Skyrim Dawnguard - Ending & Final boss HD - Dawnguard path ending walkthrough part 44 (final part)

Skyrim Dawnguard Ending & Final boss HD Dawnguard path ending walkthrough part 44 (Final part) dlc add on expansion The Elder Scrolls V full playlist
  • Scrawny C. Bones

    I like how you're so careless like 1:50 was that really necessary? XD

  • Killin' Weebs

    Did anyone else love serana so much you started reloading previous saves if you accidentally hit her?

  • Daniel A.

    If only there was an assault on Fort Dawnguard like the assault on the Castle.

  • Aesir Beer

    1:51 laughed so fucking much xD

  • Jerry Neville

    OK if i was in there yes I would kill lord harkon,but I would not turn the sun into darkness and I would not become a vampire OK and I would cure serana from her vamperism OK also OK I wouldn't turn the sun into darkness OK and I wouldn't become A vampire

  • Nicolas Ebeno

    This prooves it all, most youtubers are noobs on videogames.

  • CoolYoung Juke

    Why u give hark on auriels bow ?????

  • Tobygas

    Why you would like to give the Bow to Harkon anyway? i dont get it.

  • Critical Ruin

    Harkon and Miraak is a better boss fight than Alduin yeah?

  • nube1oscuras

    So let me get this straight, you don't even have to join harkon to be a vampire lord and could just ask sedans to do it instead when she becomes your follower?And Isran would totally be cool with that?

  • Lachlan Hurburgh

    why did he give harkon auriel's bow. It's completely pointless :P



  • Edgar Martinez

    Lol 1:56 he jus shouted at Serena n she slew lmao

  • The Unknown Uchiha

    I thought the last mission is when you kill aludin

  • Trey Holton

    I couldn't take Harkon's request to become a Vampire Lord, honestly. Having a Werewolf form to go batshit crazy on everyone is just too fun. Plus, a lot easier to travel. >3

  • haha yes

    lol ur noob i killed harkon with only one word!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! HAHAHAHHAAHAH!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! HHAHAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHA!!!1

  • TCLegend Ch.

    1:50 Why Did you do That o_0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LiezAllLiez

    You know who truly wins in dawnguard? Serana... shes about the only NPC that just doesnt give a fuck as shes the only one spared when the rest of her clan is brutally murdered. Also - shes the only NPC that actually does stuff when you dont... which causes a lot of immersion breaking when she stops right in front of you when you try to listen to some other fella talk... ugh.

  • Anil S

    Serana looks like jaina proudmoore from world of warcraft...She is having similar character...

  • Will Scherberger

    Dawnguard sucks, vampire lords are overpowered.

  • scar the dark lord

    the game is awesome I love being a vampire and haveing the vampier lord sword

  • dinahcross


  • Max Jordan

    wait when he uses fast healing on his hand it was conjuration spell

  • Syed Ahmed

    what side do u need to be on to summon duhrenviir and arvak?

  • Aesir Beer

    Hahhahahaha fus ro dah on serana xD

  • Sōsuke Aizen

    I like how you just carelessly dropped an daedric shield

  • John

    That's just great 1:50 XD

  • Nathan Chenov

    I love how Serana just stands directly behind Isran at 00:23, its like a fucking eclipse over here

  • Cullen Dittmar

    So, the ending in this is fulfilling Harkon's prophecy. I knew that would happen.

  • Allen Payad

    why do you shout sarena??

  • Joshua Bailey

    Lol y gotta be so mean to serana



  • FancyPeegyMan

    I turned into a werewolf

  • Ethan Lally

    I was level 60 wen I kills Harkin

  • robert twofivesixseven

    Marrying Serana would be awesome

  • Philip Longfellow

    Lol you know you can get harkon out of that giant floating orb by shooting it with Auriel's Bow?

  • Aaron Richards


  • Noobface

    When you Fus Ro Dahd Serana I was dying haha

  • HassanAlHajry

    I fought him in other parts if you watched my walkthrough, he got nothing to do with the ending

  • HassanAlHajry

    Temporary, it last around a day so whenever you want to block the sun you only need 1 blood arrow (Which is basically an elven arrow that you can convert to blood arrow by talking to serana) also you can become a vampire lord even for the dawnguard path if you let her bite you at the end :)

  • HassanAlHajry

    Watch the video? i clearly became a vampire lord even during the Dawnguard path if you let Serena bites you at the end

  • HassanAlHajry

    It's called variety, i didn't give him the bow in the previous ending (Vampire path) So that way people can see all scenarios.

  • skywaylands

    yes and t goes away after a day but i picked the serana vampire lord ending i dont know about the lord harkon ending... if there is one from wht iv seen

  • skywaylands

    Where the HELL did you get that many dedric arrows?

  • Taco Slayer

    well u can have any amount actually. all u need to do is create them at the forge since u can make arrows with the dawnguard dlc

  • Taco Slayer

    because the arrow were dip in serena blood where it makes the sun look like blood red. that way u can be a vampire and not get raped by the sun or do it cause it looks cool lol

  • Taco Slayer

    yea thats what i try to do at first but u need stupid aurel bow to kill him. i wanted to bite his head off being a werewolf haha

  • TheDezembro

    dafuq i didn't know i could shoot the sun with the bloodcursed arrows and then that shit would turn dark :O anyway... that part where u shouted her to the wall in over excitement was great hahaha

  • wolverine

    so u can do the good guy side of story and at the end be a vamp lord, interesting..

  • Slow-wipe

    god damn combat in this game sucks, the guy can't even strafe smoothly

  • MoterCrozz

    You can't mod shit.Even if you can they are illegal.

  • Minleyx1

    lol 01:53, That shout said, "I don't care how pretty you are! I've been waiting to do that!"

  • MrItalianmustard

    I remember accidentally having the Amulet of Mara equipped and seeing Serana had a unique marriage option. I thought it'd be cool to marry a cougar, so I chose that and she told me some stuff about a disdain for temples or something (which killed me a little inside. To think, my virtual charisma failed me...)."Fine! I'll just marry Farkas then!" I said. But guess who got over it just in time for our wedding? It's fine to decline, but to make up some cheesy story... damn fictional women...

  • SoundWave

    Im picking dawngaurd because you can still become a vampire

  • Flowing Freely

    In my opinion, 1200 Microsoft Points would've been the perfect price for Dawnguard. It really bulks the game up, but Bethesda got greedy pushing it to 1600.

  • Famtomerc

    07:47 "Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!" "It was not by my hand that i am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wished to pay me tribute!" "Tribute? You steal men's souls! and make them your slaves!" "Perhaps the same could be said of all religions..." "Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ILL needs a savior such as you!" "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk, have at you!" That is honestly how i thought it was going to be.

  • WingsofLightandDark

    Time to put an end to Harkon and his UNHOLY PROPHECY!!! Badass speech.

  • Dedric Price

    by becoming a werewolf again

  • bubbajoe117

    perfect now you see that was why i hardly played pc games . . . hard for me to use a keybored to play a game since i started out with consoles.

  • bubbajoe117

    congrats . . . i'll see you in jail you son-of-a-bitch

  • bubbajoe117

    i have always wondered how do you do that?

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