Best of Game of Thrones - Most Badass Scenes Compilation

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  • sourabh

    Most badass scenes and there's no hound in it wow.

  • LightningInvoker

    I will give kudos to the Lannister troops for holding their ground when Drogon appears

  • Blaz MV

    Jaime : We can hold them offDrogon : ......boi you wish

  • هبة

    ...but house Mormont remembers, the north remembers. We know no king but the king in the north whose name is Stark, I don't care if he's a bastard, Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins, he's my king from this day until his last day. THE KING IN THE NORTH

  • Jace Roberts

    Danaerys turning the unsullied on their masters... the combination of cunning, ruthlessness, kindness, and sheer audacity was one of the greatest things in this entire series. The first time I watched that scene was so emotional and so charged with adrenaline I literally paused the movie and ran around my apartment whooping like a maniac and my roommates thought I had won the lottery.

  • Dead Inside

    I told my cat DRACARYS and now it barks

  • Jay Owens

    Jaime:I’m not abandoning my army!Drogon: (burns 20 men to death)Jaime:Kings landing you say?

  • randy banks

    Should’ve added Joffrey death because everybody was happy when he died

  • virtual world action

    My wish right now is to Erase my memory and watch it again and keep doing it over and over again

  • Ian Diaz

    Most badass is when tormund stare at brienne.

  • Drysplash

    Jon: Why do you keep calling me “bastard”? Aren’t you one too?Ramsay: Yes but I never get to say it to anyone else...

  • Junior Klutse

    "We can hold them off"Dragon: "you what?"

  • juaniotero90

    Bolton: "I am a man of mercy" I imagine the background cast laughing their asses off

  • Slave Holder

    The best tv show ever, I’m so jealous to those, who hadn’t seen it yet.

  • Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus

    Tyrion's speech wins as the ultimate badass and Demand trial by combat. Biggest balls for a man his stature .

  • Anastasia Spyropoulou

    Jorah when she started talking in Valyrian...He's so in love.I agree with him.

  • Coraline Parmentier - Pianist for Peace

    I love when Greyworm kills the two dudes in Mereen, he's so chill and awesome

  • ALPHA 65

    Tell them , winter came for house Frey.

  • Rohab Ali

    Tyrion lannisterBest characterBest actingBest dialogue delivery

  • Chandler Bing

    There's nothing that can be better than Peter dinklage! He is the best of GOT

  • moonlighter6

    I watched for the dragon. My pet Iguana like watching too.

  • PesadillaQuesadilla 93


  • Ali Hassan

    Knowledge is power , Everything matters is the way you use it , whether you use it to turn family against family which petyr baelish did, or to tell the truth and for well being of others which Tyrion did and keep check on good or bad things . I love that sentence tyrion said i read books to sharp my mind, moreover he was good at choice of words which saved him most of the time

  • Lisa Martens

    Where is Podrick stabbing someone in the back of the head with a spear? The hound slaying a whole tavern, Brienne vs literally anyone, Lyanna everytime she speaks, BRONN vs Valen soldier, Thormund everytime he speaks, the death of littlefinger, Tyrion at the small council vs Joffrey, ser barristan vs the sons of the harpy. (Come on get some side characters in there Ow wait then this thing would be an hour long lol.

  • Nicholas Aaron

    Jaime’s face when he hears the dragon.

  • HansKuhlmann

    Some scenes could be in part 2:Arya and the Hound at the inn with Polliver.Arya killed the guy who put the wolf's head on RobbBronn saves Tyrion at the trial by combatJamie saves Brienne from the bearDrogon rescues Dany from the arenaDany survives the firePodrick saves Tyrion in the battle.The direwolf saves Bran and Kat from the assasin.

  • Glenn Davis

    Anyone else have cold shivers when drogon roars shortly after Jaime says “we can hold them off”?

  • عبدالرحمن بن خالد

    Dracarys is the most badass word in the game of thrones

  • Rafail TR


  • whutzat

    The scene where Dany takes the Unsullied is one that affected me so much when it happened. So effective and memorable. Just that right there is what I wish I could play automatically whenever people go "Oh, Dany sucks, she is weak, she doesn't deserve to rule...blah blah blah...."

  • vipul ranjan

    Podrick was badass too in that brothel

  • Enola Paquien

    •Brienne & Arya’s fight •Arya’s victims ( The waif, Walder Frey,...)•Sansa in front of Ned's head on a spade•Tyrion slams on joffrey•Littlefinger’s death •the arrival of Daenerys on Drogon in front of cersei•Arya who leaves the hound•Ramsey’s Death •Tywin’s Death•Sand's rebellion• Olenna Tyrell's clash (Olenna’s death)•Catelyn Stark who protect Bran• Catelyn Stark knocks Jaime• Cersei’s Clash • the king of the night raises the dead•Viserion’s death • Jon's fights (white walkers, Ramsey, savages, ..)• Theon saves Sansa (Miranda’s death)• Yara’s fights • Yara saves Theon .....

  • Saad Amin

    The best scene in my personal opinion is Tyrion's trail, he acted his ass off to make that scene so good that it'd always give me goosebumps with the music that's played in the background.

  • zimbus 2

    7:57 so they were cooking some food and the food wasnt burnt or "melting" but the gold whos melting point is 1064 ° C melted in about 1 minute from a camp fire.

  • nonstopbg

    Most badass is Dani at the frozen lake saving Aegon. You should add it.

  • TheDude

    First scene is just aweful, he has all the credentials and qualities we see him use, yet he couldn't employ a simple dead man's trigger? hahaha, this is just tough female porn. (in relation to dead man's trigger) yes they work but the enemy has to be convinced that you truly don't know who are the bearers of the dead man trigger information (that'swhole point of doing a dead man's trigger otherwise they can torture you or your family lol, and even then they might let you go, because a good dead man trigger also has time-based and injury to loved ones insurance and self. (once a dead man's trigger is employed succesfully, you and the enemy cannot stop certain things from happening EVEN if you wanted to spare them).

  • Xystem 4

    Those subtitles that you can’t turn off get pretty annoying. Especially when they’re over the show’s own subtitles, or completely out of sync by as much as five seconds. Other than that though, great video

  • Pratap

    For me first one was awesome.. Power is Power #Cersei lannister

  • Vibhansh Saini

    Badass scenes?No white walkers scenes... No bronn blowing up ships... No dany coming out of fire naked... No battle of bastards... No viserion being killed scene.

  • Aman deep

    Arya stark is the queen of badaas!!

  • Alexandria KING


  • R R

    Someone forgot Hardhome? When the Night Walker threw Jon and his ears rang and he spit blood, still he got to his feet and who was more surprised when Jon's sword stopped the Night Walker in his tracks. I love GOT's battles. I must have been a warrior in another life.

  • Justin Gomez

    Got to respect Jamie not running back to King's Landing and staying even despite Bronn's attempt to persuade him to leave.

  • Lea-Marie E.

    I love Sansa & Tyrion & Arya😍😍😍Me when i so Dany in that battle: I just thought: Holy shit😥😥😥😂😂😂😂😂

  • utkarsh pant

    Winds of Winter was the last great episode of Game of Thrones.Season 7 was garbage. Even season 5 looks great compared to season 7.

  • BlazeLionheart

    "We can hold them off."Dragon RoarsJamie sees dragon and looks at Bronn"Well Shit"

  • Night Moose

    Waaaaaaait a included the beginning of the scene where Dany attacks the Lannister army but not the following scene where Bronn goes FULL BRONN and fights his way to a scorpion and almost takes out Drogon singlehandedly? Single most badass scene in GoT thus far!!!

  • saeed kabha

    "Tell them winter came for house Frey" ❤

  • Peter Walsh

    Bring me the Hound and some chickens.

  • cheetiz gurung

    15:49 the most badass one

  • Weird Awesome

    Still one scene is missing..... Jon standing alone infront of the Bolton army.... Couldn't find many of such scenes...

  • Tyson Turley

    Girl Power!!! yah sisters....we Rock right!!! Not

  • Nikhil Suryavanshi

    16:46 watching the face of Jaime and feel the fear....😂😂It's difficult to say my favourite scenes but Dothraki attacking was best scene for me.

  • Amritpal Kaur

    its been a while now. i miss this.

  • charlie bonifer

    Anything with the hound is badass

  • Marvin Nash

    Plot twist: Dany says "Slay the masters" and gets slayed immediately by an Unsullied.

  • Tanaya Mohanty

    GOT is full of badass scenes!!!

  • English Pride

    3:07...Goosebumps. Damn, this series is the BEST.


    knowlage is a power too.different kind of power that works with time etc.

  • Carl Rice

    Sansa's last scene with Ramsey should be included, the little smile as she walked away...perfect!

  • Super Vegito

    Where is every scene of the King in the North..Where is Robb Stark

  • Shorry Mackintosh

    knowledge is Power is Power lol

  • Jim A

    You prob need a whole series of videos of badass scenes from Game of Thrones..too many to & purple weddings, walk of shame, Ned’s beheading, Tower of Joy, Wildfire destruction of the Sept, Daenerys burning the Dothraki lords, The Hound, etc etc..fantastic show

  • sal arias

    Like comment for season 8

  • Mia laura

    Last one is my all time favourite!! (The whole scene) But there is one thing missing for me. When Sansa turns on Little Finger and Arya kills him!

  • Steven Galiniak

    2:57"Lol K "

  • John Vigne

    Where is the fight at the Tower of Joy? And more importantly, where is The Hound?!?!

  • Zlatan9

    hound must be more than a badass then...

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