Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 4 (Secret Veil Treasures)

Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 4 (Secret Veil Treasures)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Stream Starts 9:25I will be Live streaming the final episode tomorrow!

  • Chili's

    I wish snow elves were a playable race

  • Jeff Smith

    Dudes is Voldemort a falmer??

  • Ryan Mangan

    "People just want me to kill Nazeem!"

  • RenownedEvil

    The falmer are blind but since all their other senses are heightened, they can detect you even if you have a high sneak skill and everything

  • Rose Darwin

    How often he calls Serana Lydia lol...we all know who is the one true bae.

  • seth cowling

    Does it bother you working against your.. fuuucking vampire in the backround.

  • Matthew Orvis

    It pained me to see eso leave behind all those gems

  • John Redman

    you are a cat person with a vampire companion and a story about magical moths sounds far-fetched...ESO, you hitting the sauce?

  • Majin Davo2797

    While watching this on my laptop i was playing skyrim doing what ESO was doing lol

  • The Gardner of the field

    I am now sad bran the dog just died

  • AshGabe 18

    He called Serana - Lydia, more times than I can count and he didn't even notice xD lol

  • TRTL2fast4u

    lol wats funny he didn't notice that he called Serena Lydia

  • Ed Parachini

    Moth's and Butterfly's are not the same thing.

  • Dead Pool

    ESO I missed ur live stream but I love that u post it thx. I hope that ur channel grows bigger, and I love ur content and I love ur Skyrim guides I'm getting Fallout 4 for Xbox 360 soon. thank u for everything and I will continue to support u, keep making awesome content and keep growing ur channel From a subscriber

  • Ace C.C

    Death to all demonic monsters and Nazeems every were

  • Owen Pearl

    can please u do a top 10 tips video on how to be a good assasin

  • Kieffer Curry

    Eso if you don't like this comment I'm stealing your sweet role

  • Henry May

    I becameA werewolf in the game because it's so op and you have 100 percent resistance to poison

  • 43ketchup

    is it skyblivion you're gonna play??

  • Stephen Fogle

    Hey ESO are there any new Skyrim builds your planning in the future?

  • DOOM Marine

    but dovahkiin in the trailer wored the studded armor

  • alec___s

    Please do dragonborn dlc in the near future

  • TBC .ninja

    Your luck you will complete the dawngaurd I did it wrong 😔

  • Ian Lawrence

    1:11:09 is part of the reason why I'm shit scared of spiders

  • Haks 86

    Those cloaks look so cool 😎

  • Daniel Nguyen

    Stop punching Serana :(

  • OmegaZero

    ESO, you cheeky snake. I see that you have more than one head piece equiped 1:46:49

  • Zurzul Zurzul

    I was going to wach it but im to late😒

  • Skull_Gamer 87

    When did he get his ebony bow. What stream was it?

  • Robogecko40

    What graphics mods are you using, I know you are using enhanced blood- what else

  • Paralyzing Idiocy

    You have crap navigational skills.

  • Richie Torres

    The vision was a marked map

  • y0ungunz

    The dragons never popped out for me I'm doing this at level 13

  • Russian bot

    I love your videos you're entertaining to watch 👍😊

  • Vagiz Abrarov


  • Dodge_240

    What mod do you use to make night time brighter? TIA

  • Michael Warren

    do you know how to do the puzzle in skuldafn

  • Savanna The Lonely Smolbean

    "These caves must be massive"that's what he said


    The Vale saber cat looks like cringer from heman

  • WizardBreak 3357

    It's serana not Lydia

  • Halo Thrones9862

    He keeps calling serana lydia

  • RAMPAGE 9903

    He’s so abusive to her 😂

  • Roy Hartman

    Only array in hall of the dead!

  • Kermit

    Who has deathbrand armour I do

  • bitter coffee

    esomore like e-achoo(I'll leave)

  • MrRaspBerry Games

    My Game glitched, when i got to the ice plain the two dragons didnt spawn really sad, :(, anyone Help?

  • Logan Duncan

    Cold? Master you live in the UK btw can someone tell me what time the stream starts cuz I'm always like 2 hours late every time

  • Quinten Neeley

    I love using durniiver

  • Logan Carter

    become a werewolf it's a good thing there are no negative effects you can be immune to all diseases

  • DayBrain

    i think dexion evicus is the guy who opened the elder scroll on alduin

  • David Jeffery

    It's not Lydia!!!!!!!Stop calling her that!My feelelings can be explained by the video STFU by pink guy

  • I love ark

    1:35:11 If i die i die in style

  • phatbassanchor

    Even though there's a 5 minute cool down for the Summon Durnehviir shout, Durnehviir sticks around to watch your six long after the cool down expires. The only conjures that last longer than Durnehviir are the permanent summons. I guess Durnehviir is happy to be free from the Soul Cairn. I know that I'm always in a hurry to leave that place too :)

  • unknown world

    what is best low end pc enb for skyrim please tell me!!

  • phatbassanchor

    I've never had a problem obtaining bark from that 1st canticle tree. Along with being a beautiful sight the Ancestor's Glade is home to two ingredients not found anywhere else in Skyrim; the Ancestor Moth Wings and the Yellow Mountain Flower.Ancestor Moth Wing alchemical effects: Damage Stamina, Fortify Conjuration, Damage Magicka Regen, Fortify EnchantingYellow Mountain Flower alchemical effects: Resist Poison, Fortify Restoration, Fortify Health, Damage Stamina Regen

  • phatbassanchor

    Danny? That IS how you use a draw knife! You literally draw it across the wood you are shaping. Hence the name draw knife!

  • Blutige Tränen

    Igor Serena was my favorite part xD

  • phatbassanchor

    If you have found Angi's Camp prior to going to Ancestor's glade you can fast travel to Angi's then just walk due east. You'll be there in a few minutes.

  • phatbassanchor

    The fastest way to Darkfall Cave is to fast travel to Mor Khazgur (home of Borgakh the Steel Heart) and it's just a quick walk from there without encountering large bands of enemies.

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