Skyrim: 5 Dawnguard DLC Secrets You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC is riddled with a plethora of Easter Eggs, secrets and hidden tiny details, much like Skyrim itself. Even nearly seven years later, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC still may be hiding quite a bit from many Dragonborns. So today we’ll be taking a look at five Dawnguard DLC secrets you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Honest M'aiq

    Top 9819589 Times Nate Said "Murdered to Death"


    Wait wait wait. So you're telling me... there is DLC for this game???? Why has no one told me this?!Edit: a lot of people seemed to miss that it was a joke, and that's probably my fault. I have heard of and played all of the DLC. Most of you guys were very polite in saying I should try it. So thank you for that!

  • 47most SOON

    “Heard they’re reforming the Dawngaurd, vampire hunters or something. Might consider joining up myself.”

  • KommanderHooyah

    In Mandarin, “to murder” is 殺(shā), but that implies only an attempt at murder. To express a successful murder, one needs to say “殺死(了).” 死(sǐ) meaning “death”, and 了(le) indicating a change of status. Therefore, to say “murder” in Mandarin, it would literally be translated as “murdered to death.”

  • Eryk Nolan

    SerAna! They say her name enough for you to not get this wrong.

  • Scoot Scoot Cow

    Let me guess? MURDERED TO DEATH

  • Dreamer Dawn

    I wish that when in the Soul Cairn you would occasionally, as random encounters, come across the souls of named NPCs that you Soul Trapped.

  • Allan Realiza II

    I swear, if ES6 doesnt have a character that says "Murdered to Death" ....EVERYONE. PETITION FOR ES6 TO HAVE SOMEONE SAY MURDERED TO DEATH"!!!!

  • The Next Hokage

    The secrets of Skyrim continue, for we shall never truly discover them all

  • No1OfConsequence

    If you are a vampire but not a Vampire Lord before you start the Dawnguard questline, the Dawnguard won't notice, and you'll hear the ironic dialogue "a vampire could just walk in here" from Isran during a conversation with a Vigilant of Stendarr. However, when you return Serana to Lord Harkon and he offers turning you into a Vampire Lord, it unlocks some unique dialogue. For example, you can tell him that you're already a vampire, causing him to point out the differences between the two types of vampires. He may also point out that it's only a matter of time before the Dawnguard discover the vampiric Dragonborn's secret. I found this pretty interesting when I was trying to roleplay the game as a Thalmor agent (yes, I did that).

  • Levi Samom

    about the dogs...there are also 2 death hounds in castle volkhar named Garmr (named after the guardian hound of ragnaroc) and CuSith (named after a mythelogical hound in scotland)

  • Nemerly o,O

    You can also remove the Vampirism by becoming a Werewolf. Conversely, you can remove your Lycanthropy by becoming a Vampire.

  • Xenomorph 123

    Here's something you might not have known you could do in the Dawnguard DLC. There's a member of the Dawnguard who you can purchase unique spells from that are incredibly effective against the undead, but if you join with the Vampires, you can't get these incredibly effective spells. Or so it seems. If you have a powerful enough calm spell (or the Voice of the Emperor power) you can calm him long enough to speak to him a purchase the spells. I really like doing this as it means I can put one of the spells in one hand and Vampiric Drain in the other, wielding the power of both light and Darkness. Did you know that?

  • Quirkle 0208

    Their seems to be alot of murdering to death in skyrim

  • ovrkilzr-gaming and more

    who else chose the dawnguard side?

  • Lucas Johnson

    Nate’s been alive since the DAWNGAURD of timeI’ll see myself out

  • Jan Krajnc

    By now everyone has the intro burned into their head

  • Sandhiren Pillay

    Bone hawk amulets are so cool looking but are pretty inept

  • aftermathematics365

    You can also cure Serana of her vampirism, even though after doing so she still complains about daylight and such.

  • The Dude who games

    I'm Irish so whenever I hear people trying to say Irish names or words I cringe really hard but you made a really good effort.

  • Zoltier853

    Fun Fact: the Dawnguard Heavy Armor is the coolest looking armor set in the game.

  • Simple Cormac

    I was 3 seconds away from sleepingbut then Nate posted a video

  • Couch Lord1

    I just recently started a play through with the "change back story" mod so I skipped the helga intro and started off in front of fort dawnstar as a non-dragon born villager (no thu'um) hoping to became a vampire slayer. I just loved how when I defeated the undead dragon in the soul carim, I didn't eat his soul (because it belongs to relm) so I slayed a dragon without revealing myself as dragon born and he named me "vanguisher" or some something like that and since I didn't even start the main story quest he made a reference to the fact that I wasn't a dragonborn yet but that he felt a connection and that maybe in the future I will understand why and that shit made my immersion go through the roof. The DLC took the possibility of you running from the tutorial straight to the DLC main quest as a possibility.

  • Elliott Barth

    To add to your 50 shades of top 10 secrets: inside the cave Dead Drop mine within fort dawnguard, you can find a book called the sultry argonian bard

  • Lord Shaxx of the Vlka Fenryka

    A good strategy for new start, is to start Dawnguard early, get op early crossbow, serana and rather easily obtainable armors (Dawnguard Armors look awesome and have preety good stats for early game)

  • Yinxi Li

    Nate how do you even find these do you work with someone to find these or have you experienced these it's actually pretty nifty

  • Toasty Waffles

    Nate, will you marry me?

  • Secret Spice

    Murdered to death should be the quote of the guards in the up coming Elder scrolls game

  • jacob blackman

    About pausing the dawnguard dlc by loosing your vampire powers. It works the other way too if you are a dawghard warrior and get vampire powers they will scold you and also put the story on pause

  • Gaming Sentinel

    I liked my own comment

  • Grell Sutcliff

    It’s only fair that you have to do one for Dragonborn and Hearthfire now, riiiiiight?~

  • Ben Toth

    Huh, I missed the Gauntlet reference. That said "Green Dragonborn needs cheese wheels badly."

  • Falling_Star

    Garmr and CuSith are also references, Garmr is a dog who guards Hel in nordic mytholoy while the Cu Sith is a giant dog in celtic mythology.

  • Spooky Skellyton

    Make a video of all your times saying murdered to death

  • Rem-San

    Dude you fogot jiub, in the soul carin you get to talk to him and i think thats cool. For anyone who hasn't played morrowind he's the first person that talks to you on the ship.

  • Paul Martin

    plays dawnguard.Never wants to use soul gems again

  • Gavin L

    Vampire clan for the win. Would rather be lord of a castle instead of hunter.

  • Leto85

    Who's willing to make a remix of Murdered To Death?

  • Just call me pie

    You know you're in for something good when you hear ”Hey how's it going guys, it's Nate here”.

  • XxMr CleanxX

    For a top 10 things you didn’t know, did you know when you go to the first black door, one of the options to say is, “some kind of chorus, with chanting” which is referencing Skyrim theme song. I have a big feeling you already put this in a past video that I’m not remembering, but if not, there ya go ;)

  • Super Skrub

    Gotta love notifications

  • Lucky Hands

    Epicnate the kinda guy that finds 5 more things you dont know about skyrim

  • zealotmaster1

    vampires don't want to MURDERED TO DEATH they want to SLAVE YOU FOR LIFE

  • George H

    When I read the lusty argonian maid I got a two handed level up. Idk y

  • Ssnig 222

    Will someone get murdered to death?

  • Oisin McPhillips

    That pronunciation of Fionn Mac Cumhaill was painful, but great video otherwise


    Time to be unoriginalM U R D E R E D T O D E A T H

  • LUKA

    Hey Nate, I feel like you should make a video above where certain NPCs go after you complete certain questsFor instance if Malborn survives the Diplomatic Immunity quest he goes to an inn in Windhelm.There are also some other characters that "dissappear" like the serving lady in the quest diplomatic immunity, Valdr, the mage in that quest where you need to find books for the college of Winterhold, Anska...(or maybe they just dissappear from the game in which case my suggestion was completely pointless

  • An Evil Stripper

    Tbh, the Lusty Argonian Maid is much better than 50 shades

  • Bung The Booce

    Hey man, can you post a mod list for your Skyrim & Fallout 4? Some of those retextures are looking fresh

  • keelan doherty

    I feel like you're trying too hard with your voice

  • 1buszybudy13

    Some of this barely qualifies as trivia let alone "secrets"

  • Sencilia

    I can't get over the armor the female vampires wear. Must cover all the skin on their bodies... except for their breasts.

  • Cody Rollins

    Sometimes I think Nate intentionally mispronounces character names, weapon names and location names on purpose...

  • Solar powered potato

    I was a magic-using Vampire in a previous playthrough. The Bonehawk jewelry definitely complimented my character's Vampire armor. The "ring" looked awesome (they resemble brass knuckles, kind of) when in 1st-person mode. They can be enchanted just like any other pieces of jewelry.

  • Tom Brown

    Does Nate pronounce Skyrim words and names wrong for a hobbie

  • 1Fastpaced

    fyonn macuul. not fin mic cool

  • Dongekt

    Where is my would be early but was doing something squad atAlso if this doesn't get #1 on trending I'll Murder someone to death

  • Mateus Ramos Bon

    Oi nate, dont know if u know, but if you open the sealed letter containing the plans to murder the emperor (first encounter with amond motierre), astrid will scold you for doing so.Ps: i already commented but didnt know if u noticed.

  • Lucas Adams

    No mention of the Runed Dawnguard shield that has a unique color palette compared to the normal Dawnguard shield?

  • Emi Hasumi

    It's Serana, not Serena.

  • Aeva Kennedy

    Any other Irish people cringe at Nate’s pronunciation of Fionn Mac Cumhaill? 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Chris Moore

    7:10 her name is Serana. not Serena!

  • justsomekid188

    Did you know you can freely switch between the vampire lord and werewolf if you follow/meet this certain play style1. become leader of companions then merry aela because she gives the werewolf blood2. Side with the dawnguard by refusing harkon's bite but before entering the soul carin get bit by serana she can turn you into vampire lord And there you go i managed to get both transformations in one play through and i was able to freely switch between the two

  • Mike 876

    I hope the dawnguard will be a joinable faction in es6

  • Briseur De Lance

    One of the female vampires at the vampire castle tells you it is dangerous and inconsiderate for a mortal to wander these halls or something like this. She seems rather considerate for a vampire.It kind of makes up for that other vampire who boasts about the tyranny of the sun. Ain't that hypocritical? Calling the natural order of thing a tyranny, and replacing it... with another - but true - tyranny and praying on mortals on a Tamriel-wide scale.

  • Zosphus

    Hey Nate! I found a new detail that I think has not been featured yet. A "legitimate" way to discover this detail would be to install the "Gifts of the Outsider" mod and blink your way to the location.During the quest where the Dragonborn sneaks into the Thalmor embassy, after exiting the first building, where the party is going on, make your way to the very peak of the roof of the Thalmor Embassy, Elenwen's Solar. On the utmost top of the roof of that building you will find an invisibility potion and another potion.I am very sure that this is in vanilla Skyrim, but it might just be a mistake on my end because I have over 736 mods enabled.

  • Stoinkey Doinkey

    10:33 what heavy dawnguard armor mod is that?

  • Blaine Webb

    Hey Nate, check out a little spot off the road headed west of broken fang cave. Its quite the sad site. it seems to be a man murdered to death by a GIANT mud crab. And when I say giant, I mean huge!!!!! Anyway, it is on the right hand side of the road to Rorikstead coming from sleeping tree camp, just after you pass broken fang cave. It is unmarked and would be great to see it mentioned in one of your videos!!!

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