Skyrim: Top 5 Side Quests You Need to Play in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game of many quests the Dragonborn can take up as apart of The Elder Scrolls 5’s main storyline and it’s factions. However, some of Skyrim’s most memorable adventures aren’t attached to the grand campaign and are instead entirely independent side quests. Side quests offer many of TES 5’s best adventures and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. So today we’ll be taking a look at my top five side quests in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • StraightUpIrish

    Nate pin me or I will never let M'aiq over to your house again


    We can all agree that the crimson nirnroot quest is by far the best. The only thing that comes close to it is finding all of the unmarked unusual gems hidden all across skyrim.

  • A Tree

    You know the drillTop 10 skyrim trees

  • Khajiit

    The warm sand of Elsweyr is far away from here.

  • Bjajjeg

    I miss the outro with the mammoths and the giant chicken.

  • Ghosta FN

    I'm early so I'll make a joke Nate not saying murdered to death in a video

  • Aitch Ess

    The secret killer isNazeem

  • PaWeloWi GAMING

    In the last thieves guild quest you can choose one of the nightingale powers. During the battle against Mercer Frey, he actually possesses all three.

  • Charles Hays

    I would enjoy blood on the ice... If only it wasn't the buggiest quest in the game. I could never get the quest to work. The guard never spawned, and i could never complete it.

  • Soviet Bush

    What about the fornsworn conspiracy?

  • Brite Bomber

    I defeated Alduin at level 100 with a wooden sword, Nobel clothing, fine boots, fine hat and normal gloves.

  • Jason H

    Interesting little continuity problem with Rise in the East. If you note the ship you get onto in Windhelm, it is completely different to the one you get off of when you arrive at the shrouded island. Then, when you’re ready to go back after completing the quest, it’s changed back to the original ship again.

  • The Annilators

    I liked the Lexicon one where you saw the ghosts of the failed explorers and got 15% boost to smithing xp

  • Jan Krajnc

    Murdered to death is not getting old is it?

  • Oh yeah yeah

    Next up: Top 10 Rock Formations in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

  • Catman 12

    Affairs with hagravens Nate. HmmmmmmEdit: This is the most likes I have ever gotten:)

  • Owen Squelch

    Can we get a top 5 Skyrim trees please?

  • Thomas McGrath

    Still better than fallout 76.

  • Vercalos al'Corlin

    I have to say my favorite quest in the Elder Scrolls series is the one where you basically play the villain in a slasher flick. it's a Dark Brotherhood quest in Oblivion, where you're sent to a house with like 4-5 strangers to murder them to death(Dark Brotherhood, what do you expect?), with an added bonus for doing so without being detected. I remember when I played it, I managed to convince one of the two remaining characters that the other remaining character was the killer, and they took them out. It's rather appropriately called "Whodunit?"

  • Jay Kay

    As weird as it might sound, I actually accidentally stumbled across "Rise in the East"

  • Vitor Rodrigues

    11:23 "in broad daylight", *shows attempted murder at the Middle of the night*

  • N7 Special Operatives

    A murder here and a murder there! People are being murdered to death

  • Ali

    Hey Nate! Huuuuuuge fan, just wondering have you ever played Skyrim? It's such a great game! Hope you notice me in all these crazy comments! Keep up the great work! #murderedtodeath

  • Blixen

    "No Stone Unturned" and "A Return To Your Roots" are the best side-quests tbh.

  • Honest M'aiq

    Top 5 Khajiits in Elder Scrolls 5

  • StewNoodle

    Top 5 side characters got murdered to death

  • Quinton Nguyen

    I still hate Nazem and his voice.

  • king zimzam

    Someone should do a compilation every time nate says murdered to death

  • Lost Khajiit

    Don't let this video distract you from the fact that Obi Wan needed Anakin to save him from Count Dooku TWICE in LS duels and then defeated Anakin in a LS Duel.#IHaveTheHighGround#AnakinLostHisWang

  • Lord Shaxx of the Vlka Fenryka

    1. Breaking of Dawn2. Arniels Endavor3. Unfathomable Depths.4. Dawnguard Relics (Runehammer)5. Arvak quest.

  • Creased Horizon

    I actually don't think the stones of barenziah was a bad quest. For one you can get the stones really quickly by interacting with one several times quickly, thus getting 2 or 3 stones from one location. And the part where you get the crown is actually fun imo because you go through the ruin finding out what happened to caravan and seeing the ghost. Its a fun little mystery in its own right

  • Thecoolguys 11!

    On my scan it says 104 views and 104 likes...Woah

  • Catman 12

    FUS RO DAH I beat COOKIE WOKE to the comments

  • nicolas bouchard

    You forgot to mention that Illia can be your allie but if you leave her you won't be able to find her again.

  • Travis letchford

    I have never done rise of the east

  • J&J Puppets

    But do I really need to play them?

  • ovrkilzr-gaming and more

    i just murdered nazeem... not to death tho

  • Thad Nipper

    So many to murder to death, so little time...

  • Maji i

    Nate has murdered more people to death than jack the ripper.

  • Mustafa Sheikh

    still waiting on that oblivion video nate

  • Gho5tHawk

    When you get murdered to death back in time to SkyrimOh wait it’s Nate finding random things again yay!

  • Peak

    2 months from nowNate:5 stones you need to see in Skyrim

  • Jacob Crumpton

    Killing grelod is probably my favorite, simply because of all the... unique ways to do it that give me a laugh. For example, I once stripped my character naked, got them drunk so that I couldn't see the screen clearly, and punched her to death.Also, apparently if you drink enough mead in skyrim, it'll screw with your vision temporarily, though that may have just been processing trouble as my computer started to overheat.

  • Ian

    the legend of the red eagle ?

  • Mendicant Biased

    During my first playthrough, I wanted to get into the Dark Brotherhood and only knew that Riften and Windhelm were important. Also, I needed to murder someone to death. So, tried to murder Jorleif. Fun fact: he's an essential NPC until the end of his quest. At least on the Xbox 360 version. I didn't know he was connected to The Blood on the Ice. So, that was annoying.

  • Andrew Turnbull

    Popular note ' the east empire company is based on the east india company a British private trading company from the early 1600s up to 19th century ' they once controlled half of the world's trade and their army in India was at one point twice the size of the British resident army, they were credited with forming most of the british empire.

  • Some guy online

    Marry jordis and put the tavern outfit on her. That's all you need to do.

  • Emily 216

    I always hate getting the Strange Amulet stuck in my inventory...

  • sharon jones

    I played Skyrim for a long time .I did the quest when you steal Frost for Louis Latush . Well after a while(not quite sure how long) I got my house in Faulkreath well I stop by once and Louis comes running by yelling help we’ll Maven sent a thug to kill him he said Maven sends her regards. I loaded up again to see if I could save Louis but it never happened again. It must be something that happens very rare.Want to no if this ever happened to you or anyone else.

  • Keegan Stormblade

    1:13 I knew my sister was evil!

  • Surpriser04

    Nate can you do one of these for fallout 4?

  • AsgardGaming

    I have never done the quest with Illia until recently and now she's my favorite follower

  • Lyle

    My favorite side quest is the one concerning the wolf queen. I love that quest.

  • Cody Miller

    I personally enjoy the quest where you go up a really tall mountain and kill a big black dragon.... Alduin was his name I think? Best side quest for sure. But it doesn't hold a candle to the main quest... the thieves guild of course!

  • Navraj Gill

    Is teldryn sero one of those morag tong assassins? He is a follower you can get on solstheim that looks just like them

  • Tenebris Vega

    I discovered Rise in the East when I had 1200 hours of gameplay

  • dragonborns firstborn's secondborn

    Hey did you know that you can have gay marriage in skyrim i told this in one other comment also

  • StarlightFromAbyss

    I remember Illia. Got her to be my Steward.

  • Enfant_Rebelle_

    I'm in the middle of Rise in the EastI never knew about it I made a wrong turn in the Windhelm Docks!

  • Jona Lottner

    Hey Nate. I am here and i just wanted to say thank you for your daily Skyrim content. It's impressing how you manage it to come up with a video every day. #Goodvibes

  • Gregory Henderson

    Hey Nate you ever cover Forelhost near riften. From a cult mass suicide, to dead draugr kids. This is one to talk about.

  • dragonborns firstborn's secondborn

    Pls pin me im just a hopeful dragonborn

  • Itz_Mike Films

    what about that wolfsbane cave or whatever, that was an awesome quest

  • Jonnythegiraffe

    A good side quest (although short) is the one where you find wulf wild bloods brother who became a werebear

  • Joe Nesvick

    I did the first quest when fetching the item for the Markarth Jarl to become Thane. The Hagraven didn't survive the fight. Sometime you discover a quest when doing another quest.Think I did that East Empire Company quest once, forgot how it started. Well this explains how to do it again. Why did I enter that building? Perhaps I went into that building for the Thieves Guild or something.Haven't found that quest yet, but would the Dragoborn be a "human" sacrifice if she's an Elf, Cat or Lizard 🤣.Blood on the Ice is great. The dead body of Susanna the Wicked seems to be the only one ignoring my Seraphim Female Body replacer, as she switched to the vanilla underwear (she didn't seem to ignore it when I tested Tailor Measures to change her into no outfit). Never encountered any bug, but once the quest starts I don't leave the city

  • Sin of Envy

    Blood On the Ice was easily my favorite side quest

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