Become the High King of Skyrim & ESO Code Giveaway - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Dance! Dance for your king! Cam and Seb make Kevin a royal jerk, sentencing all they see fit to death by beheading! Also, this week there are ten beta keys for the Elder Scrolls Online to be won!

Become High King of Skyrim:

EWIs True Weaponry of Viscounts and Sirrahs:

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  • GreysonH

    Kevin Van Nord killed a Kevin Van Horde while wielding his Kevin Van Sword also eating a Kevin Van Gourd and play Kevin Van Chords to his favorite song by Kevin Van Lorde.

  • Cyrus Khalvati

    its so you can unscrew and throw a pommel so you can "end him rightly"

  • Lucas Spanos

    this highking mod makes alot of sense because in the lore the dragonborn is suppose to  atomaticly become high king

  • Gingium

    Hey Seb! Where did you get that wonderful shirt!?

  • Waluigi's Waluweenie

    The league of 20 random beggars to make some random elf high king

  • Maxime

    Joffrey Baratheon Simulator 2014

  • Daniel Hettinger

    When wielding "William Wallace's Longsword", also known as a claymore, it was highly uncommon to place both hands on the handle because the momentum would take over and make it very difficult and tricksy to wield due to the weight of the blade. The leather on the blade served to allow a hand to be placed higher up, putting more of the sword under one's control. You can see the same thing happening (though no one's actually gripping the blade) with the steel greatsword. 

  • Russian Hacker

    I remember when i first played skyrim, having all the amazement and wonder. Being a console player sadly ive done pretty much all there is. I wish i could erase my memory to experience all that wonder and amazement again. Seb and Cam what were your most memorable moments in skyrim?#GSSKYRIM

  • Sʟᴇɴᴅᴇʀ Mᴀɴ

    I have a claymore in real life, it's huge. It's about 5'6

  • Invisible

    #gsskyrim    you should have named the mobs " mod 1" and " mod 14" since the second mod is taking the place of the mods 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  • Agate dragoon

    The extra leather gave you a larger grip also giving you a greater lever making blows more powerful as well many swords without the leather where blunt at the bottom at any rate to grip as well.

  • Ottaviano Augusto

    The leather on the Strong of the blade was done because that part of a greatsword is not sharp, so you might hold it from there aswell, if you see real historical greatswords from the renaissance such as the Zweihander they have that grip there.

  • Prime Minister of Green Team

    The leather bit on Billy Wallace's is what I believe is called a ricasso. It's a second handle that you would grab to better negotiate the point of the blade into the weak points on your openent's armor. See, unlike in video games, plate armor is really tough stuff and you simply won't be able to cut through it with a sword.

  • John McClendon

    The leather wrapped portion is called a ricasso. It is useful for halfswording, or choking up on the sword in order to more accurately target specific portions of an opponent. 

  • Brother Captain Koravael

    First of all... The leather was to make carrying thesword easier... They would not make a scabbard because it would be too long, and so they would carry the sword on their shoulder. Also, there is no blade edge beneath the leather... It is a ricasso, an area where the sword has no edge... And it acts as a handle too... In case you want to have an extra grip... Feel free to tell me, if I have any inacurracies in my historical babbling... :P

  • Daniel Gallagher

    Becoming king of skyrim or even emperor just makes sense, being dragon born makes you closer to Royal than any of the rest and after possibly saving skyrim from miraak, alduin, harkon and many others you've earned the place. I sure wish they'd do some more dlc with the special edition coming out

  • Ryan Cross

    The leather is there so you don't cut yourself when you rest the blade on your shoulder

  • M Cowher

    Screw chronological order order I'm 9001st

  • Dio

    oh and theres leather on the sword because it makes it easier to parry and deflectits for more leverage

  • MrMartGonzo

    The leather round the blade is to stop the sassenach blood going on to the hilt and making it slippy ;)

  • Frankenstein077

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves the definitive version of Robin Hood?! Cam, don't make me hurt you...

  • Lord Alucard

    The leather on the First sword is to hold it better.

  • bronsjefjer

    I can't wait to buy a gaming pc, first thing I am getting is Skyrim, and modding it =)Sadly only a ps3 gamer.......

  • Zane Harrison

    Hey guys! I just wanted to say, I was watching your dovahbear episode recently, and I wanted to say how awesome I think it is how you handle criticisms. That guy said some pretty rude stuff, and you laughed it off. Keep it up, so we can follow that example. I love you guys!!

  • John Doe

    The leather piece is called a ricasso, you will notice the steel great sword also has one, it is used to deliver a stronger thrust with a long chopping sword like that, you grab it to be able to put the tip of the sword into the gaps in a suit of armor more accurately because contrary to skyrim bashing a sword on a suit of plate armor will not result in a killing blow unless you land it right on the helmet

  • Papa John's - pizza pizza

    It acts like a second hilt sort of. So, if you were in a situation were you wanted control over distance, you could grip the leather bit.

  • Nicktaco

    The leather on the W W claymore is for the fighter to grab so he can stab more powerfully and more accurate through the knights gaps in the armour

  • Light Shade

    Main problem i have with this mod is im a male argonian and i married ulfric stormcloak and im the new high queen...

  • LuckXvaati

    I would so use the High King mod with a bunch of follower mods so I could have The Avengers and The Fellowship under one roof. So many possibilities.

  • David Cauley

    The leather was there to work as a extra grip.

  • HoodedDude

    this is great, too bad it only comes once a week :(

  • Dark-Slayer

    Really one like on my last comment?Guess there are less anime fans out there than I thought.

  • Russell Thacker

    Kevin looks great in the crown, can we start our own faction? Stormcloaks, Imperials, VanNords

  • HMD Vector

    The leather around the bottom of the blade acts as a second grip

  • cameron james

    So surgus is a servent of the many faced god

  • tremerefury

    I'd rather become emperor. I, personally, feel that Skyrim is incomplete. I got the impression it was leading up to that, because of the conclusion to the Dark Brotherhood questline and the fact that the two prior dynasties of Tamriel, the Reman and Septim lines, were both founded by Dragonborns.... Anyone know of a good mod allowing you to become emperor?

  • Zydaking

    Wats with the tension u guys

  • 53knights

    My selfie is gonna be my crotch at 21:27

  • Jiv

    The grip at the bottom of the blade is to have a longer lever with which to swing the sword, offering greater control of movement for longer, heavier swords. Meaning, it'll be easier to cleave through an Englishman's skull. 

  • Lunar Divider

    choke up the grip and now have a shorter sword, which can be effective in certain areas

  • GORager99

    Tamriel us not the name of the planet. Nirn is the name of the planet

  • Pabler Arav

    The "silly leather thing" is so you can shorten your grip. If you're fighting somebody with a shorter, faster weapon, you're going to want to make your sword as controllable as possible. Known as "half-swording," most fights with a greatsword actually would have been fought with one hand on the blade. Many swords were only sharped at the top half.

  • Attercop

    The leather is for "half-swording" I think; you put a hand higher up the blade so you might swing faster.Not as much range but quicker.

  • Woofenstein

    I think I'm a little late for the code give away .-.

  • Huge Bull

    The reason the leather is there, is because knights used to have one hand on the hilt and one hand on the blade itself. 

  • Colin Buddz

    claymores were use4d as stabing weapons, not slashing

  • Aaron Thomas

    um why is there no download link...

  • MikePlaysIt

    NIRN! Not Tamriel...Earth is to Nirn and a continent is to Tamriel. :)

  • Ronan Clark

    does anyone know if this will be coming to xbox one? does it need skse

  • The Death God

    where is highreach because i am high king with no city

  • Bailey Stroh

    Actually Robin hood may have been a real person same with King Arthur

  • ZeroFighter22

    I hope the high king mod comes to xbox one xD

  • RodinToek

    surgus doesnt appear in the warrens? HELP !?

  • jeremy calvert

    3.01 that what she said

  • crazzy brooother


  • Mizu

    The leather part is called the 'ricasso'. (Well... The part where the leather is, is called the ricasso. It doesn't necessarily have to be wrapped to be a ricasso.) There's plenty of reasons to have a ricasso on your blade, but when it's wrapped like that, the most likely use is to enable the wielder to maneuver the blade in tight quarters. Once you've finished lopping the heads off the enemy's spears, you can shift up your grip to the ricasso and start jabbing and bollocking people with that big hunk of metal. 

  • Cerberus litter box!

    My god I hate their stupid voices, we aren't here for your commentary, we are here to see a showcase of the mod.

  • Inshokuten69

    I know why there is a silly leather thing on the sword. Historically, using a sword against enemies armoured in plate, you gripped the blade with the second hand and used it as a piercing weapon. Gripping it like this allowed for better accuracy in order to stab at the more vulnerable points in the armour(joints, visor etc). Either that, or gripped the blade and used the pommel or cross piece as a mace type weapon.

  • Andre Luiz

    the scotish claymore (william wallace's sword) have a leather tire atached to the lower part of the blade, because sometimes due to it's size the blade get stuck in the enemy's armor or cuirass, so they atached the leather tire to make it able to grab that part of the blade to push it out of the enemy's body know... losing the hand

  • Yank the roots

    The leather is there for you to hold when trying to stab through the armor of an enemy, it makes the sword "shorter" and the blade wont flex as much as well as giving you stability and more penetration force since it allowes you to stab with both hands at once. This way you have the cleaving benefits of the longsword when holding the regular grip and the stabing benefits of a shorter sword when holding the grip with one hand and the blade with another. This is why the long sword is a great sword.

  • Jacob Boston

    Not sure if anyone answered this - But for the leather wrap around the blade part of the 2hnd sword...Its for general use. Such as you can grip there, while hanging onto the actual handle, and make it into a makeshift spear. Be able to grab the leather part on the blade for easier more maintained blocking, and side swings at close range..... Basically for more "control".

  • Joe Case

    The leather around the base of the longsword serves a few functions. It allows for a more strategic handhold when blocking, for one. It's very hard to block with a longsword or a greatsword when both of your hands are right on top of each other (because leverage and physics). 

  • Taliah Nelson

    I LOVE all the mods that you two do❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ Keven Van-Nord ROCKS❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗🙌🙌😄😄👍👍👍👍

  • 1000Fights

    The leather portion on the sword was to help with griping the sword when it was used in closer combat. Primarily, the claymore was swung in a circular pattern to drive away pikes and break through the enemy's lines.

  • Dragonlover553

    Yes. the leather helps the grip, but it's not just for cleaving Englishmen in two, it's also for cleaving them in four, five, and twelve.

  • APrentice726

    Need another episode just about your rule as high king, and how you punish your subjects

  • Mitchell Wright

    I'm a full blooded Scot,in the eyes of Scotland a Cam is a full Scotsmen

  • Mr. Canada Games

    Nirn :) it's the planet that Skyrim takes place on.

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