at Fortnight be my friend Alex. My

  • Jiro Jump

    You are lucky 🍀😱😱😭😭🤬🤬🤬


    Not hating or anything but you kinda copied Landon!

  • Cuckoo Kidz

    You and Lachlan are my favorite youtubers

  • Taytayplaygamez

    Rttrrrrr rrr redddnnnrrhrrnewbrnnrehe h

  • Alicia Wigfall

    Circle Quest me my name is mommy a1

  • Xxdisschiffxx Gamerxxx

    My friend has the sushi man

  • ImAMan CalledGreg

    "black bing"

  • Aali1246

    Are you wearing your girlfriends shirt?😂

  • Olivia Vance

    my little brother was playing with someone else who also had a bunch of those skins and the galaxy one but it was a different person

  • John lopez

    Hey ali-a wanna play I'm a youtuber as well

  • Sakhi Ahmed

    muselk better than ali a.like if u agree

  • Bridget Cameron

    I found a hacker after he killed me he did an unreleased dance move

  • Luke Portelli

    EVERYONE, put your video on 19:38, and he says the f word about rocket riding!!!

  • savage king

    Ali I sent a friend request

  • Arctic Gaming

    Happy power was on Landon's channel

  • Rynoheidi Geldenhuys

    He is a very good hacker.Happypower.

  • Adam Heelan

    It’s just coding u can’t use it in game though

  • Justin Montes

    I got 20 kills in fortnite

  • Li Lion

    This galaxy skin is the evolved No-Skin!!!

  • vSasuke

    Give me 10 likes and I’ll report happy power

  • CoolKids 442

    When are these skins released

  • MarshmelloFan _999

    No hacks. They just have good gaming chairs

  • Defaulty Boi

    90%of comments be like:You copyed landon 5%back at it again with the faces5%other

  • Sandra Vargas

    Is it just me or is he faking the whole video at 20:39 (no hate)

  • Boss Breezy

    Bruh the galaxy one isn't all tht I like the Chinese guy with the sword

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