Skyrim Mods: The Uchiha Clan Version 2.0 Update!

Something that a lot of you have been waiting for. Here is some of the changes that you will find in the 2.0 version of The Uchiha Clan Mod!

Link to mod

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Please watch: "Skyrim: Special Edition - Uchiha Clan Playthrough Pt.1 - Enter Kenji Uchiha!"
  • tripplehd #thedragon

    nagato never had the sharingan plus he's a uzumaki

  • Zorz Propo

    you slaughtered the pronounciation xD

  • Reaper-san

    Nagato is not a uchia and doesn't have sharigan

  • Nate Hendo

    Uchiha eye remover?.. U mean ur fingers? Ain't nobody has to be fancy just go with the show and pluck those fools out😂😂

  • YungHandz706

    This was nice. There needs to be more anime mods. Skyrim's one of those games that you can actually play as a character from multiple different series. Would love to see a Bleach mod of this quality.

  • William Alger 3rd

    This has to be put on the Xbox one... I can't stand it lol

  • Mr.Sandman 117

    I'm only level 534...I don't have any of this crap. only a sword that breaks the damage scale.

  • VinnyVangoh 17

    2 of my favorite things in the world.The uchiha clan and skyrim.

  • MosseN

    for all the people complaining about nagato not being uchiha that's true but he has the rinnegan which is the why I assume he is in this mod and the rinnegan is just a different stage of the sharingan

  • Dylan Deters

    im seriously surprised that the mod got an update. it's a cool update too simple and neat. and I noticed with the sharingan eye that you consume nagato gets the most stuff

  • ΞΑψ Ξ

    Shit the animations on this mod are really nice props to the modder

  • GamExpertVideos

    I felt bad because i uninstall skyrim and install skyrim SE, SE sucks

  • Naruto The 7th Hokage

    sees Uchiha clicks likes and subs

  • Luis Reyna

    why did i get so mad at how he was pronouncing every name ? 😂

  • Mark Gamer

    But Nagato is an Uzumaki

  • ak_hat


  • NerdyGamer 1123

    The choice would be really difficult...who to choose.

  • Sindor O

    No Madara giant meteor? smh

  • bardock3601

    nagato isn't an uchiha

  • NinjaKiller999

    This is amazing, I need the equivalent of this for Dragonball

  • Sexual Conysaurus365mond

    Is it available for skyrim special edition?

  • Rai Sil

    Just what ENB you use because my night vision doesn't really work right. I know some ENB's have issues with night vision. Just got my pc last week so I'm still new to modding on PC. Anyways, love your vids man!!

  • TheLittleGiant

    nagato isn't an uchiha he is from uzumaki clan

  • Marcel

    That thumbnail is bomb

  • Steven Negron

    Man I neeed this ported xbox1 has only one sharingan mod and it's pretty glitchy

  • Devil Senpai

    Just read through all the comments to try and find the armor mod with no answers, anyone know what hes using? :)


    Don't sound the u after the s please except for susano and also you're pronouncing every name wrong

  • Kadeda

    Yoo... incase you didn't know. This is out for Special Edition. I think it's a perfect time to do another playthrough if you're up for it.

  • SoldierCyfix

    Nagato is not an Uchiha, he's Uzumaki

  • Sonet Van Der Mewe

    Shisui should never have died. Itachi is my favorite character in Naruto

  • Kei'shaun Jackson

    " Nagato " Wtf 💀💀 that's a uzamaki

  • ciberninja 12

    you should like really port this to Xbox


    dayum i want these mods on xbox one

  • jchewbaka

    Lol Nagato is a Uchiha

  • Nicholas Wolfe

    Were the hand signs at 😂

  • Greg Posey

    StormwolfHey man thanks for covering this! been waiting for a while for this

  • madllixivia

    That was fast haha. Good job man, as usual!Edit: it should be noted that NPCs that are gone with the non-Uchiha Kamui spell are gone for good. They aren't placed in any cell at all.

  • ZGX

    I need this mod on xbox

  • Frank/Poposojo

    Why is nagato apart of this modpack? hes not a uchiha, hes a uzumaki.

  • Charuvoso

    Cara eu gostaria do link das suas armaduras

  • Jono Ross

    im sure this is asked of you a decent amount, but i wasnt willing to delve into comments, what is your armor? am i a nub and just havnt played enough or is that modded. my main has only speach not at 100 so i doubt its the nub thing. if it is indeed a mod please link i love it<3 ty for the vi as well.

  • Skatch

    Susanoo looks very cool!! I wanna download it and try it!!!!

  • james bond

    Hey hirostormwolf Can you summon more than one clone ??

  • Allan Pizza

    Did u even watch naruto😂

  • Vampy Chan

    I thought i heard sumthin'.... <commit suicide>

  • Furkan Stealth Archer

    Sup Everyone !I wanted to ask has anyone ever came across a "Susanoo like" Purple shield spell ? Any mods that active this? I've been looking for one for like 2 months asked a lot of friends no one sadly couldn't help.

  • ToxicPancakes

    Nagato blows everyone away

  • Reging Quitos Gamerus

    Useful mod really xD i respect this modder he put pretty much effort lol

  • Lamar Junior

    Would've been dope if there was a donzo path that would allow you to die and be revived with full health...and a kakashi path that would copy all the desired npcs equipped gear to your inventory ... since Nagato uzamaki has an uchiha path

  • Terell Slaughter

    But, Nagato is an Uzumaki 😶

  • Elusive

    Anyone know the music used in the background??? It sounds so much like ffx but it's not D:

  • kwart

    You keep saying "Susano" wrong omggggggggg makes me wanna cry 😢

  • Mr Itachi

    Please port this to xbox one

  • Felix

    Ничего из слов не понял, но like)

  • Vineeth Dragonis

    I got this bug on my PC, when I created a new Uchiha character and used the eye manager, there is no message box that shows up. Can it be fixed in some way?

  • Liam Snake

    Родителей Саске убили...

  • SPEC88

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