Skyrim Special Edition How to Start DAWNGUARD DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Guide)

Skyrim Special Edition: How to Start DAWNGUARD DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Guide)!
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  • dobby .co.uk123

    I had a guard tell me by pelagia farm

  • Chillhelm der Breite

    Skyrim belongs to the Stormcloaks

  • Dragonfire

    I really enjoy your voice, that's the main reason I subbed.

  • RoOoK keErY

    Do a vampire lord build just like your werewolf build that you did

  • The J5

    Dawnguard is imo mich better than dragonborn

  • bmoraski

    Awesome i just hit level 10 and im going to start Dawnguard. Its funny that you posted this today because i saved lastnight after being approached for it and decided im going to start there. In the past i have played this dlc late in the game.

  • Jason Arnold

    hey do hearthfire next please

  • Dotaba 101

    i not meeting him so far.. i'm already level 51.. i'm playing skyrim dawnguard DLC not the special editionpls help..

  • Peter Parker

    I really hope they port the Marriable Serana mod to Xbox 1. We need it!!!

  • Nolan Collins

    You should make a guide of how to play Legendary difficulty. I decided to try it out for the first time but I kept dying to bandits so I lowered the difficulty to Master. It just seems impossible.

  • Adrian Herrera

    Can anyone help. I have Skyrim Special Edition and when I go to the location it's blocked by a wall. I am level 31 and I have not had a dude come to me or heard a guard mention anything about it .Please help

  • Shrek

    WHAT!!??Are there people out there who doesn't know that??!!

  • 9th Doctor

    Idky we can't marry Serena :c

  • Epicboss 213

    ESO when you play dashboard on your stream become a vampire play and if you don't esbern will come

  • Josh Dews

    eso how much dose cost on the ps4 I want get new skyrim

  • just another brit

    I’m level 19 (not a new player, just restarting) and I downloaded the dlc a couple hours ago and this guy is nowhere to be seen. I don’t want to go straight to the place, though. Does it take time or is there something wrong with my game?

  • Josh Dews

    Thank you dude u are awesome gut I watched lot of u skyrim and fallout 4 very cool dude :-)

  • Fellowship of Gaming

    Is Serana follower bug fixed? That's what I really want to know about Dawnguard.

  • Paul Snelling

    So... What's This About Crossbows?(Because It Seems Like The "Vampire Hunters", Are Actually just Standard Demon Hunters)

  • The Great Galactic Dragon Slayer

    thanks ESO can you do how to start Heartfire

  • James Davies

    Do you have a cold 😂😂😂😂

  • wastelandchef 03

    r u gonna stream today

  • Jlox

    I got the quest from a random hold guard when I got to lv 10

  • Nate S.

    Yooo, I dot think it matters where you are when Durak approaches, from my own experience ive encountered him in the wild, hell just walk up to you like any other npc, also, to me, Skyrim SE doesnt look much different from the regular game(from gameplay on youtube) is it?

  • Perry MGS [Stealth]

    games like skyrim are only good and are tailor made for YOUR adventure why anyone would want a guide is beyond me

  • ZugZug

    wait, Dawnguard is pre-installed? Somebody explain to me! I have a PS4, and I want the game!

  • f

    So it comes with all dlc's for $60

  • Jotaro Kujo

    This and NBA 2k18 are the only native 4K games a have(On PS4 Pro).

  • Harvey Jack Olden

    do you recommend doing the campaign or the dlc first

  • Mira Mira

    You didn't tell us the second method! I just downloaded it and nothing happened.

  • ViciousSummoner

    Skyrim Special Edition has all the DLC in it or what?

  • Jay Zee

    How do you REstart it on PS4?? I want to side with the vAmpires now

  • Boi

    I don't know why everyone makes new guides for a remastered when it's exactly the same as the old game except the graphics and 64 bit.

  • KingNazaru

    Instead of telling us this, how about how to prevent vampires killing npcs.

  • Nick M

    Can i have some help so when i walk up to any of them they all attack me and im doing the quest line

  • Bailz

    Do have to be a vampire when you join the vampire faction?

  • Actually Bored

    I have this problem where I can't turn into a Vampire Lord. After turning into the VL for the first time (When Harkon teaches you the basics of the VL) My eyes turn back to normal and the other vampires treat me like I'm human.

  • zVI PaLaDiN IVz

    Someone can help me? I chosed to stay with downguards,but i becomed a normal vampire instead i chosed downguards saying no to the supreme vampire... How can i return "human"? Sorry for my bad english :(

  • Louie Nelson

    upload a new video pls

  • Niac

    Hello ESO, i unfortunatly dont own Skyrim Special Edition, but will your videos still work on normal Skyrim?

  • Tech Savey

    I got the normal game on the pc and this guy came up to me and the dragonborn dlc happened too really weird

  • Muhummad Smith

    ESO. Love your channel almost as much as I love Skyrim. You should do a video on the following location:Lucky Lorenzo's Shack-Its an unmarked location which consists of a destroyed house and the body of the ironically named Lucky Lorenzo. He has a treasure map on him but strangest of all is that he is in his underwear and is lying next to a copy of the lusty argonian maid. wink wink. Also the house is directly across a river from an abandoned prison.

  • 8OctoThot8

    dude i went in and got attacked on sight??

  • firesnake47

    I once took out a den of vampires on my way to Ivarstead, and I randomly got the Dawnguard quest while walking through town. I then came to realize that I had contracted a disease that evolved into vampirism if not cured.

  • Eric Abraira

    Hey, does anybody know a glitch when the portals from the wayshrine don't show up?


    he dident list method 2

  • Vault 703 Overseer

    PATH TO DAWNGUARD (SCENIC ROUTE)Here's how to get to Dayspring Canyon from Snow-Shod Farm. The farm is just to the southwest of Riften. Just take a carriage to Riften and discover the farm. Don't enter Riften unless you want to be assaulted by another side quest.Fast travel to SNOW-SHOD FARM. This is just to position yourself properly.Turn around to the west and head away from the farm along road until you get to a main road.Turn right and take the road east.DON'T ENTER RIFTEN. Instead, bypass it to the east.You will see another main road and a boarded up gate that won't allow entrance into the city.Follow this road.On your left you will see some steps going up some collapsed structure or tower. There are bandits here. One carries the book KING if you're interested.If not then continue over a bridge where you will see a dirt path on your left. Taking this path will let you discover BLACK-BRIAR LODGE and its hostile mercenaries if you're interested.If not then continue until you see the stump of a white tree that looks like it's been snapped down on your left. Turning left you can enter DAYSPRING CANYON. You can't discover it but you must enter it in order to discover FORT DAWNGUARD and begin the DLC.

  • vu le

    Help ,,After downloading DLC ​​Dawnguard, do I need to play the game again from the beginning, play the game save my leg??

  • Brandon Foley

    i accidentally killed the guy who speaks to you

  • Naru

    Best to choose for:Vampires: Sneaky characters, mages, and spellblades.The vampire side gives you vampirism. Vampire passives are 20-50% weakness to fire and 20-50% resistane to frost, 25% better sneaking, 25% stronger illusion spells, and immune to disease and poison. The "once per day" actives are not very useful in my experience. You also get a toggleable night vision which is very useful in this DLC.For spells you get a heal undead spell unobtainable on the dawnguard side. Also you can calm the NPCs with illusion spells to buy the dawnguard's sun spells in the Destroying the Dawnguard quest.For items two unique rings and amulets. One ring gives a lot of HP and some unarmed damage, the other gives a lot of magicka and almost doubles your magicka regeneration. The two unique amulets are only affecting your Vampire Lord transformation.Dawnguard: Archers, all sorts of melee warriors and spellblades.The Dawnguard side does not grant you a transformation but you can keep your Lycantropy from the Companions questline... if you are interested in it at all.For spells you get a "damage undead only" versions of firebolt, fireball, and flame cloak as restoration spells.For items you can get a crossbow that rivals the friggin' Dragonbone Bow in damage quite early on(takes some radiant questin' tho) and it benefits from dwarven smithing, an unique one handed that can potentially deal a metric shitton of damage on any undead, a two-hander that lays fire runes with power attacks, and a shield that has a flame cloak activated when you block.

  • GoRdOn FrEeMaN

    The problem I have is I bought the original skyrim game, played it for awhile , then of course they came out with the edition with dawnguard. So I d/l that as well. It said it was d/l but no one ever approaches me, there is no cave for me. No matter if uninstall and reinstall steam seems to recognize my original skyrim. I'd love to play dawnguard even tho it's been out awhile I've never had the chance

  • Mimi

    SOMEONE HELP. basically I've been on the Dawnguard quests for a while now and just realised that every time I go to the big waterfalls just down the path from the fort, my game completely lags and freezes to the point of it crashing (I'm on Xbox one). And it always lags so so much, it's unplayable in this area which sucks because there are always vampires hiding around here so I end up dead. Won't even allow me to go onto the menu, and the sound of the waterfall carries on but the music suddenly stops and if it finally stops lagging, I can move but all sound from my weapons and spells go and suddenly come at once like 10 mins later?? My game has never lagged or crashed but I only recently discovered it does that only by the waterfalls outside fort Dawnguard, LITERALLY NO WHERE ELSE. WHYYY SOMEONE PLZ PLZ HELP NO ONE ON THE FORUMS WILL HELP </3

  • Dean Armstrong

    am I the only one that is having problems with dawngaurd? when I am doing the vampire quests they randomly say "mortals aren't allowed in the castle" even though I'm a vampire lord, and attacking me when I go In. I can't give them the chalice because of this. please help it's never happened before and I have started 3 or 4 characters and it keeps doing it on all of them, please help.

  • Emanuel Chisholm

    Ok guys so I know this isnt the place to ask for help but i need it plz. So i think ive encountered a glitch where serana completely dissapears. I sided with dawnguard and asked her to go get cured. She left to do it and i even saw her at Fallion's once but she never returned after a week ingame and Ive searched high and low. Any one can help?

  • MouLiG

    I'm really pissed off, I accidentally picked vampire lord, and I wanted to get the dawnguard armor and continue the dawnguard quest. I cured my vampirism, and have not completed he red water den quest. Is there a way to go back to dawnguard?

  • Jacy Johnson

    I'm having an issue on Xbox one with a invisible wall not letting me through

  • technophile .x

    The video missed a way to start the quest, and that is to get the guard to say a random Dawnguard speech, that goes something like "I hear they're reforming the Dawnguard..." It's just a random speech, same as the good ol' "...arrow in the knee" random speech and will add the Dawnguard quest to your log, the same as if you'd actually spoken to Durak.So if he won't show up for someone, there's an alternate way to get that map marker. I do believe that you still need to be level 10 before guards will start saying it, though.

  • Bejan Robert

    I need help, I have all Dlc in the menu of the game but I haven't seen the Orck, I am Level 29, and yes, I search for the cave but was nothing there, I talk with the guards too, but they don't told me nothing about the Dawnguard, I play on xbox 360, Plss help !

  • Eimantas Masaitis

    Can anyone help me? i got to the part where i met the king of whiterun for the first time. i accept the wizards quest and when i try to leave the city my game crashes, and now i cant load my saves :(

  • Your Overlord Wizzzed

    What about Skyrim legendary edition!?!

  • philly pb

    I first started to get the quest as soon as I got to level 10 and entered Whiterun. I kept trying to get the orc to appear after reloading my game then randomly had an encounter with a master vampire at the entrance. I then talked to a guard and got the quest, but still no orc. Will that change anything?

  • Storffy Storff

    Can anyone help? I play on the Xbox one remastered version. I try and take serana to the castle. When I walk to the gate, the watchkeeper just tells me to go on and get out that I'm not welcomed there. Serana just follows me everywhere now since I can't take her inside the castle. Is that a bug or?

  • The emperor of mankind

    When I got to dawn guard everyone tried to kill me how do I fix this

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