Skyrim NPCWAR 8 Dragon Priest's VS Stormcloaks Army

Its an NPC battle we got Rahgot, Krosis, Hevnoraak, Morokei, Nahkriin, Otar, Volsung and Vokun facing off against the Stormcloaks with an appearance from Dovahkiin watch the struggle as this epic battle unfolds.

Music: Orc theme Warcraft 2 Soundtrack
Made with: Videopad Video Editor and FRAPS
All copyrights to their respective owners

Make Your own short Written Tutorial:

Want to make your own battle? Here are some useful commands:

` or ~ key to open command input
Retype the codes bellow to turn off / on disable / enable
tgm = God mode = Invincibility
tai = Turn of AI processing = AI / NPC's will halt action
tcai = Turn of AI combat processing = AI / NPC's will not fight at all
tfc = Free roam camera mode Note: Will only pick up sounds / view objects in detail in the vicinity of where you have placed your character.

Below Places something next to you or near you:
Player.placeatme XXXXXXX Y where:
X = ID of something
Y = Optional or quanity / amount of X
example of X: 45be4 (Stormcloak Archer)
example of Y: 5

To find out the ID of something you want to place try this:
help XXXX 0 = will give you a list of related items where X equals your input.
Example of X: Draugr will then come up with all types of Draugr NPC's / armour / related

Hope this information helps and you enjoyed the video thx.

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  • want succ

    @TheRandomPeoplz1 ugh.... there was no dragonborn.... ;I

  • MaximumJizz

    @kevineter123 Just type "help (Name) 0' i.e help Krosis 0 ; it should come up

  • TheRandomPeoplz1

    Never underestimate a dragonborn

  • StickeyBeatz

    It's like watching harry potter 7 part 2 again but better. Good shit bro :)

  • Triception

    and please...upload that video lol

  • Triception

    Your computer must be run out of microsoft's hq or something lol...

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