WALL WARS Custom Gamemode in Fortnite Battle Royale

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  • LazarBeam

    sorry know you guys love my face but it took a day off

  • Vikkstar123

    Trump confirmed in Fortnite

  • ReidPlayzz

    vikkstar lachlanlazarandalexthe good ol minecraft days

  • JibyJaba

    I remember the Minecraft days

  • ItzCazio

    Im not even 5 seconds in the vid but.... This reminds me of minecraft.

  • Kordell Nathan

    Who remembers back when Lachlan used to play minecraft with Preston playz if you do then like my comment

  • Van Hendrix

    I clicked faster than a laser beam

  • Spy

    This is Ali-a 🧔He has 100 health Let’s defeat him1like = 1 damage

  • Corey215 Playz

    Pause at 0:15 like if you see the gnome.

  • AlexACE

    Poor Lachlan, never stood a chance.

  • R_skates

    Who else heard the guy say the N word lol

  • Jenna Niven

    Someone make a video: everytime Lazar has said FBI

  • Fortnite Live

    Awesome vid lazar 🔥Ps. Im getting close to 22,000 subs and upload almost daily 😍

  • Mr Person

    Dear lazar, it is night time and I laughed so hard that I am grounded,THANKS!Love, a bloody legend

  • Jacob Presley

    When you want to have the technique to gain vbucks you just need to find " fortnite pranaholistico " in the search engine. I hope you will get them too.

  • Rachel Healy

    From Minecraft It is build battle I also know that I liked my own comment coz nobody will

  • Fortnite_Dude

    6:50 u okay lazar bum?

  • Chad West

    Lazerbeam vs family friendly minecraft YouTuberz

  • Cheery Downylox

    This game mode was life back in the day.Suppose that’s why you never played it. 🗣😎🗣You really hurt me Lazar 😥

  • Charlie Hitchcock

    RIP face 2016-2018 Will will miss the face T_T

  • Furiousdoom

    ROses ArE REdPoOpis BlUeI HavE nO SoulNOr dO u

  • Keksdee

    lol it's the walls from hypixel

  • 90memes

    Every time I eat I use the cream of sum yung gai

  • Osarumen Lawani

    Prepared for triggered people...

  • Alex Synnott

    Another amazing video Lazer beam

  • I like Turtles

    Fortnite battle wallale

  • Ben Smith

    Who else remembers Terrance and Boris??? If u do, you are an OG bloody legend

  • Nick Ottaway

    this man doo doo at building

  • Teanessa Harris

    This the one the best one

  • الورود تتفتح

    اذا انت عربي وجاي اتشوف الفديو اشترك

  • Pobeda bg 100555

    Sool cool vid ay love u vids en ay love fortine

  • Kelli Kudrick

    Do not press read more.Now you have to like this comment

  • Cryshy gaming

    0:51 is that ALi-A I DunnO knoW iF IT$ HImDon't Call me retaDd


    Ceeday, anybody? Play with him and I AM WILDCAT

  • Gamerjad


  • Tomッ 27

    Plagia the royaliste (french youtouber) -_-

  • MajorSlav

    Okay youtube ill watch it!

  • cole Chase

    @LazarBeam what do u call a cow with legs💩

  • Deathstroke Gaming

    " Lets team up " , He says right as he throws a Clinger at the man he is supposed to team with 😂😂

  • ONI Tv

    Did lachy say the n word 3:47?

  • Charlie Hitchcock

    Build a giant bounce pad arena

  • Huskel

    Stolen by a german youtuber

  • Tiger Gavin

    That’s my favorite loadout because I love trolling my friends

  • Privatgamer 47

    AviveHD has stolen your thumbnail.

  • Cristina Black

    Who else saw the gnome in the wall on the right at 0:27

  • VERIZON [VZN] Clan

    Ei man I don’t like this game man you loco man my papa EL GRINGO wouldn’t appreciate this

  • Ashton Mangz

    Bloody Legend says Lazar Beam will like this

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo

    Stef Phere fate questo video

  • Infernus Gonzalez

    3:38 como ma escondio hablas español?

  • MassKill

    Minecraft? I subscribed and watched the hole video

  • 6000 Subscribers with No Videos

    New Gamemode: Trump Simulator

  • Kyrie Fan

    I miss ur beautiful face 😭

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