The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

We're pleased to share the first ever in-game trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the next installment in The Elder Scrolls series from award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, Bethesda Game Studios.

For more details on the game, visit, and join The Elder Council at

Skyrim will be released worldwide on 11.11.11 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

ESRB RATING: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol.
  • TyTrends

    Still gives me chills six year later... now maybe iF BETHESDA WOULD GET OFF THEIR GOOD FOR NOTHI-Clenches Chest ... Gasps for air

  • 3DFX

    Most. Empowering. Soundtrack. Ever. Created. - Be. Proud. Bethesda.

  • Llama Lachie

    F U S R O D A H!I love how it is in beat with the theme too lmao

  • Klausberger

    Came here, just because of the music. Best trailer ever.

  • Eiri

    that last screen should really have said"11.11.11and 26.10.16and 17.11.17"

  • Panic! at the Lynn

    Only ONE thing I don't understand about this trailer...Who the hell uses Unrelenting Force on a dragon?

  • mayhare 97

    Awesome moment aside, Fus Ro Dah doesn't really do squat to a dragon...

  • That Random Trash Demon That Killed Vol'jin. HA!

    I remember 5 years ago, my dad called me into his room. I asked if I was in trouble. He said, "Check this out, this looks SO cool!" He went on YouTube and typed "Skyrim trailer". I was thinking, What's Daddy doing? Then he turns on the trailer. After we watched it, we looked at each other with :O faces. I said, "This is gonna be AWESOME!" He said, "I'm definitely getting it."To this day, I still play this game. And when I watch this trailer, I remember that time, being a little noobish kid. Gives me chills. :D-To Skyrim, a beautiful game. I will hold you dear in my heart for all eternity.

  • Lost Montanelas

    You know how good the game is when after 7 years it was released you come back to see the trailer aigan...

  • Evandro Freitas

    6 years ago one of the best RPG was release

  • Jeff Lamberton

    even after all these years, this trailer still gives me the feels.

  • rainbownoah123

    betheda PLZ make elder scrolls 6!!!!!! PLZ the community is DESPERATE skyrim was such a blast in 2011 plz be a blast in 2018 or 2019 PLZZZZZ im begging you

  • Leek

    Who's hyped for skyrim together?

  • Nikhil Vishnoi

    brings tears to my eyes still

  • TimesNewLogan

    Elder Scrolls VI: Summerset IslesTrailer consists of dragons crapping on the Thalmor strongholds across Tamriel

  • Myuni

    11-11-11What a fantastic release date

  • Hayhah63333

    Wow I just watched it again in 2018 I still love this trailer

  • Miguel Catalan

    This is how you ANNOUNCE the best game of the decade

  • YoYoMacaro

    Sometimes I like to come back to rewatch this trailer and pretend it’s the reveal for the next Elder Scrolls game.

  • George Wang

    Who would dislike this? Dragons?

  • MonSTEReaLoST45

    1:08 when u hold "Z" in the game be like....

  • Angus Neill

    Award for most badass trailer ever

  • colzbroeffect boss

    I've probably spent more time developing multiple Skyrim avatars than I have developing myself.

  • SarcasticDragon Gaming

    Still best trailer in the history of trailers.

  • TheSaltMaker

    This trailer was so exciting that it even has a warning.

  • Matervo

    And here I'am again and now I even going to make a funny let's play.

  • Far online Gamers

    who else wants tes 6/ the elder scrolls 6

  • Señor Serena

    If you ever forget Skyrim greatness, just come to this trailer, you'll remember everything.

  • michaelandcarina bethea

    I was an expat, living in Germany, working as a teacher. I watched this trailer over and over again when it came out, remembering when I lived in America, homeschooled and alone, getting lost in Morrowind and Oblivion. We were saving up money, my German wife and I, to move back to America. It never occurred to me to buy the game. My wife who has no interest in video games knew nothing of my interest in it - so I thought - and I had no notion to spend money on myself that could go towards the move. Then I incurred a major back injury. A pinched nerve from a slipped disc was causing me to limp and required an operation, physical therapy, and six weeks at home. When I arrived home, my wonderful wife had purchased an Xbox and Skyrim. I’ll never forget those 6 weeks, and I’ll always love her.

  • Maxine Harper

    I work for Belethor.At the general goods store.

  • ZHC

    Light armor or heavy armor, just pick one, man.

  • Levent

    The theme of skyrim makes me feel so powerful lol

  • Priyanshu Sharma

    Elder Scrolls VI trailer will break the internet

  • Griffin Gaming

    Skyrim Remastered Hype!

  • Max W.

    Imagine Elder Scrolls VI Trailer

  • Mitsudo Kun

    2018 new year who watch this now are dragonborn... Fus Roh Da

  • Landon Wright

    Anyone else watching in 2018?

  • Umut Sadi Bostancı


  • Hydra Tower

    I cry a little each time.

  • Kiister

    But, there's one they fear...In their tongue, he is "Dovahkiin"Dragonborn!

  • meyerwertsky

    The game is way better then the trailer

  • Mark Reilly

    6 years later and i still get chills

  • BadPunk

    There's one they fear in their tongue he is dovahkiin dragonborn... Fus Ro Dah!!!

  • Reach117

    YouTube’s algorithm popped this up for some reason. Whatever though this is the best thing ever

  • Birnie

    2018 and I'm back for the chills and memories

  • David Gray

    This trailer was epic and still is, still get shivers

  • Bayo Radi Man

    Still get chills when dragon breaths fire <3

  • Alex Wieland

    1:07 Fills me with the adventurers spirit that always Brings me back to skyrim

  • Ricky V.

    Gf called me a nerd for playing Skyrim. Showed her how to play. Now i barely get to play it🐉Best game ever💪

  • tiochungo03

    The best trailer of the world

  • Muhammad Abdurrahman

    When he uses Fus Doh Dah (unrelenting force) it sounds like Los Krun Tah.

  • roverbudy

    Kindoms come deliverance is good, BUT skyrim is the master piece

  • Coolfire Lazer

    Good luck beating a dragon with dat armour

  • Oblizedz

    why is this still soo badass and cool.

  • Thomas Holmes

    This is the only add in all game adds that gives me chills.You have made a true game Bethesda Thank you

  • One God

    I pay in Skyrim in 2018; and I will; BEST GAME EVER

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