Best of Game of Thrones - Most Badass Scenes Compilation

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  • sourabh

    Most badass scenes and there's no hound in it wow.

  • LightningInvoker

    I will give kudos to the Lannister troops for holding their ground when Drogon appears

  • Dead Inside

    I told my cat DRACARYS and now it barks

  • Rebecca Duncan

    "only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field"Jaime: hold my wine

  • Jay Owens

    Jaime:I’m not abandoning my army!Drogon: (burns 20 men to death)Jaime:Kings landing you say?

  • Jace Roberts

    Danaerys turning the unsullied on their masters... the combination of cunning, ruthlessness, kindness, and sheer audacity was one of the greatest things in this entire series. The first time I watched that scene was so emotional and so charged with adrenaline I literally paused the movie and ran around my apartment whooping like a maniac and my roommates thought I had won the lottery.

  • ALPHA 65

    Tell them , winter came for house Frey.

  • هبة

    ...but house Mormont remembers, the north remembers. We know no king but the king in the north whose name is Stark, I don't care if he's a bastard, Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins, he's my king from this day until his last day. THE KING IN THE NORTH

  • PesadillaQuesadilla 93


  • virtual world action

    My wish right now is to Erase my memory and watch it again and keep doing it over and over again

  • juaniotero90

    Bolton: "I am a man of mercy" I imagine the background cast laughing their asses off

  • zimbus 2

    7:57 so they were cooking some food and the food wasnt burnt or "melting" but the gold whos melting point is 1064 ° C melted in about 1 minute from a camp fire.

  • Blaa Blaa

    The most badass scene is "You are gonna die for some chickens?"-" Someone will" nothing more badass than that

  • Coraline Parmentier - Pianist for Peace

    I love when Greyworm kills the two dudes in Mereen, he's so chill and awesome

  • Drysplash

    Jon: Why do you keep calling me “bastard”? Aren’t you one too?Ramsay: Yes but I never get to say it to anyone else...

  • Junior Klutse

    "We can hold them off"Drogon: "you what?"

  • Glenn Davis

    Anyone else have cold shivers when drogon roars shortly after Jaime says “we can hold them off”?

  • Raziel De Melo

    When winter came into house Frey, I also came.


    Dracarys is the most badass word in the game of thrones

  • taha ali

    2:04 missande's face when she realized daenerys can speak vailerian

  • vipul ranjan

    Podrick was badass too in that brothel

  • Mr Moose

    The last subtitle "Screaming Continues" is a pretty apt description of this entire series.

  • Fixie Hartmann

    i actually dont find the first scene badass at all. It just shows how Cercei is stupid and Littlefinger is right. She threatens him, but she cant afford to really kill him, because of his knowledge. So her power is a mere Illusion

  • Rohab Ali

    Tyrion lannisterBest characterBest actingBest dialogue delivery

  • Megan Bise

    I get chills everytime I see Drogon fly over the Dothraki army....

  • Vegana Marley

    Olenna , where tf is she .???

  • Aman deep

    Arya stark is the queen of badaas!!

  • Vibhansh Saini

    Badass scenes?No white walkers scenes... No bronn blowing up ships... No dany coming out of fire naked... No battle of bastards... No viserion being killed scene.

  • sadlobster1

    "Power is power"Cersei must be really dumb to think like that. Which would explain why most characters were able to outsmart her

  • Alexandria KING


  • ZE CB

    Tyrion's scene for me was a massive slap and a "screw you all" on all of their faces. The delivery, the lines, the acting, OMYDAYS I honestly felt like the proudest person watching that scene.This scene and of course the scene where he kills his father in the toilet 😊😂

  • Rishabh Kumar

    "power is power* oh you mean being born in a royal family which automatically gives you power...yeah very hard to earn this power

  • Marvin Nash

    Plot twist: Dany says "Slay the masters" and gets slayed immediately by an Unsullied.

  • pohmakas33

    “He was no dragon, fire cant kill a dragon”Fire didnt kill him, pouring melted gold on his head killed him

  • R R

    Someone forgot Hardhome? When the Night Walker threw Jon and his ears rang and he spit blood, still he got to his feet and who was more surprised when Jon's sword stopped the Night Walker in his tracks. I love GOT's battles. I must have been a warrior in another life.

  • TheMultiGunMan

    This show is so badass. I'm very disappointed that there's only one more season left.

  • Drfaireborn

    Man. This made me realize how much I miss the show. I can't wait for the next season.

  • Rafail TR


  • alliejr

    "Dracarys" is not just the most badass scene in GoT, but in the history of women on television. In that instant, Dany went from "just a girl" to the most powerful person in the world. A woman!

  • saeed kabha

    "Tell them winter came for house Frey" ❤

  • Bharath Kumar

    Ramsay great acting..Best Villian

  • Slave Holder

    The best tv show ever, I’m so jealous to those, who hadn’t seen it yet.

  • Justin Gomez

    Got to respect Jamie not running back to King's Landing and staying even despite Bronn's attempt to persuade him to leave.

  • Not Alfie

    Where are the White Walkers?? Hardhome? The Door? What about the explosion at the Sept of Baelor? Cersei's revenge? Daenerys killing the Khals in Vaes Dothrak? Arya killing Walder Frey? Arya killing Meryn Trant? Virtually any scene with Brienne or the Hound? The scene where Khal Drogo rips the guys tongue out through his neck? Daenerys riding Drogon for the first time? The Mountain vs The Red Viper?? The Night King taking down Viserion with his ice spear?? Jon bonding with Drogon? Olenna's confession? .... There are literally hundreds of scenes missing.

  • Maxyboy LOL

    "I demand a trial by combat" > Everything else

  • Blaz MV

    Jaime : We can hold them offDrogon : ......boi you wish

  • michael

    The Dragon for army trade is probably my favorite scene from all of GoT. The karma, the irony, and the really warranted comeuppance makes it the best of the bad(ass) in my mind.

  • J.C.

    "Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor.""Dovaogēdys! Āeksia ossēnātās, menti ossēnātās, qilōni pilos lue vale tolvie ossēnātās, yn riñe dōre ōdrikātās. Urnet luo buzdaro tolvio belma pryjātās!" “Dracarys.”

  • Nevan Slone

    2:58 "She consented! you all heard it!"

  • Uber Techie

    Best of game of thrones - most badass scenes - FEMINIST version. Lol

  • Alex Mantzanas

    most badass scenes without Stannis? are you kidding me?

  • cheetiz gurung

    15:49 the most badass one

  • Geminias

    I'd love to see a reel of bloopers for this show; I could just see one where they accidentally cut his throat before Cersi says to stop.

  • Meet Hindocha

    I did not win the chicken dinnerBUT I wish I had??!!

  • BlazeLionheart

    "We can hold them off."Dragon RoarsJamie sees dragon and looks at Bronn"Well Shit"

  • Toby T

    Where is the mountain vs the viper!

  • 안젤리카Angelica

    Ser jorah's face everytime dany does something badass is like "damn girl you're at it again"

  • Van Doido

    Where is the Little Finger Death?

  • Carl Rice

    Sansa's last scene with Ramsey should be included, the little smile as she walked away...perfect!

  • Unpretentious Wind

    speaking Feministial language XD

  • Sandip Adhikari

    One of the best badass scene is Aarya sterk taking revenge by poisoning all the betrayer through seven faces of god😘😍 it gave me goosebumps when i first saw this scene

  • AMTJ S

    more bad ass scenes in the movie than that...

  • kallsenator

    Most badass scenes can be narrowed down to seasons 1-present

  • Weird Awesome

    Still one scene is missing..... Jon standing alone infront of the Bolton army.... Couldn't find many of such scenes...

  • Ali Hassan

    Knowledge is power , Everything matters is the way you use it , whether you use it to turn family against family which petyr baelish did, or to tell the truth and for well being of others which Tyrion did and keep check on good or bad things . I love that sentence tyrion said i read books to sharp my mind, moreover he was good at choice of words which saved him most of the time

  • Eric Lannister

    Fucking Jaime Lannister💛🦁🔥

  • rakshan kumar

    Dude have you watched all of the game of thrones at all\?

  • Angor6495

    wheres drogo fighting that guy? like this wasn´t as badass as all of the clips...

  • Syed Arham Ali 8bp

    The winds of winter, Destruction of Sept of Baelor.Where is that? That was the true badass.

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