The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim FULL Walkthrough No Commentary Gameplay Part 1 Longplay (PC)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Full Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 Longplay No Commentary/Without Commentary 1080p 60fps Ultra Settings PC. Includes all Cutscenes, Gameplay, Boss Fights, Ending.

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  • Lunitaproductions

    If i can't play the game, i can watch it :D

  • it's a mystery

    the most impressive part about this is that his game didn't crash while recording this.

  • Hi

    Wow.. I put this on to fall asleep, and I woke up right when it ended. Top notch asmr lol

  • Ironeagle

    Any one still watching 2018?

  • Kasey Corcoran

    Jesus. thought you were never gonna take his gear

  • massive koala

    1:39:17 - 1:39:40 lmao shooting arrows at nothing XD

  • Clorox Bleach

    I remember when these graphics were actually good to us...

  • Lauri Karppinen

    kinda thrustrating cuz u didnt know how to sprint or fast travel. good video otherwise

  • Astra In Your Area

    Thinking back to when this game came out holy wow its still keeping pace with Black Ops and Overwatch!!

  • Noko Online

    Great video, I usually always have this playing on one of my monitors while grinding games. One thing I wish that was different tho was how you would cut the video and then appear in the areas, wouldve been nice to see the run there. Sounds lame I know, but this game is relaxing to watch. Thanks again for the upload!

  • That_LEGO_Guy

    started this video over a year ago, but I keep getting distracted and watching other skyrim vids, great video I'll finish it one day

  • Ted Y

    I like long run without any commentary

  • Ethan Tillett

    thx man i didnt watch all of it but just the parts i needed thanks i subbed

  • Guilio McEwan's Space

    my 1st and last game I ever platinum' of the best games I've played.

  • Micah Jackson

    storm cloaks rule people

  • Evangeline Torres

    lol he picks up her body like a doll

  • jobs faze

    Skyrim is always such a trip man, lemme tell you. It's insane the amount of content in this game.


    u earned a sub bro keep up the good work

  • Purple Drunk

    well thanks MrBlockzGaming for this, good work

  • Iairon

    thanks for this bro,love to watch no commentary gameplay. keep doing no commentary videos and your channel will probably blow up

  • Gary Oak

    Man I really don't know what to do... I ordered the game on Amazon and I'm waiting for it to arrive but meanwhile I can't contain my excitement and want to watch a playthrough but don't want to get spoiled to anything about the game and ruin my experience... Ugh, what a dilemma!

  • Kaylerr x

    Boy when u were hurting odahving i wanted to yell at you so bad QwQ.. and when u were trying to free him i got so stressed out saying "go. Up. The. Stairs." Dx

  • Valeriyo

    I can't explain what i feel

  • Ithillia

    I put this on in the background when I'm painting. I like the little funny moments that I look over and catch, like when you were supposed to use your Whirlwind Sprint for the greybeards and accidentally used Unrelenting Force and paused for a second as if you were thinking "uh... woops"

  • Mystique Askew Kelly

    I was playing the game while watching it

  • Brunx _pP

    try to defeat the ebony warrior :p

  • Kind Executioner

    Alduin has a GREAT death sene i love it

  • zeregaa

    i have this game on the ps3, PC & ps4, even got the platinum trophy on my ps4 for it, but i still can't move on lol, so i ended up watching other people playing it on youtube

  • jauyden elder

    This must be hard not dieing in a hard game

  • Leif Erikson

    Ok ok you get a like, and a sub based on that archery skill at 1:40. Like a boss. The best was that arrow that went up 10 feet landed on the stone road, and bounced. Looked like you were looking at it like wtf how do I use this thing

  • Lauren Thomas

    I like the video but you could have not moved the camera back and firth basically every time you jumped

  • MattTGM

    longest video ive ever seen

  • Poke Dude 007

    i know this is an old video but i like your profile picture so imma subscribe

  • Amoni Elsadai Gulo

    0:18 - 0:48 and the meme begins.....

  • ileaddeaths

    i loved this. Ive been watching it an hour at a time on treadmill. Its fun to watch cuz i can imagine myself for the first time playing skyrim lmao. I was impressed with his archery though

  • Logan Everette

    When you was trying to shoot the dragon with the bow and arrow you was shooting at the ground

  • Patrick McReary

    I'm probably buying Skyrim on a sale but till then I'm going to watch this

  • Theroux

    Grab Gunjar's gear. No shame in borrowing a friend's axe.

  • moocowtrinity

    Also when he was fighting the first dragon he wasn't charging the arrows enough so they just fell on the floor in front of him

  • Rockford 007

    how the scene changed from forrest to snow at 1:54:01 ?

  • Jameson Lovegrove

    Playing this on the Xbox One doesn’t look half as good as this version.

  • Darlene Peretto

    Thanks I wanted to get this and didn't know if it was good. I subbed BTW if u could play slime rancher iT would be great

  • Jaylon Jackson

    1:39:21 am I the only one who found that painful to watch😕🤔

  • Harry Santiago

    If he’s not with us, he’s against us!

  • Carson Smiley

    I liked the video I put it on as back ground noise but I noticed you need to take your time lockpicking but u earned my sub

  • Bella Isom

    OK. Am I the only one that loved it when they kept shaking their head yes and no? 😂

  • Dokkaebi

    I beat the game on ps4 Xbox and pc but pc always crashes so idk how u didn’t crash honestly

  • Anna the Rose

    Well my brother let me try the game he has it on his PC and freak he cut that guys head off!!

  • ToDreamOrNotToDream

    Uhh, I wanted to press 'E'...

  • Day Doo

    It’s a lot like fallout but in a wired way


    Seriously he doesn’t even know how to shoot an arrow

  • Daniel Warner

    at 6:15:00 roughly, where did you all of the sudden get a Daedric Battle Axe..?

  • Sangte Guite

    why are you jumping around in 38:35 or something?

  • Sangte Guite

    nice video man really interesting thanks

  • jeremihda1 Fans Unit

    you know bows do a lot more damage than 2 handed wepons ever would

  • kr0ya

    This is my lullaby every night

  • ian gowran

    Who's watching this high 😂😂

  • Taylor Manning

    whoa seven hours!? did you play this straight like the whole 7hrs?

  • Ali Mahli

    Can you beat the game with just 8 hours ??!

  • Kenneth Johnson

    Game makes me wanna cry the graphics,music,detail!Amazing game but it's sad to know it just a game. ;(

  • Michael

    So much better without someone chattering constantly trying to be funny.

  • J playz

    it this game for a 10 year old

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