Skyrim Bloopers, Glitches, and Silly Stuff Episode 1

ITS FINALLY HERE!!! The long awaited skyrim bloopers video, episode 1 of course, is finally done. I had a blast recording this and I've discovered that skyrim is an absolutely amazing game, regardless of my opinion of oblivion, which was absolutely TERRIBLE. I hope to make more episodes of this and continue to make saints row videos as well. Oh, and this video was taken off of the Xbox 360 version of the game, was recorded with roxio game capture card HD, and edited together with roxiowave.

Click here to watch part 2:
  • Crazyspadger360

    things I learned from this video:he's not adorableit wasn't funny he wasn't a merchanthe was a kajit monkand he has a new loin cloth

  • xsilentpulse123

    Skyrim logic: thief steals things from town gets killed for it, random guy takes the stuff of the dead body perfectly okay

  • Wolf and Soda

    4:10 Sweet Akatosh, Mai'q was right....I talk to Mia'q the Liar once, who said that dragons were always around, but they were invisible and very, very quiet. O_OWho the hell am I supposed to believe now?!

  • LilypadLils

    "Your new around here, so- GET AWAY!"

  • Ella C

    I have a girl who has the same voice as Babette, so its really funny/scary when she says "hope you have fun with the next person you murder"

  • Jack W

    "Oh dear lord, not a dragon!" runs towards it

  • Psychotic Muffin

    Everyone completing main storyline by level 20. And I'm just here, reaching level 70 and barely touching it.

  • Sakyawira

    lol the brotherhood has such a very dark humor

  • MrFisher150421

    4:00 - By the nine! M'aiq the Liar was actually telling the truth!

  • Firedelay

    "For a fair price I'll wash your back"(It's what it sounded like)

  • Katie N

    We all come to a point where we get bored and put baskets on peoples heads.

  • Industrial Savior

    I was always wondering why Astrid's husband in the Dark Brotherhood never wore shoes...

  • DrawerOfTheFallen

    "You're new around here, so -GET AWAY!"Frodnar, 2012 Riverwood.

  • Javen53 Gaming

    Your New around here so. GET AWAY

  • pokedragonS8

    I actually married Muiri in my evil playthrough.Damn, I love this game. :P

  • Wora

    You're new around here, so GET AWAY! Skyrim children in a nutshell...

  • Megladon114

    Finally a good Skyrim funny comp

  • TheAlystraStardust

    Why don't we have candy stores in this game????

  • Wolf/Wolfie The Furry

    876 Thalmor disliked this

  • Cool Facts For Kids

    even though there is a new elder scrolls coming out I think skyrim will always be my favorite game... period

  • Ora Rogue -

    One time I was fighting a dragon and all of a sudden it started to fly upwards until is was cloud level, then it came back down, then did it again. It reminded me of Smaug from The Hobbit so I was like "When Smaug takes a vacation in Skyrim.."

  • [BN]Purple

    your new around here so GET AWAY!!!!

  • oOFrostByteOo

    Lol great video. Love the kid "You're new in town here, so....GET AWAY!!" haha

  • sebastien ceniceros

    If you didn't feel bad about killing narfi then you have no soul.

  • val lm

    "this place has incredible service!" XD

  • PopSocket Istaria

    Snickers As a khajiit you could win that fight in 3 hits.

  • IExist

    you're now around here so... GET AWAY! XD 1:22

  • Max Grundström

    ('_') <--- has this all under control.

  • Firedelay

    Your new around so GET AWAY!

  • Cole Watts

    I kind of miss skyrim. The struggles of having a next gen console

  • Brendan W

    You're new around here so.. GET AWAY!!

  • Brandon Ramirez-Bruno


  • Noah radcliffe

    Lost it at narfi (the tard in the house-ish thing).

  • Timo Isokääntä

    "you've new around here, so... GET AWAY! >:( " xD hahahaha

  • Claus Øder Hjortkjær

    Riverwood Music Productions Lol

  • Delta Shadow

    Use aurora whisper in the invisible dragon it will show u the location

  • Vokun Kriia

    is it possible to choke on laughter? well i made it possible. like, wuts with that guy and putting baskets on people's heads?

  • Redsparrow633

    8:22-8:33 I lost it there lol

  • Atomic Spark

    Omg lol cant stop laghing

  • dvdfan100

    0:24 what is that stream of black energy shoot up to the sky, i seen it twice in my game !!!.

  • Fod Xp

    Ah the Dark Brotherhood. You all stood around sharing stories about the people you murdered like it was the water cooler at the office. Good times.

  • Dgmr

    I once got killed repeatedly at the very same spot in a dungeon with a low-level character. Whenever my character died, the bandits would instantly say, "Need something?" as if they were friendly NPCs xDD I couldn't stop laughing when it happened.

  • Internet Hardman

    ha u can't spell kajjiet lol

  • Bendy Animation

    00:56 xD wtf..."Ragnar the red" By Sven xD

  • Yandere Sama

    My answer to when someone says, You chose a bad time to get lost,friend : I AM NOT LOST!!!!(Kills them)You chose a bad time to get lost friend not me MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Xx_Mars_xX

    Your new around here so get away!

  • obesekid69

    its khajiit not kejeit

  • Alex Cardosa

    The game that just keeps on giving. 

  • Raindropz

    We all make mistakes...Just look at me. I'm a bucket now

  • Vanetrik



    8:36 I totally lost it at this part...

  • MonsterHunterRoon

    Hmm..I managed to save Margret in Markarth. And hey, stop picking on my husband Vorstag!

  • TwilightSparkleReally HatesGPlus

    I only wish I could have recorded the time (a few hours ago) when NPCs started freezing and some sliding with no animation. They reacted to me pushing them, but only with words. I could still talk to them and stuff, but they would stay frozen, only turning their head and stuff to try to look at me. Some people were just spinning in place. The only fix was getting caught stealing or attacking someone.

  • Scarlett Dunbar

    7:43 sounds like dib from invader zim

  • RaceCake

    You're new around here so, GET AWAY! >:(

  • 348joey

    You couldn't have bothered to edit out the loading screens? I don't think I laughed once while watching this.

  • Butter of Sorrow

    I really love that ALL-GLORY-TO-THE-HYPNOTOAD-like clap the npc's have in this game.

  • sashi the squash

    Your new around here so, GET AWAY

  • Derpper

    Not that good quality in my opinion, but enjoyable.

  • Redsoxking101

    Putting a basket on people's head never gets old

  • Draco Dragons Vet of Fossils

    Can't stop laughing at this lol

  • Jack

    "You're new around here so -GET AWAY!" XD

  • Jh'ane Jones

    I couldn't help but stare at the health bar and raging xDD

  • SwiftJoey 794423

    I can just imagine a dog yelling don't hurt me in that voice xD

  • The Rabbit

    You are really bad at brawls :)

  • Yulio oiluY

    This video is ooolldddd

  • JhonConners

    holy shit the low quality

  • Big E Cheese


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