Skyrim Assassin Build Secrets – Best Perk in the game for Sneak Builds!

Skyrim Assassin Build Secrets (Shadow Warrior Perk Weapon Builds)
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  • Nathan Thompson

    How are you still making Skyrim videos in 2018, amazing!

  • Khajiit

    Khajiit thinks this perk is broken!

  • Despacheeto

    No hate but how did you manage to make a video about a single perk in Skyrim go over 10 minutes?

  • Evil Hades

    Ultimate Tea Bagging perk Lol

  • Tim Seltenright

    Pagan Min? Is that you?

  • Leto85

    This is cool. If you combine this with the Slow Time shout you will be able to plan your attacks more precisely. That one second that Shadow Warrior lasts will be stretched out thanks to the Slow Time effect.

  • Verp


  • Mada

    Before watching is it shadow warrior?

  • Nirav Ramdarie

    Do an amorous quest with serana please.

  • Austin Slaughter

    You also auto teabag people while doing this, neat.

  • Anonymous person

    That perk that gives daggers a sneak multiplier of 15 + dark brotherhood gauntlets for a times 30 sneak attack multiplier...Do i need to say more?


    Khazix evolved R + duskblade

  • Bastian Jones

    I hope all of you guys all want ESO to play Oblivion or Morrowind

  • Levi Samom

    Eso is back and Skyrim is still going

  • MMander

    What's that animation mod you're using for combat?

  • Karma

    If bandits get this perk it is the day of judgement for us all.

  • Bastian Jones

    YOU are the best ESO I hope you will see this comment. Can you play some OBLIVION or Morrowind. Thanks that would be nice

  • - Solaris

    I prefere an assasine 😁Invisibility, look for a good spot and summon bow (and the quite casting perk) and sometimes paralyce potions 😆They don‘t know what hit them

  • Omar Magour

    This gameplay almost doesn't look like skyrim anymore lol

  • Sagan The Khajiit

    Now I see why Ordinator added a cooldown to this perk, and I completely agree with the mod

  • Logan M

    I’ve been using this since the game started

  • Garrett Wilson

    Just in case you missed the previous comment I made, have you tried wielding the keening and a stalrim sword with chaos damage while the deathbrand armor?

  • fnafguy fnaffan

    What if you combine this with the ebony mail

  • Anonymous person

    Too bad i use ordinator perk overhaul

  • Bastian Jones

    Hope I can get a reply by ESO because I miss his Oblivion let's plays if not do Morrowind

  • Dúo Bizarro Bizarro

    Well, Sneak is op af in vanilla... That's why Ordinator Perks is so good.

  • Adam Thompson

    Wassup Eso our high king and I made a orc character for my Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 Lol. His names Groak wonder where I got his name from hahahah hope you do not mind and thank you Eso :) 💖

  • Perihelion77

    I'm gimping my characters pretty severely as it is, just to make the game a bit challenging.Why are there so many mods and techniques that essentially put the player into God Mode?By challenging I don't mean Legendary, as I find that system lazy and boring.By challenging I mean the limited or selective assignment of perks and weapons and armor.For instance, I have a character that can only put perks into Lockpicking, Speech, & Pickpocket. He cannot be the Dovahkiin either. So he isn't any sort of God of Death.I never use mods that add any super powerful armor or weapons. That's a spoiler for me.

  • okrajoe

    Now that was a sneaky trick?!?

  • Amy Carter

    I just use the perk to get into hiding a lot more quickly in dire situations.

  • Chrysler 55 Sengesett

    This guy's face does not match his voice, he sounds like he's 60 ffs

  • Knoven

    Wow, I found this "glitch" a few years ago I thought everyone knew about it. I didn't use it to its full potential though, just sneaking then immediately backstabbing them

  • Fearghus Keitz

    I use followers as a giant backpack and normally not much else.

  • Gede Sanjaya

    So, basically i have to constantly tea-bagging while i'm in combat. Interesting

  • epicanime009

    Im a vampire so poison resistence doesnt matter. So i just took the cowl and gloves and replaced the armor and boots with the nightengale ones. Looks badass

  • Verp

    What mods do you have for your whiterun in this video?

  • SammyJammy2

    How do you get the ancient shrouded armor?

  • Big Blue

    So you have left your life as Skyrim's lothario and returned to good old fashioned hack and slash. Good for you. :)Looking forward to the new assassin build. Playing stealth archery at the moment so it would be good to play something up close and personal.

  • Ilari Manninen

    Or you can use alchemy and make weapons that make 1000000 damage.

  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    My last character was a dagger assassin but I didn't know I could exploit Shadow Warrior perk.


    Also, if you are an orc and you use the ancient shrouded gloves wile in berserker rage, you will do 60x normal damage on an opponent.

  • Luciano Macrillanti

    I made a savage build with dual wield axes and both hircine items, and seizing them with the werewolf abilityI would like you to do a video about itTo get both hircine items you have to kill all hunters so you get the ringDrop it and kill the werewolf then grab the ring

  • Bullyhunter 69

    For some reason my mehrunes razor always insta kills everyone 100% of the time.

  • Cryotheom

    can you do a live stream on either: the mod Master of Disguise or Mages College

  • gagasluxury

    What happened to kingdom come deliverance please....

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    Its not build - its just a collection of bugs that make game uninteresting to play

  • Carolyn Rafferty

    He said I doesn't work on dragons but yet I killed a blood dragon with the shadow warrior perk

  • Error 404

    I broke my game once I got this. I was basically immortal, sadly it got boring and I just started wandering the map aimlessly enjoying the world.

  • BzH Crizz

    Why would someone use Skyrim vanilla perk trees tho ?

  • L The Detective

    Man this game is so broken, it is half of why it's not really as's all too easy.

  • Elena Michaels

    U should make a build called the Shadow Hunter. A female bosmer(u could flesh put the back story) who carries a bow and uses this perk and the slowtime shout to become one the shadows.

  • typical polish

    that is kinda cool that u still doin thease guides couse i love watching ur films

  • Joshua Devanney

    Does it work on dragons?

  • Matias 480

    6:05 thats why i hate serana, i cant say to her to leave me alone until you're done with her quest, she says she will stay and i cant go around doing x30 damage

  • davy jones

    what is the best race for this

  • The Frog Lord 1000

    I know this has nothing to do with the vid but WTF is infinity war's ending!

  • Moose Niga

    WTF dood is that an Orc assassin

  • Big Blue

    I have become a big fan of the Slow Time shout. I have used it against the Thalmor prisoner escort group and killed the third one before the first one has hit the ground. I go for the magic user first as that one tends to back away from the group. Then I just kill the other two.

  • I have autism please dont bully me

    I'm new to the game so does your race effect your build?

  • SilentGamer

    It is cool but it is hard to keep constantly crouching cause the people who use consoles like ps3,ps4,and Xbox 360 uses controllers that you have to press the L3 every time so I think the ones who uses those thinks is very hard to constantly crouching.

  • KnightKhairyn

    As an aside, I really dislike the mods that change certain things in the game simply to make it look more "cool."The two obvious things from this video: the one-handed weapon stance thing. Y'know, there's a reason you ought to hold your weapon out in front of you. To threaten your enemy and to protect yourself being most obvious. The other is drawing a sword from the back. With the way your arm works, there is no way you'd be able to draw a sword as depicted if your scabbard was on your back.Nitpicking because of a couple pet peeves. lol Play Skyrim the way you want. Informative video, ignore my bitching. lol

  • Eonehundred

    You never used that omg it’s amazing lol they can’t even find you I was crouching in front of everyone and they couldn’t see me xD

  • Aäron Tanghe

    why doesn't this work with on my skyrim!!!? maybe my game just isn't broken.

  • Que Vinen

    ESO what kind of dagger and enchantment you are using in this video?

  • M McBride

    Totally unnecessary perk. I play on Xbox with ABSOLUTELY NO MODS and when I leave Helgen (at the beginning of the game, obviously) my Sneak skill is at Level 100. I only get the first perk in the tree and the one about "armor makes 50% less noise" (I might be paraphrasing) and can sneak pretty much anywhere. If I'm crouching even enemies up close don't see me 2/3 of the time. If I'm walking upright I just stop moving and they miss me at least 20-30%. I've played the game through about eight times now, each time choosing different characters and options, and have found that you really only need those two perks (and great Archery skill) to be a f*cking ninja! Anyway, love your vids. Cheers!

  • Sir vortigen

    I thought your character's look is really good until 2:32

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