Skyrim: 5 Characters With Big Secrets You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game loaded with a cast of hundreds of characters, but not every one of the NPCs you meet in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim may be entirely honest. Many of Skyrim’s characters are in fact harboring some major, and rather dark secrets of their own. So today, we’ll be taking a look at five characters with big secrets you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5.
  • J&J Puppets

    Hit me up with that pin fam

  • Noah Gilmore

    6:15 Nazeem is in the dark brotherhood? "Do you get to the dawn star sanctuary often? What am I saying of course you don't"


    So you are saying capitalism is worse than drug dealing, stealing, and cannibalism?

  • Notice me Senpai

    Murdered him to death never fails

  • yung malaria

    Remember kids don’t sell apples for overpriced to support you, a single-parent. You are literally worse than drug dealing or drug consuming, embezzling, cannibalistic murderous no life degenerates.

  • StraightUpIrish

    Your 10:00 exact mark has literally cured my OCD. Thank you so much for that. I can sleep well now.

  • Derpy Caillou

    Have you ever thought of doing videos on Oblivion?

  • Elso

    This is an interesting way to find out your wife is a drug dealer

  • Shaun Bowen

    You forgot about one person. The Dovahkiin a dragon slayer who just so happens to be a vampire lord, master thief, and dark brotherhood assassin. Yeah sure he may have saved the world from a planet eating demigod but he is also the cause for multiple innocents deaths, temporarily destruction of the sun(multiple times in a day) and worst of all the theft of a single sweetroll.

  • technocat5000

    Is it possible to murder someone to life?

  • ThisIsAUser Name

    Yo, Nate, you forgot to mention Skyrim's BIGGEST secret: AND SKYRIM IS A HUGE GAME ...

  • wanderingbufoon

    still looking for an NPC selling loot boxes. Now that's the most shady business practice of them all.EDIT: If I remember correctly that Beitild went into the mining business to compete so she can still "be" with her husband. If that were true, it'd make it a whole lot worse for Leigelf were he the one who had her killed.

  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    6:15 Dark Brotherhood contract offered by Nazeem?

  • mattyraw

    2:00She meant that her husband was also a cannibal, and had a good taste in people, literally.It was "He had good taste"Not "He tasted good"

  • Salvaged


  • Chodey Ode

    The last two days I've been binge watching your skyrim content and I love it! Keep it up!

  • AwakenedSleeper009

    That last one hit me like a daedric warhammer, my dude....Also, it's NAZIR, not NAZEEM, who you get contracts from in the DB. How often do you get to the Cloud District, anyway?

  • Dionte Avant

    Just bought Skyrim for the PS4 because I hope to find 10 tiny details that even Nate may have missed in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Wish me luck!

  • Jojo the Swede

    I don't think lisbet killed her husband. I think she just ment he had great taste in eating peopleYa know..... cannibal stuff

  • Tallow Jones

    so wait, I've married a drug dealer?... no wonder the "store" makes so much money. >:3

  • Ann B. Dextrous

    Carlotta jacking up the prices of her produce isn't evil or unethical. If people are willing to pay more for the remarkably "delicious" green apples, then why not charge more for a notably higher quality product? She's a single mom, she's just looking out for herself and her daughter. Nothing evil going on there, it's just good business.

  • John Marston

    Guard might get nervous, a man approaching with his weapon drawn.

  • A.J. Bensinger

    My dragon born is hiding something... the body of Braith and Nazeem

  • peytonem

    m u r d e r e d t o d e a t h

  • Mazon R3dd

    Hello Nate I love you bro!!! Keep these Skyrim videos coming for the next 6 years XD <3

  • Enimations #

    You're AWSOME Nate, I love watching you!!!!

  • Whiterun Guard

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but them I took an arrow to the knee and everywhere else

  • Waffle Bot

    I was bullied harshly everyday. Being abused by my father everytime I go home. My mother never cared when I tell her how I felt. I was an outcast who will never do good in society. I wanted to end it all. I wanted to leave this world.......Until I discovered your channel. I'm still suicidal. But I like watching your videos.

  • Corey Dunn

    I know a character that has some dark secrets. The name and gender even race change depending on the player but this character is responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of NPC'c, this person has infiltrated and taken leadership of almost every faction in Skyrim. However no one knows this, not even the family. It is also said that this character takes refuge with the Graybeards from time to time. Murder, assassination, breaking and entering, lockpiking, pitpoketing, are only a few of this persons crimes.

  • Marcel Cummings P.I

    Ysolda is best waifu and I will fight any who disagree


    So...will we eventually get a face reveal???

  • Lizzie and Kirk

    "She murdered him to death...""He murdered him to death""They murdered them to death"I just...I...*sigh* Never change Nate, never change.

  • CorruptedProtectron952

    The guy at Markarth sells dogs. He also shows up at the cannibal place and his line says why do you think my dogs bite into people so hard cuz he feeds them human meat

  • Lenny Lynch

    You could have filled this list with Markarth's cannibal cult

  • HunterSt

    The first one is the best one because you can be a guard!"Wait. I know you"

  • Marco VChB

    I would feel empty if Nate ever fails to mention that someone was "murdered to death" in his videos! 😂

  • Donkey Quality

    6:17 i think you said Nazeem instead of Nazir.Anybody else?

  • Nehsa VXIII

    Will you ever do these videos on ESO? It is literally full of lore and secrets and no youtuber covers it.

  • Renz Dale Go

    Carlotta is a good capitalist then!

  • StormBlade

    Isn't Lisbet just implying that her husband was also a cannibal?1:50Edit: Also 6:10 - offered by Nazeem =) not suprised

  • Paul the 2 marek Sørensen

    Next up 5 things you miss about the grass in skyrim

  • Purple Purp

    I married ysolda, I thought all the strange people id seen going to the house was because she was a prostitute... phew! Shes just a drug dealer.

  • Boon De Manatee

    LOl exactly 10 minutes noice m8 ;3 I like when things are exact.

  • Alex Whitmore

    Honestly, Carlotta threw me through a loop. But, I guess she's doing what she has to to keep her and her daughter off the street.

  • Something Creative Productions

    HOL UP ERRYBODY ALDUIN STOP WHERE YOU AREAlduin: whatMe: I have to go kill a price gouger Alduin: shocked gasps. Take your time man I'll wait for you to do that

  • Justin Gonzalez

    Really love this channel! In my opinion, u deserve way more subscribers, keep it up bro! 😀

  • TheHuskyGT

    "Is that new batch of CRACK ready for the Stormcloak army?"

  • Emily Vergin

    Carlotta’s practices are worse than an arrow to the knee!

  • Reyxus

    i don't know why, but i already knew you were trolling on the last one....

  • Mermaid Boy

    6:15 I didn't know Nazeem was an assassin

  • Nazael Rahl

    I was all like "Wow, is Carlotta secretly some deadric cultist? Does she murder people to death?" and then you came up with her raising prices :D

  • Joe Nesvick

    Why isn’t Lisbet a marriageable NPC? If you join the cannibals it seems like a perfect match. She’s attractive too, even before you combined every woman with the Seraphim mod.Ysolda is someone I’ve married, moved her to Solitude. She never leaves the house, so I used the Tailor’s Measures mod, combined with the Seraphim mod of course, to get rid of her outfit (too bad Bethesda insists the underwear remains, maybe the PC version has something for that 🤣)

  • Sierra Cal

    i love you channel so much its awesome it always makes me happy and smile when i watch you keep up the good work.

  • Brett

    Nate is the best Skyrimer!

  • neksiswolf

    "You could charge DOUBLE with those!"

  • skullpull 101

    Nazeems underground meme lab is my favorite dark secret in Skyrim

  • Swtor Crafter

    Dang this video is dark lol

  • Jebron Lames

    drug dealer, thief, murderer, cannibal, and worst of all, store owner who raises prices

  • Dry

    Why do you try to make your voice sound deeper than it actually is?

  • Ryk Latortuga

    Ysolda is the one who knocks

  • Fudge Buddy

    Great vid man keep it up 🦄

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    Exactly 10 min good job

  • Kailey Barrett

    Never been this early before! Haven't seen the video yet but I know it's gunna be good

  • Mernky 356

    I didn’t know nazeem could give you dark brother contracts

  • Riod0ro

    I really agree with Nate. I think the shady-price-merchant is way more evil than the cannibal.

  • Matthew

    I’m hoping he releases another skyrim secrets video soon

  • Vee Valentine

    I married Ysolda on me first actual play through and to this day I’ve never known she was a drug dealer. I’ve turned her into a vampire and still didn’t know... wtfh man...

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