The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

We're pleased to share the first ever in-game trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the next installment in The Elder Scrolls series from award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, Bethesda Game Studios.

For more details on the game, visit, and join The Elder Council at

Skyrim will be released worldwide on 11.11.11 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

ESRB RATING: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol.
  • Maniac Magge

    7 years and it still gives me the most bad ass chills

  • ZHL242

    This is the best video game trailer of all time. Change my mind.

  • Jake Tondre

    He protecHe attac But most importantly he gets his sweetroll bac

  • insert name

    A 5 year long wait is over

  • One God

    Was announced TES 6 but I playing Skyrim with mods in 2018

  • DrGalaxyX

    How am I getting hyped for a game I already have????

  • Commander Lock

    Oh my god, I just now realized that the narrators voice in this is Esbern!

  • Scrubdic

    Skyrim Is A Masterpiece And No One Can Argue With That

  • The Man with no Name

    Better than avengers infinity war trailer

  • Jimbolt The Froppy

    1364 criminal scums who will not go to Sovngarde

  • Ahmet Cn

    Who played Skyrim today

  • The Copper Terrablade

    Unrelenting force on a dragon?That’s a no no!

  • Noah LoLer

    This game looks dope, when does it come out?

  • daniel revesz

    i wish i could see older comments instead of 100 pages of ELDER SCROOLS 6 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Tracy Murray

    7 years later and still playing Skyrim, it never gets old 😁 I love Skyrim 💖

  • Professor Sycamore

    Any remember pressing RB Once And it did ''FUS!"

  • KCC

    I used to be an adventurer like you but then I took an arrow to the knee

  • DimSums

    Who came here again after seeing the new Elder Scrolls 6 announcement trailer?

  • Austin VanHoorebeke

    This is without a doubt one of the best games of all time.

  • PM Pruett

    Fallout is a good game but skyrim is better

  • u_t_o_ p_i_a

    This theme song is my favorite gaming music piece ever.

  • Henkaan

    The best videogame trailer EVER MADE

  • Llama Lachie

    F U S R O D A H!I love how it is in beat with the theme too lmao

  • Tree Red

    天际已经是我的第二个世界了skyrim has become my second world.

  • Zeldas Hyrule

    More than a game! <3

  • Sasha F

    Верните мой 2011, с довакином и драконами

  • TyTrends

    Still gives me chills six year later... now maybe iF BETHESDA WOULD GET OFF THEIR GOOD FOR NOTHI-Clenches Chest ... Gasps for air

  • Rohan Sharma

    Me trying not to have goosebumps, but failed miserably.

  • Bananas Dias

    7 лет, а я всё ещё возвращаюсь туда, каждый год, я снова там.

  • anis jerbi

    do you guys remember when we used to think that these graphics were AMAZING!? lmao!


    Skyrim is 1 best game in the world

  • That Random Trash Demon That Killed Vol'jin. HA!

    I remember 5 years ago, my dad called me into his room. I asked if I was in trouble. He said, "Check this out, this looks SO cool!" He went on YouTube and typed "Skyrim trailer". I was thinking, What's Daddy doing? Then he turns on the trailer. After we watched it, we looked at each other with :O faces. I said, "This is gonna be AWESOME!" He said, "I'm definitely getting it."To this day, I still play this game. And when I watch this trailer, I remember that time, being a little noobish kid. Gives me chills. :D-To Skyrim, a beautiful game. I will hold you dear in my heart for all eternity.

  • Tree Leupp

    Who's here from Shy's Chroma Prime video?

  • GrimPizz

    Даже смотря этот трейлер в 2018 после анонса TES6 всё ровно мурашки по коже, и изумлённое лицо. Моя любимая игра))

  • Aleksey Astaf'ev

    Скайрим - самая лучшая игра в мире.Skyrim - the best game in world

  • Rubsi

    I love how this trailer stays 100% true to the real game mechanics

  • 3DFX

    Most. Empowering. Soundtrack. Ever. Created. - Be. Proud. Bethesda.

  • Reptilians

    It is Esbern being the narrator, mind blown.

  • Wilfredo Santiago

    7 years and this is still one of the best trailers for a game in my opinion

  • 100 subs no vids

    Lol I cheated now Magic’s is 0-4337887 oh well I just use no spell

  • 100 subs no vids

    7 years and I’m still playing OF CORSE I AM ITS SKYRIM

  • SarcasticDragon Gaming

    Still best trailer in the history of trailers.

  • The Man

    A true nord would have jumped off that cliff


    this game never gets old is to good..

  • Billy the meme hunter

    So it took 7 years to announce the Elder Scrolls 6. Who's ready to wait 7 more years for the Elder Scrolls 7!

  • George Wang

    Who would dislike this? Dragons?

  • Obstone

    Who else waits for the theme song on the home screen to finish before you click on continue because it sounds so epic.

  • what is my name

    Best trailer on the world

  • R4F4Y

    Who else is here after watching TESVI trailer?!

  • Jeff Lamberton

    even after all these years, this trailer still gives me the feels.

  • Coe T.

    Mmmmmm, nostalgia tastes good.

  • Fabien Bocaly


  • Bleckwater

    dang I remember when I was 9 playing this game when it came out on my xbox 360ughh good timesedit: 14 and still playing the game now on pc and modding

  • Harvey 2003

    Speaking of the return, anyone here from Elderscrolls 6?

  • Hodor

    Day 1178 still havent finished the game

  • Defeatedeye

    I bet elder scrolls 6 comes out 2020 in November

  • Renegade Drummer

    All I can hear now is “gotta pee, gotta pee, for the singles party. For the night, for the food, for the guard was drunk. Has Anora found out who assaulted your son. No not me, or my peeps, or the guard would cry.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about go listen to Skyrim theme misheard lyrics.

  • Panic! at the Lynn

    Only ONE thing I don't understand about this trailer...Who the hell uses Unrelenting Force on a dragon?

  • محسن التايب

    i m here just for the old man's voice at the beginning .

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Mustard jar is what I hear

  • pxlmxr -_-

    7 years I continued to play this game, I continue to find new things, new mods. This game is still so incredible, and to this day remains to be the best game I’ve ever played. Thank you Bethesda for introducing so many precious feelings and an awesome childhood. To think I got this game when I was only 9...

  • Klausberger

    Came here, just because of the music. Best trailer ever.

  • Nikeron Pelvis

    Кто русский и из 2к18 года ставь лайк )

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