Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 23)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game rich with quests, characters and locations, however it also hosts a large number of hidden Easter Eggs, secrets, references and facts of its own. Skyrim has so much content that even after six years since its release many of the games more subtle cues may have illuded some of us. So today we take yet another look at 10 tiny details you may still have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Bernardo BR

    360p, we meet again...

  • jaspr1999

    Mephalas' one night stand.

  • Zachary Fluke

    My notifications were accidentally turned off but I had a 6th Sense telling me that Nate must’ve uploaded a new video. I was not disappointed 😃

  • Maartun

    Nate: Ma’am, I’m sorry, your husband, he has been.... murdered.Wife: NOOOO :’(Nate: But it gets even worse, he wasn’t just murdered, he was murdered -music intesifies~ to deathWife: *complete breakdown

  • Giantfan32

    Regarding the carts: back when Skyrim first came out, I was messing around with the carts in Riverwood and I managed to get one stuck on some rocks. While I was messing with it, it flung me up into the air and the whole screen turned white. After a couple of minutes I heard the music that plays when you discover a new area, and the game spawned me right in front of High Hrothgar. I was like level 5 or so when I did this and as we all know getting to High Hrothgar is a bitch at a low level, so this made me happy. I have never been able to replicate this AT ALL in the 1000+ hours since, but I figured it was worth sharing.

  • Almandho P

    You know a game is great if you can still make videos about it even if it's 6 years old. (There I specified it)

  • Trolling Troll

    With so many details missed, i am questioning if i even played the damn game....

  • Unchi

    Part 726's intro: Skyrim is most definitely not a game of particularly minuscule magnitude; quite the opposite, in fact.

  • Liraaell

    One of these days, lord Todd Howard himself will show up to Nate's door, put a hand on his shoulder and say: "Alright man, it's time to stop ans take a rest, you've managed to find everything we put into the game. "

  • Bony Bish

    A piece of furniture 😂 we need fan art of malphala just being a piece of furniture

  • Ryan Woolley

    The year is 3077 humanity is slowly crumbling into the abyss, the last pocket of civilisation finds an ancient communications device. They open it up and the scene that greats them is “Skyrim: Yet another ten tiny details you may have missed episode 10000

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    The day Nate stops finding tiny details in Skyrim, is the day this ephemeral world will end

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    "They must've used the stamina potion already" that almost got me spill my tea

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    "You can probably paint a picture of what may have been going on here"Please...don't.

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    I dont know what he will run out of first, hidden things in skyrim or adjectives to describe the videos

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    insert comment about the series still going on after the apocalypse here

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    Thank you kind sir. Divines bless your soul.

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    if you know any true sons and daughters of skyrim tell them to go to windhelm ulfric stormcloak wants to see them

  • Raúl Marcano

    I wish Skyrim started talking about how interesting Nate is

  • Laura James

    You know how the Khajiit have claws? The claws don't actually appear on the Khajiit. Just slight longer fingernails, SLIGHTLY LONGER.

  • NamelessGod94

    Jesus 230 things we have missed already... How many will there be? Infinite number?(please let there be infinite episodes of this)

  • Wolfgang Schröder

    I found an Argonian Skeleton frozen in the icy waters outside Bronze Water Cave in the North. Thought it was funny.

  • This Dude

    You should do this for the fallout games

  • Moa the Wolfcub

    I was about to download another game on my phone when I got a notification from YouTube. Dropped it all to watch our epic nate :D

  • Olivia Beakman

    I love how Temba Wide-Arm seems to assume that the trees will be magically fixed if you kill ten bears... More will come, and the trees they destroyed aren't going to instantly heal.I wish Bethesda had made it where she'd pay extra gold if you brought her bear pelts whenever- not just for a single quest. That would have been neat!

  • Chris Eddings

    Dude im playing this for the first time on switch ik pc is alot better with the mods but holy crap im addicted to this game 🙏🏻😩


    06:19 an imperial joining the stormcloacks? TRAITOR !!

  • ShufflingShrek

    Wow Nate, part 23. You've grinded on YouTube ALOT. Good job for getting this far man. ❤️

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    [Insert Skyrim meme here.]

  • Whiterun Guard

    Nate...I know one of the mods you are using currently...

  • Solq r

    You have to travel to deep folk crossing during the aetherium forge quest line, one of the aetherium fragments is directly north-west of it

  • Ms Sports

    Some say Nate pins your comment if you take an arrow to the knee

  • Random not Tuber

    Bruh, spoiler warning please

  • Dachi Mshvidobadze

    if you run out of these eventually...there are beyond skyrim, project tamriel(or whatever), moonpath, falskaar and othe countless large location mods which you can do this about, simultaneously giving them more coverage

  • e e

    Pretty sure u already said the thing about the whispering lady behind the door in another vid

  • kellan mcconnell

    Ulfric is the trump of skyrim

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    Notification squad! :)

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  • Liam-Ethan Wallis

    1:07 The credentials aren't forged though. They're stolen

  • (22) Efe Yilmaz

    1:51 why does he says "By Azura". Is he a deadra worshipper or something? Is it only weird for me to see an imperial general mention a deadric god's name?

  • caius cosades

    oh god,how many Tiny Details are left in Skyrim?!?and that's probably why i REALLY love Skyrim...Skyrim, i love you.Edit: Nate, please actually make 5 things you didn't know about carts video!

  • Pulse Fel

    isnt deep folk crossing also the location of an atherium shard?

  • dafamsid

    I know that you can break the game by picking up a kettle running into a flat wall and you go straight through that wall

  • Axl J. Reyes

    I have a feeling that this will go on and on until TES VI, and it will start all over again, until the end of the days.And then it's when we're truly going to wrap up.

  • markarth city guard

    That armor are you one of the emperor's protectors? Not very good at your job are you

  • Ender_king2002

    if this goes on to 50 I will jump in a tub of ice and sit there for 5 mins. (I hope that it doesn't go to 50)

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    Woo hoo! A new vid from Nate!

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    For the 150k Subs 20 things we yet didn’t know about Skyrim?? ;)

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    The hype for Top 5 Cart Facts is real.

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    Did i just see that upsidedown anchor thing from the project aho mod there in dark water crossing? o_O xD thats nicee xD

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    10.000 views, 1.200 likes. You are doing well for yourself Nate

  • Joe Nesvick

    The chef tunic looks more like a chef dress on all my characters, like Hawke in Dragon Age 2 I play as female.

  • Kitsune Robyn

    while the bridge itself is not relevant for any major quests, the pedistal right by it has both a Dwarven Convector (for the College quest Arienel's Endeavour) and an Aetherium Shard (for the amazing, and pretty much essensial for some builds, quest Lost to the Ages)

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    Any1 what graphic MOD this is ?

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    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I watched one of Nate's videos.

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    You have to find all tiny details in skyrim for the elder scrolls 6

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    Next video 5 odd rocks in Skyrim

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    this is always one of my favorite series to watchkeep up the good work!

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    Really milking this series huh

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    You need to get to 100 tiny detail vids

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    Hey does anyone wanna gameshare skyrim dlcs on 360?Gamertag: Xeno ExodusI have a lot of games that I have downloaded some of them are Witcher 2, Forza Horizon, Tomb Raider, Sniper Elite 2, Metro 2033 and Last Light, AC4, Prototype 2, HALO 3, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space and much more.

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