Best of Game of Thrones - Most Badass Scenes Compilation

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  • sourabh

    Most badass scenes and there's no hound in it wow.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    "only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field"Jaime: hold my wine

  • Blaa Blaa

    The most badass scene is "You are gonna die for some chickens?"-" Someone will" nothing more badass than that

  • Drfaireborn

    Man. This made me realize how much I miss the show. I can't wait for the next season.

  • taha ali

    2:04 missande's face when she realized daenerys can speak vailerian

  • LightningInvoker

    I will give kudos to the Lannister troops for holding their ground when Drogon appears

  • Angeena *Memento Mori*

    15:18Leave one wolf alive... and the sheep are never safe

  • Megan Bise

    I get chills everytime I see Drogon fly over the Dothraki army....

  • Sharivari

    I am getting goosebumps when watching these scenes.

  • Raziel De Melo

    When winter came into house Frey, I also came.

  • brandonisi

    I think Arya’s revenge for the Red Wedding is one of the most badass, epic, satisfying moments in the entire series. We waited so long for it, and went years knowing that injustice went unpunished.The Frey’s attempted to wipe out the Stark’s. Then one Stark returned to wipe out House Frey in its entirety. So fucking epic.

  • Léna

    And where's Olenna and her scentences? At least the "Tell Cersei. I want her to know, it was me."

  • zimbus 2

    7:57 so they were cooking some food and the food wasnt burnt or "melting" but the gold whos melting point is 1064 ° C melted in about 1 minute from a camp fire.

  • ZE CB

    Tyrion's scene for me was a massive slap and a "screw you all" on all of their faces. The delivery, the lines, the acting, OMYDAYS I honestly felt like the proudest person watching that scene.This scene and of course the scene where he kills his father in the toilet 😊😂

  • virtual world action

    My wish right now is to Erase my memory and watch it again and keep doing it over and over again

  • Coraline Parmentier - Pianist for Peace

    I love when Greyworm kills the two dudes in Mereen, he's so chill and awesome

  • Kem Roolhaas

    Uhmmm... Cercei blowing up the whole city anyone? .... ... hello???!!

  • Anipal 73

    I have tons of respect for Tyrion and especially for Peter Dinklage who portrays him. Been a huge fan of his since The Station Agent, great actor so glad to see a small person can find success in Hollywood

  • Mr Moose

    The last subtitle "Screaming Continues" is a pretty apt description of this entire series.

  • Maxyboy LOL

    "I demand a trial by combat" > Everything else

  • Vegana Marley

    Olenna , where tf is she .???

  • warmonger12z

    Wow - the sheer, unadulterated HATRED in Tyrion's voice!

  • 리카안젤

    Ser jorah's face everytime dany does something badass is like "damn girl you're at it again"


    Dracarys is the most badass word in the game of thrones

  • sadlobster1

    "Power is power"Cersei must be really dumb to think like that. Which would explain why most characters were able to outsmart her

  • Jacoby Rassilon

    A complete "Most Badass Compilation" video would be around 3-4 hours, and even then it wouldn't include everything.

  • Lion Of Judah

    Unsullied are like a a Spartan, Roman Legionary, and a Macedonian foot companion in one.

  • Some body

    I learned that I can hold an erection for 18 minutes and 13 seconds.

  • Axmed Yusuf

    Who came here to satisfy the thirst of waiting for Game of thrones to start

  • OTF_Golden

    What abt the part when Jorah saves Daenerys by throwing his spear in the gladiator thing


    DRACARYS to the dislikers...😊😊

  • Robert Garcia

    Tyrion, "I demand a trial by combat!" gives me the chills.

  • aus2908

    00:22 - "Cut his throat." Ironically, he does have his throat cut, but by the girl she told him to look for.

  • Arragoth Gaming

    Yah missing the Hound and the Chickens and Arya vs Brienne.

  • Alex Mantzanas

    most badass scenes without Stannis? are you kidding me?

  • Amerlad mad

    i absolutely love how every scene is purposful and has meaning.think about it.when the slave master handed the whip khalessi for example.the whip, and the dragon are both trade items, the slave master gave khalessi the whip, and the power of the unsullied was in her hands immediatelybut when khalessi handed the dragon leash to the slave master, it wasn't the same, he got nothing, the dragon is loyal to his mother, while the unsullied are mere slaves to the wasn't a trade deal at all, the slave master believed that obedience is loyalty, but was proven otherwise.i also love how they showed khalessi succeding in controlling the unsullied, while simultaneously the slave master was struggling to do the same with the dragon.when cersi proved that ''power is power''.she was not wrong, but neither was little finger, both of them are right, and that's one of the many grey areas in the show, no one is right or wrong, everyone is in their own respective realm of ''power''.

  • Rohab Ali

    Tyrion lannisterBest characterBest actingBest dialogue delivery

  • Allyson W

    2:58 - That guy who steps out of formation is like, "Sure okay, don't have to tell me twice to kill these guys." 😂😂😂

  • Hastin Nuraini

    want to meet that beautiful ones

  • Cyriax


  • TheMultiGunMan

    This show is so badass. I'm very disappointed that there's only one more season left.

  • Dead Inside

    I told my cat DRACARYS and now it barks

  • Pierre-Marc Paré

    The Hound's chicken scene is the best.

  • Mace Windu

    Forgot my phone was on auto play in my pocket and around 1:15. I thought someone in my apartment was being killed 😂😂😂

  • Alexander Butler

    God i hate shae... hated her in the books but i hate her more in the series.

  • TWSTF 8

    17:35 It's like the field of fire, from Aegon's conquest of Westeros, all over again!A host from the Westerlands and the Reach, mainly Tarley and Lannister soldiers, the first to fight and die in open battle against Targaryen Dragons. The first to contribute their swords to Aegon's Throne. (Only, Daenerys used Dothraki Screamers and only one Dragon, Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya had three.) History has a way of rhyming, or repeating itself, doesn't it?!

  • Manishkumar Divekar

    I wish to confess...great acting

  • Liv

    17:24 never fail to make me wet

  • Jonathan Ameke

    The best part is 1:21 when that master get scammed. LOL

  • Aldriyan Rorimpandey

    I can't pick any of those scenes is better but let me say this.. bring this GOT to big screen

  • Marvin Nash

    Plot twist: Dany says "Slay the masters" and gets slayed immediately by an Unsullied.

  • TWSTF 8

    Something that has bothered me since I first noticed it;Right before Daenerys says, "Unsullied!" in Valyrian, and all of the Unsullied respond by moving their shields around to the front, they were all shown clearly to have already had their shields in that position. I know, it's such a trivial thing, and doesn't diminish the intensity of the scene, in any way. It's just something I've never been able to not see, every time I watch that scene.

  • Joe A

    Every Daenerys scene gave me goosebumps, love the immersion of this series.

  • Jon_ oVo

    11:24 when mom ask you to do dishes ...

  • Marrycat7218

    I would make a fine dragon.

  • sPiN

    17:40 The guy who subtitled it forgot to put "Shits the" before that one.

  • Abin Tom Sebastian

    Jaime: We can hold them offDrogon: hold ma beer.

  • the51project

    17:35 - Sees Dragon, Fills Pants....

  • Slave Holder

    The best tv show ever, I’m so jealous to those, who hadn’t seen it yet.

  • Sakhile Ngobesa

    cersei lannister "power is power"

  • GamingMediocrity

    I love the dialogue between Petyr & Cersei (Clip 1). It shows that Cersei has no real idea of how the game is played (in contrast to Tyrion & Tywin), but that she's willing to use a show of brute force to get her way, by any means necessary. This plays out in later seasons in a big way, and in a sense is the first "peek behind the curtain" at Cersei's political inadequacy. She's probably the character that I've most loved to hate on television, so props to Lena for such a fantastic portrayal of George's character.

  • Sandip Adhikari

    One of the best badass scene is Aarya sterk taking revenge by poisoning all the betrayer through seven faces of god😘😍 it gave me goosebumps when i first saw this scene

  • Syed Arham Ali 8bp

    The winds of winter, Destruction of Sept of Baelor.Where is that? That was the true badass.

  • Jay Owens

    Jaime:I’m not abandoning my army!Drogon: (burns 20 men to death)Jaime:Kings landing you say?

  • Ethiopian

    Most badass scenes and I dont see the Execution of Lord Richard KASTARK, must be a joke. remember : KILL ME AND BE CURSED! U ARE NOT KING OF MINE _-

  • Tamera Shields

    Soooo many bad a$$ moments in this show

  • Candace U

    I watch this show again and again, these clips remind me of why I love this show so much!!

  • Nsikan Ntuk

    3:33 my favourite GOT screenshot

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