I found a HACKER with *UNRELEASED* Fortnite skins...

Fortnite: Battle Royale - A HACKER shows me unreleased skins! :O
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
  • Ali-A

    To see all of this in person was CRAZY...!

  • Happy Power

    Hey that's me #StayHappy

  • Toxic Pixel

    Who's here when these skins are released?

  • code1 gaming

    How the fk did this vid get on my home screen ..bye bye YouTube im uninstalling YT now Top 3 rd comment 😎 gg guys

  • Nicolas Gomez

    Who else thinks Ali's official intro should be the meme intro

  • ViiRuS BLanK

    Imagine... a world where Ali-a was muscular...

  • Qai

    Just copy Landon no problem

  • Brody Bell

    can ali-a do a all gold only challenge

  • HeRoX

    It’s not even hacking. He just went into fortnites user file and swapped around the skin codes. Im sure hacking is where you actually alter the game files to effect the main game . But you can only do it if both skins have the same amount on characters. For example if you have the sun strider skin you can swap it with the leaked panda and galaxy skin.

  • FinCouz

    19:10 bamboo black bling , oookayy alia . alia in drugs ;D::DD:D

  • Grandmaster Dragonmouth

    With the galaxy skin you can have it on the galaxy note9

  • ImDuckieTheDuck

    Copy of my dads video (landon’s video)

  • Yo Yo

    So what i were to tell you that Asteriks don't work on Title of the video UNBELIEVABLE right ?


    19:09 - 19:13 Black Bing

  • lego star wars across the galaxy

    That hacker has a YouTube channel

  • leetle boy

    I'm just here for the meme.

  • Dark Angel

    Happy power is hacker.. Ali-a is clickbaiter

  • N L Solanki

    Roses are redVoilets are blueAli-a copied landon I cant believe if its true

  • Jiro Jump

    You are lucky 🍀😱😱😭😭🤬🤬🤬

  • Joshua Lambrechts

    Oh my!!!! I've always wanted that skin!!!What what skin?

  • JustVurb

    ali listen my guy i love you but this be lookin like my guy Landons video

  • Exe plays

    Now a days you get tha Galaxy skin by having a Samsung Galaxy S9

  • ViiRuS BLanK

    Video starts at 14:28...I know.You probably clicked away

  • john carter

    You are very good at fortnight

  • Sakhi Ahmed

    muselk better than ali a.like if u agree

  • Thank Po

    My friend had an awesome time with you today at Fortnight be my friend Alex. My

  • Alicia Wigfall

    Circle Quest me my name is mommy a1

  • ghostheart

    The hacker with the skins is at 14:55 and the galaxy skin is at 23:13 🤙🏽

  • Evan Williams

    Ali I sent a friend request

  • Rynoheidi Geldenhuys

    He is a very good hacker.Happypower.

  • Bernard Joseph

    cmon ali bamboo black bing is not his black bing XD I know u know u said that xDD

  • Aali1246

    Are you wearing your girlfriends shirt?😂

  • Tv Spiderman

    Hey I play on nintendo

  • ImAMan CalledGreg

    "black bing"

  • Jay Does

    I mean no shoutouts to Landon?

  • Xxdisschiffxx Gamerxxx

    My friend has the sushi man

  • Călin Poiată

    this looks legit to me...

  • RoarShin

    😀this is Caleb👕 he is zero 0 years old👖one like = 1 year👟 let’s see how old he gets

  • Tv Spiderman

    Bro I m aimbout hacker but I doesn't work that much anymore

  • John Lopez

    Hey ali-a wanna play I'm a youtuber as well

  • Venom-Agario

    Solid rip in the chat says like he’s streaming

  • Olivia Vance

    my little brother was playing with someone else who also had a bunch of those skins and the galaxy one but it was a different person

  • Bnm.slimes

    Not hating or anything but you kinda copied Landon!

  • Luke Portelli

    EVERYONE, put your video on 19:38, and he says the f word about rocket riding!!!

  • Bridget Cameron

    I found a hacker after he killed me he did an unreleased dance move

  • Arctic Airsoft

    Happy power was on Landon's channel

  • Adam Heelan

    It’s just coding u can’t use it in game though

  • Justin Montes

    I got 20 kills in fortnite

  • vSasuke

    Give me 10 likes and I’ll report happy power

  • Alpha Delta Gamma

    Starts at 23:00... Thank me later

  • ItzJimz

    Who's watching this when everything in this video has been released? 😊

  • nirufah sathar

    Do an epic challenge that will get u risk and prove ninja u better we with u man

  • NoahPlaysGames

    Literally all the skins in this video are out now

  • Li Lion

    This galaxy skin is the evolved No-Skin!!!

  • Cameron Browning

    Wow every time I put squad fill I get a bunch of defaults as a team.

  • Jesse Vanvlijmen

    who is going to sawcon

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