Skyrim - All Daedric Artifacts

The relics with which to trick, to control, to harm, and to scare have all been discovered. Should you seek them? Here, I list All Daedric Artifacts in Skyrim. Most of these come from daedric quests, and usually include unique weapons and armor, some of which are the most powerful items. I also do other Top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret locations, even secret enemies and quests to be found, which usually lead to weird theories or your own fan theory.

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and follower mods that are amazing. They make creating new character builds, or finding rare and weird encounters, or even sad deaths a lot more fun.

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  • Hadius

    Anyone else remember when molag bal made us beat that old man to numerous deaths with that mace. Yeah. Skyrim

  • Elena Blu

    Fun fact about Dawnbreaker: if you're a vampire, the blast hurts you too

  • Ruben 444


  • Adam Thompson

    No homo but love what your doing Oyfum King

  • DonkeyMan USA

    I actually managed to kill an ancient dragon with one hit with the Razor. It was awesome.

  • Phillip Lopez

    This video must have used the ebony mail for stealth, for I did not receive a notification.

  • Shelly Ouellette

    I was in a draugr crypt, and a Draugr deathlord shouted Dawnbreaker out of my hand, and into a stream and I never found it again.

  • TrapperJarrett

    Bethesda just give this guy a voice acting job already!

  • bird

    The legends were true, after tracking it for years, I finally found it. I FOUND IT! The magical staff of OYFUM, soon I will be able to summon barrels to vanquish my enemies!

  • Mal-Pal

    wabbajack wabbajack WABBAJACK

  • Chris L.

    You should have your own Master Class, Graenolf ( ಠ ͜ʖರೃ)

  • Spastic Alpha

    Why does he sound like he's a charactar from Skyrim itself? I can't stop imaging an NPC speaking about these Daedric artifacts, has he actually done voice acting at all for Skyrim by chance?

  • Manny Castillo

    Does "maybe we should visit Cyrodil next" mean that Graenolf is gonna make Oblivion videos? That'd be badass

  • :D

    Dawnbreaker is my favourite sword. It's fucking beautiful, not to mention great for exploring crypts

  • TranscendentLion

    Next up: the Oyfum Infinium, given to the player by the eighteenth Daedric Prince Graenolf in the quest 'Barrels of Boethiah'.

  • JakeDexter123

    I just realized that playing in first person with a blind character makes no sense

  • OkayEdgeLord

    I love daedric artifacts, they are actually some of my favorite tools in Skyrim. Aside from my ebony bow, that thing is my baby!

  • TheCastawaySkit's

    In the new eldee scrolls game they need to add the ring of barrels and if you stay in one place for sneak you can turn into a barrel for 60 seconds

  • CrumpetsRGood4U

    I still like the fact that you have the walking/running animation for females. It's soOYFUMMERSIVEaND WOW, you really got under Sinding's skin. GET IT

  • DonkeyMan USA

    Graenolf, you should suggest to fudgemuppet a "Daedric Warrior" build. It has the Ebony Mail, Mosque of Clavicus Vile, the Ring of Hircine, dual wield Merunes Razor and Dawnbreaker , and the Waabajack as a ranged weapon. That would be cool. I guess Daedric gauntlets and boots. Please!!!!!!!!!!!! The power of OYFUM compels you to do so!

  • Carl Fletcher Junior

    That rhino thing at 7:56 I'm dead also comment your least favorite artifact below

  • Talks With Conner

    Don't trust edited comments

  • Rosen Kostov

    Peryite's Shield is by far the most powerful and my personal favorite. It's ironic because Peryite is seen as the weakest of the daedric princes. I used it along with Dawnbreaker when I roleplayed a Dawnguard paladin. With the proper perks in Block, this shield can completely block the Shouts of even legendary dragons. Completely. Block. The entire. Shout. Zero damage. Walk up to a mage, who's spamming Blizzard at you? Shield of Peryite. Walk up to a dragon priest, who's spamming Fireballs? Shield of Peryite. The more magic resistance you get from other sources, the more damage this shield will be able to absorb. And its power recharges every second just by holding it up.The giant warhammer by Malacath is also a very worthy mention. It is a hammer but with the speed of a greatsword instead, which makes it one of the highest-DPS weapons early game (if you can somehow beat the giant that is guarding it). Its only drawback is that it cannot be improved, which automatically means that it's useless on higher levels.Mehrunes' Razor seems good but the proc chance is meh. The Star of Azura is not good because at that point in the game you'll never have any issues with souls. The Mace of Molag Bal is bad - the enchantment does 0 damage, only depletes stamina and magicka, and soul trap is far better on an off-weapon for 1 second for maximum charges. The mask of Clavicus Vile will last you for a while if you get it early (which is not easy because it's guarded by a pack of vampires, including a master vampire), but any other helmet with an actual combat enchantment or higher armor rating will replace it. All the other artifacts are pretty bad and not even worth mentioning.


    Graenolf please write a book your amazing descriptions paint a beautiful and crazy picture that makes me keep coming back for more... I just can't help it.

  • LEM N' EMS

    Graenolf, I only found your channel almost a week ago when I started to become obsessed with skyrim again. And I thank the lord above every day for that. if not for u i wouldnt have QUALITY skyrim content to watch and enjoy. And even tho I havent been around here for that long, Ive got the jist. Number 1: Barrels. Number 2: ONLY 720P FO LIFEEEEEEEE thank you for being the dank you, (thats a little thing i just came up with on the spot if you were wondering hehe)a relatively new fan, Ethan

  • James Garratt

    could you please do a video of all the oyfums ?

  • pencile punch


  • R.H.


  • skycrafter 204

    Hey I found a barrel under my bead what do I do ????!?!!!?!?

  • Noobfromafar

    Spellbreaker... I could survive everything when I have the shield with me

  • King Crypto

    You forgot 1 the oyfum barrel armor owned by the dadiric prince graenolf it protects you from all harm and gives you power of the mighty OYFUM

  • Muhummad Smith

    You forgot the Rueful Axe

  • Grinder-one

    Sanguine Rose. "I smell weakness.....ah, there you are weakling....I honor my lord by destroying you".I have so much fun with this, my favourite staff.

  • Nisha

    You create some of the best, most funniest content!

  • Ironic Mumflr

    I have 14 of these, I am U N S T O P P A B L E

  • Gavin Yake

    I'm too busy doing the fish stick…it's a very delicate state of mind!!!

  • Zero Redgrave

    Another excellent video, Jarl Graenolf.


    Hey Graenolf......OYFUM!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Beakman

    Hahahahaha... Yeah nice try.I wear my dagger under my sleeve. Don't expect anything else, Graenolf.

  • Rekrah

    You are such a nerd, I love it

  • ultra potato

    Amazing video keep up the great work Skyrim is an incredible game and will be remembered for a long time. Subscribed and will continue to watch your content, I would advise everyone who enjoys to do the same.

  • Boz _4455

    Nice thumbnail tho 😂😂😂


    I have the Dawnbreaker sword best sword I have right now

  • Red The Destroyer

    What amor is he wearing?

  • DeathBot Gamma

    You're description of the Ebony Mail was fantastic.

  • Everything is free

    I usually managed to get both Savior's Hide and Ring of Hircine at the same time just to complete my wolvie barbarian build. Then i combine those items with Ancient Helmet of the Unburned, Predator's Grace, Scaled Bracers with one-handed enchantment and double Dragonbone Axes with absorb health and stamina enchantments (or just absorb health enchantment). Then i turn my character to be a werewolf and my build is complete.

  • James Bland

    I think it is time to close shut the jaws of oblivion. If you know what I mean....Do an Oblivion video please.

  • Ascended

    You make these weapons sound better than they really are. Most of them are useless without Zim's immersive artifacts(mod).I like your explanations, great video.

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    the Razor is a pretty damn good weapon

  • Jack/titanic/cats

    I was eating when you were talking about eating corpses and stuff.😶🤢🤢

  • Fireblade1411

    I only got 3 artifacts I need more

  • Yann Bonada

    My mehrunes dagon dagger killed a dragon in 1 kill 😂

  • Magic Eight Ball

    Graenolf please play danganrompa

  • Joe O

    Have you considered becoming a professional narator?

  • max jordan

    OMG your a true wordsmith love your vids

  • flowergirl

    Oh my god the description of them makes me cringe its so vivid in the imagination its awesome!!

  • 9 to 5 Nobodies

    Graenolf, please do another lets play!! Only then will I let the spirt of oyfum flow through me.

  • Sophie Maximoff

    Love your videos!!! They make my day!!!!

  • Noah Coggeshall

    The Spell breaker shield also blocks dragon breath, which is extremely useful against Alduin, although he will break the ward eventually since he has one of the greatest voices ever

  • Dj Dr4g0n 10rd

    Ebony mail is hands down my most favorite one.

  • Shazad Ali

    what armour is that he is wearing??

  • Maxx Stiner


  • Rogue Toa

    you forgot the cloak of virginity

  • Ariel Gibson

    I love this beautiful man

  • Random Pineapple

    what armor does he have?

  • Justin Lozada

    I still recommend youshould do a top 5 saddest stories told by people in skyrim list

  • Big Smoke

    At the beginning was that a hunger from oblivion?

  • King Schultz

    i was changing while i was watching this and you said “lift up your shirt, please” the exact second i took my shirt off and i stg i can’t stop laughing

  • GodRidMe

    What about the axe clauvicaus viles gives you

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