Skyrim Pure Mage Walkthrough NO WEAPONS NO ARMOR #5 - How to Fish for Salmon Roe EARLY GAME!

How to create a Skyrim pure mage build (no weapons, no armor) from scratch on Legendary difficulty.

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  • Wyatt Wahlgren

    I actually never knew about salmon roe in my thousands of hours of skyrim. NEVER. I've never heard someone talking about it or anything! Really interesting.

  • BADCompanySarge

    I've never seen Salmon Roe being caught that way before.

  • HighRoller35

    At least you let the guard know riverwood needs aid. The orphaned invincible children of riverwood appreciate it.

  • wraith9112

    Let me save the game in case this turns into a mean like getting half a village wiped out?

  • Jonathan Melendez

    This guy knows the blue butterfly spawns. What is this madness?

  • Glooze

    You know you play a lot of skyrim when you know where what butterflies spawn lmao

  • ZinZenWho

    (Clears Throat Loudly)"I, am an man, of constant sorrow.I've seen trouble, all my days.""I, bid farewell,to old Kentucky.The place where I,was born and raised(The place where he,was born and raised)"

  • Robert Rusch

    Stole from a little old lady - checkAttacked by goons - checkWiped out most of Riverwood - checkPicking some flowers - priceless

  • Echo lazy boy

    Me:Escapes Helgen,talks to Gerdur,sells some items,TO WHITERUNSlack:Escapes Helgen,sells everything possible,lvls up speech ,gathers ingredients and slays everyone

  • Andreas Buhl

    1:52 - - - Ingredient collection outside Helgen4:18 - - - Enjoying the show as Bandits bash each other’s faces in Credit Fury10:41 - - - Blasting the river with flames hoping to hit fish18:06 - - - Riverwood Trader19:50 - - - Arcane Enchanter 24:15 - - - Whiterun Stables discovered

  • Ethan Heidzig

    not a single killable person in riverwood servived the hired thugs on my account

  • Gregg Gregory

    Slack, been watching your vids for years now. Really helped me up my Skyrim game. It never ceases to amaze with the stuff you come up with. Kudos, and keep the Skyrim vids coming.

  • Jon Newman

    On my pure mage build I went high elf. Really helps having such high magicka early game.

  • Koreenth

    you should adopt alvor's child?

  • BornForVkm

    You murdered the entire town of riverwood for what like 400 septums? I thought I was sadistic lol

  • Paulo Mesquita

    Killing salmon to get salmon roe, WOW!Another day, another Skyrim feature/trick Slack teaches me!Keep up the good work (what a redundancy, Slack always does a good work even when he fails miserably :-D).

  • Night Knight

    After thousands of hours in Skyrim I didn't even know Salmon Roe was an item in the game..

  • Momoka7

    When you ran back to Anise Cellar ... i suddenly started to think of this.Imagine, someone kicks open your House Door ... runs to your Restroom to take a dump ... and then runs away ... only to come the next day and do the same again. Basically he uses your Bathroom everytime he needs to. I would say at some point(after the second time maybe) you get pissed at that, at least a normal Human would.And right here we got the weird Reactions of the NPCs in Skyrim again. Just like when you shoot someone with a Bow and Arrow ... to then hide until he gives up on searching ... where you shoot him again. I mean at some point the Enemy should get suspicious about are you really gone or not.But ... not in Skyrim ... Anise never goes down despite seeing you vanish down the hatch. And that time after time ... LOL.

  • Hawayio

    thank you slack for easy way to get salmon roe

  • JamesWorld3

    Eating a blue butterfly wing was definitely karma for bringing hired thugs down on the innocent people of Riverwood. You got off easy. On the other hand this is only video #5Yeah, you did that. I watched and said, "You should have used the persuade option." More karma.

  • Tie fighter

    I have never before seen anybody hotkey wine XD

  • MrSanta78

    Sabrina, the bane of bunnies :D

  • RockRedGenesis

    "Everything was peaceful in our little river town, then SHE came!" - Random Riverwood citizen!

  • Riyan Playz

    It's Sunday and still no new Skyrim.

  • MasterRyuXen

    Kill dah wabbit, kill dah wabbit, kill dah wabbit!

  • Malachi Davis

    He’s going to get fire girl back

  • Vrael Vaknar

    Been thinking of revisiting Skyrim for a mage run through and stumbled across your channel Slack. Still even after all these years I am learning new things about this game and this series has been really useful so far on how to get started in a pure mage build.Out of interest do you have any mods installed that change the gameplay at all, any you would recommend (noticed the survival mode you turned off at start of the series - sounded cool) or is this purely a vanilla experience?Many thanks, Subscribed!

  • destincox

    What is the salmon roe for o missed that part

  • Zythe

    Slack you demon you killed a bunny

  • Shar B

    I just love your light and fun take on playing but worry about the needless bunny slaughter haha keep up the great work! 👍

  • Azio Magnus

    Slack are you planning to end up this build with Archmage Robes as the final apparel? With some enchanting potions you can still get unlimited destruction spells. I think that Archmage Robes are the best robes to build up a mage. What you think?

  • Tomas Hamberg

    With Alvor brutally murdered by hired thugs, is the stuff in the Smithy free now? There's always 5 Iron and 5 Steel bars by the workbench (which is free and will respawn if you pick the imperial side during the Helgen start).

  • South Valley News

    Great video slack! can't wait for the next episode!

  • James Roges

    So lucan actually can't die until you return the claw to him. I know this for a fact I trained my skills on him be it one or two hand bows magic.

  • timothy caster

    I understand you're against glitches but I tried to do the duplicate glitch with filled soulgems and it was a bad idea. Had Lydia pick them up, took them from her and then picked up the extras', it took away the soul attached and considered them stolen.

  • millgiass

    My main issue with playing a Mage or a Ranger is that I hate playing in first person mode. It seems kinda mandatory when you have to aim.

  • TheDarquon

    Are you up for the bunny slaughter challenge Slack? say 25?

  • OhMagnetz

    1:45 The Gods are mad at you for bringing Hired Thugs to Riverwood but they don't mind you switching up the weather in whichever way most appeals to you. :P

  • Caleb Freeman

    poor rabbit, suffering from your rambo flashbacks

  • FreeAndEffed

    Slack is the best part of my nightly youtube grind :D

  • Phil Hayes

    Just checked Salmon Roe, Nordic Barnacle and Garlic for a power potion as you said and couldnt quite believe my eyes! Won't spoil anything but I feel like a Skyrim noob again even after 2k hours for missing such a simple ingredient! Only MajorSlack can do that to me haha!

  • Nikola Markovic

    please I need any help I can get,how can I enter riften or getting wizard to talk about star so I can actually get a black star WITHOUT raising speech at all (doing pure 6 skills tree for mage)

  • CamboDeGamer FPS NOOB

    Have you still got three skill points or did you spend any?

  • Darryll Phillips

    Is it just me or is the volume really low?

  • Jack of Minds

    What quests will you be going through on this build?

  • Elias Karlsson

    KIlls a bunny - Laughs like a maniac

  • Nick Hermitage

    Excellent as usual love watching your videos especially quick n dirty walkthroughs

  • KnEpH131

    Slack got pissed at himself for missing the speech check so he cut the video. LoL. Damn Slack thought for sure you were gonna grab the Flawless Emerald near Anise's Shack before you ran in to use the enchanter. Would have been some nice early gold. Perhaps you have other plans for it. ~EDIT~ I just realized that I passively Missed a Spotted the Slackster!!! 0.0 Please Forgive Me Slack! Bows and Prays.

  • Jarlaxle Daerthe

    All I got was dead salmon, no loot option, couldn't see any roe either :(

  • Durlo

    Start looking this playlist right now and is amazing see how much thing you can do and still are in Riverwood :)

  • drumcj 8205

    Lol. I've never even heard of Salmon roe. Cant wait to check this out.

  • Sérgio Santos

    that run away was cool. though, the salmon roe, i will try it tomorrow. have a good day sir

  • Jesse Flores

    you can equip your pick axe and attack those mining nodes to get ore faster

  • Mthical veil

    I’m doing a run that I can’t use healing potions I can only use restoration magic for healing

  • Scott Ziegler


  • Stormbringer Mornblade

    Slack the ax you are looking for is out side the mine to the right i believe not at little camp :)

  • William Smith

    Slack did you know that you can mine ore nodes faster by equipping a pickaxe and attacking the ore node.

  • Regilio Karemaker

    the salmon roo trick works on all salmon if u use a shout

  • Goku61394

    Hello Mr. Slack, just a couple questions for you: 1) Have you done a walkthrough for any of the Fallout games? 2) If not would you consider it?

  • Doofsta007

    Roe roe roe your boat gently down the stream

  • Thomas Haden

    I actually ran across Anise after clearing out that bandit camp. She was attacking some low level ice mage and a deer...took advantage of the situation and sniped her with flame shots across the other side. Got hit a couple if times, but I was able to finish her off

  • ChonesWow

    Do ores respawn, or once you mine them they are gone forever?

  • zombabeger

    Anyone else read corundum = condom ?

  • HackermanACK

    Even on the maximum graphics, everything is still blurry.. thank heck I decided to get the remastered version

  • Hazel Hazelton

    You sound Canadian, but you don't act like one... :p

  • Brandon Westmoreland

    The county is already quiet...everyine is dead.

  • Mario Luis

    my fav episode for sure xD

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