Skyrim: 5 Hilarious Glitches and Bugs You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (Part 3)

Skyrim is a game with many glitches and bugs that often take a turn for the hilarious and amusing. Even nearly seven years later after Skyrim’s launch, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim remains riddled with tons of funny and sometimes frustrating glitches that could drive anyone crazy. So today we’ll be taking another look at five more hilarious, absurd glitches and bugs you may not have seen in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
  • Honest M'aiq

    There are no bugs. Only features.


    Am I too late to make a ' its not a bug its a feature' joke? I am? Damnit.

  • Ocean Man

    Just imagine this:half-naked courier runs to you- "I've been looking for you. Got something I'm supposed to deliver - your hands only. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"ಠ_ಠ

  • Asher McLaughlin

    Idk what happened but I got a mod to marry Cicero and one day I came home to him and he was just... Naked... His clothes were still in his inventory and he was still wearing his hat but he was naked... Like what lol

  • Sleepy .Time

    remember the patch that made dragons fly backwards? that was a funny one and bad enough that even Failthesda fixed it

  • Donkey -

    Me: Is this a bug or a feature?Todd Howard: Perhaps.

  • Vincenzo Torizzo

    Next intro should be "hey how's it going Nate, it's guys here!"

  • Jason Hazell

    In over a 1000 hours, I’ve never had the big chickens or the mini giants. 😕Another thing, I’ve also never had a dragon attack Markarth.

  • Katelyn Wiegand

    God said to Jacob, “come forth and receive eternal life”But he came in fifth and received a toaster

  • skyler Peterson

    Are you sure they’re not just baby Giants lol

  • Kat Grabowska

    I've never seen naked courier, nor dragon flying in circle... but I witnessed, a bunch of times, when dragon skeleton just fall over me from nowhere...

  • Whiterun Guard

    Who’s ready for old jokes?I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Jordan Miller

    I don't think I've ever had a clothed courier lmfao

  • Laura Clem

    I'll never forget the time Garmr (ya know...the deathound/vampire-dog) sent bandits after me for stealing from castle did he even communicate?heavy breathing"You'll pay how much?"rattling breath"Oh ho! Well yeah I'll make sure that yellowbelly gets her due!"heavy breathing"...wanna get all this on paper?" did the dog even sign his name?????

  • Safebox Gaming

    The log glitch is because the log pieces don't despawn *technically*, they are moved out of the cell into an adjacent cell, similar to how quest items are hidden in chests outside the area they would normally be found in before you receive the associate quest. Because of Skyrim's engine, teleporting an object is a bit wonky and actually just moves the object at high speed in the direction it's being teleported to, hence a portion of that velocity being applied to corpses placed on the logs.

  • Serduin De Lagon 9th


  • Kitty Thane

    my fav glitch ever, was when a courier charged up to me.. gave me a letter of inheritance from my own character.. it said my character had died XD sooo random. the other was when i had a bounty hunter demand payment to clear my character's name... only to pay him 0 gold.

  • Timothy Baillargeon

    I found a giant riding a dragon... It was the best day of my life

  • The Rogue Wolf

    About five days ago, I was running past Hearthwood Mill in the fog when a dragon caught sight of me and attacked. Grosta, apparently deciding her life no longer had value without her husband, joined the fray, but was flash-frozen by the dragon before I could finish it off. Ten seconds after I finished absorbing its soul, a courier appeared and gave me an inheritance letter from Grosta.Why can't Newegg deliver stuff to me that fast?

  • Learoy G

    Am so sad I have never seen a miniature giant.

  • Elvar Chris

    I had a glitch to where one of the kids increased their size to a regular npc male. Funny thing was the kid shrunken down to the normal child size after he started cheering to a bard song! XD

  • Ramjet

    More, more, more.M O R E

  • Onyx

    I've had that dragon one where they spiral upwards - it happened to Paarthurnax after the first fight with Alduin 😂He eventually came back down so I guess I was lucky with that??

  • Shia LaBeouf

    Are u sure the courier isn't trolling me when I received a letter of inheritance by 'Lord FireCrotch'? It's not my characters name so I'm a bit confused

  • Malachi Copeland

    I had a glitch where tullius and ulfric somehow switched places and it was so funny "These damn imperials" while in castle dour

  • GrahamTV

    Where do the clothless Couriers keep the letters?

  • Matthew Sly

    NATE!!! I have a tiny detail the even YOU still might have missed. So here's what you're going to want to do. Start a new game with The Live Another Life mod. Choose to own property in Whiterun. From there, go to Helgen and start the main quest. Go back to Whiterun and when the guard stops you the will be a new option "I just want to go home." I'm not sure what happenes after that though as I have not tried it. If you're wondering, yes I did find this myself. Please like so he can see this!!

  • Caelan Carnes

    Your notification at 0:42 caught me off guard 😂 I was confused why I didn't have a text when o rewinded the vid and it was consistently there

  • Jeremy Landon

    It's true, half the reason this game is so much fun even today, nearly a decade later is because of these unintentional features. Most of the time when I want a good laugh I play Skyrim knowing some comical bug is going to make my day!

  • Tintel

    Thats no bug, Thats insurance fraud.

  • A killer Pacman

    Like the f you heard Nate’s phone get a alert.

  • Ian

    I had to fight harkon 3 times first time I got him down to half his health but he wouldn't lose any after that and second time he couldn't do anything or lose any health

  • LifelessTooth

    I had the dragon glitch happen once when speaking to Parthurnaax, and it even made it to RoosterTeeth's GameFails channel

  • Cona 100

    Is it normal for a Dragon that already died to Fly again ?!

  • Jeremy Landon

    Dang those stupid naked couriers! Stealing Nate's livelihood!

  • markarth city guard

    I've been thinking...what if im the dragon born and I just don't know it yet?

  • Adam Case

    speaking of dragons I'm not sure what this is but it often happens, and I've come to call them troll dragons. They will just fly around and attack nothing ,as they happily fly in circles roaring their giant hearts out, and keepnig you from fast traveling, and looking over your shoulder wondering if they will attack. But even if you manage to hit it, it still ignores you, and does its best to avoid getting hit and to keep its distance from you.

  • rebekka rice

    There were a few glitches my father got. He was other immortal or a mix of a vampire and a werewolf at the same time.

  • Val Royeaux

    Most of the time it just worksIt sometimes doesn’t workIf you’re the minutemen, it never works

  • Jessifero

    I have a screenshot in my Skyrim folder of getting an inheritance letter from Faendal...while Faendal is standing next to me. xD

  • Kryptev

    I got three letters of inheritance all at once but idk why. Im not sure which quest I did though

  • The cannibis killa1

    I've played on playstation since the launch of this game and have never seen any of these glitches


    Those mini-giants look like they might have been in the game intentionally, but... Skyrim is still a game from Bethesda, so no.


    Skyrim: 5 more times Todd Howard has been proven to be Jesus

  • EB Diallo

    nO GlitCHEs, FeatTUrrES!1!!!1!!1

  • Night Terror

    I sometimes get a glitch similar to the miniature giant one except for me it happens with the falmer

  • Thomas S

    literally just bought Skyrim and boy am i exited for my first run through. Any tips or recommendations

  • Just Noob

    Courior naked reason: There is a clothes that come with headgear by default. If you pickpocket naked courior, I will notice that he had headgear and clothes but never wear either or just headgear.

  • Dremora Dutchess

    Hey Nate! A little fact if you end up reading this is that the guard outside of Half-Moon Mill will say a unique line of dialog that's pretty gross; "Is Hert his sister or his wife? Or both?" I mean, could be nothing but hey. It alludes to something.

  • random_lover 686

    Once i was playing and fast traveled to my house a dragon literally grew out of the ground it was hilarious to watch I got some of it on video but not all i think its funny to think of a dragon tree just a tree with dead dragons with nothing in them lol

  • Harrowed One

    4:55 Thief steals their stuff but letters act like quest items?

  • Oliver Rutter

    I've got the same inheritance twice before 😄😃😃😄😄😃😃👍👍👍👍😄😀😀😀

  • Hollyballsinhell

    some bugs are save corrupting and can't you can't really get rid of them like the following dragon corpse lol

  • BBBanks

    4:55 If you do "recycleactor" in console the NPC despawns and if you return them to you they have no clothes, I assume they just used that command whenever they are done with the actor and it may have not ran the clothes script.

  • Rayane the fifth


  • Dominik Greene

    When every feature is bugged, and every bug becomes a feature...

  • Kaleo Chung

    The dragon bug happened to me when talking to parthunax. Lol

  • Daro

    The only explanation for naked couriers?Todd thirst

  • BadBoiFilms

    The courier I get is always naked

  • Dreamer Dawn

    I found a frozen dragon in the hot springs area, killed it with arrows then I went into a cave then back out and found it on the ground where it burnt away and got it's soul.

  • Oliver Rutter

    Also wheres that house/ castle you where showing in between facts

  • I’m Crazy

    Wood pile this how serial killers get rid of bodies

  • Daniel Hani

    the courier gets generated clothes different from npc, most npcs have a saved version or a generic maker to them courier's generate first and then generate their clothes and the gamechecks if he is wearing a piece before it gives them a second piece ironically if they generate with a ring first they wont generate the rest of their clothes because nothing checks if they have a ring generated to equip the next piece of clothing XD

  • Baxton

    I know another bug where your follower follows you while in a t pose position. I have a video but I don’t know how I can send it to you

  • jadenbot01

    Notification squad . Love your vids nate

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